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Desi Lydic heads to Arizona to discover how the residents of this swing state feel about not participating in daylight saving time and attempts to figure out why DST even exists. #TheDailyShow #Throwback #UnitedSwingStatesOfAmerica
Producer: Sebastian DiNatale
Editor: Nikolai Johnson
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Sir SooS
Sir SooS Dag sedan
Crazy thing is, there are plenty of golfers in Arizona.
KANEKI 3 dagar sedan
Everything is started with that seller. - AOT
FortNikitaBullion 3 dagar sedan
Why is this even a political matter? People should do business or go to sleep whenever it makes sense for them to do so. The free will of the people will tell us the best time system to make.
Remi Ramos
Remi Ramos 6 dagar sedan
Sooooo, do we get to lock the clocks already?
Vitaliy Dunkerley
Vitaliy Dunkerley 12 dagar sedan
I don't have time for this... No, seriously, I'm supposed to be doing homework.
amine abdessamie
amine abdessamie 13 dagar sedan
am I the only one to think she s the best one in the whole trevor team .. I mean they r all reaally good and yet smthing abt her work makes me loove it
K- Mac
K- Mac 14 dagar sedan
Trevor it’s time for another “You’re so lucky you’re white” since white people is storming the us capitals and no one has been shot! This is the difference between how blacks get treated versus whites! And y’all still say that the United States government isn’t RACIST!!!
Nikita Van Zyl
Nikita Van Zyl 14 dagar sedan
Okay as a non american... Why The F*** would you change all the clocks... seems like just another stupid thing america tries to do to be "different"
Fuad Uddin
Fuad Uddin 16 dagar sedan
Vitaliy Dunkerley
Vitaliy Dunkerley 12 dagar sedan
Another Person
Another Person 16 dagar sedan
I just love her sense of humour! 😂
Con Man
Con Man 17 dagar sedan
"I sat down with clock blocker Scott Yates..." Oh, I seen what y'all dunn their... 🤣
Jadyn 17 dagar sedan
Okie, South African here, where we don't save... daylight. What is it. Why do you do it?
AnnaTravels 19 dagar sedan
Nico 19 dagar sedan
Interesting note about Arizona is The Navajo Nation Community observes Daylight-Saving Time, where the time is shifted forward by 1 hour, resulting in a 6 hours difference behind GMT. The Hopi Nation, within the Navajo Reservation, does not operate time changes . After the Summer months the time is shifted back by 1 hour resulting in the normal 7 hours difference behind GMT. Sorry I'm a nerd..
jerome riedl
jerome riedl 20 dagar sedan
Next up, we need to change all clocks to 10 hour cycles
Mitsu Turbo
Mitsu Turbo 20 dagar sedan
I hate the block the cock movement 😂 those birds have rights to free passage too! oh wrong movement and cocks😉
Steven Mai
Steven Mai 20 dagar sedan
I love this girl and this video. I’ll make this day light saving time stop. Hahaha... At least for California.
Frank Campbell
Frank Campbell 21 dag sedan
It is so people can get off work, or out of school, and still have enough light to play softball and other sports without having lighted fields.
VoltisArt 18 dagar sedan
Everyone changing our clocks and endangering our health is easier than changing work and school schedules for groups that actually want those things? There's a fourth hand on many clocks, often red, which solves this problem, without making it anyone else's problem.
jesus fuenmayor
jesus fuenmayor 21 dag sedan
bill hause
bill hause 22 dagar sedan
I wanna be Desi's Yoga Instructor? Metoo, can I say that in 2020?
khahich 22 dagar sedan
So nobody is going to talk about 0:47 ? My brain can t im confused 😂😂
Adrian Hurtado
Adrian Hurtado 22 dagar sedan
Weird, funny, smart, and good looking her husband is lucky
SolidCrusader89 22 dagar sedan
Time inversion in real life..#tenet
SolidCrusader89 22 dagar sedan
If time travel was real 😂
Yahsararel Ben Yoseph
Yahsararel Ben Yoseph 22 dagar sedan
Haven't even touched the clock in my car this year
ASMR Relaxation
ASMR Relaxation 23 dagar sedan
Desi you remind me of Nichole Aniston 😉
hellloseattle 23 dagar sedan
Of course they went to old town Scottsdale for Arizona 🙄🙄🙄
J. Frank Parnell
J. Frank Parnell 24 dagar sedan
Stay on Daylight Saving time year round.
