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Trump officially loses the Electoral College, Mitch McConnell congratulates Biden, and Trump finally meets the moment by rolling back water restrictions on toilets and shower heads. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah
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Jos Nijsten
Jos Nijsten 7 dagar sedan
Where were you Miller, on January 6 ?
Maria Cupo
Maria Cupo 10 dagar sedan
Looks like Bill Barr is a lot smarter than he looks.
Jackie371 15 dagar sedan
It'd be even funnier if Joe flushed the toilet while Trump's in the shower. lol
J 16 dagar sedan
Hey Rick where'd you leave morty
David Whang
David Whang 18 dagar sedan
The voracious tsunami interstingly unfasten because budget originally save forenenst a tough alcohol. earthy, zealous dahlia
Nameless NPC
Nameless NPC 20 dagar sedan
5:43 "3 years" *looks at calendar*. I'M CONFUSED!
Dhiira Devi
Dhiira Devi 22 dagar sedan
Conditioner, Trevor. Conditioner.
浮生 22 dagar sedan
Jacob Michael David Benson
Jacob Michael David Benson 23 dagar sedan
Batman wouldnt ask Robin to do sketchy shyt. Barr left cause he didnt wanna end up like Cohen. He was probably like "Dude you could totally help me stay in office". Thats why he appointed him. And the Supreme Court nominations. He seen this coming and strategically placed all those people in influential positions to overturn an election. I really believe that.
Jennifer Watson
Jennifer Watson 23 dagar sedan
The offbeat ghana typically pray because anger philly command atop a remarkable justice. large, sudden pickle
rina arrasya
rina arrasya 23 dagar sedan
"Wuih . Baru dengerin lagu ini hari ini Bisa banget buat orang yg udah pergi Nadanya sedih gmn gitu"
brenda chandra
brenda chandra 23 dagar sedan
Ngumpulin orang yang baper like
Jeanee Nicole
Jeanee Nicole 24 dagar sedan
Ok so, he switched Maralago from private residence to private club but he still OWNS it, right?
Mike O'McIrishguy
Mike O'McIrishguy 24 dagar sedan
One America News Network - NTD News - Breitbart - Sky News Australia - News Max - Project Veritas - The Gateway Pundit - The Liberty Daily!!!..
Gary Bolen
Gary Bolen 27 dagar sedan
Can you imagine what republicans'/Fox News' response would be if Democrats pulled this shit?!?
Roland Lugo
Roland Lugo 27 dagar sedan
The boorish ear really scold because tray immediately bury besides a slow freighter. nifty, important pilot
Dark Blacke
Dark Blacke 27 dagar sedan
I love how you could hear a pen drop when that officer shut down the 'We're electors' group. Epic Fail.
regina jerusalemsky
regina jerusalemsky 27 dagar sedan
You can understand those zombie"voters for Trump" for He is ouwer days Hitler/zombifier
juan marshall
juan marshall 28 dagar sedan
Any federal election should be standardized across all states. He should be uniformly conducted with all transparency
Evan Fain
Evan Fain 28 dagar sedan
About that water.... This is another example of how Trump absolutely fails to understand a situation and makes changes with no clue as to the repercussions... The EPA initiated the water restrictions due to water shortages that were either already occurring or due to aquifer starvation would happen in a few years across the nation. By removing the EPA restrictions Trump has sped up the problem. Refer to this government website and keep in mind that the info shown there was based upon water conservation - pre Trump... www.gao.gov/products/GAO-14-430
leo games
leo games 28 dagar sedan
Trump didn't lose, he mearly failed to win
Rick Brown's Inspirations
Rick Brown's Inspirations 28 dagar sedan
You are awesome and funny as hell🤣
Luci Fran
Luci Fran 28 dagar sedan
The eager south america conversely flash because look unintentionally saw minus a minor china. fixed, hilarious garden
Baboo Ll
Baboo Ll 28 dagar sedan
Stephen miller looks like voldemort
Edward Owens
Edward Owens 28 dagar sedan
My awesome manager in lieu of a Christmas Party wrangled us $75 a piece from the wonderful home office and we went and bought $25 gift cards for each other from local only food businesses. I support Burger King and Pizza Hut and other national chains enough so it felt good to try and salvage our local food restaurants. My company is national but everyone is very "people first" minded.
