Trump’s Magical, Wonderful Road to Impeachment | The Daily Show

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From Pelosi initially withholding the articles of impeachment to Mitt Romney’s rank-breaking vote, here’s a look back at the Trump impeachment saga. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DonaldTrump
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Euly Duran
Euly Duran 5 timmar sedan
Christa Douglas
Christa Douglas 6 timmar sedan
"You only get one impeachment" Laughs is 2021
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 16 timmar sedan
Trump got trumped😂
Danny Hartman
Danny Hartman 16 timmar sedan
So left sided.
Maria Eduarda Pontes
Maria Eduarda Pontes 17 timmar sedan
33:18 actualy it was Thomas Jeferson from Hamilton but okay...
TitanPardy808 19 timmar sedan
Why the hell are our tax dollars going to Ukraine??? $250 million would go a long way for our own needs. Education, poverty, healthcare.
checkoutmyballz Dag sedan
Apparently Joe Biden will not take down Joe Biden. Trump also gets more than one impeachment. Lol this didn’t age well.....
Wendale Spivery
Wendale Spivery Dag sedan
Trump say he can kill somebody on 5th Avenue and not be prosecuted five people were killed in the White House and the Senate do not want to prosecute I thought they stood for Law and Order
ashley ostermann
ashley ostermann Dag sedan
Donald trump is the Tom brady of the us government.
Summer Givens
Summer Givens Dag sedan
Give it up Trevor. Stop trying to get into America's politics.
Mx. Phoenix
Mx. Phoenix Dag sedan
Why is it the only way I can get political reporting that makes sense is by listening to comedians?
Joekuh Dag sedan
I wasnt wrong, im just far more correct now😂😂😂
Liene Hunter
Liene Hunter Dag sedan
18:14 ,,Trump will have the smallest impeachment-" Trump: ,,Wait...the smallest? Let's try this again...."
Micky Moore
Micky Moore Dag sedan
But I heard Sleepy Joe Biden is going to be impeached for running brothel in Ukraine 😁😂Trevor
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey 2 dagar sedan
Trevor, your a deushe bag. Damn i wasted energy to type that.
John Ortiz
John Ortiz 2 dagar sedan
Mr noah ur amazing thank you ur the best at giving news with really jokes 😂 love them all gonna save this video for rainy days😁ur simply the best 😂
Robin Car
Robin Car 2 dagar sedan
The first impeachment was thrown out b/c the DNC were caught paying for the FAKE Steele dossier, did ya miss that? That “impeachment” had more basis than this bogus one! This guy does no investigations and only does what his handlers say!
Khulhu Cthulhu
Khulhu Cthulhu 2 dagar sedan
you think aah, a video about trumps impeachment, then you watch it and realise it's from 2 days before the acts that led to him being impeached.. oh yeah he was impeached before that too...
marlon detorres
marlon detorres 3 dagar sedan
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Oracle donuts
Oracle donuts 3 dagar sedan
This didn’t age well for her 12:23
ALIEN 3 dagar sedan
“You only get one impeachment”
bruno junqueira
bruno junqueira 3 dagar sedan
May the bros take care of america. Soon you will be like congo. Thanks heavens there are no blacks in italy. Africans go to usa, dont miss the gap.
jonathan slingerland
jonathan slingerland 3 dagar sedan
morbid_roadkill 3 dagar sedan
You only get one impeachment well that didn't age well
Trisha R
Trisha R 3 dagar sedan
Trevor Noah's impressions of Trump, PERFECTION! 🤣
- Swoosh -
- Swoosh - 3 dagar sedan
Think about it. He got the fortune teller. She said it was Biden. He works on it. But as time often does, it corrects itself as it can (Murphy’s law) and then COVID. And he’s not prepared at all. Never seeing that doing his job would get him re-elected. But he was tired of being told what to do or what to think or what to say. Okay this is kinda a joke but I didn’t know his first impeachment was Biden related
Sandra Nunes
Sandra Nunes 3 dagar sedan
In Denial this Crackpot. He had Done So many things Illegally ....
