This Ring Has the Most Diamonds & Mexican Cartels Take Over TikTok |The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Indian jewelers set the Guinness World Record for most diamonds set in a single ring, and Mexican drug cartels are using TikTok to recruit new members. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #TikTok
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Byron Menjivar
Byron Menjivar 3 dagar sedan
Did anyone noticed that that’s the wrong map of India ? Ladakh and Kashmir is not even there. Hmmm if I was from India I’d be pretty mad 😂😂
Sam 3 dagar sedan
Baseball,played all wrong😅
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar 3 dagar sedan
Map of India shown is Wrong.
Soorya Kiran
Soorya Kiran 6 dagar sedan
Bro cut your hair
Do It With Nick
Do It With Nick 7 dagar sedan
America ,the who's favourite pastime is cricket, played all wrong
Raghav Shama
Raghav Shama 8 dagar sedan
baseball - Definition - Cricket played wrong. Literally guys, that is how it was made, as a Fack you to the colonists.
Erich Burn
Erich Burn 12 dagar sedan
Shit you are right about the cartels
Erich Burn
Erich Burn 12 dagar sedan
Jajajaja is it like canada?
Vondale Wright
Vondale Wright 14 dagar sedan
Fuck a James beard don’t you think those white people have enough money. How about a foundation to help black people own property that the government done took from us.
Eddie Santiago
Eddie Santiago 17 dagar sedan
Ngl dat shit was not funny at all
Rajwardhan Ghorpade
Rajwardhan Ghorpade 17 dagar sedan
Map of India is wrong...😑
Roopkatha Ghosh
Roopkatha Ghosh 18 dagar sedan
Loved the baseball gone wrong
Luz Rogers
Luz Rogers 19 dagar sedan
The daffy tendency revealingly improve because lead coronally depend about a quixotic underwear. complex, bad revolve
Ákos Tolvaj
Ákos Tolvaj 20 dagar sedan
i want more trevor noah stuff.
LilSunshyn3 23 dagar sedan
Its not a ring its a brooch. Lol
Lali Lata
Lali Lata 23 dagar sedan
Wow, that's the most ugliest Ring I've ever seen. What a waste of scientific material.🤮
Lalo Ortiz
Lalo Ortiz 24 dagar sedan
Dont do any accents anymore
maroon 345678
maroon 345678 25 dagar sedan
Ah, my brothers business is doing well
Edgar Marin
Edgar Marin 27 dagar sedan
Nobody: White kids : Aye yo mexico check Me: You ain't Mexican 🤣😂
malikdamu 27 dagar sedan
I need a cartel connect...tik tok here I come!
NOOB Gamer
NOOB Gamer 28 dagar sedan
I’m sorry but that ring looks ugly
Matt McCormick
Matt McCormick 28 dagar sedan
Wanna beat the cartels? It's super easy, and can be done in a single day... End the "war on drugs". But then you would anger an even more dangerous group... The police, the pharmaceutical companies, and the private prison industry.
Zaahid Månad sedan
Them Lambo Sounds 😂😂😂
Mr. Rene Moreno
Mr. Rene Moreno Månad sedan
Cool to see now! Sad to see now! Keep up the good work now! Be well now!
Julia Kaz
Julia Kaz Månad sedan
Is it just me or is that ring ugly af?
LIAM SMITH Månad sedan
"la... laugh out loud memes" lol
adegbenro agoro
adegbenro agoro Månad sedan
Legalising the use of hard drugs would put an end to the existence of all those drug gangs and cartels. Same thing was done with tobacco and alcohol
adegbenro agoro
adegbenro agoro Månad sedan
Anyone going to s bar fight with that ring will come back home with a maximum of 9 fingers
Shaurya Shrivastava
Shaurya Shrivastava Månad sedan
Is cricket baseball played all wrong? Or is baseball cricket played all wrong? Hmmmmmmmmm
sergio gonzalez
sergio gonzalez Månad sedan
Once again talking about something you have no clue.. I dare you to live in México before you talk..
Nuno Hipólito
Nuno Hipólito Månad sedan
Your acting is getting out of hand 😅
CrunchyFrog Månad sedan
What a waste of diamonds.
picoaga Månad sedan
3:17 bundles of $1 bill...???, come on man!!!!!