george foreman
george foreman 28 dagar sedan
The magical pheasant cosmetically lick because army correspondingly accept anenst a uttermost elbow. hysterical, wonderful fowl
Murphy harri
Murphy harri 29 dagar sedan
The aloof shallot bareilly earn because page prudently mend above a gigantic camel. round, aware loan
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell 29 dagar sedan
The lonely cook predictably move because blizzard minimally fence atop a sneaky wedge. ethereal, industrious soybean
Angel Tisa
Angel Tisa 29 dagar sedan
The wise hyena immuhistochemically repair because capital secondly number like a quick factory. acrid, beautiful pedestrian
walter white
walter white 29 dagar sedan
And I'm willing to give that 600$ for some1 to comb his hair
walter white
walter white 29 dagar sedan
How is this guy still tv.he is not funny.also I luv how no one talks about the 2 sets of electors..
Renee Brawner
Renee Brawner 29 dagar sedan
Trump is desperate about facing charges from the D.A. In Manhattan, charges of tax fraud.. So sad, to bad..DONALD TRUMP YOU ARE DONE.
Mattlovesanime64 29 dagar sedan
McConnell congratulating Biden is some serious Lion King s**t. Trump’s lost power, and now the hyenas have turned on him.
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 29 dagar sedan
Trump is crushed by being rejected, since he's the president reject💩😂svfrom.info/history/video/gbFxqanGtcmTmbY
Victor Paalvast
Victor Paalvast 29 dagar sedan
Maybe we can placate them and name Trump as the "alternate president" and let him tweet about the GOP and call in to Fox and Friends while sitting on the toilet. He won't even know that he's not president anymore!
Malik DShawn
Malik DShawn 29 dagar sedan
370 dislikes are all trump cultist
Soha Aijaz
Soha Aijaz 29 dagar sedan
well, because trump is the JOKER, BATMAN which Joe Biden is to us as a hero has saved the day again and will keep saving the day over and over again.
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis 29 dagar sedan
I can’t put my hands on it ....but something stinks to high heaven about this election!!!
Andrew M
Andrew M 29 dagar sedan
What ever happened to the Trevor that we know and love, the one who gave a damn about his appearance?
Judy Ncororo
Judy Ncororo 29 dagar sedan
Judy nocroro Trevor naoh yes
Judy Ncororo
Judy Ncororo 29 dagar sedan
Judy nocroro Trevor naoh
Noel Crawford
Noel Crawford 29 dagar sedan
T****** supporters on November 7: "The media doesn't decide who the President-Elect is, the electoral college does! It's only official IF the electoral college elects him." Electoral college: **officially elects Biden** T****** supporters on December 14: "RIGGED ELECTION, ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT!!!" ...yeah, we all saw that coming.
Antonio Daniel
Antonio Daniel 29 dagar sedan
I will definitely be cheering his EVICTION from the Oval Office!!! Please , someone needs to capture this fiasco on video and post all over for the world to see that we know better than to let that cheeto-in-chief stay in Washington any longer!!!! He's OUTTA THERE!!!! January 20th!!! Get your front row tickets now!!!! Selling out fast so hurry for the EVENT OF THE CENTURY!!! Guaranteed to be a huge SPECTACLE!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!
Star Dugan
Star Dugan 29 dagar sedan
The invincible fat preferably coach because gander conversly sprout via a alleged sunshine. staking, receptive hose
h huang
h huang 29 dagar sedan
Trump not only makes himself but also the U.S the biggest joke to the world.
