Prof. Carol Anderson - “One Person, No Vote” & The Impact of Voter Suppression | The Daily Show

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Emory University professor Carol Anderson explains why Republicans often aim to disenfranchise voters of color, how they do it and how citizens can protect their right to vote. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #CarolAnderson
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Lavone Drake
Lavone Drake 13 dagar sedan
Now you see how White supremacists are the smartest people on this planet. To be able to get away with hate since 1619. In addition, the majority of white Americans were complicit with racism and hate. There will be no Jim Crow without Jane Crow. Never forget that !
Wilda Beatz
Wilda Beatz 16 dagar sedan
is this old or is trevor actually back?
kelly O
kelly O 20 dagar sedan
Wow, this woman has so much wisdom. You could see the level of respect Trevor was giving her.
Jessica Roman
Jessica Roman 20 dagar sedan
Whack jobs!
Monica G
Monica G 20 dagar sedan
Go Emory University ⚘
Aaryan 21 dag sedan
iWorkout 22 dagar sedan
To the 1% reading this, may God bless you and see you through whatever you are going through. I want to be a big youtuber one day Amen 🙏 🙏
Steven Windward
Steven Windward 22 dagar sedan
The MSM made sure ignorant people were fed a whole bunch of crap. Yes Trump talks "unpresidential" that is true. I don't care what he says I care what he does. Lower taxes Trade agreements Bring troops home Making other countries pay for defense Stock market all time highs Enforcing laws like immigration Deal with North Korea First President on North Korea soil Not bombing Iran after they blew up drone. Lowest unemployment for all races Actions speak louder than words! Democrats should really listen to that statement.
Timothy Burnes
Timothy Burnes 22 dagar sedan
Lol, Donald Trump be like, "One vote, No person"
Denise Martin
Denise Martin 22 dagar sedan
198,000 were suppressed today‼️
Ken Chambers
Ken Chambers 22 dagar sedan
She’s beautiful
Saeryf 22 dagar sedan
Imagine if all the "well intentioned" had to see stuff like this before they could make stupid arguments about things they don't understand... I'd never accuse the U.S. of wanting to educate citizens though. Republicans do their damnedest to keep people stupid, and boy does it seem to be working on some of their constituents.
Ned Ludd
Ned Ludd 22 dagar sedan
Though voter suppression is the most important, there are other serious problems with voting. Here is a report from an unexpected source, a techie site called Techlore.
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 23 dagar sedan
You guys really need to include a mention for re-uploads or shows recorded much earlier pre-pandemic conditions or something cause it gets confusing sometimes. Like is the show back in the studio now? Or is Trevor still filming from his apartment?
Lynne Bucher
Lynne Bucher 23 dagar sedan
I didn't fully grasp the scale of voter suppression and disenfranchisement until Trump's attempts to undermine the Democratic process became public in 2020.
Gicanda Thomas
Gicanda Thomas 23 dagar sedan
Thank you so much Trevor Noah for bringing people like Prof. Carol Anderson on. You're one of the few that help us know what's REALLY GOING ON. Black folks have always had to fight this fight. Who knew 60 yrs. later EVERYBODY would have to fight this fight to keep this country TRULY FREE. AND DEMOCRATIC.
choi wan, johnny chong
choi wan, johnny chong 23 dagar sedan
你們美國人,是現代民主、平等、自由的典範,為什麼會搞成這樣子呢…? 我極相信,這次總統選舉,是有人在操控中 … …。 羞恥 羞恥 羞恥 …。 美國精神和美國價值,是可以全部丟進垃圾桶嗎 …? I am 62 years old. You Americans are models of modern democracy, equality, and freedom. Why did it happen like this...? I strongly believe that this presidential election is controlled by someone... Shame shame shame... Can the American spirit and American values ​​be thrown into the trash can...? I am 62 years old.
Tommy 23 dagar sedan
“We can’t be part of the solution if we’re just sitting there and not participating.” - Professor Carol Anderson 💃🏽
gyozakeynesian 23 dagar sedan
A really excellent interview. I keep thinking about the contrast with Jon Stewart (who is great, don't get me wrong): TN is just such an awesome interviewer.
