Trump Ditches Medal of Freedom Recipient in the Oval Office | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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President Trump abandons a Medal of Freedom recipient when he abruptly walks out of the Oval Office during the ceremony. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DonaldTrump
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carlos caballero
carlos caballero 9 dagar sedan
What a joke this racist is
Derrick Tate
Derrick Tate 9 dagar sedan
I'm sure Trump left because it was literally making him angry to see someone in the same room as him getting lots of attention and praise. Remember when Trump shoved the prime minister of Montenegro out of the way ( )... Just when you thought Trump was terrible as possible - he's gets worse.
Kathryn Smith
Kathryn Smith 13 dagar sedan
Trump walked out bc it was over! So many idiots in the media
Layla DeClaire
Layla DeClaire 24 dagar sedan
For a second I thought Trump walked out of his own Medal of Freedom ceremony and I was like “ that can’t be right he would never have one”
Gina G
Gina G 26 dagar sedan
He went to the bathroom to cry.
DS Grant
DS Grant 27 dagar sedan
Donald was too eager to get his silver medal. He left the room quickly enough to run the 100-meter dash in record time. LOL!
MrMJmusicLover 28 dagar sedan
He's gone is going to be the new meme. 😏👍
alexandra störbrauck
alexandra störbrauck Månad sedan
Weeeeeell, maybe he had to urgent.
albert mooney
albert mooney Månad sedan
as a tj maxx employee i am triggered by this.
Chantell Lassiter
Chantell Lassiter Månad sedan
What a butt hole
Johnny Young
Johnny Young Månad sedan
If it doesn't benefit him personally, then the current "Presidents" heart is not in it....I guess he "The Presidential medal of freedom" was for him!
HJSed Månad sedan
Trevor you soo crazy. Lol
Girlgeek101 Stamping
Girlgeek101 Stamping Månad sedan
Thank you for sharing this! AWESOME! Do you remember Omaba's speech when Biden was awarded the metal? There were many touched hearts in the room. So different!
Audrie Gordon
Audrie Gordon Månad sedan
WOW! In comparison, does anyone remember Obama giving Biden the metal?
Liluve Sims
Liluve Sims Månad sedan
Lol sad feeling guilty when u a loser
Jose Saenz
Jose Saenz Månad sedan
Maybe biden will invite him back so he's recognized the way he should!!!
Daniels H.S
Daniels H.S Månad sedan
I don't think the idiotic useless trump knows whether he was giving a medal to that gentleman or fixing his collars as good gesture and he has got to go in hurry out of the WH?? 🙄 😆 🤣 😂
Esther Farris
Esther Farris Månad sedan
He just left the man standing there wow
Brian Barrett
Brian Barrett Månad sedan
He probably shit his pants
Jiwanjot Guron
Jiwanjot Guron Månad sedan
#NoFarmersNoFood. The largest protest in History is happening right now yet the media are not reporting on it.
Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson Månad sedan
Thank God , he is gone , he can’t take it , hell they way you treat people ? And expect to win ? Maybe your followers like to be treated like trash
Jerry Morgan
Jerry Morgan Månad sedan
When’s Trump’s family going to have an intervention for this Crazy man, when I ask?
YVONNE WOOD Månad sedan
Donald J. Trump. 'J' for Jackass! Later in an interview the medal recipient defended Trump's action of walking out on him. The way people give Trump "a Mulligan" for all the crap he does is amazing!
Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown Månad sedan
Still finding it hard to believe 70 million people voted for this.
Amit Mistry
Amit Mistry Månad sedan
Most entertaining comedy news show hands down
Lodi Sauer
Lodi Sauer Månad sedan
Just seeing this clip I was like wtf?? So I went and watched the whole event. He did not disrespect Coach Gable. Putting things into prospective by watching things as a whole. Congrats Coach Gable. Well deserved. From an Iowa girl
Marlec Marine
Marlec Marine Månad sedan
Absolutely hilarious !! he probably just nipped out to Burger King for a quick snack.........:-)
Biju Nair
Biju Nair Månad sedan
Trump is planning medal of freedom for Melania and his other children.
