Trevor Stumps Ernest Cline with 80’s Trivia - Bonus Track feat. Ernie Cline

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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How much 80’s trivia does Ernest Cline actually know? A lot. #DailyShow #ErnestCline #ReadyPlayerTwo
Ready Player Two is available now at
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Jiwanjot Guron
Jiwanjot Guron Månad sedan
#NoFarmersNoFood. The largest protest in History is happening right now yet the media are not reporting on it.
b0ysenberryjamfan Månad sedan
cutest afro
LSW Månad sedan
I am just listening to "Player Two Start"... I don't get nearly as much of the references as I did in Player One... but then I was in the Army in Europe by the time most of this Trivia happened which was mostly late 80's. I am enjoying though and having Wil Wheaton narrate is a perfect choice for the audio book.
Chinedu Opara
Chinedu Opara Månad sedan
So the show is on hiatus till January?
Watch Pray
Watch Pray Månad sedan President Trump Will Reign. Joe Biden Will Die. This is Biblical Insight. Pls watch the whole clip to know the truth.
Mike O'McIrishguy
Mike O'McIrishguy Månad sedan
One America News Network - Breitbart - Sky News Australia - News Max - Project Veritas - The Gateway Pundit - The Liberty Daily!!!
THE UBC R2PBC Månad sedan
THE UBC R2PBC Månad sedan
I thought the Prince song was called DARLING NIKKI
THE UBC R2PBC Månad sedan
Seana Davidson
Seana Davidson Månad sedan
If you shoot a shambling mound with magic missels, it gets bigger. It absorbs the energy.
Susan Attianese
Susan Attianese Månad sedan
I LOVE trevor, he gives real news better than most news casters. Funny and an amazing speaker. His articulation is spot on.I am deaf and rely on lip reading.I do have a cochlear implant but it's just ok.closed captions are usually terrible.SOOO trevor speaks so beautifully I can keep up with the show
Tracey Wain
Tracey Wain Månad sedan
Love the Prince reference. Darling Nikki is a song that didn't get a lot of air play, for obvious reasons, but to see him play it live.......whoo hoo I'm glad i was on this life at the same time as Prince!
Hunter Zeng
Hunter Zeng Månad sedan
SpaceX and NASA also sent 3 American astronauts and 1 Japanese astronaut to the International Space Station last month. Why don't they say that they brought the new coronavirus to the International Space Station?
David Marks-Olver
David Marks-Olver Månad sedan
How pathetic does a person have to be that they pay everyone in their comments section to find them funny. Trevor Noah. “It’s a wonderful life” except you straight up blow your brains out on Christmas.
Ian Rastall
Ian Rastall Månad sedan
He's like the normal version of Jason Mamoa.
Huib Rijntjes
Huib Rijntjes Månad sedan
Massive voter fraud = TREASON !!! Start STATE OF EMERGENCY !!! Lock the swamp up !!! God bless President Trump !!!
Peewee0413 Månad sedan
Mickiwalk Månad sedan
The only one I got was the Darling Nikki one. I thought I had been a huge nerd in the 80s, but it turns out I was just a young perv.
onec onec
onec onec Månad sedan
Is there anybody else who's from another country and neither watched any 80 s series .i.e born after 2000 and really didn't understand a word they said 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂damn !! 😂
Zonker Harris
Zonker Harris Månad sedan
Bet Cline would miss 80s before Colbert missed a Tolkien question.
