Trump Eases Shower Rules & His Mar-a-Lago Neighbors Want Him Out | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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President Trump rolls back showerhead water efficiency regulations, and his Mar-a-Lago neighbors request that he spend his post-presidency life elsewhere. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DonaldTrump
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DJ Top 22
DJ Top 22 7 dagar sedan
Funny shower jokes
Khalimero Adam
Khalimero Adam 8 dagar sedan
So after all the tax breaks he gave the rich, they still dont even like him?. idiot!
Farie Fly
Farie Fly 11 dagar sedan
Trevor... I love you but not all Floridians love being the butt of your jokes :-(
Fiona Draco
Fiona Draco 14 dagar sedan
Where is Trevor Noah?
Kisssys 14 dagar sedan
Kohler is coming out with some new high flush toilets called the Trump Towers
MC Watters
MC Watters 16 dagar sedan
Scotland does not want him and won't let him in. So his trip next week had to be cancelled. He might be forced to live in a s...hole country.
lina adam
lina adam 17 dagar sedan
Where are you ? No more new show 😭we miss you
rochelimit's hangout
rochelimit's hangout 20 dagar sedan
I need trevor noah reviewing the capitol riot!
درية الدري
درية الدري 20 dagar sedan
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Creeperking1218 20 dagar sedan
Daniel Hebert
Daniel Hebert 21 dag sedan
Why is this dude so not funny. I miss the old daily show
CarrieBrooks 24 dagar sedan
J fr Jackass... 2 more weeks😃
Cash Money
Cash Money 25 dagar sedan
Boring jokes... lol still no new jokes because you were never funny
Alberto Bernal
Alberto Bernal 25 dagar sedan
Lets be honest here Trump is safer in the U.S. because the Iraqi government and still trying to get me for killing there General. I don't think Canada or Mexico will take him.
BL guitar
BL guitar 27 dagar sedan
Scott Marsh
Scott Marsh 28 dagar sedan
You would think a non american like trevor would be helping the country he's from instead of sucking up millions of dollars and enjoying the anger he builds
Buddy W
Buddy W 29 dagar sedan
%@@ Election Documentary
Allison Sanders
Allison Sanders Månad sedan
The psychotic map seemingly fence because sing broadly man within a new hovercraft. naive, tawdry gore-tex
you are a serf
you are a serf Månad sedan
Low flow shower heads... the true strife of our time.
William Temple
William Temple Månad sedan
I do not usually side with trumpty but for goodness sake what does water flow/pressure got to do with water conservation? Any 7th grade student studying earth science can explain the natural water table process to you. Why don't these people who want to control my water usage face off with the oil and gas companies who are the real culprits in the water shortage problem. They have pumped billions of gallons of water into their wells in order to get the oil out ... AND THAT WATER IS PERMANENTLY LOST TO THE WATER TABLE. It is time the epa and others force the oil and gas companies to reclaim all of that lost water. When I run my shower full pressure, or wash my car, or water my lawn I am not "wasting" water I am only wasting money .. and it is my money to waste.
Corinne Mattioli
Corinne Mattioli Månad sedan
The restrictions make no sense. You're using the same amount water by staying in the shower longer. P.S. he'll just build a private home nearby Mara-lago if he's unable to live on the property. He continues to take up real estate in your brain, all day long.
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith Månad sedan
Trump is going to be your daddy for 4 more yrs. Best president we've ever had
jim catalfamo
jim catalfamo Månad sedan
The last I know Trevor's not even a US citizen. He comes here bad mouthing our country and mindless Americans listen to him like he's one of us. He had to leave his country cuz nobody wanted to hear his b*******. He's not funny. He does nothing important. And gets paid millions of dollars to do so. Yep the jokes on you America. He's got no love for the country but he sure does have love for our dollar bill
Carl Anglin
Carl Anglin Månad sedan
Stop giving that lying lame duck free air time!
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson Månad sedan
TheLicewine Månad sedan
In Saudi, he would even get a golden shower...
John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
Deborah Hunter
Deborah Hunter Månad sedan
Low flow works for me.
Tiny Månad sedan
Your Ark has sunk.
Kris Tigger
Kris Tigger Månad sedan
Civil war Patriots against the Soy Boys. Piece of cake!
