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What happened in the world of technology this year? Zoom banished Skype, “Animal Crossing” blew up, Trump tried to ban TikTok, Facebook and Twitter tried to ban Trump’s bulls**t, and Elon Musk took off into space. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RonnyChieng
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Steco 6 dagar sedan
Brilliant Ronny. You are a L E G E N D
GrenGoddess 28 dagar sedan
People would be bored AF without The Sims and Animal Crossing.
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo
Lindiwe Hlatshwayo Månad sedan
Because they are being teabagged.
Siyabonga Mayeza
Siyabonga Mayeza Månad sedan
This guy is funny
Marek Lilleleht
Marek Lilleleht Månad sedan
Trump may have lied about a lot of things, but he was absolutely right about Streep.
Cantaloupe Virus
Cantaloupe Virus Månad sedan
No mention of VTubers? Dislike...
lily boone
lily boone Månad sedan
He sounds stuffy.
Sarayu Krishna
Sarayu Krishna Månad sedan
u r not better than trevor
Sarayu Krishna
Sarayu Krishna Månad sedan
@Blitz B 😑
Blitz B
Blitz B Månad sedan
I like Ronney Cheng more though 😎
Yannick Vaucher
Yannick Vaucher Månad sedan
Official sources disputes than Neil Armstrong has drawn the dick on the moon. The biggest one that is supposedly on the moon right now was drawn by Andy Warhol.
familia rodas
familia rodas Månad sedan
I dont like trump but ban tik tok
Manufan909 1
Manufan909 1 Månad sedan
If you want your game to suck as much as real life, just play Cyberpunk 2077 on the base PS4/Xbone and don't install any updates.
Dora Delarca
Dora Delarca Månad sedan
Miss Nobody
Miss Nobody Månad sedan
RONNIEEEEE You look amazing!
William Månad sedan
SVfrom got me through 2020
Mike Alvarez
Mike Alvarez Månad sedan
The racoon took all my money
KoroWheke Månad sedan
RIP Skype lol
J A Månad sedan
Ronnie! I missed him .
James Peacock
James Peacock Månad sedan
Lol this guy right here's pretty fucking funny
Biu Cou
Biu Cou Månad sedan
Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx.
Ernst Keister
Ernst Keister Månad sedan
Sooo Goood
katelyn dbuzsju
katelyn dbuzsju Månad sedan
"*Who* were you supposed to do back then?" "Reed?" She's gross, no
Ellerion Snow
Ellerion Snow Månad sedan
Trevor looks different.
abidamn Månad sedan
Was Ronny's eyebrows experiencing a Giuliani moment?
GAZOI BLM Månad sedan
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Chris Smith
Chris Smith Månad sedan
4:15 Imagine going to fight the Rock when he's 90... and he still wipes the floor with you.
The Precursor
The Precursor Månad sedan
Ronniy is funny as fck
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali Månad sedan
😂😂😂Ronnyella Chieng!🤣🤣🤣
Jemie Bridges
Jemie Bridges Månad sedan
That's not fighting, that's elder abuse.
ziqi92 Månad sedan
In the time since I started up my island, I've only bought turnips like twice. Sundays are sleep in days for me, after all.
鈴木綾子 Månad sedan
ronny i miss you so much!!!
Anwar Crutchfield
Anwar Crutchfield Månad sedan
Space force is just another so-called upper government function that needs millions upon millions of dollars. We’ll see where that money goes
Anwar Crutchfield
Anwar Crutchfield Månad sedan
It’s a pathetic shame when a private contractor like Elon musk can do 10 times as much is our so-called space force.
robert caldwell
robert caldwell Månad sedan
Bro ! What's up with those eyebrows? Did you borrow Rudy's hair dye ? Actually, I think that was shoe polish. Love your input,but maybe a little base,or something. Lol...
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson Månad sedan
Nina Padilla
Nina Padilla Månad sedan
Twitter, do the right thing and DELETE his account!!
M- Nice
M- Nice Månad sedan
The tump jokes are repetitive.