Jane Allgood
Jane Allgood 3 dagar sedan
welp, this didn't age well lol
SamytyKill 3 dagar sedan
Want a working republican party? Just be honest, and add Mitt!
Laura Bealmear
Laura Bealmear 3 dagar sedan
All need to tell truth behind the last 4 yrs so it never happens again
dee jay
dee jay 3 dagar sedan
I feel very sorry for all of you here. You repeat each other's comments, which were not your own to start with. Just regurgitating what you have been spoon fed, very few original thoughts. Please read your Constitution and Bill of rights ( the original one, which is the only legal, common law one, that We The People have). You may find a whole new perspective on everything happening in this country. By the way the military CAN do things that would normally not be legal for the rest of us to engage in. Without any directives from any potus. Learn the actual laws which legally govern you, before it is too late. Good luck and may the Lord bless you with discernment, enlightenment and love. This I pray for everyone of the world, in the name Jesus. It shall be done.
graylon person
graylon person 3 dagar sedan
This is gold
randomcon123 3 dagar sedan
Funny how people thought Trump only had ONE CHANCE at impeachment 😂
Joane Can
Joane Can 4 dagar sedan
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Daniele Di Lorenzo
Daniele Di Lorenzo 4 dagar sedan
Nika Nika
Nika Nika 4 dagar sedan
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Swatantra Nandanwar
Swatantra Nandanwar 4 dagar sedan
Trump tried to steal the election. When that didn't work, he staged a coup. That failed. The man is a disgrace and should be put behind bars.
Krystyna Gaglio
Krystyna Gaglio 4 dagar sedan
Shut up !!!!!
Krystyna Gaglio
Krystyna Gaglio 4 dagar sedan
Noah you’re sick to the core I’m sad that you got rush from you’re comedy shitt
Anthony Saladrigas
Anthony Saladrigas 4 dagar sedan
We need a part two for this lol 😂
mariasam mariasam
mariasam mariasam 4 dagar sedan
mariasam mariasam
mariasam mariasam 4 dagar sedan
mariasam mariasam
mariasam mariasam 4 dagar sedan
mariasam mariasam
mariasam mariasam 4 dagar sedan
mariasam mariasam
mariasam mariasam 4 dagar sedan
mariasam mariasam
mariasam mariasam 4 dagar sedan
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂U S A ↔ K O M U N I Z M DEMOKRATI 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mariasam mariasam
mariasam mariasam 4 dagar sedan
mariasam mariasam
mariasam mariasam 4 dagar sedan
Sandy J
Sandy J 4 dagar sedan
Thank you for sharing something so serious with humor and belly laughs. You are so appreciated.
Heather Beachgirl
Heather Beachgirl 4 dagar sedan
This doesn’t age at all. I’m laughing my ass off
Dirty Qtip
Dirty Qtip 4 dagar sedan
Already the Commander in Thief Biden is achieving humiliating reviews! A Syrian is complaining that plundering is occurring in Syria! Trump we need to check on this! Get this thief out of office!
Malinna Seang
Malinna Seang 4 dagar sedan
Malinna Seang
Malinna Seang 4 dagar sedan
Rafa Gómez
Rafa Gómez 4 dagar sedan
Do you mean Trump does to Ukraine what US has done to EU regarding Venezuela? That's despicable!
Victoria Bishop
Victoria Bishop 4 dagar sedan
Whatever anyone says, Trump legacy will be there. Trump will be in history books for future generation to learn from and he will be remembered more than any President ever- only for and because of wrong reasons.
TehTuberBro 4 dagar sedan
Trumps lawyer: I’m never wrong one time I thought I was wrong but I was only mistaken
Internet Troll
Internet Troll 3 dagar sedan
If Trump was wrong, he would be the best at being wrong.
