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Why is the alt-right so angry? How are Sioux tribes keeping COVID at bay? Should Lake Erie be considered a person under the law? Here’s the best of Michael Kosta in the field. #DailyShow #MichaelKosta
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Lucifer Parker
Lucifer Parker 18 timmar sedan
hahaha this guy is really funny
Lunasa Moon
Lunasa Moon Dag sedan
13:20 What’s that?
yay Dag sedan
Hey I have pugged against those guys!!!
Irvin Garces
Irvin Garces Dag sedan
Whose dumb enough to go to a mall or wherever and open fire on a bunch of people with fire arms trust me you won’t make it far.
Aljoscha Jakob
Aljoscha Jakob Dag sedan
Its the German language hahaha
liam nehren
liam nehren 2 dagar sedan
As a "white" I have to state that I don't believe in a "superior" race, each race has it's superior quality but just so you know the only race that is actually larger in number than every other is "asian" and i believe that nuclear energy and wind is the future. Solar is very costly in comparison.
liam nehren
liam nehren 2 dagar sedan
at the same time i believe that acidic batteries or (chemical batteries) should be limited to only the most necessary for stability (mechanical batteries are theoretically 95% efficient(out of 100% you can theoretically retain 95%) instead of 50%(chemical batteries)) this would lower the usage of energy the world over... as for the countries who resist... all of that misused "charity" money could easily fix the issue and it is absolutely necessary to make "charity" not a tax right off since most companies spend less on charity as they would on taxes to evade it.
Xayrn 2 dagar sedan
these alt right guys are aware that practicing jews dont mastrubate either?
Mike Bachle
Mike Bachle 2 dagar sedan
I love Micheal Kosta's act and schtick of being the not bright reporter. He has such a dry whit and isn't afraid to be the butt of a joke.
Mehaffey Wynne
Mehaffey Wynne 3 dagar sedan
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Silvia Hannak
Silvia Hannak 3 dagar sedan
They are not driving fast and meat and living is expensive there. But beautiful cause they don't destroy their Environment. In Europa we don't need to carry guns ...there are laws (!) and background checks. Mostly only Military or Police is wearing guns. Thats why we feel safer here. Until last year. (Different horror Story)
MakePayton 3 dagar sedan
God I hate our country
MakePayton 3 dagar sedan
God I hate our country
Gerson 3 dagar sedan
Sooo thor.... killed me 🤣
Guess My Name
Guess My Name 3 dagar sedan
Sophisticated pocket knives and almost zero stabbing incidents 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jaydenfriedchick 4 dagar sedan
33:03 that didn't age well. yikes
Thomas B. Marine
Thomas B. Marine 4 dagar sedan
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manslaughter305 4 dagar sedan
this guy obviously knows nothing of American gun culture.
Rey Parham
Rey Parham 4 dagar sedan
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LauchTV 4 dagar sedan
"Who's paying for these cucks" :D
JBBrickman 4 dagar sedan
This NewYork reporter makes most Americans look bad lol
razein lin
razein lin 5 dagar sedan
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Maeve Karla
Maeve Karla 5 dagar sedan
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Maxime Van Hoecke
Maxime Van Hoecke 5 dagar sedan
Jordan Peterson isn't alt-right come on people. That's like saying the men right's movement is sexist. It's a baseless claim.
Lena-Maria G. Louis-Charles
Lena-Maria G. Louis-Charles 5 dagar sedan
It's responsible, common sense gun laws and the culture (as well as educational system...) in Switzerland (and other European countries...) that makes the difference - and, these laws do not infringe or "threaten" anyone's individual freedoms, either... (Which is the first thing that people will whine about [and use as an excuse...] here, in the U.S. ...)
nancy v
nancy v 5 dagar sedan
I know that we are crazy..but couldn't help to feel offended lol
Tyler Crone
Tyler Crone 6 dagar sedan
Dude we already have done all this what are you even talking about
Tyler Crone
Tyler Crone 6 dagar sedan
It's obvious this guy is never owned a gun because he knows nothing about guns and everything he's saying is wrong that's the problem with all of you people who want to get rid of guns you don't know anything about it you think it's so easy to buy a gun it's not there are a ton of Common Sense laws in place already and you would know that if you knew what the laws were but you don't because you don't buy guns and you never have because what you're saying is false that's how we know the sad thing is everybody else out there who thinks they know but I've never bought one has no idea and they think that what they hear on here is true but let me tell you this is some stupid s*** and you're stupid for believing it
Tyler Crone
Tyler Crone 6 dagar sedan
Dude this is not even true stop playing this narrative that it's so easy to buy a gun it's so easy to buy a gun and you can just walk in to Walmart and give them money and Boop you get a gun that's not how it works at all you guys are lying stop lying
Adrian Åslund
Adrian Åslund 6 dagar sedan
Switzerland is also a direct democracy. So the people probably doesn't feel quite as much hostility to the state.
