Timothy Snyder - "On Tyranny", Trump & How Abandoning Facts Destroys Democracy | The Daily Show

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11 dagar sedan

“On Tyranny” author Timothy Snyder parallels the rise of fascism in the 1930s to the Trump administration, and breaks down how facts are the enemy of tyranny. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TimothySnyder
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Jim Lejajde
Jim Lejajde Dag sedan
I just finished Snyder’s ‘On Tyranny.’ I thought it was written by a high school student. Dont waste your $$, unless you need a shim for your table.
Ju'light Coach de vie Quantique
Ju'light Coach de vie Quantique Dag sedan
Oh so for you is Trump that does that ? Not Biden ( who has no history of plagiarism) not clinton ( who has no history of fraud and sex offence) not obama ( who was not born in the usa nor ever lied about his spouse and had nothing to do with the wall not 4 years of brutal wars) nore our french président who is a huge treator and the reqt of the NWO.... right 🙄 and like it says it is not about Mr Trump
Ken Langham
Ken Langham 3 dagar sedan
Sanctity Sunday : Emancipation for the unborn, We need to pray that abortion continues to decrease as we see the opportunity for increase politically. We watch the same sex receive greater equality and liberties with a pursuit for happiness. How is it that two people of the same sex that cannot be fruitful could tolerate partiality and condone capital punishment for those helplessly plugged into life? Luke 6: 43 “No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Prayers are always gonna be needed for Mercy and compassion seems to play a different part in mans eyes. Matthew 7:16 NMV “By their deeds you will know them. Does a man gather grapes from thorns or figs from briars?”
Dan Berkey
Dan Berkey 5 dagar sedan
I found this in the comments thread, and it is so relevant: "“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”-Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)."
Europa Bambaataa
Europa Bambaataa 5 dagar sedan
put this guy in front of Glenn Greenwald- I wanna see what happens.
legendofsociety7 6 dagar sedan
Trump is Mussolini reincarnated
Hector Medina
Hector Medina 6 dagar sedan
Damn, that was powerful. I would love to share this with my Republican friends who are blind to it. I would also like to just have them google fascism and have them deny that the definition characterizes Trump to a tee.
Sumaira Siddiqui
Sumaira Siddiqui 6 dagar sedan
Paul T Sjordal
Paul T Sjordal 6 dagar sedan
What makes Trump's attempt at fascism possible is the Republican War on Facts, which predates Trump's political career by a lot. The Republican safe space media has been working to make this moment possible for decades. If they don't pay a price for what they did, American democracy will not survive.
ShortstopJEsq 6 dagar sedan
When was this aired? Obvi it's pre-covid - but I'm curious why Comedy Central/Daily Show YT page is not more clear as to when their segments originally aired. It's unnecessarily confusing. Thanks.
Tanner Wendell Stewart
Tanner Wendell Stewart 6 dagar sedan
Can we make this video required watching, daily before you can write anything on social media? Haha.
Nikita Tate-Casanova
Nikita Tate-Casanova 6 dagar sedan
Darren Engels
Darren Engels 6 dagar sedan
The lack of truth among Trump supporters is ubiquitous, almost as universal as a lack of education.
Robert 6 dagar sedan
I I have read Timothy Snyder's book "on tyranny". it is probably the clearest and the most succinct explanation of what we are going through at this period of time. If you are in the habit of reading at all you must have a copy of this for yourself I guarantee you'll be impressed.
Hoipolloi Cassidy
Hoipolloi Cassidy 6 dagar sedan
“Truth is a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, anthropomorphisms, in short a sum of human relations which have been subjected to poetic and rhetorical intensification, translation and decoration. […] Truths are illusions of which we have forgotten that they are illusions, metaphors which have become worn by frequent use and have lost all sensuous vigour […]. Yet we still do not know where the drive to truth comes from, for so far we have only heard about the obligation to be truthful which society imposes in order to exist" Friedrich Nietzsche.
