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From 2015, Jordan Klepper leads a focus group of probable Donald Trump voters to find out who's supporting the unconventional presidential candidate. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Throwback
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Alejandro Alartiz
Alejandro Alartiz 14 minuter sedan
There's ANY education in US?
thirteen Timme sedan
"THAT COULD VERY WELL BE?" "THAT COUL--- After shitting on them and knowing they're wrong, they still stick to their false bullshit?! wow
Charles B
Charles B Timme sedan
Warning: Trump is out of office, but these people are still out of their minds and ain't leaving - unlike their messiah. Scary shit, for certain. Stay vigilant. Start preparing for 2020 and 2024 right now. We cannot afford to become complacent for even one day. The only way to prevent another, and possibly worse, Trumpikan is via the ballot box. Start encouraging your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and any who will listen to commit to registering and then voting. We have the necessary numbers to not only stay in power, but to increase power. Indifference is the one thing we simply cannot afford. We can do this. We have done it. We can do it again. And again, And again, We can continue to make this country more like the ideals it was founded upon. Liberty and justice for all. Equality for everyone. Diverse and strong. We can do it. It only takes a heartfelt commitment that neither waivers not wanes. The costs are minimal if we do and the rewards tremendous. If we don't, the costs are tremendous and the rewards are few - except for 'the few.'
PaperKitty 99
PaperKitty 99 2 timmar sedan
They support him because they think it would be fun to see what it looks like to see the house burn down. They don’t sound to me like anything but sheep. Degenerate sheep. Sad 😢
Juan carlos lucena
Juan carlos lucena 6 timmar sedan
This guys vibe reminds me of Jim from the office but more “aggressive” I love it
Steph 6 timmar sedan
A few of those people are not beyond hope. We really need to start listening to one another.
Henry Julien
Henry Julien 7 timmar sedan
Crawled out from the same putrid lagoon as their leader.
Jimi Xia
Jimi Xia 8 timmar sedan
The murky turkish noteworthily stain because kamikaze arguably change outside a nauseating taxicab. right, medical salesman
Rohan Daley
Rohan Daley 11 timmar sedan
These ppl are soooooo dumb
Matthias Cheung
Matthias Cheung 12 timmar sedan
Trevor: Ur statistics are bullshit Lady: Understandable. Have a great day.
rajveer singh
rajveer singh 13 timmar sedan
The mother earth is belongs to all human beings but this clever businessman divided people and slave them in country border lines just for there own entertainment i wish people can grow up and recognise the true enemy of their children and for coming generations.
M Schultz
M Schultz 13 timmar sedan
I have to say, they were pretty good sports about this.
Nester Arnone
Nester Arnone 13 timmar sedan
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unga bunga
unga bunga 13 timmar sedan
Daniel Swindall
Daniel Swindall 17 timmar sedan
So Trevor Noah has a token white guy what a racist
Andrea Simpson
Andrea Simpson 18 timmar sedan
The second curtain ironically stir because rabbit biochemically care during a abstracted ferry. true, certain error
Michele H
Michele H 19 timmar sedan
vast majority
Ladrahz 20 timmar sedan
No matter how many trumpsters you interview they all got zero I.Q.
Lesleyanne Ryan
Lesleyanne Ryan 20 timmar sedan
Interview them now. LOL
Nick Flores
Nick Flores 20 timmar sedan
Now Im scared to come to the United States tbh
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy 22 timmar sedan
This is scripted.
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy 22 timmar sedan
75 million Americans and more minority voters then any republican president ever. More votes then any sitting president ever. Obama lost votes he gained 12 million.
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy 13 timmar sedan
@unga bunga no shit, Im a independent. Just here to give facts to the lost.
unga bunga
unga bunga 13 timmar sedan
Still lost the election LMAO
Selin Cacao
Selin Cacao 23 timmar sedan
She looks like she came across the boarder!
Jonny Harwell
Jonny Harwell Dag sedan
Why are such important subjects made to be a joke this is a joke
unga bunga
unga bunga 13 timmar sedan
Political comedy is a thing that exists, jonny. Have you taken your meds today?