Ryan Shannon
Ryan Shannon Månad sedan
Good crack at, "...and Biden forgets what he's doing and walks in!"
JC 4 Evur
JC 4 Evur Månad sedan
Clean up Isle 45
NamiSanjO 806
NamiSanjO 806 Månad sedan
$20 says he had to shit.
Lisa T
Lisa T Månad sedan
Too funny
lily boone
lily boone Månad sedan
They all seem so relieved when he goes.
Girl 19 Tn
Girl 19 Tn Månad sedan
Aw his feelings hurt he lost the election, the biggest lost in his life.
Tracy Brown
Tracy Brown Månad sedan
He's basically giving the middle finger to the country and everyone who voted for him will stand behind him even if it means total anarchy
sheila Hales
sheila Hales Månad sedan
That was so disrespectful and rude. This is what his followers think is acceptable ? Bad manners? What an embarrassment to the USA this man is.
onetouti Månad sedan
He needed to pipi
killboggins Månad sedan
You Republicans must be so proud.
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof Månad sedan
Hopefully, Biden will give this Recipient a redo. This time with integrity and class.
Adam Stuck
Adam Stuck Månad sedan
Dan told him he(trump) couldn't beat him in a wrestling match. Bet that hurt the poor snowflake LOL!!!
Parker Froelich
Parker Froelich Månad sedan
That last joke was so good. 😂 “Bam! Peaceful transition of power. “
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof Månad sedan
Best way Trump can salvage his legacy... Disappear from sight, quietly exit the back door of the White House, leaving all of his belongings behind, travel to Russia and become a citizen.
DUMP TRUMP Månad sedan
HeWentThattaway Månad sedan
Who is surprised by this behavior?
Soul0 Månad sedan
"He's Gone!" Trump is gonna try, to take back the medal. Once he realises how stupid, that comment made him look.
rafael camporese
rafael camporese Månad sedan
If anybody would have actually done some research and watched the complete video, you would have seen he did not walk out. He answered questions and provided some comments about the recipient. The ceremony was complete.
Bek Scho
Bek Scho Månad sedan
Who you gonna spend every miserable minute of every miserable day bitching about afterr Trump lfinishes his presidency? Your bitterness oozes out of you. Its gross. I've never done a 180 on a public persona more than I have on you.
Aronda Jackson
Aronda Jackson Månad sedan
It is not 45 house!
Ismail Jama
Ismail Jama Månad sedan
If voting is what brings Trump ,we need different systems to select a leader.
lee kisha
lee kisha Månad sedan
patricia jones
patricia jones Månad sedan
Se Es
Se Es Månad sedan
The selfish violet notably rescue because timer promisingly nail behind a rambunctious panty. deep, daffy refrigerator
Adamant Forge
Adamant Forge Månad sedan
Donald is back in photo op mode and he's only been paid 10 bucks for op so he can't be bothered to pretend to care.
cosmicartist1 Månad sedan
Shame on the reporters for making the award ceremony about Trump. Shame on Trump for not reminding them that this was Dan Gable's moment, not his. Both President AND press made a mockery of this one. What a disgrace, America.
Leka perkins
Leka perkins Månad sedan
The loser is running away from the press asking him about his historical LOSS!
Current Resident
Current Resident Månad sedan
It's simple. He shit himself again. Look at how he penguin-walk's away.
Chasmal Månad sedan
That man is a COWARD. He refused the request for a pardon for a man on death row for over 20 years. 90+ years since a lame duck execution happened. He’s had 3 people killed. This last one was another black man. That’s why he didn’t care
Stephen Podeschi
Stephen Podeschi Månad sedan
Take the piss out of Trump , but he is not a treasonous hypocrite like 'Beijing Biden' and family ......