Mike O'McIrishguy
Mike O'McIrishguy 24 dagar sedan
One America News Network - NTD News - Breitbart - Sky News Australia - News Max - Project Veritas - The Gateway Pundit - The Liberty Daily!!!..
Francis Pua
Francis Pua 24 dagar sedan
You ask those Hawaiians too Hawaii remains on Standard Time all year round too. Also most of the countries in the world stick to Standard Time all year you know? Daylight Saving Time Is A Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Law You Know? I hate DayLight Saving Time.
bordermaniac 24 dagar sedan
My country Turkey did the same with Arizona and believe me it sucks, you go work with no sunlight and get out of work with no sunlight its depressing
movie gurl74
movie gurl74 24 dagar sedan
Her face when she was talking with the man in the light blue shirt😂😂😂😂😂
Beck V
Beck V 24 dagar sedan
It takes my body days to adjust from DST to normal and vice versa. I hope they can get rid of it.
I Am Jabby
I Am Jabby 25 dagar sedan
Lets stop daylight saving bullshit!
highlandsh 25 dagar sedan
She has the most watchable face on any medium. You never know what it's going to do .
afro symphony
afro symphony 25 dagar sedan
pulled that time's up joke off pretty good, looool
Martin Allen
Martin Allen 25 dagar sedan
Being in the furthest states in the northern mainland, I can understand why they would want to have DST turned on and off. If DST never is set for the north, the sun will rise in places like Bangor Maine at 3:50am on the first day of summer. I mean really, would you really want the sun to wake you up with it's bright light that early in the morning for the month of June? Same thing for the winter but different results. Would you want to send your kids to school when the sun will rise around 8:10am meaning that it is still the dead of night when they go to school? For seeing these two scenarios I say don't mess with time messing with time.
Tim Kilburn
Tim Kilburn 25 dagar sedan
Never could understand why not just split the difference, half hour which ever way it goes. And leave the clocks Alone!
Karen Jackson
Karen Jackson 25 dagar sedan
Arizona is attached to Africa. They are trying to hide God. Grand Canyon is really the split of the red sea.
David Blair
David Blair 25 dagar sedan
FINALLY!!!!!! Some attention on the stupidest custom of all, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. How I wish politicians would pay attention to this and get rid of this nasty curse that afflicts us all, FOR NO REASON!!!!
observer guy69
observer guy69 25 dagar sedan
Desi lydic is my all time fave.her wits are so funny and she looks dumb but at the same time makes sense. 😁😁😁😁
Anthony Borderline
Anthony Borderline 25 dagar sedan
I am from Finland and here the turning of the clocks is actually good. At the moment we are living in Kaamos-period, when the sun doesn't shine. In south of Finland we get sun from 9-15 about, so if you work indoors you don't see the sun at all. In the summer on the other hand we have midnight sun. Makes us Finns a bit bipolar.. Besides, my phone and computer do the change so I really don't worry about it. I have never heard it causing accidents or deaths, that statement doesn't make any sense. World isn't USA centric, the time isn't formed around how Arizona counts it. Time is a man made count of Earths rotation and seasons and such. Get on board with the rest of us, get metric and stop thinking you're the center of all. Yes, Mr Ego, I meant you.... ;-)
MirageThaHustla 26 dagar sedan
Yeah, Jamaica doesn't have daylight savings time either. When I live there my cicada rhythm was in sync all the time. This shit here really messes with the whole human biological system. Not good. Nomadic moves will be made.
saymyname 26 dagar sedan
Why weren't they wearing masks...
Chess Boss
Chess Boss 26 dagar sedan
Definitely, some really lack the power of true history, omit the real important and leave only a partial true to manipulate ideas like the one here presented.. No! It was not in 1916 when this idea was proposed. But, it was in 1784 when Ben Franklin suggested that the people of Paris (who slept til noon) should arise earlier to take advantage of the “free” daylight. This would save money in candles. Ignorance is not a bliss!! And, it seems many ignorants try to teach us a manipulated part to purport specific agendas that go against common sense....🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅🤣🤣😂😂😂😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
J 26 dagar sedan
War, shopping, and golf...now it all makes sense. Yeesh.