Jed Westbank
Jed Westbank Månad sedan
Andy Warhol actually has a d pic on the moon
Jed Westbank
Jed Westbank Månad sedan
...and he didn't forget the balls
sasman hernandez
sasman hernandez Månad sedan
this is cool cuz i become JESUS but i go to places faster thann u think , SO YEAH WE CAN BE ON LOCKDOWN FOR SUM DAYS
sasman hernandez
sasman hernandez Månad sedan
yLL GO add it.zjonny7 . bruh i live in the crossroads . n i know the whites hear me lmao they jus act like they dont cuz they dont got the balls ,, but WELL SEE WHAT HAPPENS when god GETS MAD AND I TRY DOING SOMETHING .
MonkeyJedi99 Månad sedan
Trump dances like he's the centerpiece of an all-you-can-stroke "sausage fest". With his smug smirk...
Daniel Stan
Daniel Stan Månad sedan
what is this Asian talking about
vilaysone Vong
vilaysone Vong Månad sedan
The elite ferryboat correlatively unite because pillow ultrascructurally pump times a used chalk. sick, rare romanian
flaminyawn Månad sedan
I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!
Drax Snider
Drax Snider Månad sedan
Forget among us dude.
lily benton
lily benton Månad sedan
Don't forget the balls, folks, don't forget the balls
quest 77051
quest 77051 Månad sedan
xujfk kbthd
xujfk kbthd Månad sedan
The accurate receipt rationally move because dolphin unequivocally reduce afore a telling t-shirt. wakeful, open planet
Richie Cuna
Richie Cuna Månad sedan
I bet u loved skype when it came out lol and its still there bro i think lol
Francisco Millan
Francisco Millan Månad sedan
Ajjajaja you make cry jajajajjajaajajajajajaj
Operation FUBAR
Operation FUBAR Månad sedan
I would give anything to watch Ronny play Animal Crossing.
K Månad sedan
M.C. Collins
M.C. Collins Månad sedan
Skype has encryption Zoom can only dream about. Remember folks: easier does NOT always mean secure.
Saleem Kabir
Saleem Kabir Månad sedan
Definitely looking out for "Armstrong's moon d**k" on the next full moon
Tanya Walters
Tanya Walters Månad sedan
The end was priceless lol
ehab hassan
ehab hassan Månad sedan
God, he can't speak English? Not funny
vforvann Månad sedan
Where have you been Ryan? It has been months
Oni Genji
Oni Genji Månad sedan
he forgot abt minecraft caves update
akridge Månad sedan
If there gonna put people on the moon, may I suggest that you send all the flat earthers. Not to prove the earth is a ball but just to be rid of them.
Monruedee BUNNACHOM Månad sedan
The greedy quince prominently want because gliding preliminarily explain along a eager uganda. cold, ad rest
Sai Kai
Sai Kai Månad sedan
i am not sure about his accent that supposed to make it more or less funnier……🤔🤔
mykryos Månad sedan
There's nothing cool about discouraging kids from reading books. I bet the illuminati sponsored this.
The Aeronaut
The Aeronaut Månad sedan
You may be kidding about neil armstrong drawing a dick on the moon but deadass, theres a little ceramic chip (iirc about the size of an sd card) containing artwork from contemporary artists. One issue was andy warhol he mayve made a version of his initials to be a penis
Crawling Nemesis IT'S IN YOUR EAR! AAHH!!
Crawling Nemesis IT'S IN YOUR EAR! AAHH!! Månad sedan
Well I learned sewing during the pandemic, but to be fair I was watching TV while doing it and tutorials on my phone...
Kikay Trekkie
Kikay Trekkie Månad sedan
3:37 skype EOL announcement was months before the pandemic but funny nonetheless!
Johannes Blank
Johannes Blank Månad sedan
Is he wearing the shirt equivalent of a skinny jean?
Lady Sun
Lady Sun Månad sedan
Music about how their sweetie loves apples 😂😂😂
1slandgirl Caribbean
1slandgirl Caribbean Månad sedan
I love Ronnie Chiang. 😆
UPCOM1NG Månad sedan
Good luck with Zoom when your company data is leaking. Just because Skype sucks but still much more secure than Zoom.
Athaporn MCorp Review
Athaporn MCorp Review Månad sedan
This is better than d main show man.
hedwig123456 Månad sedan
Nintendo Switch and Zelda BOTW saved my life
SnoopMaster Månad sedan
Just came from a Luke afk
Wilber De Beer
Wilber De Beer Månad sedan
Well you could go fight in this little thing called world war 1 in 1918.