ReneW Månad sedan
Yeah, i'm only here for the voices, mang...
Bluffi Blaffi
Bluffi Blaffi Månad sedan
2:21 John Oliver has already made this one; he said « Mexico, the spicy Canada »
Lily snowy
Lily snowy Månad sedan
Scenes ur talking about TikTok why talk about there fake ness towards the black community 🤨
Dr. Drosten Fanboy
Dr. Drosten Fanboy Månad sedan
"Kids, TikTok is not a job!" Millenials:
Devon Jordan
Devon Jordan Månad sedan
so funny Trevor
bhaumik Shrimali
bhaumik Shrimali Månad sedan
Dude that sport is cricket and its actually tougher than baseball
andriod gamer
andriod gamer Månad sedan
Why this American shows or news channels have all bad jokes
Tamsinleo Månad sedan
I m an Indian & this ring is fucking ugly. This wud never pass Aunty Test in a wedding!!
DeadDylan Månad sedan
Cut your hair you looking foolish
Noire Diamonds
Noire Diamonds Månad sedan
Gotta preserve that fenty deal!!
suchi Chiya
suchi Chiya Månad sedan
That ring is hideous. Ans you are right that is not a ring.
Voulsefer The Saint
Voulsefer The Saint Månad sedan
That fro's on point yo!
Joseph Ballard
Joseph Ballard Månad sedan
Anybody with enough money to buy that ring wouldn't be dumb enough to waste money on it 😂
ChrisS Månad sedan
That ring looks ugly, that cartel recruiting needs to be shut down there is nothing glamorous about being in any gang I grew up in foster care and many of these gangs would target my foster brothers and sisters to join and when you have no family it's really tempting to join so you have a family but everything between rape murder smuggling verbal abuse ect is all you get and when you want to leave its not easy because many won't let you leave please don't join any gangs of any kind you're better off being alone because I GUARANTEE whatever reason you join it's not worth it
Rhonda Larry
Rhonda Larry Månad sedan
I love that ring! I will have it!!🤩
Kopano Marumo
Kopano Marumo Månad sedan
Not Fenty!! Lol
Tshwapo surprise Ndlovu
Tshwapo surprise Ndlovu Månad sedan
Don't pretend like you don't know what cricket is Trevor you are from South Africa man
Mayur Ramaswamy M
Mayur Ramaswamy M Månad sedan
Actually baseball is a version of cricket the early Americans created as a part of moving away from all things British
Fisher Peace
Fisher Peace Månad sedan
The ring is designed to stay on a shelf not the human finger
Zaria Robinson
Zaria Robinson Månad sedan
Mexico = ✨Spicy Canada ✨
Javier Najera
Javier Najera Månad sedan
Ok homie, but first let me take a selfie
Junior Matshaneng
Junior Matshaneng Månad sedan
The Queen : is it from Africa ? Indian seller : no man The Queen : ohh my jewellery collection is all african stolen goods so call me if you get something that falls in that category
Eugene Weltzer II
Eugene Weltzer II Månad sedan
As long as the drug cartels don't sneak into my OnlyFa.... OnlyFamily, yeah, account.
The adventures of Muffin The Fox
The adventures of Muffin The Fox Månad sedan
Ngl I hope the ring is haunted for some new rich people lore
Seiichiro Fujimoto
Seiichiro Fujimoto Månad sedan
This cartel is sponsored by raid shadow legends
HenryManson Månad sedan
"please like & subscribe, they got my family,maaan".... atleast that would be an honest cry out for L&S !, unlike other channels
Geleeuw Månad sedan
Missed roman holiday joke!
Munir Mukri
Munir Mukri Månad sedan
sababwana kunjani travos man what am i suppose to do with ring better carry kettalball a l l the same dame what are they thinking liuminati?
Thirteenchvrlie Månad sedan
They really do like promoting bs in this world
Adrian Everett
Adrian Everett Månad sedan
Tick tock promoting cartels then continues to show videos of cartels
Melene Rossouw
Melene Rossouw Månad sedan
Budugu V
Budugu V Månad sedan
How are you going to call cricket “baseball played wrong” when you’re from South Africa?
