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What’s really getting some in the alt-right so riled up? Michael Kosta finds out. #DailyShow #MichaelKosta #Throwback
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Aaron Lohberg
Aaron Lohberg 22 timmar sedan
Saying that watching porn is not noble doesnt sound like a problem to me. Especially i wouldnt say this is only appealing to the alt right. Being able to handle your sexuality in a not so compulsive way indeed sounds like a good thing to me. Better find a partner or masturbate with your fantasy than watching all kinds of extreme things on the internet that might get you just super addicted.
Deronlouis88 Louis
Deronlouis88 Louis Dag sedan
I think they're mad because they're losing power! They are angry I think because the playing field is being evened out they're white privilege card is starting to lose power
Crish Gemino
Crish Gemino Dag sedan
Rich parents are losing their jobs and the kids are losing their inheritance. Did yall see that professor that got paid off to pass his class, one of those higher up schools with minimum diversity.
t t
t t 2 dagar sedan
I'll never give it up. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥕
t t
t t 2 dagar sedan
Looks like not beating it makes u stupid
Emily Dygert
Emily Dygert 2 dagar sedan
OMG I’m DEAD!! 🤣🤣😭... this video came up while I was doing something/not close enough to skip the ad and what started playing was an advertisement for a supplement for “BIGGER BALLS”!! No joke - some co called umzu- that is who is paying to advertise preceding a video on the alt-right!!! 😂😂😂
Lukas Gebhardt
Lukas Gebhardt 2 dagar sedan
Dont use German uniforms and symbols , you stupid wannabe Nazis ! This stuff belongs in books or a museum
Fjodor Klein
Fjodor Klein 2 dagar sedan
Why did Michael laugh at the name Ley ? Because of the nazi named Ley?
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 3 dagar sedan
Exactly, these people are Nazis lmao. The allies had a no prisoner policy in WW2, can we bring that back please I wanna raise kids in a safe place.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 3 dagar sedan
Thong flip flops: SHOES WILL NOT REPLACE US!!! SHOES WILL NOT REPLACE US!!!! SHOES WILL NOT, well those Sholes are pretty nice...
albert mooney
albert mooney 3 dagar sedan
choke the chicken to save america.
Demimonde Mesila Thraam
Demimonde Mesila Thraam 4 dagar sedan
It's the hypothalamus. Half of that part of the brain is sexuality, the other half is "fight energy". There are people all over the political spectrum that have experimented with "impulse control" on the sexual side and what happens is all that energy shifts to the "fight" side of the hypothalamus. That's why Nazi types are curbing it.
If Only
If Only 4 dagar sedan
I'm making sure i won't become alt-right twice a day !!
MorgaineRiddlePrince 5 dagar sedan
I believe it is healthy for men to masturbate. I however hate how they link that positive as an excuse for the negative, porn. An industry that is proven over and over again to use and abuse women and children. And proven to actually desensitise men to the feelings and rights of women because of the rape scenarios and derogatory language shown in most porn.
s 6 dagar sedan
KittySnicker 7 dagar sedan
armani 7 dagar sedan
have y'all ever realized that maybe heavily demonizing an entire subset of people along with anything that opposes your political belifs was probably the reason why they became more radicalized in the first place
Tom Shelby
Tom Shelby 7 dagar sedan
Jordan peterson is supposed to be alt-right? come on, you can't be serious...
Shivam Shekhar
Shivam Shekhar 8 dagar sedan
Jordan Peterson is not ALT-Right... WTF
Callsign Starbuck
Callsign Starbuck 8 dagar sedan
small pp energy. that’s why.
TheMightyZuko 8 dagar sedan
This guy is hilarious
chane michal Reynold
chane michal Reynold 8 dagar sedan
They are so right about the no fap thing, it makes you angry like roid rage.
Zack Pez
Zack Pez 8 dagar sedan
"Lets do it right now"😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marty Fest
Marty Fest 8 dagar sedan
Well there's one thing I didn't know about the nazi's, I would question any movement that requires me to not have pleasure in my life smh
Sisyphus 8 dagar sedan
Keep Jordan out this, that dude help many to putting their shit together
Sabrina Kall
Sabrina Kall Dag sedan
And got many people killed by being an inspiration to misogynistic, transphobic alt-right mass shooters.
thewirah1 8 dagar sedan
Proud boys should call themselves Insecure boys.
Nikolai Voronov
Nikolai Voronov 9 dagar sedan
Hm, so porn is good for you?
Joel Antunes
Joel Antunes 9 dagar sedan
wait! Jordan Peterson is a Alt right leader???? lololo
PlaneetRuk 9 dagar sedan
Since when is JP an alt right leader? -_-
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 9 dagar sedan
Well there's always moose tipping.