Kelly 6 dagar sedan
Mutsuko Santiago
Mutsuko Santiago 6 dagar sedan
Judy Cohall
Judy Cohall 6 dagar sedan
I miss Trevor's afro
Huyen Nguyen
Huyen Nguyen 6 dagar sedan
It’s so funny that they all said everything for America but they are destroying each other’s, American and let social media ruined the country. 🤣 That’s happened when your hand got blood and corruption.
Devin Higoy
Devin Higoy 6 dagar sedan
I liked the daily distancing show better than the daily show
Devin Higoy
Devin Higoy 5 dagar sedan
@GrownUpGaming I have no idea tbh.
GrownUpGaming 5 dagar sedan
Why arent they social distancing anymore???
Kodjo Gan
Kodjo Gan 6 dagar sedan
“You look around and see how many people failed” doing something, “and you learn from it”. Great advise.
Mortal Clown
Mortal Clown 7 dagar sedan
Brilliant convo, gentlemen.
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe 7 dagar sedan
I got history with social studies geometricly
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe 7 dagar sedan
Like for math
Walter Zepeda
Walter Zepeda 7 dagar sedan
Why do people riot, And the peoples think vain things? 2 The kings of the earth will rise, And princes will consult together Against Jehovah and against his anointed one (JESUS), saying: 3 Let us break their bonds, And let us cast its strings from us. 4 He that sitteth in heaven laughs; The Lord will mock them. 5 Then he will speak to them in his anger, And he will trouble them with his anger. Psalm 2: 1-5,
Riley Dragoncrow
Riley Dragoncrow 7 dagar sedan
What a fantastic writer and conversationalist! The ending made me smile, which I think was his intent - a small bit of levity after such heavy subject matter.
Valery Laurent
Valery Laurent 7 dagar sedan
The magas Have a point, they have a right to freedom of speech and to express their grievances, But not a right to freedom of violence! That would be invoking the self-defense laws of the constitution
Valery Laurent
Valery Laurent 7 dagar sedan
Did the plane actually crash into the Pentagon Trevor or was it a missile 9/11truth.org
Susan Jones
Susan Jones 7 dagar sedan
Wow.....so informative...and so scary....
IndianaKeks 7 dagar sedan
Snyder has a good sense of humor, having his own book there right at the moment. Chapeux
chimetimepaprika 7 dagar sedan
It seems like abandoning facts just destroys the structure of basically fucking anything by definition jmmmm jmmmm jmmmmm
Mapogo Lion
Mapogo Lion 7 dagar sedan
Globalist lies
John Monday
John Monday 7 dagar sedan
But Pelosi could do nothing if democrat, republicans, and media did not all go along with it. I think Pelosi should get all she wants. Trump should be impeached and 25 ammendment enacted. Conservative websites should be shut down. Conservatives should be required to wear a yellow star. The anti fa should be given medals for all the riots and shooting of 2020. Lets let her have her power. She will destroy America by turning it communist in a few years. So glad republicans are mostly going along with this. Now all know where each elected by fraud person stands.
Preda Y.
Preda Y. 7 dagar sedan
I'm not trying to be mean here but this guy looks a lot like Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu >:/c
Stick Emoji
Stick Emoji 7 dagar sedan
Holy crap - Timothy Snyder's description of how you kill democracy by attacking truth really seems to fit. I got chills, because he just described what I've been witnessing in the US... but I didn't really understand what it meant and the motivation behind it. Scary. Time to go buy that book.
Raja Michelle
Raja Michelle 7 dagar sedan
A piece that is constantly missing and seems to be missing here is, America gave the 'white supremacy' technology to do exactly what Hitler did. Eugenics was key to his organizing the Nazi movement. The way in which America addressed the "Negro Problem" was respected and cultivated globally, before the 1930's. In fact the 1930's was the height of Eugenics being the buttress of criminal anthropology and testing of intelligence/feeble mindedness, justifying sterilization, imprisonment, torture, and institutionalization. We hold America as the innocent, like it is just this now, when we continue to be the tyrants to Indigenous and African Americans and other Americans along with many more millions of humans globally. We have used technology, which includes knowledge, to sustain white supremacy thinking and system of power. We need to be careful not separate ourselves, placing America above Hitler or Stalin in order to continue to deny that we are and have been the tyrants and teachers of tyranny way before the turn of the twentieth century. As James Baldwin states " Not everything faced can change, but nothing can change until it is faced."