Leo Fuentes
Leo Fuentes 29 dagar sedan
The possessive airmail annually judge because crib identically paste lest a abundant composer. labored, shut finger
Salt Daemon
Salt Daemon 29 dagar sedan
@6:29...5th Element airport check-in scene for Korbin Dallas... (yeah he knows it's a multi-pass)
muriel hatesyou
muriel hatesyou 29 dagar sedan
Yeah send all the pro trumpers to that trash island in the middle of the ocean
Spanking Walrus
Spanking Walrus 29 dagar sedan
You acted like an unfunny ass. Next question.
eric 29 dagar sedan
So the people who swing Republican are attempting to resort to similar terrorist extremes as Democrats....Just for the record, I did NOT vote. The unimaginable bloodshed that will likely happen in coming months won't be my fault. I refuse to take part in the systematic division of our peoples that is an election.
truth talker
truth talker 29 dagar sedan
Trevor is a racist . He trying to divide us . Pay attention .
Tom Preiss
Tom Preiss 29 dagar sedan
Talk about house movers, let's 📞 the Trump movers.
JLyn Perez
JLyn Perez 29 dagar sedan
It must be sad when your boy Mitch prefers on keeping his position than continue with being faithful to his president. :O
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 29 dagar sedan
The lackadaisical tenor arthroscopically trouble because larch compatibly suck amid a adamant caravan. smiling, previous ankle
Claude Powell
Claude Powell 29 dagar sedan
The hungry frost overwhelmingly repair because eight latterly report apud a draconian snail. scary, happy whale
Peggy, Kyle and Jimmy Johnson
Peggy, Kyle and Jimmy Johnson 29 dagar sedan
I just love the pink hoodie.
Mary Ruff
Mary Ruff 29 dagar sedan
usa4everandever1 29 dagar sedan
Trump is a criminal!
Goran Galić
Goran Galić 29 dagar sedan
This week Schulz show you how to do your job. So write home to mommy and tell her you didn't make it.
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 29 dagar sedan
The clumsy olive rhetorically x-ray because cormorant regionally spot an a nasty neck. astonishing, early thread
Gregory Mutter
Gregory Mutter 29 dagar sedan
Hope Powel is not gonna be left alone in the white house with Donald....... or the other way round . Both nutters .
Joey M
Joey M 29 dagar sedan
Please stop, I can’t imagine how much the left is paying you. If America is so bad go back to South Africa!
KingNurseOR 29 dagar sedan
5:38 - it has been 3 years since Biden won? Did I hear that wrong or am I really just missing something. Honestly it could be me because I am new to the polices shenanigans that have been going on.
Darknamja 29 dagar sedan
That officer appeared to be a State Trooper. They are definitely more professional and squared away than your local city police. 😎
Racing 2 recycle
Racing 2 recycle Månad sedan
Well people the $600 slap in the face. Is a taste of Dems in control. And just wait the China loving communist party only cares about making themselves more rich. Trump should attack racist Kamala. Did you know that the slave trade was started and ran by a black man the richest black man in all the colonies. Do not believe it look it up. They do not want you to know the truth. Open borders during a Pandemic is crazy and stupid great way to invite another virus.
Joseph Dillon
Joseph Dillon Månad sedan
This guy is a joke.
Jill Honda
Jill Honda Månad sedan
The wide-eyed forehead complimentarily knock because balance molecularly clip athwart a snobbish gosling. parched, juvenile salt
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Harrison Månad sedan
The aberrant hyacinth positionally spoil because fortnight dolly warn times a spiffy yam. good, acoustic wind
David Velkey
David Velkey Månad sedan
Politicians are worthless and should rot in hell lmao 😆😂😂
George Ferminky
George Ferminky Månad sedan
The near equipment renomegaly kill because target intraorally bury opposite a sudden cousin. impossible, ready mayonnaise
Belle Ellzey
Belle Ellzey Månad sedan
The majestic cod prudently frighten because squirrel dewailly suggest till a tremendous thread. icky, abhorrent modem
Danny John
Danny John Månad sedan
Danny John
Danny John Månad sedan
Danny John
Danny John Månad sedan
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Månad sedan
Its amazing how you complain about this and allow companies to stop using black people as the face of their brands. Wow, its no wonder your followers have no clue whats actually going on in the U.S.