Sunil Prajapati
Sunil Prajapati 9 dagar sedan
I can't tell if this is a joke or not.
James Peek
James Peek 9 dagar sedan
Makes sense lmao
Android 18
Android 18 9 dagar sedan
Jordan peterson isn't a leader of the far right.
Noah Ghost
Noah Ghost 9 dagar sedan
Jordan Peterson is NOT part of the alt-right movement. He is not even right-leaning. He warns against collectivist ideology on both the right and on the left.
Zack Pez
Zack Pez 8 dagar sedan
All my homies hate Jordan Peterson
Greg Kates
Greg Kates 9 dagar sedan
Why are you so angry?
Mr Kouhx
Mr Kouhx 9 dagar sedan
the funny thing is if you think capitol rioters are the alt-right then ur doing the same thing as a alt-right/ racist. categorizing a bunch of different people and putting them in 1 group. there is a difference between rioting because you BELIVE the elections were stolen/fraudulent and being a racist who hates all other races doesent matter who they are or what they do
Scott Webb
Scott Webb 9 dagar sedan
Jordan Peterson is the head of the alt-right in Canada? Wtf seriously??!!
dino0228 10 dagar sedan
Who knew
Wintermute01001 10 dagar sedan
4:00 [looks into the camera like he's on The Office]
Alrica Neshama
Alrica Neshama 10 dagar sedan
More desirable to women? LMFAO HAHAHAHAHA *HELL NO*
WA S 10 dagar sedan
That’s all they know how to be but the alt-right comes from the right. In today’s Republican Party there is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one. Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit. The poison of vipers is on their lips. Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness. Their feet are swift to shed blood; ruin and misery mark their ways, and the way of peace they do not know. There is no fear of God in their eyes.
GénéalogiedelaMorale 10 dagar sedan
Always funny to see how Jordan Peterson is still referred as alt-right
SGG 11 dagar sedan
It's not just the Neo Nazis. Every single religious group I know teaches strongly against masturbation. Be it Christianity , islam, orthodox or whatever. The first step to being religious is to hate yourself, look down on yourself, etc. Once that is done, you can be convinced of anything.
Moges720 11 dagar sedan
We always knew it is about sex or the sex organs.
As4tori Sun
As4tori Sun 11 dagar sedan
So to not feel sexually suppressed we need to watch women get humiliated? And this makes men"feminist"? I don't know who's better KKK or this"doctor"
PalleRasmussen 11 dagar sedan
Peterson is not the leader of the AltRight. They just like what he says, only understanding the superficial message.
Br1gHtB1AcK 11 dagar sedan
Wank on fellas...wank on 💪
Gl 9118
Gl 9118 11 dagar sedan
What a stupid video...
Shia Tapia
Shia Tapia 11 dagar sedan
This content should be illegal 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I cried real tears
Turk Turkleton
Turk Turkleton 11 dagar sedan
I'm never angry
braddo pitto
braddo pitto 11 dagar sedan
blue balls sperm rushed into brain syndrome - trumpers.
Thabo Mahlaba
Thabo Mahlaba 11 dagar sedan
How do you do it by doing it side to side???😹
braddo pitto
braddo pitto 11 dagar sedan
Somebody took their jobs maybe? Because of laziness?
Ocean Lover
Ocean Lover 11 dagar sedan
0:26: Did that man really punched the girl in the face!!!????? omg!!!!!
Nancy Todd
Nancy Todd 11 dagar sedan
I love The Daily Show! I do think you could have chosen better when talking about pornography. You couldn't find an example that did not involve an assault on a woman? I'm very disappointed.
Magz405 11 dagar sedan
@4:20 Dude goes hard in the paint for an office bathroom.
Isabella M
Isabella M 11 dagar sedan
I was just thinking aboute this the other day. Out of all groups they are so angry but they have the least of reasons. Im a white woman
Ash 11 dagar sedan
Lol, this explains so much! No wonder these fascist losers are so angry all the time.
Bradley Przytarski
Bradley Przytarski 11 dagar sedan
Man, Jordan peterson must have some of that incel money to be paying for so many Russian bots on here...
n-srin s
n-srin s 11 dagar sedan
Good they didn't ask them to hold their fart too 😂
pryme studio
pryme studio 11 dagar sedan
Someone forgot to color grade their slog video
Ana K
Ana K 11 dagar sedan
Whose divorced dad made their Halloween costumes... I feel attacked rofl
Derek Prado
Derek Prado 11 dagar sedan
I thought this was a joke....brUH weirdest google search.
