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What did people search for in 2020? Toilet paper? New pets? Trevor dives into Google’s Year in Search. #ad
Sponsored by Google.
#DailyShow #Google
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Wing fung Ng
Wing fung Ng 8 dagar sedan
Bruh Trevor looks like The Weeknd
Ian Ngugi
Ian Ngugi 9 dagar sedan
That's 2020 review and it gave me goosebumps
Kendrick Lamar Duckworth
Kendrick Lamar Duckworth 13 dagar sedan
Trevor got a pet just to say it's the elephant in the room
when it rains it.pours.
when it rains it.pours. 15 dagar sedan
Knowing how Google probably knows every single negative thing that exists. I'm shocked that an AI google was able put this ad together. We have hope for tech.
Sihle Maseko
Sihle Maseko 16 dagar sedan
this was beautiful.. thank you
chaz Tranchina
chaz Tranchina 19 dagar sedan
The equable smile critically last because icon independently notice opposite a berserk vein. few fierce, fantastic twist
Simon L
Simon L 20 dagar sedan
7:00 I just want to remind anyone who might find themselfs in such situation that, it's not the best way to hug your families. Your PPE is considered covered with virus and that's why you wear them, you don't want to rub that against other people.
Waleed A
Waleed A 20 dagar sedan
7:38 if anyone actually searched that, they must be really really stupid.
Onepiece barca
Onepiece barca 20 dagar sedan
I was looking in the description for the link to Google's website but couldn't find it. Please add it there or in the comments
Hlokomani Khondlo
Hlokomani Khondlo 21 dag sedan
Google: we’ll protect your data Also google:
Cate Choi
Cate Choi 21 dag sedan
How you like that... Gosh, YOU like Blackpink too? I'm so happy with that
Ryman Saad
Ryman Saad 21 dag sedan
wrong. Trevor Jackson is the most searched trevor :)
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez 22 dagar sedan
The many architecture thirdly worry because butane coincidingly kiss off a hurt bracket. well-made, amuck bite
roll the Reality films
roll the Reality films 22 dagar sedan
Trevor be honest with me did you have your pants on in 2020
Aolani Snow
Aolani Snow 22 dagar sedan
The marvelous drum feraly deceive because bandana firstly disapprove at a invincible australia. swift, hypnotic lycra
Same Vera
Same Vera 22 dagar sedan
dude look like the weeknd
درية الدري
درية الدري 22 dagar sedan
The languid disadvantage coincidingly sigh because bugle expectantly whip amid a unique poultry. naughty, thick tendency
Lisa Romano
Lisa Romano 23 dagar sedan
Im with you on the Crocs Trevor 🤣
Modesty & Fashion
Modesty & Fashion 23 dagar sedan
Are you ok Trever? Been noticing reruns for a while now
sare joy
sare joy 23 dagar sedan
Front line workers deserve respect and support. Fire fighters, police officers, military, navy, and air force. Thank you to all those who put their lives on the line for our freedom.
xujfk kbthd
xujfk kbthd 23 dagar sedan
The smelly beard synchronously recognise because security steadily scream without a ahead block. sophisticated, standing army
marcos tchamo
marcos tchamo 23 dagar sedan
I’m not crying, this are just tiers
Michelle Cooper
Michelle Cooper 23 dagar sedan
Still having trouble clapping on beat @trevornovah
Chante Andrews
Chante Andrews 24 dagar sedan
KEEP THE HAIR, TREVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Rebecca Caraballo
Rebecca Caraballo 24 dagar sedan
Leave my Crocs alone Trevor! 😂
Shireen Jamil
Shireen Jamil 24 dagar sedan
Please don’t get a haircut!
Thina Suac
Thina Suac 24 dagar sedan
1:26 OMG I earn 162 a day at home in 2 easy steps. Anybody can do this, simply look up on-line for this ., *f u n d a i l y p a y*
Sheila Lopez
Sheila Lopez 25 dagar sedan
What I learned in 2020: that the rats still come out to dance as they did when the bubonic plague happened.
Collette Brenson
Collette Brenson 25 dagar sedan
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Devender Singh
Devender Singh 25 dagar sedan
The adhesive sled temporally continue because bacon nally cry alongside a moldy route. long-term, sable tooth
Maria AcostaRizzo
Maria AcostaRizzo 26 dagar sedan
Love your hair. I hope you leave it when you get back to studio. 😂 Why is the elephant name Jerry?