Zonker Harris
Zonker Harris Månad sedan
Damn, I woulda taken Gelatinous Cude as well... but I pl;ayed 2nd Ed. ----- Gelatinous Cube: Challenge 2 (450 XP) vs. Shambling Mound: Challenge 5 (1,800 XP) --- 5th Edition
Sy R
Sy R Månad sedan
Swing States Gamble the Future of America
video Månad sedan
There are good people all over the world, as well as bad people. This has nothing to do with the country and democracy and freedom, Related to science, education, personal behavior and moral consciousness
video Månad sedan
People of this kind of qualities and morals have one characteristic. They attack people at the beginning of the chat, are rude and do not speak science, interrupt the other party's speech at will, conduct various personal attacks, do not allow those who disagree to express their opinions, and refuse to accept All criticism.
justin castillo
justin castillo Månad sedan
I got the first 2 questions right.
video Månad sedan
many politicians mess up things, they will use people from other countries or governments, as well as disadvantaged groups in society, to stigmatize and frame the blame. Make yourself look like a righteous, democratic and peaceful person.
video Månad sedan
There are good people all over the world, as well as bad people. This has nothing to do with the country and democracy and freedom, Related to science, education, personal behavior and moral consciousness
video Månad sedan
rich does not mean that it is a symbol of good people. Good people are not necessarily rich people and people from rich countries
video Månad sedan
has nothing to do with the country or politics, but with the quality and morals of the people. People with poor quality and morals will only make people annoying, and they will spread wrong ideas to other people, just like a virus. Like Trump, he spread his personal hatred and hatred against China, blacks, and Mexicans everywhere, and made others become people of the same character thought as him. Racial discrimination, against science, against doctors, against nurses, against scientists, hate the poor, spread hatred and lies, wrong thinking, War doctrine etc.
LOCO JAZZ Månad sedan
I really tried to get into DND but it’s a whole nother level type of understanding I still can’t comprehend. Very serious game craft.
supersport16 Månad sedan
Is my boy Trevor ever gonna get a haircut? Or is he for real going to keep letting his hair grow
Beth Wiggins
Beth Wiggins Månad sedan
This man is gorgeous regardless, I call him my tv husband lmao! ❤❤❤
yonatan hernandez
yonatan hernandez Månad sedan
basicly wats happening is that . i found my seed. to catch up with time , n take over the world SOLO . TILL O get my happiness back.
yonatan hernandez
yonatan hernandez Månad sedan
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Månad sedan
Imagine how much that transman Trevor Noah will be crying when election is overturned
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Månad sedan
@MonkeyJedi99 when have the Proud Boys burned and looted businesses over justified police shootings?
MonkeyJedi99 Månad sedan
@Chris Jones Not sure what that has to do with anything. In a similar vein, some KKK members have found out via genetic testing that they are partly Jewish, or black, or Asian (Atilla had an active social life) and that makes me laugh at the absurdity of the :idea of "racial purity."
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Månad sedan
@MonkeyJedi99 the leader if the Proud Boys is half Black and half Cuban
MonkeyJedi99 Månad sedan
@Chris Jones And Proud Boys and all the various incestuous offspring of the KKK and the Neo-Natsees.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Månad sedan
@MonkeyJedi99 no matter what happens cannot give in to the domestic terrorist organizations of Antifa and BLM
Bullettube Månad sedan
I was 30 years old in 1980 and 40 in 1990 and I didn't know the answer to any of these questions. It was only a year ago that I was told that another actor was supposed to be in Back To The Future! I guess I was too busy working and taking care of my family to watch TV or play games. I'll have to see if my son born in 1973 or my daughter born in 1976 know any of these.
Lee Ferriss
Lee Ferriss Månad sedan
Darling Nikki
Laurie Mikha'el
Laurie Mikha'el Månad sedan
Hayden Ho
Hayden Ho Månad sedan
Trump 2020!
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn Månad sedan
STRIKE like the brave 250 million people striking in India right now for a better life!! STRIKE FOR A LIVING WAGE, AFFORDABLE HOUSING, UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, STRIKE!!! OUR news isn't covering it, doesn't want us peasants to get any ideas about better treatment and equality!! PBS India Strike
Defunct Lizard
Defunct Lizard Månad sedan
He writes fan fiction that gets published somehow 🤦‍♂️
Maria Federowicz
Maria Federowicz Månad sedan
100 days is the same arbitrary number put on a new administration for checking their 'report cards.