The Wander Boy Jitin Raj
The Wander Boy Jitin Raj 27 dagar sedan
Clock blocker😂😂
Rick Rarick
Rick Rarick 27 dagar sedan
Worth watching to the end for that last joke!
Chad Alexander
Chad Alexander 27 dagar sedan
I love Desi! This made my day! #desilydic, please message me!
Stacey Rose
Stacey Rose 27 dagar sedan
Eight hours on the clock at work is actually longer or I am not getting my money worth
Max Ataraxis- The Angst Diary BLOG
Max Ataraxis- The Angst Diary BLOG 27 dagar sedan
Can someone explain to me how changing it relates to killing people?
VoltisArt 18 dagar sedan
Stress is a big part, but also sleep deprivation/jet lag equivalent. There are more suicides and car accidents in general on Mondays, (every year besides 2020) when people are going back to work and school. It takes some people months to adjust to a new sleep schedule...then a couple/few months later it changes again. Mess up sleep schedules for people and they're tired, distracted, irritable. The immune system is hampered by this, as well. All these sick, sleepy angry people have heart attacks, road rage, more sick days, and make bad decisions. Your body cannot run without your brain doing its job properly. Do this to hundreds of millions of people and statistics of accidents, crime and medical problems are going to reflect this. People _will_ die disproportionately after every time change. But hey, at least we're buying more candy and going to the mall. Yay... Check out the Mythbusters episode where Kari and Tori compared being impaired by alcohol and being impaired by lack of sleep. They drove and performed other tasks that people normally do and need to be able to concentrate upon. The results were almost the same, between the two effects.
Sherilen Clark
Sherilen Clark 27 dagar sedan
I hate Daylight Savings Time. It's stupid. I lived in Utah most of my life. Luckily lived in AZ for 15 years. Back in Utah now...it's useless.
Carl Johnnson
Carl Johnnson 27 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure changing your clock's time doesn't affect the actual time, so what's the f*ckin point, it's not like they can actually make the earth rotate slower 😕
Just Looking
Just Looking 27 dagar sedan
J. Christie
J. Christie 27 dagar sedan
LOL, In tears...
Ricardo Angel
Ricardo Angel 27 dagar sedan
Wow this is the funnies female I have ever seen. And Ima die hard standup fan
Ankur Shrestha
Ankur Shrestha 27 dagar sedan
TIME is up.
Not Perfect WOG
Not Perfect WOG 27 dagar sedan
Real talk , I was talking about this a while ago. The most stupidest thing to change time PERIODT! Even if this was for jokes and giggles. 🤷🏾‍♀️
VoltisArt 18 dagar sedan
Took me a second to figure out that typo had nothing to do with my birthstone. ;) I absolutely agree, however. We only do this for corporate greed and misguided tradition.
Šárka Vohralíková
Šárka Vohralíková 28 dagar sedan
Fun fact: The European parliament voted to end time changing two years ago, but some countries want to have the "summer" time, not the standard one. There were heated debates which one should we choose and it was the biggest topic that time. Also the argument 'why' is different here - changing started because electricity savings in industry sector. I wonder what happened to the topic, I guess coronavirus happened.
Steve Kirby
Steve Kirby 28 dagar sedan
Wandering around in the desert brush like that is a good way to pick up a rattler bite, at any time.
Melissa Jaime
Melissa Jaime 28 dagar sedan
This video again?
Kleiner Harshlogfile
Kleiner Harshlogfile 28 dagar sedan
I hate winter time. You go to work in darkness, and return home in darkness. No daylight at all. If we had the normal summer time, at least in the afternoons people could catch a glimpse of daylight. Who cares if daylight starts at 09:00 or 10:00 ? I care that I have at last half an hour sunlight after 17:00
Nick Post
Nick Post 28 dagar sedan
We need to just go 100% on DST and stay there. I'm in North Dakota and standard time sucks. Shouldn't be dark at 4:30 in December.
VoltisArt 18 dagar sedan
That far North, yeah, it should. That's nature on a planet with a tilted axis. It's just a really big ping-pong game we play with Australia, Africa, and South America. We get the shiny ball for six months, then bounce it back to them for six, repeat. The Tropics watch it go slightly left and right, while ignoring our silly Winters. It's always Summer in Ecuador and Kenya. :)
Daniel Galan
Daniel Galan 28 dagar sedan
“You want to 69” lmao
Karla 28 dagar sedan
Я 28 dagar sedan
Wurdnurd's Guide to Life
Wurdnurd's Guide to Life 28 dagar sedan
When I lived in AZ, the worst part of not having to change clocks was that my parents in CA never knew what time it was in AZ and would call me at absurdly early hours half the year.