Holly Wendel
Holly Wendel Månad sedan
Ugly opulence... I don't get it. And a brown paper bag with what looks like a stack of $1 bills worth about $50 says something completely different than drug cartel to me 🍻🍾🍸🍹
OpticalIrony Månad sedan
Random boop at 1:38
Rebellious KrEatives
Rebellious KrEatives Månad sedan
Who would want to lose their deal with Fenty..🤷🏽‍♀️ absolutely no one..🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rahul R
Rahul R Månad sedan
That ring literally looks like a foil ball...ugly af
S. R.
S. R. Månad sedan
Trevor's Latino accent is getting better but still not on point. That accent is really hard to nail down!
Byron Berrio Betancourt
Byron Berrio Betancourt Månad sedan
"hand sombrero" hahahahahahahaha
serralheirismo Månad sedan
Where's Trump's wall? Lol
le hongcong
le hongcong Månad sedan
The shaggy sugar sequentially stop because date centrally saw including a steep copper. macabre, clear behavior
Patience Seothaeng
Patience Seothaeng Månad sedan
Baseball played right
Eric Morgan
Eric Morgan Månad sedan
The equable beautician experimentally bounce because fedelini beautifully reject round a hoc ankle. quirky, unnatural yam
lou loup
lou loup Månad sedan
the last line is gold
Siddannagouda Malipatil
Siddannagouda Malipatil Månad sedan
Baseball is the wrong version of cricket
Jonathan S
Jonathan S Månad sedan
"Hand Sombrero" 😅
Neo Mavimbela
Neo Mavimbela Månad sedan
You're the man Trev, uyi mbuzi for real
Licho Tropical
Licho Tropical Månad sedan
A one dollar bill over a stack of butcher paper, impressive cartels. Signe me up.
DJ Shields
DJ Shields Månad sedan
That ring is hideous. Why? Just why?
Coconutcrawler Månad sedan
Funny video as always but I couldn’t escape the first statement, India’s favorite pastime, playing baseball all wrong. Wasn’t cricket played first? The earliest reference to cricket being played was 1598, in England. Around mid 1700’s, originating from England was a game called Rounders, which colonists & immigrants played, eventually moulding the game into the favorite American pastime it is today.
Ramari RF
Ramari RF Månad sedan
Trevor really just made up Queen ElizabethxPope fanfiction
Giovanni Damico
Giovanni Damico Månad sedan
👉💠This is what I say. Anything in the American. We have nothing to stress about. If the Economy collapses Fked up. Not my country. It is the suffering of the American people.💩💩💩😸
Boris van der wielen
Boris van der wielen Månad sedan
Rappers do this for ages...
Dippedindoe Records
Dippedindoe Records Månad sedan
"They have my family man" 😭😭 its bad to laugh at that but it be the truth.
lily boone
lily boone Månad sedan
So ugly! It looks like costume trash jewelry
Coffee Breath
Coffee Breath Månad sedan
That ring is gaudy af.
Rayyaan Rahman
Rayyaan Rahman Månad sedan
no best pass time in America is cricket played wrong
J Pitt
J Pitt Månad sedan
Your probably the dumbest least funniest person on TV and youtube
Roll Royce
Roll Royce Månad sedan
indian citizens have more gold than us treasury and citizen's gold combined😂
Roll Royce
Roll Royce Månad sedan
u guys playing base ball wrong its dumb version of cricket 😅
Delon Thomas
Delon Thomas Månad sedan
Man you are enormously funny but i enjoy your videos
mahesh mulik
mahesh mulik Månad sedan
As a matter of fact cricket was played from nearly 100 years before baseball was even made. So baseball is cricket all played wrong 😂😂
Wilber Hirthe
Wilber Hirthe Månad sedan
The bouncy rake apparently crawl because instruction cumulatively look atop a rough dream. near, grateful gratis romania
Bao Ge
Bao Ge Månad sedan
That ring? It's called "Crazy Rich Asians"
Vashiv Naidoo
Vashiv Naidoo Månad sedan
Cricket is baseball for gentlemen and rugby is American football for men.
Crota Prime
Crota Prime Månad sedan
Drug cartels using TikTok? That’s absolutely despicable, I mean... Wait, is that a little baby tiger?
Lloyd Molefe
Lloyd Molefe Månad sedan
The Queen better not see this 😬
Inbesuto Sirubesuto
Inbesuto Sirubesuto Månad sedan
It’s inviting for your hands to be chopped off by swift robbers
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