Ross Girven
Ross Girven Månad sedan
Wow, it must be so important to be him.
Dhu l-Qarnain
Dhu l-Qarnain Månad sedan
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Yunus Noah Oberst
Yunus Noah Oberst Månad sedan
what brand is the hoodie he’s wearing?
Bethel Thompson
Bethel Thompson Månad sedan
Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment
Joseph Tixier
Joseph Tixier Månad sedan
@Chandan Sinha certainly looks like it
Chandan Sinha
Chandan Sinha Månad sedan
This whole thread is a scam. Beware.
coleen Stones
coleen Stones Månad sedan
I'm so happy for taking the bold step in working and investing $2000 with Mr Samson after a week I received $6468 to my bank
Katie beals
Katie beals Månad sedan
I'm so happy for taking the bold step in working and investing $2000 with Mr Samson after a week I received $6468 to my bank
David Briggs
David Briggs Månad sedan
Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him. I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫
Yas tube
Yas tube Månad sedan
Funny Trevor Noah doesn't talk about the recent video coming out of election fraud🤔🤔
Raining Tacos
Raining Tacos Månad sedan
umm, he's great and all but is nearly every book on his shelf a copy of his 2 books???
Monkay Månad sedan
@Raining Tacos maybe when I'm on holiday next I'll give it a try
Katelyn3666 Månad sedan
@Raining Tacos hahah! Dear Gods I hope not. That would be an awkward conversation piece..." So, yeah, I'm an author."
Raining Tacos
Raining Tacos Månad sedan
@Katelyn3666 No shame for sure, but I'd like to think he has oil painted portraits of himself on the other walls, possibly of him hold or reading his own book...
Raining Tacos
Raining Tacos Månad sedan
​@Monkay I read RPO several times and will again, but Armada only once... it's not a bad book in my opinion, just not great like his first one. It' felt to me like he was becoming a one trick pony as an author by the end of Armada
Katelyn3666 Månad sedan
He's clearly using the opportunity to advertise his work. No shame in that.
Cog Gaming
Cog Gaming Månad sedan
Imagine if Trevor Noah and a bunch of comedians played DnD. I'd watch that.
lily boone
lily boone Månad sedan
I'm sure they do, him and Colbert? Totally.
Nicholas Buchanan
Nicholas Buchanan Månad sedan
Check out adventure zone not comedians necessarily but incredibly funny and there is a shit ton of content
Daniel Kaschel
Daniel Kaschel Månad sedan
Check out critical role if you haven't already. They've done sessions with Stephen colbert, vin diesel, and generally they're amazing without guests on the show as well
Maximilian Heubeck
Maximilian Heubeck Månad sedan
me too bruh^^
H8timusPrime Månad sedan
Ready Player 2 is a terrible disappointment.
Bubble Popper
Bubble Popper Månad sedan
Your a disappointment to me and your parents.
Ineffable Månad sedan
That's sadly an understatement. The truth is RP1 had a really good first half, the second half wasn't all that great really.
Just1Lis Månad sedan
Oh nooooooooo...!😫😫😫
IØS PERFECT Månad sedan
Ugliest behavior in the world that's currently visible to God...... WWIII wow dawg
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist Månad sedan
"Call me up whenever you want to grind?" 🤔 For some reason, I picture this lyric playing over the _Coffin Dance_ video.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist Månad sedan
Boy, now. It would've been weird if the club at the beginning of _Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom_ had been named _Han Solo._
Harry Mak
Harry Mak Månad sedan
I now question how nerdy I am cuz I could not answer a single one 🤷🏻‍♂️
Christel Headington
Christel Headington Månad sedan
I knew about Eric Stoltz/Marty McFly "cause I saw it in a SVfrom video.