Ocean Of Love 1111
Ocean Of Love 1111 6 dagar sedan
10:32 in the background the clouds over the mountains looks like a gun! was that on purpose?
Rebecca Andrea Dixon
Rebecca Andrea Dixon 6 dagar sedan
Stroke shamers... I died
Shawnlize Leatherdale
Shawnlize Leatherdale 6 dagar sedan
And way back in the 90s Canadians owned more legal firearms than the Americans
ArkticDark 6 dagar sedan
This guy has never tried to buy a gun in America huh? Y'all should all go down to Wal-Mart this weekend and just attempt to buy a gun as an experiment and see what it's like.
TWSTF 8 6 dagar sedan
Don't F with Indians, people! (Just FYI 🤜💥🤛)
SwarmGaming TD
SwarmGaming TD 6 dagar sedan
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Yax 7 dagar sedan
18:05 "Dr. Jordan Peterson is the leader of the Alt Right movement in Canada" You guys are so full of shit for airing this as if it was fact. The sad part is its so easy to Google and find out its bullshit.
DAR3D3ViL 7 dagar sedan
Okay he was just joking about BP being black people but I hate that she laughed and didn't say anything to defend it.
Brady Bales
Brady Bales 7 dagar sedan
“This is not a green screen, this is real, disgusting Switzerland.”
Frank Cast
Frank Cast 7 dagar sedan
Swiss are white, like dave chapelle joke of the chinese.
Mar bron26
Mar bron26 7 dagar sedan
I'm "American", im actually part cherokee I have more right to be here than most "Americans" and guns are what ruins this once great land. Here in merica!! We care more about saving gun rights than human rights. White hicks see blm movement says we are savages, refuses to acknowledge racism, but try to add laws to make us safer and they rally and riot like someone's taking away their life. .. want to make America great again, give it back to the people who owned this land, oh and the founding fathers stole how to structure our democracy from natives, do your research.
shane o neill
shane o neill 8 dagar sedan
Don't fuck with the natives you stole "your" country from I like it
Donnie Hollandale
Donnie Hollandale 8 dagar sedan
I can never get enough of Kosta! Hilarious and gorgeous AF!! 😍
Maureen Peng
Maureen Peng 7 dagar sedan
I wish I was that suit he's wearing....
Anahi Montano
Anahi Montano 8 dagar sedan
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Mac Phil
Mac Phil 8 dagar sedan
People just argue about gun violence but they do nothing about it. They should've implemented laws but they didn't.
0 to Infinity
0 to Infinity 8 dagar sedan
I like kosta more tgen Trevor...😅
0 to Infinity
0 to Infinity 8 dagar sedan
I liked the idea of giving personhood to natural entity...👍 Do it for all Rivers..
Zwangsworkaholic 8 dagar sedan
Ha, the Sämis answer to Kosta "your Problem"
Rui Silva
Rui Silva 8 dagar sedan
All it takes is comon sence !
Jon kay
Jon kay 9 dagar sedan
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Kyre Smith
Kyre Smith 9 dagar sedan
American gun culture isn’t a privilege, it’s a right. Yes regulations should help; but it’s a deeper problem of social issues, mental health, and cultural differences. Edit: Also drinking alcohol around firearms in the US is a HUGE no no
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey
Sophie Amanda Leiton Toomey 9 dagar sedan
I’m not a fan of guns, but the Swiss really have their shit together with it and it does seem to work. Too bad we can’t do what they do.
Ceejay Mock
Ceejay Mock 9 dagar sedan
Nikki Ducheneaux 😍 ~ahem~ Awesome sauce.
06jj28 9 dagar sedan
Funny but don’t fuck with the 2nd amendment
Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal 9 dagar sedan
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Chris Booth
Chris Booth 10 dagar sedan
Maybe we should stop making fun of lakes and actually be human beings
Chris Booth
Chris Booth 10 dagar sedan
"Nature that we depend on"... did anyone hear that?
Lin Ming
Lin Ming 10 dagar sedan
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Will Sharp
Will Sharp 10 dagar sedan
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William Handy
William Handy 10 dagar sedan
Swiss have a better culture
Tess Chalk
Tess Chalk 10 dagar sedan
Love this. Once I wrapped my head around conferring identity on vital resources, it made absolute sense
DON DODO 10 dagar sedan
Ah, the return of Finnish Solid Snake... Who now lives on Switzerland.