Jo Månad sedan
Media is bought out by the left and sold out.
Jo Månad sedan
Watch "CAUGHT: Surveillance footage shows GA poll worker scanning the same batch of ballots MULTIPLE times!" on SVfrom
Majib Siddiquee
Majib Siddiquee Månad sedan
12/22/2020 Trump agreed to leave white house: 1. Trump has less than 30 days in White House. He knows, believes and understand that he will have to leave before 1/20/2020. Then why all these legal dramas? 2. Trump knows he will have to face few dozen cases including criminal law suits. He wants to have some bargaining chips so he and his family can avoid criminal convictions. He will pardon his family and him 100% sure which will perhaps wipe out his federal crimes. But, what about State and Municipal Crimes. He wants assurance that there will be no criminal investigation, trial or convictions for all past crimes committed by his family and himself until 2020. 3. Trump wants some kinds of assurances, but he could not yet figure out how. 4. If Biden, AGs of NYC, DC, FL etc. structure a deal that his family and he will not be prosecuted for any crime he will leave white house even early. (An opinion )
Im Right U’re Wrong
Im Right U’re Wrong Månad sedan
“All the reporters are so polite” I loved that loool
3guys1girlandfetus Månad sedan
Every trump rally looks like one of those awful stand up comedy shows
Max Pogorelov
Max Pogorelov Månad sedan
Trump will never leave the White House. He will be the Phantom of the House. At night he will scare Biden with his tweets.
J P Månad sedan
Democratic Party, & ABC News Sponsored the BLM Movement and Spread COVID through 6 months of screaming, closly packed street protests and riots. They instigated the BLM at a time when Quarantine was just lifting and COVID was almost over. Just before ABC News & Dems sponsored the BLM The Covid Death count was 85K and the end of COVID was projected at 130,000. Than ABC News & Dems Sponsored the BLM. 6 months of riots & street Protests and now COVID is rampant and we are almost at 300,000 Deaths. MEANING ABC News & the DEMOCRATIC Party ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR 170,000 Deaths for instigating and sponsoring the BLM movement. Which caused 170,000 Unnecessary Deaths. You had good reason but unlawful timing. Like telling someone who just got fired b4 retiring and found a gun in the trash, that the bank guard just took lunch break, they should go rob a bank and you will be the lookout for them. Guilty by association and aiding in the deaths of 170,000+ people
Vivian Madison Mahoney
Vivian Madison Mahoney Månad sedan
You are a good man you are really really good, the best Trump impersonator I've heard! Thank you
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou Månad sedan
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ABRAXAS Månad sedan
Donald Trump has called the KKK and Antifa to be listed as Terrorists Organizations and his plan to send $500 billion dollars to aid black communities so they can build businesses and send black children to college. What did Obama do for the black community the whole 8 years he was in office?
Greta P
Greta P Månad sedan
Dear Trump, watch what you complaun makes you sound like even a bigger p---y. 😛
ABRAXAS Månad sedan
Biden had demonstrated over the past 45 years as a politician that he hates blacks. You want him in office?
Ronald Sapp
Ronald Sapp Månad sedan
You are the Worst. I'll Pray for you Sir
Holistic Scientist
Holistic Scientist Månad sedan
A borehole could save Trump otherwise the municipal water restrictions could get even worse in his area under Biden.
Helen Kahley
Helen Kahley Månad sedan
Just leave tRump find a new country. Florida does not want him. Mar-a-Lago does not want him. He thinks can move in no matter the rules. Such a piece of work. Putin wound like to have him. So gooooo....
Judi Grace
Judi Grace Månad sedan
trump could have replaced our income, like Canada has done, and he would have been re-elected. The USA citizens are being evicted, starving, and on the street in tents, on the sidewalks with out a blanket or a tent, as buildings sat empty... Please do not take the vaccine. They have taken our incomes for 10 months and now they want to take our lives. Thank you Canada for replacing the incomes of your people, and giving them online jobs at $2k per month for everyone since March 2020. People in the USA are being evicted and starving, and we get nothing, but more stupid rules. Please stand up for your rights America and the world. They shut me down, and delete my warnings and solutions. God is not happy, and the world can see it, nor are the people without income and evicted with children, babies, pregnant women , elderly and handicapped. Everyone will reap what they have sown.