Reinhard Koomson
Reinhard Koomson Månad sedan
Maybe he couldn’t hold his sh*t. Off to the bathroom 🚽 😂😂😂
Tiara Roxeanne
Tiara Roxeanne Månad sedan
In the last 4 years, Trump has been playing in a bigger field than he used to be. His old maneuvers, which worked with New York politicians and entertainment industry big names, clearly failed in national & international stages. Many of his opponents come from groups of "insignificant" people he didn't even give a thought previously, like TV hosts, scholars, doctors, scientists, porn actress, even his own relatives! And he learnt painfully a lot of people actually pay attention to what those opponents said, and not all of them could be intimidated/bribed! The worst thing is he failed to dig dirty secrets of those opponents, so a lot of them couldn't be blackmailed (oh, I'm sure he would pay A LOT for dirty secrets of Mary Trump, or Anthony Fauci, or any of CNN news anchors). His only hope is goading his uneducated supporters to make enough protests and riots for the sake of his presidency. That's why he's holding multiple rallies, talking to his supporters but avoiding any reporters who will ask him tough questions (such as, what does he think about SCOTUS rejection of his election fraud case). Fortunately, with COVID-19 death toll in the US breaking records multiple times, a lot of his supporters realize it might not be a good idea to risk their lives for him.
cryptout Månad sedan
He had to poop
Matt Siqueiros
Matt Siqueiros Månad sedan
The man was thinking, he thaught it was about him, why the fk are these people clapping for Trump? Then he realized, oh because he's gone! I can't wait for his actual departure.
david rodriguez
david rodriguez Månad sedan
STUPENDOUS life Månad sedan
They are not supporters, they are fans of THE MASTER IF CORRUPTION. They are puppets, just giving donald DESPICABLE trump time to burn ALL the evidence of his dirty deals with his vassals and family, taken millions and millions of taxpayers money, LET'S GO IRS CHASE HIM LIKE AL CAPONE. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
C YY Månad sedan
He probably had sudden urgency to go toilet
Sun Dial
Sun Dial Månad sedan
Biden STOLE the election...Trump easily WON with LEGAL way can a 700000 vote lead in PA disappear after 2 days even with mail in ballots unless foul play was used...HUGE suitcase of empty ballots suddenly pulled out from under a desk by a Democrat operative...and then stamped and counted as a vote for Biden PROVES beyond DOUBT.!!!..that Democrats used FRAUD on a MASSIVE SCALE to STEAL this Election They are now doing same thing in Georgia by registering out of State people and students as Georgia residents so we know if Democrats win then it would be by FRAUD..which Liberal Judges are covering up. If only LEGAL votes were used Trump WON by atleast 400 Electoral College votes..Despite SCOTUS refusing to hear the FRAUD as stated by Texas AG..Americans will NEVER accept Biden as Legitimate and will always be regarded as a FAKE Potus TRUMP IS A LIVING GOD.🕇🇺🇸🕇🇺🇸 If you live in a Blue State and you voted for Biden..then STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING ABOUT THE LOCKDOWNS..Trump wanted to OPEN UP the Country but you MORONS voted for Biden...SO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.. AND STFU ....TRUMP IS GOD.🕇🇺🇸.
BurnLikeAFlame Månad sedan
We've let mommy know you're off your meds again. Stop hiding from her so she can give them to you and change your diaper.
Joel Crow
Joel Crow Månad sedan
Does not care about any citizen, even our most distinguished
aris Say
aris Say Månad sedan
Whoever follow and listen to trevo's videos or any social media will be punished and cursed.
aris Say
aris Say Månad sedan
@BurnLikeAFlame BURN
BurnLikeAFlame Månad sedan
Well, that was... dumb as fuck.
Dodelijk Koninkrijk
Dodelijk Koninkrijk Månad sedan
Only 6 more weeks of our national Embarrassment. Thank you American voters.
Mike L
Mike L Månad sedan
"He's gone." Can't wait to hear that on January 20th.