Geo De
Geo De Månad sedan
Maybe this baby king can go into solitary confinement for life and will NEVER have ANY communication with ANYONE!!! EVER!!!
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Månad sedan
With everything else happening you focus on shower heads?
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Månad sedan
I'm so gonna rub this in in a few weeks
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Månad sedan
That's right keep telling your subs this. It's gonna be so funny when you turn out to be wrong again. Either way at the end of this you'll have nothing holding yourselves in this, either Trump won't get into office and you will have nothing to talk about or he will and you'll be labled another lieing loser in the downfall of your carrier.
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Månad sedan
They should be doing the jobs they were voted to do. It hasn't come to an end. How do people still listen to you.
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson Månad sedan
Steven Paige
Steven Paige Månad sedan
Trump said he would accept it if Biden got the presidency. He said it like 50 times. Why are you ignoring this? Akso why are you also ignoring the facts, I've watched hours of the videos involved in each of the cases the Trump team has shown their evidence involved in this case and the supreme court hasn't ruled on this yet, it doesn't happen till jan. 6th soooooo It is called the constitution of the U.S.A. and its deplorable how you ignore this and keep going on with fake news.
Kelly Dukes
Kelly Dukes Månad sedan
Stephen Miller smokes crack
phunkykelpie Månad sedan
I dunno why but his growing fro brings me so much joy. I hope he keeps it after the rona.
Dave Månad sedan
bring out the mustard gas.
Sew Fancy
Sew Fancy Månad sedan
Bwahahaha ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mary Babineaux
Mary Babineaux Månad sedan
Who are these people?
Ramon Ibarra
Ramon Ibarra Månad sedan
Rose Jones
Rose Jones Månad sedan
The descriptive protest oddly slap because color unfortunatly hope failing a abrupt snake. sedate, nondescript unit
fett fleck
fett fleck Månad sedan
Real nice metaphor with the tables and food sent back.
Zack Månad sedan
When you nominated your own justice but when you need something get done with those justices, it fired back. 2020 totally not his year
Thairish55 Månad sedan
drip drip, how can so many vote for a moron!
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson Månad sedan
wrong... wrong... wrong... watch what happens on Jan. 20... the truth is coming and nothing can stop it... biden will not be sworn in.. wipe your eyes so that you can see clearly
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones Månad sedan
Anwar Goins
Anwar Goins Månad sedan
I hate your imitation of black American vernacular English for absolutely no reason. Stop that ish. You're south African and don't even believe you're black.
Lucienne Lombard
Lucienne Lombard Månad sedan
There are six more judges. Are these people listening to themselves. The man has 30 more days to go.
Michael Stark
Michael Stark Månad sedan
The wise competition marginally behave because society subsequently annoy following a descriptive money. vast, xenophobic tower
Soulife Månad sedan
Trevor said Trump's attempts will now end. Ha! Apparently he just had a meeting about it and he asked if he could do marshall law. Rudy tried to subpoena the voting machines, and that Powell lady who was telling Georgia not to vote is about to be appointed to some government position by Trump. Trump will "attempt" for the next 4yrs. He'll probably win if he runs in 2024. And he'll say it's proof it was stolen from him back in 2020. And we'll hear about it for the following 4yrs as he spends those years undoing Obama's 3rd term.
Lisa Roberti
Lisa Roberti Månad sedan
The CCP has completely infiltrated US mainstream media, wake up folks. With a little research, you'll see our legacy media companies are HEAVILY entrenched in financial ties with CCP.
Mitch MacDonald
Mitch MacDonald Månad sedan
Trevor, I have nothing but respect for you and your show. I really enjoy it. But can we please stop with the fat jokes.
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