James Bringle
James Bringle 11 dagar sedan
Most people in Switzerland are Atheists or Agnostic.
Devnita Sharma
Devnita Sharma 11 dagar sedan
Kosta simpin over the arms expert is such a fat mood xd
Alex Stone
Alex Stone 11 dagar sedan
Tyler Lindsey
Tyler Lindsey 11 dagar sedan
okay say whatever you want but you cant buy a gun legally without a background check, period.
An0nymous_L0gic 11 dagar sedan
gotta love rubber chicken guy
Paul Lohman
Paul Lohman 11 dagar sedan
metric for "mass shooting" must be, "fired more than one bullet", that said, I'm all for tighter gun laws, suggest something akin to drivers licenses requirements
Valencia John
Valencia John 11 dagar sedan
Seeing how the other dark meat... etc🤪😎
Valencia John
Valencia John 11 dagar sedan
White wash?? You tell... Some one ✌️🤟🤪🤓😎
Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin 11 dagar sedan
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Ashley Sauve
Ashley Sauve 11 dagar sedan
I love, love, love that Native Americans had checkpoints that white folks got upset about. They've tolerated so much, it is the least we could do to not dwindle their numbers any further ❤️🥰
darek klich
darek klich 11 dagar sedan
The groovy christmas preoperatively share because wax shortly double besides a phobic wire. sable, gorgeous blouse
Tylin Williams
Tylin Williams 11 dagar sedan
"BP....Black People.." WWHHAATTTTTT 😂😂😂
Mike McDowell
Mike McDowell 11 dagar sedan
Theres no black swiss people ,so it works.
Mike Croghan
Mike Croghan 10 dagar sedan
Thank you for identifying yourself.
nanochica • 7 years ago .
nanochica • 7 years ago . 11 dagar sedan
How many times do they shoot this to cut out all the laughter 😂😂
Bertrand Barbier
Bertrand Barbier 11 dagar sedan
😂😂😂😂 Stop Hatin Start Batin
VirtualGobllim47 12 dagar sedan
Call your mom
evobe 12 dagar sedan
that rifle party sounds dope
isolahti 12 dagar sedan
Suddenly a suprise finnish switzerland with guns in an american news program. TORILLE....
Ismail G
Ismail G 13 dagar sedan
11:50 yeah that wasn’t that convincing
Ismail G
Ismail G 13 dagar sedan
Always pull out, the most important safety tip when dealing with firearms
Allowedtospeak 13 dagar sedan
Mikko leinonen is from Sweden not Switzerland Sounds similar isn’t quite the same, Swedish like kotte bullar love their elks and invented ikea Swiss are famous for their banking secrecy, chocolate,cheese and the democracy...
kim anh
kim anh 13 dagar sedan
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Kevin Pegram
Kevin Pegram 13 dagar sedan
its hilarious that South Dakota has a covid rate of 58% percent now
Kevin Pegram
Kevin Pegram 13 dagar sedan
"Black People? You know I always knew" LMFAO
talk2minie Dag sedan
🤣😂 that was hilarious. That delivery too. Kosta is so funny.
BlueRabbitification 13 dagar sedan
"If you own the land you get to harm it"- WOW....that sounds alot like a 1920 domestic abuse discussion, not gonna lie.
Muhura Dedan
Muhura Dedan 14 dagar sedan
Am #TeamKosta all the way
Kidney Beans
Kidney Beans 14 dagar sedan
Those Swiss kids are brutal 🤣
Dark Throne
Dark Throne 14 dagar sedan
This guy trying so hard to be like Conan O'brien...
shivam meena
shivam meena 14 dagar sedan
5:36 "always pull out" 😂
Christopher Hobbs
Christopher Hobbs 14 dagar sedan
Wow this is absolutely trash
Matt Snyder
Matt Snyder 14 dagar sedan
Mikko? That's Jacks Teller.
Patrick S
Patrick S 14 dagar sedan
I like Ducheneaux she got the humor and had fun while educating
Henry Robert
Henry Robert 14 dagar sedan
"always pull out" got me there lmaooo
Tulio Cano
Tulio Cano 14 dagar sedan
How the hell there are Nazis with guns in the US and that's legal because they got permit. Unbelievable
Lsjwo Loi
Lsjwo Loi 14 dagar sedan
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Keit Coyo
Keit Coyo 14 dagar sedan
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Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman 15 dagar sedan
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Anthony Cibene
Anthony Cibene 15 dagar sedan
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