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For some reason this year we had to fight a war over whether or not the mail should be delivered. Here’s a recap of the Great USPS War of 2020. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #USPS
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JustBeYouTy 2 dagar sedan
He knew he wasn’t going to win. That’s why he started the rumors.
ßülli 2 dagar sedan
Barely_An_Inconvenience 2 dagar sedan
Teacher: You get a D in that test! Me: Why? Teacher: Because you cheated! Me: There is no proof that I did! Teacher: Yeah, but there is also no proof, that you didn't!
Sharla H
Sharla H 3 dagar sedan
I love Trevor Noah and his perspective on what is happening. I just wish the videos posted on you tube were more recent. I can't even find a service to pay to view more recent episodes from my country so I will just have to unsubscribe.
Telinios 3 dagar sedan
everyone chill until he says that HE TOOK THE KID LOL
Harrison G
Harrison G 3 dagar sedan
Lost forever
MR X 3 dagar sedan
Jesus is lord, Trump is his son
Neil Randecker
Neil Randecker 4 dagar sedan
Biden farm in Ukraine raided. Black tar heroin. Weapons and tunnels under ground. Big banks want to reset, bankrupt America 🇺🇸. They cant do it with Trump in office. Are you an American or a commie. You decide. They can take everything you worked for.
IR 4 dagar sedan
9 fucking days we can do this guys!
Loren Renee
Loren Renee 4 dagar sedan
No I just realized watching this he kept on talking about how easy it must be to cheat by mail because he was hoping to encourage his followers to do just that but he couldn’t think of a good way because it’s actually a pretty safe system
Bass 8 dagar sedan
Keep it up
Leona Gonzalez
Leona Gonzalez 9 dagar sedan
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Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez 9 dagar sedan
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Seaweed 10 dagar sedan
Mailing votes should be illegal
o a
o a 10 dagar sedan
Trump’s actions are so petulant, ludicrous....and ANNOYING! He’s the worse ever! Never have I seen such stupidity. It’s so embarrassing😐. He’s creating havoc everywhere for his personal benefits.
Thanh Yen
Thanh Yen 10 dagar sedan
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Kyle Wilkins
Kyle Wilkins 11 dagar sedan
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Chris Ollar
Chris Ollar 11 dagar sedan
talk about a rigged election... notice Georgia was on the list that didn't count votes after Nov 3, regardless of postmark.
Shay Gedam
Shay Gedam 11 dagar sedan
The stamps part was hilarious
Major Depressive Disorder - Treatment Resistant
Major Depressive Disorder - Treatment Resistant 12 dagar sedan
i voted nov 6 its january wym vote earlier?
Kayla Reagan
Kayla Reagan 12 dagar sedan
"Mail-in ballots are open to fraud" yeah but not from the side they think
joanne harrisj
joanne harrisj 12 dagar sedan
He knew that we as black and brown would use mail.,now he is bitching and he knew Russia helped him in 2016.
Iroxinping 12 dagar sedan
what people deserve and what they get is directly tied to how much money they have. Be poor smoke a joint vs Be rich and get 100's of millions with insider trading.......wanna make a guess who goes to jail and who doesn't?
SUSAN CRAWFORD 12 dagar sedan
Luv' ya Trevor!
Terence Dhlamini
Terence Dhlamini 13 dagar sedan
Matric dance Trevor not Prom
Jo B
Jo B 13 dagar sedan
Stop being so cute & smart & funny all the time TN - you’re giving me an ab workout w the LOL
Wheelie Blind
Wheelie Blind 13 dagar sedan
The stupid thing is that in the past when there was a problem with the mail system being delayed, the National Guard stepped in and took care of it.
Robert Juzefski
Robert Juzefski 13 dagar sedan
Only the braindead really 'think' old straight white man Sleepy hair sniffing Joe, got 81 Million, almost 15 million more votes than Obama or Hillary ever did.
Drake KL
Drake KL 13 dagar sedan
Election fraud? As if! The only scammer here is Trump! And "There is no evidence that there ISN'T any election fraud". Yeah, there is also no evidence Trump hasn't been abducted by crazy alien scientists who turned him into a crazy, stupid, populist, selfish, incorrigible idiot who gives a shit on democracy! Btw. please help me find more words for describing him.