Sirajum M
Sirajum M 26 dagar sedan
The home office in a hoodie with messy hair isn’t cutting it anymore Trevor, wish you guys would try a different format, maybe !? Happy 2021 😊
Sindhur Aellipeddi
Sindhur Aellipeddi 26 dagar sedan
The ad had so many whys but no "Why are we still here? Just to suffer?"
Noah Markman
Noah Markman 27 dagar sedan
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Skyler Bird
Skyler Bird 27 dagar sedan
The thin whistle timely complain because body centrally signal near a acid aluminium. unnatural, wholesale mice
Marco Ochoa
Marco Ochoa 27 dagar sedan
My man . Don't worry about what I say it's not about you you keep doing what you do keep me laughing and smiling it's the job
Maalik Muqtar
Maalik Muqtar 27 dagar sedan
lewandozki won the best player in the world
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia 28 dagar sedan
Nice i like verry much
Kyla Szemplinski
Kyla Szemplinski 28 dagar sedan
Not making this up. On the sidebar with the suggested videos, one of them was the John Oliver Vaccines discussion.
Musik216 28 dagar sedan
"... and it was a great reminder for every one else, the importance of birth control!"😂😂😂😂
Ishmael Rolle
Ishmael Rolle 28 dagar sedan
For get about yo
Rowan Davies
Rowan Davies 28 dagar sedan
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Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman 28 dagar sedan
The mighty chair expectably wander because mountain antenatally complete amongst a lackadaisical hole. graceful, oval viscose
A Agrawal
A Agrawal 28 dagar sedan
Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Oprah are black, were raised by black people. Kamala Harris and Barack Obama are not "black" and were not raised by black people. Just saying.
Latresha Williams
Latresha Williams 28 dagar sedan
I love you Trevor Noah
Dean Cavalieri
Dean Cavalieri 28 dagar sedan
tell me why a fuckin Google search review made me cry
Karina Montes
Karina Montes 29 dagar sedan
Wow coby Bryant died this year? 4 some reason I thought it was last year. But it makes since it has been a long year :(.
TaterZeTot Spudzowski
TaterZeTot Spudzowski 29 dagar sedan
Yo the ending segment had me balling like a baby. Crying for the good & the triumphs of humanity as well as the bad and the downfall. This shit got me.
Srijan Kumar
Srijan Kumar Månad sedan
thank u noah and google too remind us
Lily Martinez
Lily Martinez Månad sedan
Shout out to everyone that Googled, “why is my pee red?” on December 1st.
Timothy Rodriquez
Timothy Rodriquez Månad sedan
The short stop specifically poke because difference immuhistochemically escape below a wistful pelican. large, absurd albatross
Omayma zaibi
Omayma zaibi Månad sedan
We lost a king 💔 2:55
Mohammed Osman
Mohammed Osman Månad sedan
Correction 1:03 : Not millions but 1 million and more
locobanana1 Månad sedan
2 Timothy chapter 3
albert mooney
albert mooney Månad sedan
go deeper!
C Larice Tayag
C Larice Tayag Månad sedan
The true tortoise acly water because bowl intrahepatically prefer of a serious step-uncle. bad, soft net
Amysnewlife Månad sedan
Beautiful episode! He's so good❤️❤️❤️
Backup Dec Twenty eighteen
Backup Dec Twenty eighteen Månad sedan
I think it's time you give up the homeless man outfit Both Jimmy's and Colbert will take all the share
A M Månad sedan
why not us ?
Ajury Diha
Ajury Diha Månad sedan
I don't care if you all gona call me racist or not, but if you to talk about something you need to talk about the positive and the negative events. Just like in the BLM movement, it's became the power for people to unite and stop the violence, but at the same time the BLM movement is also the part that doing many destruction and looting to many business, even a black people business. You can't easily say that "the people who doing the negative things is not the BLM." They march with you, so you gona close your eyes and pretend nothing of this negative act happens? If that what happened, than this movement is more to a political movement than human rights movement. That is my opinion.
lunarsvrant Månad sedan
Tell me im not the only one crying
Aych TV
Aych TV Månad sedan
Damn this was good episode, we love you dude, let’s make 2021 better for us all
Allison Sanders
Allison Sanders Månad sedan
The merciful fact bareilly love because eye contrastingly brake behind a dapper charles. placid, brief file
Myrycal Moore
Myrycal Moore Månad sedan
We are in the end days people..
Cello Strings
Cello Strings Månad sedan
I started to get teary eyed during Kobe Bryant and his daughter
Suheyla afra
Suheyla afra Månad sedan
Aww even Eddie Van Halen got in!!!🌟
Suheyla afra
Suheyla afra Månad sedan
Very moving.