Thijs 28 dagar sedan
time to rehash shit?
Louis Philips
Louis Philips 29 dagar sedan
Ur awesome
NightSociety 29 dagar sedan
It depends where a person live geographic on earth. Think it is better to keep DST year round than standard on some regions, while other aren't. The only drawback is it isn't aligned with natural earth spinning time.
VoltisArt 18 dagar sedan
I think if you want to wake up at a different time, it's better to move your alarm, instead of moving my clock.
Baldski 29 dagar sedan
Desi is watching too many Christopher Nolan's movies lol
DTR PRESI 29 dagar sedan
People shouldn’t fuck with time..
Mirage Uchiha
Mirage Uchiha 29 dagar sedan
Drax would be proud.
lily boone
lily boone 29 dagar sedan
He's a vampire
lily boone
lily boone 29 dagar sedan
Ditch the time zones!
lily boone
lily boone 29 dagar sedan
Was she in Vikings?
ANDY GIBS 29 dagar sedan
Those a.holes keep on freaking with the time
bcw bcw
bcw bcw 29 dagar sedan
I'd rather stay on DST year round.
VoltisArt 18 dagar sedan
All of you are welcome to change your alarms, petition schools and employers for different hours, or go to ones that already have different hours, while the country matches with the rest of the world's time zones. We don't need to adjust everybody's clock _at all_ for a minority who could just wake up earlier.
Rafa Ferreira
Rafa Ferreira 29 dagar sedan
Did she say "cock blocker"? Hahahah
Riliame Blum
Riliame Blum 29 dagar sedan
I think that in Europe, it was about the factories wanting the workers to work another hour longer, claiming it was for the sake of daylight, during and after the Industrial revolution.
a b
a b 29 dagar sedan
It's weird to not see masks
Joey M
Joey M 29 dagar sedan
Please stop, I can’t imagine how much the left is paying you. If America is so bad go back to South Africa!
Frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher 29 dagar sedan
theyre only uneffected by the time becuz of all the meths
just for fun
just for fun 29 dagar sedan
Arizona is the drunk Facebook Aunt of the southwest. NM has aliens, CO has weed, UT has religion, AZ is a time wizard 🧙‍♂️
harry prince
harry prince 29 dagar sedan
I love this girl
pentaquine Månad sedan
Am I time traveling? Because I've definitely seen this before. Like a long time ago.
Bobby Anderson
Bobby Anderson Månad sedan
Desi Lydic seems so serious during her interview pieces yet so freakin hilarious... love it! And yes, PLEASE help us stop this daylight "saving" madness. Such a dumb thing that we do.
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Månad sedan
Michael Bustillo-Sakhai
Michael Bustillo-Sakhai Månad sedan
Desi stole that last joke about 69ing herself on pyschadelics from Ali Wong's book. Not cool, dude.
DogAnticsDogTraining Månad sedan
I'm a farmer, and I always wondered which drug you were doing on work trips
AmandaonMaui Månad sedan
Hawaii doesn’t do daylight saving time either. It’s great.
Lawsonomy Månad sedan
I always get slightly annoyed when they do the whole "what is time" bit and they don't cut to a scientist explaining it. ("They" being TV writers in general) We have time almost completely figured out. It's not a social construct, It's a physical thing with an energy value that can be measured. What is a social construct is what particular bit of time we "decide to call 10 pm." Like if you measure a distance in yards or meters it's still the same length but the number will be different.
dennis coates
dennis coates Månad sedan
Clifton Parchment
Clifton Parchment Månad sedan
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones Månad sedan
Lets go Arizona!! We are a Blue state now!
sparkplug 21
sparkplug 21 Månad sedan
Desi needs her own show!!!! I love her vids👊🏿👊🏿
Diana Månad sedan
Arizona is one of America's top states. Alphabetically lmao
Onuzulike Kennedy
Onuzulike Kennedy Månad sedan
*In one hour's time* Desi to Desi We live in a twilight world
Pete Sandberg
Pete Sandberg Månad sedan
Video ended too soon
wancoet Månad sedan
her hair is so Android 18
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