Carrie Ann Kouri
Carrie Ann Kouri Månad sedan
Does anyone ever walk up to him and ask, "WTF, dude?"?
KING CUZ Månad sedan
Damn... just left him hanging...
Shavine Hill
Shavine Hill Månad sedan
Trump has called so many people losers that when he is now the loser, he can't take it. He can't show his face in public because he's embarrassed to be the loser so he runs for the nearest exit. He needs to run back to a safe spot where people adores him.
Deborah Fox
Deborah Fox Månad sedan
Christian Meglio
Christian Meglio Månad sedan
Trevor Noah ruined the Daly Show. I started watching this from episode one with Craig Kilborn . Trevor Noah is horrible.
Lord Borus
Lord Borus Månad sedan
To be fair if I knew I was getting fired I wouldn't want to do my job anymore either
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Månad sedan
Maybe his conscience was reminding him of his being a coward. Bonespurs my foot!!! He's just a total coward, nothing more!!!
Rachel B
Rachel B Månad sedan
I think the honor of the presidential medal of freedom was cheapened when he gave it to rush limbaugh, but that's just my opinion
Jan Bertrand
Jan Bertrand Månad sedan
Lynne Dare
Lynne Dare Månad sedan
His typical nasty street rat behavior! Strip that title from him & send him tarred & feathered!!
HenryManson Månad sedan
what a disgrace! cant wait to get rid of him!
Ronald Grey
Ronald Grey Månad sedan
“Checked out from the Presidency”. Had he éver checked in ?
CallardAndBowser Månad sedan
It was almost like the ending of the movie Willy Wonka where Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka walks out on Charlie and his Grandpa and tells them his whole day was wasted. lol 🤓
BizWiz Månad sedan
*So went to a right winger channel and they’re all in the comments talking about how Trump is going to win the election.* The election was over a month ago. They literally believe Trump can still win.
Manufan909 1
Manufan909 1 Månad sedan
He said gone, when it was a perfect time to say what a bitch!?! The bleep would've made it even funnier!
Sean Saffer
Sean Saffer Månad sedan
Senile Joe and his perve son are a huge upgrade. He he he We American. Ideocrecy.
Meg Månad sedan
He's such a sore loser
imRikkiBobbi Månad sedan
I love that it's obvious people subscribe to your videos JUST to instantly give a thumbs down, I mean it's always right around 600 dislikes 😂
IOTB Månad sedan
No he walked out because earlier trump tried to blow himself up and say he was bigger and what would happen if they wrestled and the guy literally said “you wouldn’t stand a chance” ... THAT is why he walked out. The dude pricked trumps ego in the SLIGHTEST and he shattered. How fragile. Lol. He wouldn’t stand a chance, fat fuck.
Joe p
Joe p Månad sedan
If anyone was wondering who was receiving the medal, it was Dan Gable. One of the best wrestlers in history.
nk Månad sedan
Good he didn't present it. It wud have been a disrespect to the medal and the person receiving it. Donald Joker Trump is not worthy to award anyone.
ngi Montle
ngi Montle Månad sedan
Why are you always speaking ill of this man though? All the time?
Bg Pollock
Bg Pollock Månad sedan
ignorant beyond words I would have thrown the medal at him the vile POS
mangojulie123 Månad sedan
Who was the dude receiving the medal? Such disrespect he was shown.
mark One
mark One Månad sedan
Historians are not going to believe this shit Republicans it never happen
Stephanie S
Stephanie S Månad sedan
Damn. The Hannity show is on. Hannity hannity hannity!!! my head is spinning so much now
George Robles
George Robles Månad sedan
When you have to take a shit, you got to take a shit!
Judy Corso
Judy Corso Månad sedan
Too funny!!!
james greene
james greene Månad sedan
He was just jealous that he was not getting medal of freedom.. Hopefully once he is in prison he won't be FREE for a long time
Innocent Oteng
Innocent Oteng Månad sedan
He’s gone indeed out
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