WhatWeLearn 27
WhatWeLearn 27 4 dagar sedan
Biden can also be impeached for insurection. *BLM:* "RIOT KILL BURN" *Joe Biden:* "yes this is good we need more people out on the streets" Don't believe me? Search it up on SVfrom im sure one of your msm propaganda outlets still has the interview on it
Craven van Draak
Craven van Draak 4 dagar sedan
Yeah, true. But you gotta admit, its quite sad and also extremly two faced if it ends up like this. Trump did the exact same thing as Biden repetedly but wouldn't have been impeached.
gio 59
gio 59 4 dagar sedan
What about the phone call to the Georgia Sec. of State? If he doesn't get convicted on the Capitol incitement, do we get to do a 3rd impeachment?
Owen Doll
Owen Doll 4 dagar sedan
" only get 1 impeachment trial!" Trump: "You underestimate my power!!"
abyssalkat_ 4 dagar sedan
Then: ""This is going to go down in the history books." Now: "Well heck, I'm going to need a bigger history book."
Cecil Hasler
Cecil Hasler 4 dagar sedan
Who runs the world? Nerds
berrygirlfinn 4 dagar sedan
Why are they assuring funding for the Ukraine, when America owes the American descendants of slaves a debt? Don't throw money to non- Americans when America owes AMERICANS!!!
berrygirlfinn 4 dagar sedan
@Craven van Draak Blacks are dying of Covid-19 at catastrophic rates because of that link to poverty. (Also many other fatal social/economic symptoms.) It is directly related to the unpaid debt America owes it's own. Your own populations protection should come first. America stands out of order regardless.
Craven van Draak
Craven van Draak 4 dagar sedan
Cause the money helps this people to defend themselves against russia, without the money they would get occupied. Don't get me wrong, the US should pay back the descendants, but their life isn't really more in danger if they get a payment.
Kevin D
Kevin D 5 dagar sedan
Lol apparently you don’t only get one impeachment! 😂
Joinee Jones
Joinee Jones 5 dagar sedan
I don’t know.. what if.. we deleted our text every day if what is said is illegal. Seems like a stretch.. but it could be a win
Jenn Hambran
Jenn Hambran 5 dagar sedan
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Marsha Brwon
Marsha Brwon 5 dagar sedan
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Elin Brittany
Elin Brittany 5 dagar sedan
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nadia ricci
nadia ricci 5 dagar sedan
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Andres Escalera
Andres Escalera 5 dagar sedan
Holy shit I forgot what crowds sound like
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire 5 dagar sedan
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Keimo Rahkonen
Keimo Rahkonen 5 dagar sedan
Tried to comment, but someone decided, it was too much, when i called "the previous one", a liar... Let's see if this gets through...
Lord Lucius
Lord Lucius 5 dagar sedan
Commentors: boy the one impeachment comments aged well! Me: funny how the republicans wanted a rushed first impeachment and at night so it’s over quick, why does Mitch want to delay it now? Shouldn’t we have a quick second impeachment like you wanted for the first one? Why the change Mitch?
James Duncanson-Hunter
James Duncanson-Hunter 5 dagar sedan
This didn't age so well
S&R 5 dagar sedan
Don't boo. Vote!
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler 5 dagar sedan
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Abygail Payton
Abygail Payton 5 dagar sedan
“You only get one impeachment.” That sentence aged like milk.
Anita Loving White
Anita Loving White 5 dagar sedan
NO PRESSURE does not mean he wasnt asked and that russia didnt agree to it or vice versa -- NO PRESSURE only indicates there was no hints of or outright bribery
LMW Pictures
LMW Pictures 5 dagar sedan
Are we overlooking the fact that $391 Million is being sent to ANOTHER COUNTRY?
berrygirlfinn 4 dagar sedan
J H 6 dagar sedan
wow mcconnell has aged so much
Alec Willey
Alec Willey 6 dagar sedan
2020: "You only get one impeachment" 2021: "You were saying?" You know Trump wanted a 2nd impeachment. After all, sequels attract more attention than one-shots.