L B 7 dagar sedan
Where did the idea of a democracy come from? If I remember correctly the pledge of allegiance says "and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands" oh yea that paper signed in the 1700s says each state shall be afforded a REPUBLICAN form of government. Because the people who wrote it knew how dangerous a democracy is! THIS IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!
Ambi PeaceLove
Ambi PeaceLove 7 dagar sedan
Yuri Bezmenov ..!
Belinda Hanley
Belinda Hanley 7 dagar sedan
We need more FCC rules to make sure News is news, not entertainment, and truthful
West Park
West Park 7 dagar sedan
Democracy works by expecting ppl are smart enough to figure out what is true and what is lie. However, what happens, when ppl are either stupid, or chose to repeat the lies, or to generate more lies? Like the school bully who will beat you to accept that your lunch is actually his lunch? How do we get rid of Qanon, without damaging the 1st amendment?
Alice Quayle
Alice Quayle 7 dagar sedan
Does he / do you have any idea how to prevent / foil this?
KuroNekoExMachina 8 dagar sedan
Timothy Snyder's quote reminds me of Peter Pomerantsev's writings. Funny. One about the US, the other about Russia. OK, not so funny.
MICHGO1 8 dagar sedan
Scott Albers
Scott Albers 8 dagar sedan
Thrilled to hear so many people calling him Mr T**** instead of President.
Enrique Ochoa
Enrique Ochoa 8 dagar sedan
❤️❤️❤️ Very nice!
Irock Luculent
Irock Luculent 8 dagar sedan
Timothy Snyder's message is excellent. Also read "A Constitution of Knowledge" an article by Jonathan Rauch.
Soulhaih Carter
Soulhaih Carter 8 dagar sedan
BREAKING NEWS!!! man sings to his newborn daughter 🥰 Welcome to the world ! svfrom.info/history/video/cs5mfqSR09GFkMw
dpremi1126 8 dagar sedan
World and good american requesting from" hy special people now as per your selfish Arrogant Liar leader Trump who fearing now by the law and constitution of America and its strong basic democratic values is within 2 days calling all of you special people as traitors anti-american criminals ritors would you like this types of leader to be followed blindly open your eyes and be good american or be ready for jail.
Mack Carter
Mack Carter 8 dagar sedan
MISTER Trump, god that sounds so much better than president
Steven Bochniewicz
Steven Bochniewicz 8 dagar sedan
Trevor I'm very sad that you did not make any self videos of your thoughts of what is going on. Lately you've been on breaks or during the weekend you hardly even react but the time it's your turn to talk because it's old news. Nothing Stops you from going on SVfrom and making the 3-minute video of telling us how you feel your thoughts might settle us your thoughts might help us Please consider actually making some few comments thoughts We could use someone telling us it's going to be okay
Eric Wieczorek
Eric Wieczorek 8 dagar sedan
Sharing again, for no particular reason...
Monica Aiken
Monica Aiken 8 dagar sedan
Carrie M
Carrie M 8 dagar sedan
What's with that guys snide and patronizing delivery. He is even looking thru this eyebrows. Doesn't he know that Trevor Noah is the tits. Jeez. We are on your side dude. Sell yourself. We're buying.
Michael Yuan
Michael Yuan 8 dagar sedan
Constitutional amendment for minimum sanity and decency requirements for the Presidency and other high offices, please. We cannot afford to have this kind of mess again. The norm is no guarantee against abuse and Congress is hopelessly impotent against in-fighting as we have seen.