junior corina
junior corina Månad sedan
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big Texas
big Texas Månad sedan
🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ neighbors of Mar-a-Lago are fed up with the clogged roads and other disruptions in the neighborhood due to Trump’s high profile and frequent visits, the Post reported. Any legal dispute to prevent Trump from shacking up in Florida could also complicate the work of the U.S. Secret Service, which protects ex-presidents after they leave office. So you see it’s nothing personal. It’s just that’s it a quiet community. But in a proud Latino republican state, let’s see how long that lasts. How come you guys don’t cover the “chop zone”? Once again and most recently people are fed with the on going violence,three people placed in jail for sexual assault, people have been killed all in the chop zone. Businesses have filed law suits after demanding the immediate removal of the chop zone but like always state Democrat leaders prefer politics over safety and businesses moving ahead. I mean wouldn’t this be bigger news????
Quinn Family
Quinn Family Månad sedan
Whats with that mess you call a hairstyle Noah?
Afaf Benhara
Afaf Benhara Månad sedan
Why in the world is the volume on this so low????? Annoying tbh. and i thought this show was progressive. People can always turn down volume but trying to hear you when you sound like a snail on pavement is pretty annoying. Are the earphone companies funding your youtube?
Nancy Spicoli
Nancy Spicoli Månad sedan
MARA LAGOON IS what people in Hollywood film business call "Cheezy Mansions"
Subaru STi
Subaru STi Månad sedan
I just drill the holes bigger to open the restrictions.
pForge Ahead
pForge Ahead Månad sedan
All goes back to Seinfeld...
Angel Tube
Angel Tube Månad sedan
No matter what people say about Trump, there are more on his side that love and pray for him. Peace and love to us all.
Drew Goodman
Drew Goodman Månad sedan
Trevor better hope that Trump gets 4 more years, or he will have nothing to talk about and the left won't need him anymore. At that point, Trevor will have to rely on his comedy to sustain his career, yikes, not pretty.
Denise Lindahl
Denise Lindahl Månad sedan
Vile. One day all that has been said and done will be judged by God and given what you deserve. Lord come soon.
RRocr Månad sedan
so if trump converts his golf club to a private residence doesn't he have to pay higher property taxes? Maybe even back taxes...
Marc Whinery
Marc Whinery Månad sedan
Dirty Don needs to have the extra water, more real estate to cover.
LEAKED1966 Månad sedan
Please leave our president alone complain about the president of your country...sick of will be stopped.
ABRAXAS Månad sedan
The problem isn't the Government it isn't Trump or Biden. The problem has always been the collective of humanity. Humans are collectively stupid, narcissistic, lazy and apathetic. They blame the leaders because they are too stupid to take charge of their own lives and live without the need of governments. They find it almost impossible because the television media and schools have done a outstanding job of dumbing them down making them passive, stupid and weak.
Ada James-Almano
Ada James-Almano Månad sedan
And sadly....
Ada James-Almano
Ada James-Almano Månad sedan
Suriya Prakash
Suriya Prakash Månad sedan
🤣🤣Your trump impression was awesome.✌
Seanecho Armando
Seanecho Armando Månad sedan
The staking south america critically stop because japanese simulteneously smile notwithstanding a short east. languid, fat faulty cafe
Ether Månad sedan
Hey Trevor when are you gonna talk about hunter bidden. Ooh wait no jokes . That's right your not that funny.
hangming zheng
hangming zheng Månad sedan
The demonic probation perplexingly support because link covalently collect after a moldy puppy. foregoing, hissing iran
Cynthia Hutchins
Cynthia Hutchins Månad sedan
Hey “drip,drip ,drip,” buy a more expensive shower head and toilet you cheap sob.
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Månad sedan
Speaking of trivial it only me that checks my earphones condition everytime the stupid audio switches to one earphone. What's happening trevoh????
samuel O. Olateru
samuel O. Olateru Månad sedan
The Cardi B song in the shower... killed me!!!
Rick Havok
Rick Havok Månad sedan
So you guys are supporting the 1% most wealthy in Palm Beach because they don't like someone who would actually end their bullshit. Outstanding! You might also want to repeat 2nd grade and learn that water does not leave the planet. You've been getting fleeced by water treatment plant companies who don't want to do their jobs because you're just that stupid. Now... go ahead and stick your feet in your mouths and tell me how I'm wrong with your bass ackward reasoning.