Margaret York
Margaret York 4 dagar sedan
@Octavian Stars ml
Alec Willey
Alec Willey 4 dagar sedan
@Octavian Stars I know, right?
Octavian Stars
Octavian Stars 4 dagar sedan
@Alec Willey A TV show that the other countries get to enjoy. I honestly wonder how we went from the most respected to a living circus
Alec Willey
Alec Willey 4 dagar sedan
@Octavian Stars It's all about the ratings with him. Trump wasn't running a country, he was hosting a reality TV show.
Octavian Stars
Octavian Stars 5 dagar sedan
And that is a known fact
SuperSupper2 6 dagar sedan
I came to comment on something, but you can all guess what it is from the others
Wendell Kirton
Wendell Kirton 6 dagar sedan
Trevor you got me laughing bad lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lucile Freeman
Lucile Freeman 6 dagar sedan
The fat faulty great-grandfather tribally disapprove because hardhat ultimately seal around a decorous poland. rustic, craven relish
El Nino
El Nino 6 dagar sedan
"13:00 you only get one impeachment..." - Trump "Hold my beer."
Keimo K
Keimo K 3 dagar sedan
"Hold my diet cola on silver plate"
Lloyd Shannon
Lloyd Shannon 6 dagar sedan
Madam Speaker, scares me!
Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon 6 dagar sedan
The flippant partner initially puncture because party ironically pass out a secretive creek. organic, quizzical bar
Nixxle 6 dagar sedan
This aged interestingly. his "one" impeachment
Priya Patel
Priya Patel 6 dagar sedan
This video did not age well to say the least lmao
camille 6 dagar sedan
Her:"You only got one impeachment" Trump: "bring it. The next one ill start a civil war on capitol Hill 3 weeks before leaving office"
Jenny 6 dagar sedan
This impeachment felt like it happened a decade ago, the Republican party was shitty then and they are shitty now. He obviously did not learn his lesson, and that was never a good excuse to keep him in power.
Ronald Smith
Ronald Smith 6 dagar sedan
You know we're is the Big Mouth young lady who said Biden is gonna Gaff his way out!! Now you Silly Rabbit wear's your gaff's at now So young lady Who's Gaffing Now in 2021 Because Joe the Gaffer is President Now because 45 knew BIDEN WAS GONNA WHIP THAT A-S!!!.
Lowell Lucas Jr.
Lowell Lucas Jr. 6 dagar sedan
Star witness that said he never met them. Me: Touche' Jim!
Fűçk YouTube Ķss my ss
Fűçk YouTube Ķss my ss 6 dagar sedan
The politicians are humans too so what they are doing is not so much better that anyone else... Elon Musk has shown in spectacular fashion that free will vs government is that free will is always ahead of a one thinking government
Fűçk YouTube Ķss my ss
Fűçk YouTube Ķss my ss 6 dagar sedan
The whole world is business and politicians are the middle meant that corrupt all things
Fűçk YouTube Ķss my ss
Fűçk YouTube Ķss my ss 6 dagar sedan
You could not be who you are in Africa because you are truly weak
Fűçk YouTube Ķss my ss
Fűçk YouTube Ķss my ss 6 dagar sedan
All you normal people with you jokes do not even know the deepest things that may take place...but let's see what you so smart
Airroll Tangeeon
Airroll Tangeeon 6 dagar sedan
the lord showed us the corrupt republicans and they will drop the ball again !America if these republicans go against the LORD again they all need to go!
Airroll Tangeeon
Airroll Tangeeon 6 dagar sedan
400,000 Americans died because of these bribed republicans wouldnt do their jobs and convict trump !
Cesar Valadez
Cesar Valadez 6 dagar sedan
Twoooo Tuuuuuuuuurnnnnsss on the impeachment 😂
Pepijn Holweg
Pepijn Holweg 6 dagar sedan
13:02 oh boy
Peeping Juan
Peeping Juan 6 dagar sedan
12:27 “ He’s wasting his one impeachment on taking it down Joe Biden”. Ha... one impeachment 😏
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