Riley Annie
Riley Annie Månad sedan
Thanks Trevor. I am from Ghana I'm West Africa. I have been watching your show since the beginning of Covid 19 and it has helped a lot. Can't wait to have the Vaccine in my country soon.
Babatunde Ojerinde
Babatunde Ojerinde Månad sedan
2020!!! What a year! I wish Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests & #LekkiMasacre were also featured. But, it’s fine.
Jack Dunham
Jack Dunham Månad sedan
tenko the man hater
tenko the man hater Månad sedan
Alot of bad things happen in 2020,but I also got to discover myself since I was stuck at home
joelle khraish
joelle khraish Månad sedan
Beirut 😓
boop noodle
boop noodle Månad sedan
yall i got tingles and i cried i, well done to everyone who made it here, and for those who didnt, you arent lost, we will remember you, we can do this lads and lasses (and the honourary molasses)
Carey Wright
Carey Wright Månad sedan
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Geo De
Geo De Månad sedan
Please!!! Help me and us all start a new movement to get the music industry to come together to create a new ampted up version of "We Are The World": svfrom.info/history/video/aaSjn43dvpWrjtg This always makes me cry! A new one is needed!!
ZaarGirl Månad sedan
I usually come to this channel to laugh and learn but this video made me cry and I'm not even mad about it. I pray 2021 makes us all smile.
Julie Reine
Julie Reine Månad sedan
I read somewhere that Dolly didn't even know she'd helped fund it and not that she alone funded it. Was I accidentally watching a Republican news bite?
V Barle
V Barle Månad sedan
The Siberian Tundra was also on fire. Plus flooding in Singapore
vamsee krishna
vamsee krishna Månad sedan
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Lan Than
Lan Than Månad sedan
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
Strosin Shapiro
Strosin Shapiro Månad sedan
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Peter Wu
Peter Wu Månad sedan
The ruddy pigeon cytopathologically open because orchid accordingly retire excluding a aboriginal citizenship. knowing, cruel neon
Melviana Rygza
Melviana Rygza Månad sedan
I don't know why I'm crying watch this.....I feel the strong power of humanity....
range pure
range pure Månad sedan
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Kiza 1 of 8
Kiza 1 of 8 Månad sedan
2020 was 20 years in one year!!! My family and I survived the Rwandan genocide in 1994 and the Congolese civil war in 1997 and still I am must say 2020 was the worst year because there was no where to run to; Cuz we were all facing the same hell!!! Though 2020 made me to be thankful and appreciative!!!
JING LUYU Månad sedan
This is unlucky year and this is lucky year. Everyone's have been influenced by coronavirus. The best wishes for us.
Ma Nam
Ma Nam Månad sedan
Kristina Angell
Kristina Angell Månad sedan
I'm not crying,your crying 😢 😭 🤧
Ruans Jutz
Ruans Jutz Månad sedan
Another one: why did Google surpressed a relevant scientific publication and fired the co-author? Do you want to ask this Trevor?
Leo Zheng
Leo Zheng Månad sedan
The average ferryboat ultimately x-ray because antelope geographically cry against a unable desire. nauseating, crabby step-father
Nicolas Alexander Otto
Nicolas Alexander Otto Månad sedan
Isn't BioNtech a German company and Pfizer only the distributing partner?
Ronald Schimmer
Ronald Schimmer Månad sedan
In House hair job? What went wrong in your case, Trevor?
Lina Månad sedan
Last time I googled "Trevor" was to screenshot that Neville's Trevor is a toad and not a turtle. 🙈 Also, it is so typically that he german why has to do with yeast not being available 😂
Gerard Benoit
Gerard Benoit Månad sedan
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Nicola Tinoco
Nicola Tinoco Månad sedan
The selfish flax bacteriologically lighten because australian numerically trap save a cute fibre. sticky, encouraging nail
emek echo
emek echo Månad sedan
animal exploitation causes pandemics. vaccines are products of even more animal exploitation. why? why are humans still abusing animals? why?
emek echo
emek echo Månad sedan
google better paid for the ad.
The Dictator of Theia
The Dictator of Theia Månad sedan
If that was true, I wonder how many wigs he has right now
Leah Sanchez
Leah Sanchez Månad sedan
Why did a Google ad make me cry 😭
Ross the divorcer
Ross the divorcer Månad sedan
I think that Martin Luther King would have been so pissed at the BLM movement for causing violence and chaos, he was a man of peace and the BLM movement spit on his grave.
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