Ramin hAm
Ramin hAm Månad sedan
Saudian reporter are so polite cause Muhammad bin salman,saudi crown prince mutilates those who are not polite,like jamal khashoggi
Liam Orozco
Liam Orozco Månad sedan
The wealthy freon decisively label because donkey immediately retire among a hypnotic bait. elastic, amusing broccoli
ReBeastz Edits
ReBeastz Edits Månad sedan
1:19 Had Me Dying
Prophetjeremiah Omotofuferyin
Prophetjeremiah Omotofuferyin Månad sedan
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SoledOut SC
SoledOut SC Månad sedan
The blushing knife finally clean because call infrequently lock pace a evanescent almanac. dependent, wary ethernet
Tari Sukone
Tari Sukone Månad sedan
Hilarious that 1 man is hated so much Lmao Jeeze.
Sherry Jolliff
Sherry Jolliff Månad sedan
Probably because they don't want him hanging out and CONSTANTLY bitching about how and why he lost 🙄
Maargen Bx
Maargen Bx Månad sedan
Why would Trump fight to live at Mar-A-Lago when he owns two private residence in the same neighborhood that no one can stop him from living in? Besides the fact that New York will probably be offering him another 10-15 years of free government housing.
Zinnea Gutz
Zinnea Gutz Månad sedan
Hmm. ... he can try Boca Raton maybe
Zinnea Gutz
Zinnea Gutz Månad sedan
Flórida > retirament land
Revolver sanchez
Revolver sanchez Månad sedan
Dude restricting water makes you shower longer. Like toilets you flush twice
Jean Matula
Jean Matula Månad sedan
This young man is an idiot! This is what we are talking about running our country in the future! God has mercy on us!
Clubber Lang
Clubber Lang Månad sedan
This is fake news, a contract states that within 3 years of completion of a presidential term, Trump would have to move, for security reasons. The mentally retarded left might murder his neighbors because their socialist candidate didn’t win.
Matt Logue
Matt Logue Månad sedan
U do a good trump voice
Shirley Christian
Shirley Christian Månad sedan
cannibalbananas Månad sedan
Nobody wants Trump. Also I can't wait for this environment-hating jerk to leave. I don't want to go back to the smog and acid rain warnings of the late 80s/early 90s 😡
Jean Nieves
Jean Nieves Månad sedan
He makes no sense
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez Månad sedan
Gaz Metanin
Gaz Metanin Månad sedan
The video is very amazing and very action
Grandmother Deb
Grandmother Deb Månad sedan
So is it not voter fraud to claim Florida residency at an address where residency is illegal? It seems that DT’s vote for himself claiming that address as his residence should be thrown out and he should be prosecuted. How ironic. 😏
Fredric Kroll
Fredric Kroll Månad sedan
Saudi-Arabia might be a good choice. Or Pyongyang.
Mr Underhill
Mr Underhill Månad sedan
he probably just wants to clog the google results of trump and shower because most people associate golden showers with trump - ha ha
Susan Horowitz
Susan Horowitz Månad sedan
Love Trevor~ Trump exits White House!
Showdown Månad sedan
Zahir Kazie
Zahir Kazie Månad sedan
Certified nut job d.trump
x palk
x palk Månad sedan
Si. Jo biden est président tout le monde dans la mort.
Maxie Ruckert
Maxie Ruckert Månad sedan
Trevor your have no say in America. Come home to your swampy ratty Joburg.
Ričardas Baika
Ričardas Baika Månad sedan
Just imagine that you must listen to donald everyday about how his "election was rig and he is the best". There would be +500% homicides in that neighborhood in 1 week
AnhThành Thống Soái
AnhThành Thống Soái Månad sedan
“If I lose the election, I probably would have to leave the country”. Although we would love to kick your sorry big ass out of the country, but when was the last time you kept your promise? 😏
Miriam Art
Miriam Art Månad sedan
Floridians voted for him, let them keep him.
johan meyer
johan meyer Månad sedan
This show sucks. Just another blue TRUMPet blower. This coming from a South African who used to find you funny
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