A Slack Jr
A Slack Jr 11 dagar sedan
I disagree about Peterson
Suyapa Opina
Suyapa Opina 11 dagar sedan
Where is Trevor?
the slunch
the slunch 11 dagar sedan
Most of these are too busy waiting for the moment when they can get children to do it for them.
Joy 11 dagar sedan
did he just call Jordan Peterson a leader in the alt-right movement... wtf
Sierra Bleu
Sierra Bleu 11 dagar sedan
I don't see why a rich guy like him appears to be the guy to represent these poor backwoods lunkheads. Do they ever watch the news they are not ON?
Sierra Bleu
Sierra Bleu 11 dagar sedan
Because they're idiots
Hayder Abdulridha
Hayder Abdulridha 11 dagar sedan
Ummmmm....guys....sorry to break it to you.....but your SON OF GOD was Jewish.......
Wasequr Rashid
Wasequr Rashid 11 dagar sedan
I got the answer just watching 1 minute of this video.
evelyn 11 dagar sedan
Woooow!! They really need to rub one out to let go of their hatred.
yair finelt
yair finelt 11 dagar sedan
You are wrong in calling Jordan Peterson an alt right leader listen to what he is saying. You don't have to agree - but don't twist it. Also - while normalizing pornography is funny and talks to people - it doesn't mean that it is a good idea - it has many bad implications on the personal & social level. You need to think more about what you say..
Bryan Reed
Bryan Reed 11 dagar sedan
They also believe they made the decision to not have sex with their wives.
McMatthew99 11 dagar sedan
Dicks Out For Democracy
Louie Jada
Louie Jada 11 dagar sedan
Domestic terrorist is real folks!!!
Salonardes 11 dagar sedan
so if I watch the videos made by this industry that is known for grooming and giving drugs to desperate women in order to film them having sex, I should see myself as a feminist?
ShantéDIDathing 11 dagar sedan
Is this a repost. I feel like I saw this month's ago.
Wilhelmus Hoffmann
Wilhelmus Hoffmann 11 dagar sedan
The churches also suppres mastubation.
Gail Grant
Gail Grant 11 dagar sedan
Hilarious but probably true. 👍🏼
Mshall S
Mshall S 11 dagar sedan
WTF really?
Nicholos Jones
Nicholos Jones 11 dagar sedan
this guy is the real rick grimes from the comics
Sergio G
Sergio G 11 dagar sedan
Tina Gabert
Tina Gabert 11 dagar sedan
no wonder they're so full of hate and violence when they've been taught to hate themselves and suppress their needs when they were children
Kory Ogden
Kory Ogden 11 dagar sedan
I have one hand so... LOL
Sudarshan Dev
Sudarshan Dev 11 dagar sedan
Neo Nazis
Michael Washington
Michael Washington 11 dagar sedan
Why do it and you can just go get some
Ello Owu
Ello Owu 12 dagar sedan
Imagine going down the rabbit, swallowing the red pill and getting 100% on the trump train and you show up to your first get together and the leader goes "no masturbating" I'd probably break that oath twice before I left.
Thebe Bashaleebee
Thebe Bashaleebee 12 dagar sedan
Well, that was a tidbit about the alt-right I never knew or thought to ask.
Luchi Dun
Luchi Dun 12 dagar sedan
Dr Petersen is not alt right! WTF is this guy on about
Joshua 12 dagar sedan
I’m egalitarian AF
Kariring TV
Kariring TV 12 dagar sedan
04:29 the mall is open costa :D
Manav Chauhan
Manav Chauhan 12 dagar sedan
anyone notice Q from Impractical jokers n the first 10 seconds of the video.
Karugu Kiugo
Karugu Kiugo 12 dagar sedan
😂😂😂😂funniest thing I have heard
Will Rose
Will Rose 12 dagar sedan
what the hell? 😑 porn is bad and a waste... use models instead 🤔 🤫
Mark Joseph London
Mark Joseph London 12 dagar sedan
Mitsu Turbo
Mitsu Turbo 12 dagar sedan
They should just Beat it 🤣No wonder MJ made that song👍
Taryn Rosewater
Taryn Rosewater 12 dagar sedan
It’s called No Fap. This show is out of touch.
Taryn Rosewater
Taryn Rosewater 12 dagar sedan
Liberals enable fascists. Join the left, fight fascism.
Kay 9 dagar sedan
Left enables mirrored fascism. Only Liberalism and centre-left , centrists and centre-right are equipped to properly fight against facists. Far Left is just as retarded as alt-right. You don't fight retarded ideology with another retarded ideology.
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