Shankari Rise
Shankari Rise 8 dagar sedan
Why take chances with people’s lives? Instead of telling people to not come to the inauguration this year, DO NOT GIVE THEM THE CHOICE. Make the ceremony an exclusively VIRTUAL and private event, held at an undisclosed indoor location, that they can only see on television or online. Also, close the capitol to the public and protect it and those inside. This will save so much money and trouble -trying to protect everyone including the public from every possible threat that could arise and also would protect them all from more possible Covid-19 exposure.
Luis Fernando Ramirez
Luis Fernando Ramirez 8 dagar sedan
Based on the steps this author lists, we are on step 3 therefore...Game Over. Orwell's 1984 has long ago been in full effect.
jo ellen Brainin Rodriguez
jo ellen Brainin Rodriguez 8 dagar sedan
The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed-Steven Biko
Bruno 8 dagar sedan
Is this Trevor Back Or Old Footage. I think Its New
X Jax X
X Jax X 8 dagar sedan
Republicans support the lies of a narcissist president.So aren't they the Hermann Goring's & Heinrich Himmler's that gave rise to the Nazi's taking control. GOP will destroy the democracy in the U.S.
osita iwuora
osita iwuora 8 dagar sedan
Prophetic book
E J 8 dagar sedan
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" - AC
Ima Tugwaddle
Ima Tugwaddle 8 dagar sedan
Convincing intelligent, educated, insightful people to vote for you is difficult. You have to prove your points with logic, facts, and empathy. On the other hand, convincing the ignorant, weak, and racist is easy: simply rant, rail, and spew hatred.
Louise Sirls
Louise Sirls 8 dagar sedan
All should Be , Arrested, immediately Donald Jr., Rudy, Lindsey Graham, Refaiel Cruz, AG Payton in Texas and charge with Treason. President Trump will be gotten at end term.
Against The Grain
Against The Grain 8 dagar sedan
Tyranny is the Democrats plan. All hail Joe Biden , king of whispering sweet nothings in little girls ears.
Mercedez Lopez
Mercedez Lopez 8 dagar sedan
The world saw DEMOCRACY DIE! And they are laughing !!!!!! We are a complete joke now. We have turned in on ourselves BABYLON HAS FALLEN!
Leo Nobles
Leo Nobles 8 dagar sedan
I just read the book last night. You can read it in one or two sittings easily, and everybody should. It really puts the big picture into perspective and straight up tells you what you can and should do.
Tyler 8 dagar sedan
The real funny thing is he thinks he's funny.
Lori Law
Lori Law 8 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this! So informative but so chill. He’s great!
hollystump1 8 dagar sedan
Also: read "THE CAMPAIGN OF THE CENTURY: Upton Sinclair's Race for Governor of California and the Birth of Media Politics" by Greg Mitchell. Shocking expose of how deceptive "marketing" first started to affect US elections.
Arca Jeth
Arca Jeth 8 dagar sedan
Can we now slap the ish out of people who say " I dont pay attention to politics"? Not paying attention does not stop them from voting. Which is how we end up with Trump and Biden instead of Bernie,Tulsi or Yang.. Stop voting for familiar names or stop voting..
Loriann Witte
Loriann Witte 8 dagar sedan
Wow, Timothy Snyder. Your message needs to be heard. So smart not to include popular figure's names in the book. This information must be included in university political science classes as required reading.
Kid Emmy
Kid Emmy 8 dagar sedan
Trevor posted this now because trump is currently spreading “post-facts” which is dangerous and he mobilized those post facts to try to overthrow democracy
Jennifer Haynes
Jennifer Haynes 8 dagar sedan
This man is an incredible historian! Dayton, Ohio native! Amazing speaker and amazing writer!
John Trahan
John Trahan 8 dagar sedan
As of right now, 178 people gave this a thumbs down. Are you guys saying you support fascism?