ALi Deco
ALi Deco 13 dagar sedan
Oh boy ,i don t recognize you with this hair.I am addicted to this chanel now.Hugs from UK
Quincy Tate
Quincy Tate 13 dagar sedan
His Feature in the WAP video looool
Hannah Logarski
Hannah Logarski 13 dagar sedan
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Denise Starr
Denise Starr 13 dagar sedan
Cheaters never win!!! 🙄🙄
Aphlatoon SaljoQee
Aphlatoon SaljoQee 13 dagar sedan
Trump vs all jewish politicians that's why he's in trouble
Wheel333 14 dagar sedan
He would have easily won if he had got his supporters to vote by mail. Biggest Loser in US Presidential Election history. FACT.
Daniel Skira
Daniel Skira 14 dagar sedan
It looks like Trump is working against the country. He do not believe on the democratic system, on that he should be treated as a traitor to the nation. And for the republican senator following his position, they should be expel for life of the political process. They are a clear and present danger for the Nation. If you don't believe on the voting system, if you ignore my vote, if you insult and lie to the citizen, if you let the citizen dying (300,000+) because of your incompetence and lies, you should be immediately remove. To save yourself you will destroy the nation.
mollination 14 dagar sedan
Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons don't expire! (Courtesy of Abbi Jacobson).
Billy taylor
Billy taylor 14 dagar sedan
DeJoy was yet another person Trump hired for a job they are the least qualified for.
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 14 dagar sedan
ELECTION FINALE 2/4: When joe biden defrauds the election, he intends to remove “THE PEOPLE” out of the government and they are no long the representative of the people. Instead, the criminal democrats and the elites will become the masters and the ruling class. They are not elected officials, they believe it is their right (not GOD given right - they don’t believe that) to become the masters of America and that “THEIR WILL BE DONE IN AMERICA” which means that their own LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS will govern the land. For all INTENT AND PURPOSES, AMERICA IS NOW UNDER COMMUNISM where everything is “COMMON” i.e. common ideas (if you have different idea you will be censored and silenced), and the democrats are the OPPRESSORS of America as well. And by becoming chinese puppet, joe biden now gives china 90% of America including the highest executive office, the presidency. And finally, china will take control of the mighty AMERICAN ARMED FORCES, the last stronghold of the American people. After taking control of the armed forces of America, china will kick start “THE FOURTH WORLD WAR”. That’s right, WORLD WAR THREE has been waged about 40 years ago and no one knew (except china) because it’s a smart war and a stealth war. Even America was caught unprepared and is now under china’s control. From technology, information, studies/education, entertainment - that’s why crappy Korean movie gets the award, media - yes CNN and all fake news are china controlled and is under orders to attack President Trump, social media (Suckerberg’s wife is a chinese spy) - that’s why social media is censoring coz they’re adopting communism in social media, china also controls all branches of the government - legislatures, judiciary, and executive (from mayors up to now the presidency). China is hoping to get control of the armed forces as well. It's all about money and china has a lot of it.
Edward Jones II
Edward Jones II 14 dagar sedan
No evidence that there isn' t widespread voter fraud? HOW IS THIS GUY IN POLITICS?! Any normal person, EMPHASIS on NORMAL, would understand that you can't prove something doesn't exist. In theory, that's impossible.
Xammi Marie
Xammi Marie 14 dagar sedan
I STILL haven't gotten my package that I shipped in JULY
Flocky Masete
Flocky Masete 14 dagar sedan
Hi Trevor Noah myname is kholofelo HopeMadete SA woman from. l read your book before you went to the usa,not Ithat I'm making you feel guilty and I followed all your shows.l Ieed your help with employment any where in the worldI, have tertiary qualification but it's tough to get emplyment during this Covid 19. Please help, I'm willing to change other women's lives in the world
Carol Mello
Carol Mello 14 dagar sedan
Trump using mail in voting himself: Oh, bUT tHat Is DiFfeRent. Presidential mail is always delivered on time. Regular people mail can go suck eggs.
Carol Mello
Carol Mello 14 dagar sedan
There was no universal mail in voting. Even in California, you could vote in person. Plus mail in voting such as I have used this year is usually local county mail for the majority (such as me). The IRS uses the USPS. Other government agencies use the USPS too. I have to go to a post office branch to mail anything because there are no corner mailboxes anymore, even before Trump. I actually go into the lobby where the post office P.O. boxes are located to mail all my stuff. Always since 1999.
Gisley Alves
Gisley Alves 14 dagar sedan
The ONLY REASON WHY Trump is still news is because unfortunately he has supportes.🇧🇷
Vernon White
Vernon White 14 dagar sedan
So, Trump himself votes by mail but advises his supports not to trust mail in voting. Then appoints an avid Contributer to run and ruin The us mail system so that he can blame His losing the election on losing the election on every one but him and his devoted voters. His base is too dimwitted to see this. That bird looking thing in the senate, Mitch Mcdonald needs to be put on the first thing smoking out of the country.