Smi Sma
Smi Sma Månad sedan
Lol :D
Avi Jaggi
Avi Jaggi Månad sedan
The largest protest in history is happening right now in India and not a peep from you or any American media. For anyone here, google “Farmers protest India” Cmon man.
onec onec
onec onec Månad sedan
Not needed mister .... The farmer protests r an internal matter and no need for any global media stuff to trot on and shower some empathetic words and belittle our farmers whatever they r facing they can handle themselves😎 and intruding in our personal matters is no no for all the other countries out there.....
Gordon Fornow
Gordon Fornow Månad sedan
Does Cline have a photographic memory? I bet he does.
DamnNake Månad sedan
When people talk about DnD and consider it's edition, you know they are DEEP
Zonker Harris
Zonker Harris Månad sedan
@DamnNake I have no reason to say "What's your point?"? You actually believe that is worse than "I despise people like you"? I'm not 'delusional', nor do I have an attitude... I simply didn't understand the meaning behind your comment. I'm rather saddened to hear you're an old-school gamer... I suppose my peers have changed. I'm not into insults and arguments... and your response spoke more eloquently than I possibly could.
DamnNake Månad sedan
@Zonker Harris First of all, I despise people like you. Not the one who plays RPG, but rather got so much paranoid about it doesn't even understand simple and harmless joke. I said 'deep' because they are no pretending, and show respect the culture, not like your delusional comment. And moreover, your attitude imply that I am some dude who have never experience the game nor the culture around it. It makes me sick. As a 10yrs+ tabletop player myself, that is an insult. I am not sure you can understand it or not, but that kind of cocky attitude got yourselves in fight. AND YOU HAVE NO REASON TO DO THAT. It's fucking 2020, everybody plays tabletop rpg and nobody judge by playing it. If anyone treat you as a geek, that is not because you play some pan and paper, but you act like geek. Throw away your passive aggressive for a one fucking time.
Zonker Harris
Zonker Harris Månad sedan
You know when people can complete obscure Prine lyrics... they are deep? Anyone that loves a thing knows about it... what's your point? Not sure if this is mocking geeks or saying they are deep thinkers. Certainly hope it's the latter.
DamnNake Månad sedan
@Daniel Kaschel Only 3.5 extremist saids this
Jon Casanova
Jon Casanova Månad sedan
3.5 will always be my favorite
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis Månad sedan
Williams Paul
Williams Paul Månad sedan
Nina Jørgensen
Nina Jørgensen Månad sedan
this was so cute!
Jack Handy
Jack Handy Månad sedan
hmmm dwebs
Rick Harlow
Rick Harlow Månad sedan
The last is a trick question. The “harder to kill” monster depends on the makeup of your party. I mean, going in on a gelatinous cube without a wizard or sorcerer could be tricky, but let’s say you go after a shambling mound and your sorcerer loaded up with lightning-based spells. I mean there are myriad scenarios in which one could be harder to kill than the other.
Rick Harlow
Rick Harlow Månad sedan
@Jeffrey Willis yup, that is definitely one of the things that makes it hard to kill. It’s still hard to give a definitive answer.
Rick Harlow
Rick Harlow Månad sedan
@Adieu lol I’m well aware, as I’ve been playing since 1983. But both monsters still exist, many editions later. You can take this to mean whatever iteration of Magic-User. Both monsters are resistant to physical attacks and quite hard to kill if you have no spellcaster. But the difficulty is also dependent upon what sort of spells your party has loaded up that day.
Jeffrey Willis
Jeffrey Willis Månad sedan
I think what they were going for was the shambling mound actually can fake it's own death so if you get fooled and don't finish it off it'll come back
Adieu Månad sedan
80s didnt have no sorcerers iirc
TTV Outlaws4242
TTV Outlaws4242 Månad sedan
Imagine how Donald will feel when he wakes up jobless and in jail on inauguration day
TTV Outlaws4242
TTV Outlaws4242 Månad sedan
@Jim Cherry Remeber that time when I asked for your opinion? Yea me niether
Jim Cherry
Jim Cherry Månad sedan
That's all you can do, because it will not happen for about 4 more years.