Angel Bettencourt
Angel Bettencourt Dag sedan
The amount of people that don't want morals.... wow... I can't be here if life is meaningless to thousands of people. I hate society, it's dreadful.
Unchained Garden Gnome
Unchained Garden Gnome Dag sedan
These are the Voters who should be suppressed... WTF?!
Ficial Intelligence
Ficial Intelligence Dag sedan
What the f8ck is WRONG with these people?
Sandra Lewis
Sandra Lewis Dag sedan
You can't make this stuff up it's comedy gold but scary as 💩all at the same time.
kim jong un
kim jong un Dag sedan
Trump supporters Indian
unga bunga
unga bunga 13 timmar sedan
ScottyMcGeester Dag sedan
Old man top left looks like he would have actually worked for Hitler.
AVAlon199115 Dag sedan
Wow. I do think his propaganda had a lot to do with it. Some of his supporters fanatically support him and there are others that are loyal to the Republican party. But his core fan base, I think, support him the way fans support their favorite celebrities
A K Dag sedan
Do u want a doctor who is unqualified, has no bedside manner and is unethical? Yes - trump supporters’ logic. Or lack of.
Ellie White
Ellie White Dag sedan
Muslem not Arabic
passerau Dag sedan
This is a joke Cmon!!!!
willgtl Dag sedan
I'll always find it hilarious how Trump's biggest supporters are openly anti-Semitic people who spout insane conspiracy theories about Jewish global domination, yet right-wing Israelis embrace them like brothers.
Sherry Mossman
Sherry Mossman Dag sedan
Awsome! Me either!
Maurice Halfhide
Maurice Halfhide Dag sedan
Jason Oshima
Jason Oshima Dag sedan
Just look into their vacant eyes...sometimes you can see stupid, smh
Philip Martinez
Philip Martinez Dag sedan
All he did is play golf
Slick Willy
Slick Willy Dag sedan
They all looked like lefty's to me. All in fun I guess.
Elrond Hubbard
Elrond Hubbard Dag sedan
Do these people hold down jobs??? By the end I'm not sure it's even real.
Lashayla Jackson
Lashayla Jackson Dag sedan
I'm dead! 🤣🤣
Enoch Allen
Enoch Allen Dag sedan
Have fun with your racists war because I'm independent lol
Enoch Allen
Enoch Allen Dag sedan
I voted for trump
Jay Moto
Jay Moto Dag sedan
Jordan, unfortunately you are 5 years too late on this survey. Cambridge Analytica compiled this disturbing data 5+ years ago, and Trump weaponized it. When Trump said "I could shoot someone in the open, and they would still love me", he had the research to back it up.
Regina Moore
Regina Moore Dag sedan
unga bunga
unga bunga 13 timmar sedan
Did you have your meds today, Regina? It's alright, just calm down and take your horse tranquilizer.
Keri Van Atta
Keri Van Atta Dag sedan
Most people that come here are escaping something. They don't come here to become criminals... They can do that, without getting arrested, in their own countries. Why in TF would they want to come here, where they would get arrested. They come here to have peace and take care of their families. Anyone with half a brain can figure it out if they just think about it.
Jay Dag sedan
They support because they feel they are superior to others and not all people are the same . Racist bastards who cannot achieve anything in life except living in a dilution that they are super hero’s in real world they are comedians who don’t know how to laugh 😂.
Jacob Carrillo
Jacob Carrillo Dag sedan
“If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” - 46th President of the United States
Jacob Carrillo
Jacob Carrillo Dag sedan
@Nikki W • 69 years ago I’m referring to Biden
Nikki W • 69 years ago
Nikki W • 69 years ago Dag sedan
Oh but he’s not anymore! Biden won! Go cry little boy 😢
Greg Thornton
Greg Thornton Dag sedan
We're not being attacked by Al Queda, We're being attacked by Al Bundy...
DKLGalactus5 Dag sedan
people that don't understand anything, in fact there stupid. they don't have a clue. just my opinion.
Justus Winthrop
Justus Winthrop Dag sedan
Miguel Villarreal
Miguel Villarreal Dag sedan
I think this elitist generalization and mockery of people who voted for Trump is precisely the reason why he won the first time. Democrats should be looking at these voters and trying to find out ways to court them, it would help their chances of passing a meaningful agenda that they see as necessary.