Toni Gru
Toni Gru Månad sedan
I'd rather read and reflect than go to an essential job where I can get physically assaulted by an antimasker.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Månad sedan
From what i hear Zooms security is absolute garbage and can be hacked easily
Elaine LUTHER Månad sedan
Your right brown is leaking like Rudi Guiliani
Ryan Sparago
Ryan Sparago Månad sedan
Pokémons Expansion Pass was also great
Ryan Sparago
Ryan Sparago Månad sedan
The balls on the moon 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dexterous Månad sedan
Ronnie saying things will get better is a relief, He called out that 2020 is going to be the worst at the end of 2019. Go watch that late 2019 video now to see for yourself.
Omar Jimenez
Omar Jimenez Månad sedan
He's really rocking that Anakin Skywalker scar
Fall H.
Fall H. Månad sedan
Ronny why are my eyes tricking me? Have you gained the quarantine 30? I mean 15?
Padmavathi Dhanasekaran
Padmavathi Dhanasekaran Månad sedan
Last year Ronny Chieng said that 2019 was a shitty year... And 2020 got more shitty..... Now he says 2020 is the shittiest year.... How worse could 2021 be????
Noisy guest
Noisy guest Månad sedan
Ronny is back :')
Janie K Carney
Janie K Carney Månad sedan
No God Damn It and Balls. You are better than that.
Janie K Carney
Janie K Carney Månad sedan
Please don’t be crude. It’s not funny and I will delete you.
Cameo Six
Cameo Six Månad sedan
If people think Trump "Trying" to ban tik tok is bad come to India
Pieter Vermeersch
Pieter Vermeersch Månad sedan
"Music sucked back then" uhm no my friend, music sucks today. If you can even call it music 💀
world citizen G
world citizen G Månad sedan
You looked just like your grandma 👵 🤣😅😂
cattigereyes1 Månad sedan
President Trump posts harmful misinformation on social media! Republicans senators applauded this while living in a bubble of lies!
Gimi Armany
Gimi Armany Månad sedan
Ronny is so funny..🤣😂🤣👍🏽❤❤ before him I never knew Asians could have so many facial expressions 😅😆😂ooops , was that racist?? I'm half black, do I get a pass to say that😅😂😝😜🤔😂..confusing..Luv you guys 😍😍❤❤
Wolff Myrtie
Wolff Myrtie Månad sedan
The sedate cotton intringuingly peep because heron electronically bury circa a mammoth dogsled. kindly, well-to-do collision
Leo Li
Leo Li Månad sedan
Ty Månad sedan
*NEW* Kratos arrives in Fortnite! 😈 Use code “AliA” for a video shout-out! 👍🏻
Tam Tam
Tam Tam Månad sedan
Love this! Especially the end with the "disputed claim!" LOL
Marx 1684
Marx 1684 Månad sedan
I love how you talk trash sir.
Amre Sawah
Amre Sawah Månad sedan
Ellie Månad sedan
This whole page would disagree! Then don't watch! I absolutely adore him! One of the best! I am 95% sure, he does not give a ... what you say! Be well. Be nice. LOVE!
Eric Dannug
Eric Dannug Månad sedan
WARNING: those Covid 19 vaccine contains nanochip to use it as an online tracking & surveylance for the government. And that's the greatest tech News of 2020. 🤑🤪🤣
TheWhisperTexan Månad sedan
Like they weren't tracking us already. It's that big dick on the moon without balls watching us.
Ernesto Marcos
Ernesto Marcos Månad sedan
The 90 yo The Rock is Ed Asner, also known as the voice of the old guy from Up! He appeared in Mad About You and as Johnny Lawrence's father-in-law in Cobra Kai, too.
Madison Rose
Madison Rose Månad sedan
That end though
Reden Riot
Reden Riot Månad sedan
Good thing I use Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom
Eric Dannug
Eric Dannug Månad sedan
What about Cisco WebEx? Have u tried that as well?
Dora boss
Dora boss Månad sedan
Please my class zoom boom
Anibal Osbaldo
Anibal Osbaldo Månad sedan
Link for President 2024
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