Zezo Hayat
Zezo Hayat 14 dagar sedan
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Jim Coote
Jim Coote 14 dagar sedan
How when he win was there mail in voting when he won
Lohith Raj
Lohith Raj 15 dagar sedan
What is the Tom Hanks movie that Trevor mentioned?
Dee DeCorte
Dee DeCorte 15 dagar sedan
All of that junkmail is our Rain Forests!! Harper's Bazaar 200 pages, UGH, AALiving, and a ton of others that I never subscribed to. It is hell to try to get to the right department to cancel and get off their mailing lists. I still got those stupid catalogs for another 6 months and a few never cancelled.
Dee DeCorte
Dee DeCorte 15 dagar sedan
So my vote didn't count because I did mail in and I am disabled and can't stand in 4 hour long lines????? Trump took out hundreds if not thousands of blue drop boxes, had hundreds of sorting machines dismantled and Biden's: Stay home stay safe and vote votes got through and now Trump is crying Foul? Trump is nothing more than a spoiled Brat and a Bully!
Charlene Carter
Charlene Carter 15 dagar sedan
Noah, they(USPS)lost my package worth over $1k for car payment! DeJoy broke the system and should be punished!
Dale Bergeron
Dale Bergeron 15 dagar sedan
I know this is fun but we are counting down a full blown coup. Watch out. The General that Trump pardoned is calling for a limited martial law till a new election. Between that and the 11 out of 13 pentagon policy heads Trump fired and replaced with loyal Trumpers I assume the other two are already trumpers. Start watching and reading post from conservative websites to see what their plan is. I hope I'm wrong but the posts are pointing to Jan 6 for the coup. i thought it would be later but here we are. all bets are off. Trump would rather burn this country to the ground then admit defeat.
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia 15 dagar sedan
Trumps Voter Ballot was Fraud. Mara Lago is not his residence.
Quinton Redlien
Quinton Redlien 15 dagar sedan
I legit ordered something and it took literally too, 6-7 months to get to my house. y'know the best part? they were literal SOCKS.
enigma ak
enigma ak 15 dagar sedan
Face book zakarburk pay $$$ 500 mill for democrat. Did you got paid from this $$$500 mill??
EmmaYaBasta 15 dagar sedan
Americans could have elected Bernie Sanders, but got.... this orange clown,
robert snyder
robert snyder 16 dagar sedan
trump, drain the swamp, more like fill the swamp,
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 16 dagar sedan
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Toni-Jade Chin
Toni-Jade Chin 16 dagar sedan
This is saying two days ago and it’s the 31st of December today. This isn’t recent
Joe Boggio
Joe Boggio 16 dagar sedan
Can't have a mail-in election without a mail service 😏
VicZX6R 16 dagar sedan
Trump family did Mail-in-voting!!!
sadab shahriar
sadab shahriar 16 dagar sedan
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 16 dagar sedan
They are trying to steal the landslide victory of @realDonaldTrump, but we will WIN 🙏
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 16 dagar sedan
He saw it and Trevor Noah you saw it too, and that is what just happened on November 3.
CORIE GEORGE 16 dagar sedan
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steven georgia
steven georgia 16 dagar sedan
ooop, He was doing his hands thing, It just HAS TO BE RIGGED!
J Riversford
J Riversford 16 dagar sedan
I can not trust the Republican anymore now I know what they stand for.
oldsesalt 16 dagar sedan
3 weeks. God give me strength.
The Dan Moran Show
The Dan Moran Show 16 dagar sedan
Now republican citizens are going door to door trying to clean up the Democratic mess. What these people are finding is appalling. Now the narrative is Trump is disenfranchising . Some idiot said the mail in ballots were 99% accurate. Now you got most of America following a man who combs his hair to wave like old glory. We have to listen to a lawyer with hair dye dripping off his head because he is spewing truth. I wish Biden would of got elected fairly so we could of shut these false profits up. Now I hear today that a profit from 1983 or 87 predicted Trump was going to lead America to God. Back then he put a brick with Trump's name on it and the Saints were unknowingly praying for him this whole time.
Julia Seglund
Julia Seglund 16 dagar sedan
He voted from Florida, when he isn't a resident????
Xavier Serrano
Xavier Serrano 16 dagar sedan
Dude really used that argument from ignorance fallacy.
asherael 16 dagar sedan
oh my god it's the credits from Contact!!