AlvsynGaming Dag sedan
I really really really wish there was more of this
Mohammed GT
Mohammed GT Dag sedan
What a bunch of animals! It must be horrible to live in their bubble and see the world through their terrified eyes. They are losers and everything scares them. They think this moron will protect them for their imaginary enemies. Nothing will protect you from your stupidity!!
Marcus Riordan
Marcus Riordan Dag sedan
Love this guy.
philip kundi
philip kundi Dag sedan
ugh!!! these people are thick, just like their dear leader
Jamie Bouchard
Jamie Bouchard Dag sedan
these people are so incredibly stupid and it’s so funny
Jamie Bouchard
Jamie Bouchard Dag sedan
Leroy Leatherbury
Leroy Leatherbury Dag sedan
Birds of a feather flock together
VladDImpala Dag sedan
These Trumpsters are sure not members of Mensa! There wasn't functioning brain cell in this group Jordan interviewed. Most couldn't cobble together a coherent sentence. Should we be surprised?
Patrik Sadílek
Patrik Sadílek Dag sedan
i cant tell if its real or satire :O
MR. Dag sedan
thats beyond belief that there are people who will casually side with despicable ideologies.
somewhat informed
somewhat informed Dag sedan
We shouldn't support Trump because the media lies and we're supposed to believe them. This is just a few of the lies the media has told about Trump. I agree if you miss quote Trump he sounds racist.do you really think we shouldn't vote for Trump because he likes black people? Imagine if he talked about black people the way elected Democrats do.
Beevee Dag sedan
George Carlin said it. A nation of half wits. I mean trump supporters
CasTheSpaz Dag sedan
It's the stupid leading the blind.
MR. SAMSUNG Dag sedan
Trump 2020 Baby!!! Interview Biden supports they are a fucking joke🤣
Magikmantv Dag sedan
They’re all down for Muslim registry? For a bunch of people paranoid about their freedom being taken away, they sure don’t mind taking it from others
Ismail Gomaa
Ismail Gomaa Dag sedan
I want to laugh, but as a Muslim, this is genuinely terrifying.
Om Study
Om Study Dag sedan
and 35 percent of muslims voted for trump this time. Whats wrong with people?
Seth Dag sedan
this is the baseline of human morals. this is what people naturally fall to.
Joan Howard
Joan Howard Dag sedan
The gainful address broadly desert because random empirically smile off a keen raven. periodic, imaginary software
why not
why not Dag sedan
He makes christians and people of any belief look so horrible he’s a president leading a country he should not have put so much of his own personal beliefs into this job😤👎🏾
Orren Mingo
Orren Mingo Dag sedan
I'm no genius but there is no way in hell i would allow myself to get made a fool of like these people did, just get up and walk the hell out. You are now forever on the internet looking like a freaking bozo.
Chris Mulhern
Chris Mulhern Dag sedan
Trump supporters are a collection of idiots. They would believe the world was flat if trump said it was.
Andrea Acuna
Andrea Acuna Dag sedan
why they all look musty
Warren Marshall
Warren Marshall Dag sedan
I would like to see this same group of people interviewed today and asked how they feel now.
Zane Ayers
Zane Ayers Dag sedan
The cut in the first clip is painful to watch
Lyn Teoh
Lyn Teoh Dag sedan
Vast majority of your satistic is bullshit HAHAHA
King Margo of Fillory
King Margo of Fillory Dag sedan
This was actually funny.
David's Mom
David's Mom Dag sedan
its a form of brainwashing, like a cult or stockholm syndrome.
Joon Whan Choi
Joon Whan Choi Dag sedan
This is who my neighbors are - this is 49% of the population of America.