Andy Brookie
Andy Brookie Månad sedan
"poor kids are just as bright as WHITE kids" - Joe Biden 🙂
Bubble Popper
Bubble Popper Månad sedan
No they aren't.
Ira Hackner
Ira Hackner Månad sedan
Interesting questions Trevor lol
Daniel Gehring
Daniel Gehring Månad sedan
Unfair question. Both a gelatinous cube and shambling mound are all but immune to physical damage so it all depends on the party's spell/magic items load-out. I'd rather _fight_ a gelatinous cube, because it just sits there (and old-school shambling mounds hit like a truck), but as for their relative damage sponge potential it's entirely subjective.
thisismyhome Månad sedan
Ahhhh so you are saying that Dancing Lights is the ultimate weapon!!
Ineffable Månad sedan
In all version the mound is more powerful, thus harder to kill.
Rick Harlow
Rick Harlow Månad sedan
Yeah the difficulty of killing each really is dependent upon the makeup of the party, and what spells your caster has loaded up that day.
thisismyhome Månad sedan
My immediate instinct was gelatinous cube! Alas you are more knowledgeable.
John Christman
John Christman Månad sedan
Eric Stoltz in BTTF was in the book.. :)
Bubble Popper
Bubble Popper Månad sedan
Are you proud of yourself
rup pert
rup pert Månad sedan
What If Trump Actually Succeeds In His Cases, How Will America Respond To A SECOND Trump Victory??
IØS PERFECT Månad sedan
Pray for Noah 2020 legit dawg he's real fucked up
The Zombie Whisperer
The Zombie Whisperer Månad sedan
Dude creeps me out for some reason
Royal Shuvro
Royal Shuvro Månad sedan
MLG GAMER Månad sedan
Wow he knows a bit of 80s trivia. None of which I knew especially that Dungeons and Dragons one. I thought it would have been the Gelatinous Cube at least based on my knowledge from Minecraft and also basic reasoning. If it can split up it can surround you and it's a slime right? So wouldn't your sword get stuck in it? It probably could eat you and 1 hit KO.
Daniel Gehring
Daniel Gehring Månad sedan
In first edition D&D (what would have been used in the 80's) the Shambling Mound was actually the one that could split into smaller versions of itself. In current versions of the game they can both split. It should be noted that first edition is pretty notorious for its strange rules and corner cases like that, though, so you shouldn't feel too bad.
Richard Zhang
Richard Zhang Månad sedan
Lo-Fi Månad sedan
well can we say, if the title says Trump, by the time this comment is sent, its already 17K views
Carson Ezati
Carson Ezati Månad sedan
When was this aired on comedy central?? On tv?
Geraldine Gaggia
Geraldine Gaggia Månad sedan
I'm lost lol ❤😂
Adrian Koster
Adrian Koster Månad sedan
Love Trevor
Leftover Pizza
Leftover Pizza Månad sedan
early agaiinnnn
rup pert
rup pert Månad sedan
Trevor noah chicom
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia Månad sedan
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia Månad sedan
Bubble Popper
Bubble Popper Månad sedan
Is what your mom does for a living.
Simply Stand-Up
Simply Stand-Up Månad sedan
Follow @simplystandup on Instagram for a daily dose of hilarious quotes from stand-up comedy!
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia Månad sedan
Sohan Busanelli
Sohan Busanelli Månad sedan
Zulaikha Abdulla
Zulaikha Abdulla Månad sedan
Eli Dadia
Eli Dadia Månad sedan
please help 4 melaney drplease help 4 melaney dr
Joshua Philip
Joshua Philip Månad sedan
2nd comment
Lorenzo Jones-Raston
Lorenzo Jones-Raston Månad sedan
First comment?
Muhammad HAMZA Warraich
Muhammad HAMZA Warraich Månad sedan
hello everyone
PeachyQueen Månad sedan
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