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin 16 dagar sedan
The snotty arrow connolly visit because move continuously object next a ad iran. dangerous, wandering deodorant
PlumBerryCherries 16 dagar sedan
"Mike Pence Stamps have no Value"............
Miss Williams
Miss Williams 16 dagar sedan
Now I can tell my kids that Santa didn’t get their letter 🤪
Jay Ferguson
Jay Ferguson 16 dagar sedan
What a jackass! Does he not understand the most mail in ballots are from our soldiers serving overseas?
MrBestard 16 dagar sedan
trump's administration is pushing conspiracy to the extreme
buster scruggs
buster scruggs 16 dagar sedan
wish i would have posted this 2 days ago when this was fresh but better late than never. right daily show? seriously daily show. you've become the tucker of left bias stories. i used to love this show. all the cuts to close ups of trevor doing some 5-15 sec "bits," to mock something serious, makes me feel like I'm watching a 3 year old regurgitate the news. newsmax makes me laugh more than your show and their not even trying to be funny.(i dont actually watch newsmax but from what ive seen its hilarious) this is why it has a tuckeresque quality. step it up. maybe ill check back in a while. you are not my wilson or my volleyball, but i did have a positive opinion of this show once. most days it sounds like trevor is doing a hackneyed closing statement like a toddler. dejoy is no good. thanks for getting the message out but the channel is hard to watch these days. oh and nice sweater, glad you picked the one without any stains on it. 700k views and you look like your on a podcast from your couch. solid effort... and ive filled my karen moments for the day. peace love and lets do this.
Dreary Collective
Dreary Collective 16 dagar sedan
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Audra Wintheiser
Audra Wintheiser 16 dagar sedan
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luz rodas
luz rodas 16 dagar sedan
Remove DeJoy!
luz rodas
luz rodas 16 dagar sedan
Trump is a fraud in himself! Period!
Tristine Yin
Tristine Yin 16 dagar sedan
"All the beach bodies were sold out 😭 "
Frank Fahrenheit
Frank Fahrenheit 16 dagar sedan
Why has Trump never been asked why he thinks Democrats are cheating more often than Republicans? After Watergate and using Gerrymandering everywhere I would assume that Republicans have no problems with doing the rigging thing.
Ngo Hanh Phuong
Ngo Hanh Phuong 16 dagar sedan
The selfish step-sister willy tick because candle algorithmically pinch past a long-term yew. receptive, married nickel
Christoph Tungersleben
Christoph Tungersleben 16 dagar sedan
Possible that dumps motor is jealousy
Richard Guy
Richard Guy 16 dagar sedan
Trevor Noah you are a brilliant GUY
Keith Downing
Keith Downing 16 dagar sedan
WHAT IF... He knew he wouldn't win, so he has people holding mail in votes so he can try to run again next election
Lucky Lee
Lucky Lee 16 dagar sedan
Yeah, that's why you became president in 2016!
Ted Bohne
Ted Bohne 16 dagar sedan
Scientists still do not know for sure where the Spanish Flu originated, though theories point to France, China, Britain, or the United States, where the first known case was reported at Camp Funston in Fort Riley, Kansas, on March 11, 1918.
Eric Larkin
Eric Larkin 16 dagar sedan
12:15 There's no evidence that Mark Meadows *isn't* a donkey fucker. John Oliver approved this message.
Pea Oat
Pea Oat 16 dagar sedan
He claimed 2016 election was rigged too. There you have it!
Yo ParkHill
Yo ParkHill 16 dagar sedan
Because USPS don’t deliver mail anymore. They leave sorry we missed you not because they’re so lazy to go up the stairs and knock on doors. I would rather UPS through my package at my door.
Porcha Chambers
Porcha Chambers 16 dagar sedan
Why is this video posted so late...it says it was uploaded 1 day ago...? Why ...
Dave Schock
Dave Schock 16 dagar sedan
Trump would have been perfect as the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. If I only had a brain.
Princess Koko
Princess Koko 16 dagar sedan
As a postal carrier aka your favorite mail lady under this new post master nothing makes any sense and election time was stupid. But we worked our butts off
Undra Cohen
Undra Cohen 16 dagar sedan
Boy did they put a piece of crap in the White House and turned it into a Evil Ass House
White Wolf
White Wolf 16 dagar sedan
Actually they made Trump stamps, but they have failed in target group testing. People were spitting on the wrong side.
Dat Hoang
Dat Hoang 16 dagar sedan
Y is this channel replay the video? Saw this long time ago
Dylan Walker
Dylan Walker 16 dagar sedan
Come on Trevor, everyone knows Bed Bad still takes their expired coupons.
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