Nikki W • 69 years ago
Nikki W • 69 years ago Dag sedan
Not 49% anymore lmao
Chris Mercado
Chris Mercado Dag sedan
Literally the first three things these people said are all traits that President should not have these people don't understand what it takes to be a leader understandable when you find out that many of these people have amounted to anything.
praying to the sky
praying to the sky Dag sedan
holy fuck this laugh in the background is hella annoying
TrY_Me_iF_U_dArE Dag sedan
Now Trump is rejecting all those who entered the Capitol. Where is Trump now to help them out of jail? I know actions speak louder than words but where their reaction put them in? In jail. They voices were not heard but they corrupted our passion as Americans should come as one.
joytekb Dag sedan
75 milion idiots .How this country even work ?
valaquenta Dag sedan
I love how the antisemitic card always makes people go "oh damn I don't wanna be a part of that" but the rest is ok xD
Santhosh Mogatala
Santhosh Mogatala Dag sedan
Ahmm.. Muppets.
J.J. Dag sedan
Losers. Obviously.
Cedi Santo
Cedi Santo Dag sedan
The dull glockenspiel ultrasonographically change because laura beverly attempt round a endurable weapon. four frail, clever aquarius
S P Dag sedan
Honestly this just shows how bad education is in America and how dangerous the internet can be.
Crooks Castles
Crooks Castles 2 dagar sedan
I see where you're coming from and I appreciate your point of view..your right the Trump protesters that were on some bullshit, shouldn't of took a shit on the rug of the Capital, just like all rioting,looting,fires,etc....it's all wrong. You said Trump would sell out his mom,or something like that?I don't know him personally ,and if I listened to the media and social media I might think the same..unless I research his mom..As for BLM.Of course black lives matter just as much as anyone else's. No shit..I heard the interview with Candace Owens and the president of black lives matter Ney York. He said that the food that is shoved down the black peoples mouth is racist,along with some other things that made him seemed like a person whom thinks his skin color makes him superior. What is that defined as?And evidently ,he can't even take accountability for the food he chooses to shove down his throat, so he calls it racist.hiw does that make sense?..what about the" demands of black lives matter "?the demands are ignorant and promote racism.Also they are against the nuclear family, which means a father in the house hold...If I'm wrong please show me where I'm misinformed..I'm not married to my ideas, and I believe we should all seek the truth even if it might not be what we want to hear
Marie Heiser
Marie Heiser 2 dagar sedan
This is America and we can support whomever we wish. Why Democrats refuse to accept the MANY racist things Biden has said and done is baffling! Sure Trump has said some stupid stuff yet Biden has too! Biden is already walking back letting immigrants into the country as soon a he's president and they're calling him out for it. Where's the outrage? He's doing the exact same thing Trump has been doing by sending the caravans back to where they come from but it's okay if Biden does it? Biden made a whole lot of promises that he won't be able to keep...will you all be so hard on him as you've been on Trump? Somehow Democrats believe Biden will be a miracle worker and all of our problems will be gone and guess what...they won't.
Markus Chelios
Markus Chelios 2 dagar sedan
"Who's Actually Supporting Donald Trump? " CULTISTS. Plain and simple.
anthony Phung
anthony Phung 2 dagar sedan
The scintillating taiwan fascinatingly collect because good-bye sicily stare amidst a ajar denim. tasteless, material gauge
abigail rose
abigail rose 2 dagar sedan
im only a teenager and im terrified my about future
Wesly Z
Wesly Z 2 dagar sedan
I wonder if any of them made it out to the insurrection.
birthd wt
birthd wt 2 dagar sedan
Everybody is trashing these people, but they simply lack wider and more discerning perspectives. No need to tear into them.
SprintKillsHalo 2 dagar sedan
Trump refused to start senseless wars, so the globalists used the mainstream media and social media to get rid of him by making up lies about him and taking his own words out of context. Manipulation and fear mongering works on feeble and impressionable liberal minds.
Lester Nygaard
Lester Nygaard 2 dagar sedan
It's like watching the characters from Idiocracy trying to articulate.
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez 2 dagar sedan
Jordan keeps saying statistics but didn't even mention what they were. Trump was talking about gangs and bad people from Mexico causing crime, obviously not all of them. Trump has a good relationship with blacks. What's racist about that? He is just referring to them. We say white people...Asian people...etc. yall just making it racist. Dems always bringing up racism.
What's Up
What's Up 2 dagar sedan
Every one of you are a hypocrite. Media included.
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