Ryan Voelker
Ryan Voelker 8 dagar sedan
I found this 2 star rating on Amazon from a customer reviewing the book. Haha 2 star rating **Amazon Customer Will age poorly. Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2019 Verified Purchase Great book except for the implicit anti Trump rhetoric. Just as conservatives thought Obama would be the end of America, this Author incessantly compares Trump with Hitler, implying the end of America once again (this time from the other sude). Just as there was a peaceful transition in power from Obama to Trump, so will there be from Trump to the next candidate. Turns out this book was closer to the truth than this person realized.
Rishab .B
Rishab .B 8 dagar sedan
Never elect a clown unless you want a circus.
Isaac Robinson
Isaac Robinson 8 dagar sedan
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ashwadhwani 8 dagar sedan
Slavery to media and big brand worship is what this nation calls awareness :(
Nipu Hasan
Nipu Hasan 8 dagar sedan
Where is Trevor Now ? Looking forward to ..
evenisher 8 dagar sedan
mmm this guy is not care about covid??? or what??
Moinsen Moin
Moinsen Moin 8 dagar sedan
no offense but he kind of reminds me of mr beans
Charlie No-Face
Charlie No-Face 8 dagar sedan
this man knows exactly what the fuck.
Impeach Biden
Impeach Biden 8 dagar sedan
When the facts don't work liberals continue to make up their own truths
CommandoDude 8 dagar sedan
I see you take step 2 to heart
nadab ada
nadab ada 8 dagar sedan
Buying the book now. This is exactly what America needs. We need to know how this happened, how to stop it, and finally grow and contribute as an actual Nation on this planet.
Michael Alexander II
Michael Alexander II 8 dagar sedan
That smug face when he pulled out his own book was hilarious.
Shawn Mycal
Shawn Mycal 9 dagar sedan
Kem Royale
Kem Royale 9 dagar sedan
Mik Johnson
Mik Johnson 9 dagar sedan
HEY #pelosi #mcconnel HE spent $8+ million of citizens #funds, raised millions for #recount and only paid filing fees, laxed judgement in calling naional security , #watched riot joyfully as it unfolded on tv, need i say more? Cause i got more.. #amend #impeachment #congress #charge pence for looking other way, #trump going to apologize pull him in then turn on him again. The crowd is still after pence, trump still didnt say #pence did the right thing #25th #amendment #cabinet #quit #homeland #security #rip #officer #took #his #own #life CURRENT IMPEACHMENT IS NOT DETAILED ENOUGH, IS THAT WHY FIRST IMPEACHMENT FAILED🙏.....
Maria Arias
Maria Arias 9 dagar sedan
I am confused. Is Trevor back?
Ayane Tashino
Ayane Tashino 9 dagar sedan
Gamer here. Anyone else immediately thought of Assassin's Creed "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
T K 9 dagar sedan
Ohhhh America America America, y’all don’t know the great darkness that you have plundered yourselves into .You shall regret removing Trump from office .
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 9 dagar sedan
This coup is being led from the mercatus center and paid for by Donor's Trust. Make no mistake, it has been in motion since the 1970s and paid for by the fossil fuel industry.
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 9 dagar sedan
and then you say that anti-fascists are bad. How exactly?
Dawid J. Van Huffel
Dawid J. Van Huffel 9 dagar sedan
Great listening to such intellectuals.
Rose Russell Perry
Rose Russell Perry 9 dagar sedan
Trump's whole life was based o lies ad lying!!!
Cpl. Koala
Cpl. Koala 9 dagar sedan
The video frames the book as though its a recent release - but On Tyranny was written years ago. It's still relevant, it just doesnt cover the events from 2017-2021. Edit: Still a stupendous read I highly recommend
Maxwell De Fontaine
Maxwell De Fontaine 9 dagar sedan
No trust!!!
Maxwell De Fontaine
Maxwell De Fontaine 9 dagar sedan
David Ramos
David Ramos 9 dagar sedan
I recommend “ the death of democracy “ Benjamin Hett.
Maxwell De Fontaine
Maxwell De Fontaine 9 dagar sedan
Maxwell De Fontaine
Maxwell De Fontaine 9 dagar sedan
GAYS are aligning!!! Lmaooo
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