Garden Warrior
Garden Warrior 23 dagar sedan
I can't tell if she's saying 15 or 50 million voters. Either way, Barack Obama promptly sold out every single one of them and -as a cherry on top- gave us Trump.
Jana 23 dagar sedan
Also having voting day a work-week day, there is red flag right there. We have always one friday and one saturday (so those that work weekends get one day and those that work workdays too).
Jana 23 dagar sedan
I have so many questions about how this system works. We get birth certificate at birth, an ID at 15 all others are optional and ID gets you everywhere where you need to ID yourself. What is the issue here?
1986 Die wilden 80ger
1986 Die wilden 80ger 23 dagar sedan
It's such a pleasure to listen to this lady and Trevor. I find that many republicans have a very aggressive way to discuss an issue and the far right don't seem to be the most intelligent ppl. But this you can see all over Europe as well! Stupid people are the loudest 😩
A P 23 dagar sedan
Its ironic bc Biden is the actual racist
shelley isom
shelley isom 23 dagar sedan
Also we must not forget that the Koch brothers (now down to one) have been busy for last 30 years in derailing democracy and turning it into a plutocracy using their billions.
sergfl 23 dagar sedan
You know I tend to only really see the comedian in Trevor but he really is a great interviewer.
gyozakeynesian 23 dagar sedan
Blakkstar 23 dagar sedan
They talked about a similar thing in Brooklyn nine nine when amy and gina when trying to a permit for a block party😂😂😂😂
pheemer 23 dagar sedan
One of the cringiest things I've ever seen is a smartass that isn't smart.
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez 23 dagar sedan
70000000 people were wrong. Just let that sink in.
Peter Meyer
Peter Meyer 23 dagar sedan
Sounds like a shithole country. What where they talking about? Some african country?
Shelly T
Shelly T 23 dagar sedan
Thank you both for using your knowledge and your platforms! 💚🙏🏼✊🏽
Maria F. Scaduto
Maria F. Scaduto 23 dagar sedan
WTactualF!!! And THIS nation still got the nerves to "export" DEMOCRACY??? You need a DRIVING licence to get a cetrificate prooving you EXIST??? What if you refuse to ever get one because you'd rather ride bikes or travel by bus or train for the environment's sake, or because you simply can't ever afford a car and don't see the need to taking driving lessons? And - of cause - it's the poor, it's the Black People, it's the liberals and progressives who's fundamental rights are swiped away... This is WHITE CONSERVATIVE SUPREMACY at its best!!! Macchiavelli jumps for joy. Land of the free??? Me arse!!!
Andrew Kennedy-Reagan
Andrew Kennedy-Reagan 23 dagar sedan
How did Trevor Noah get on TV? He’s not funny, charismatic or interesting. He’s the epitome of unfunny. I almost feel bad for the guy watching him try to be funny as he falls on his face. But as long as he bashes Republicans the low information crowd will love him.
Iron Tribe Issues
Iron Tribe Issues 23 dagar sedan
She does not include Native/Islander vote in what she talks about. Over and over again only Black and Latino POC receive specific mention. This is the erasure of the important Native vote, erasure of Natives by POC academia, white academia and media. The myth of voter fraud especially damages Native communities.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 23 dagar sedan
"I check every week, and _then_ I print off a copy." That's an important detail. Everyone make note. Don't just check. Get a copy.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist 23 dagar sedan
It _baffles_ me that Trump has asserted (twice) that one needs an ID to buy food. I mean, sure, one needs an ID to prove that one is at least 18 if one is buying _tobacco_ products, or at least 21 if one is buying _alcohol,_ but _never in my life_ have I needed ID to just buy _food._ I mean it's _food._ Now of course, the _first_ time he did this, I had room to believe Trump asserted this in _ignorance,_ and shortly, someone would step forward to set him straight on this. But the _second_ time, I didn't know _what_ to make of it. What in the world could he be trying to accomplish by telling American things we _know_ not to be true?
林湘涵 23 dagar sedan
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Aotearoa Whanau
Aotearoa Whanau 23 dagar sedan
Voting is a right not a duty for every US citizen turning 18 years old. Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders and many other nations understand it and in most cases even do not require any registration or frequent voting. It just happens automatically. Looks like citizens of those countries enjoy more personal freedom and protection of their freedom than the self appointed greatest country.
Concessa Jean-Marie
Concessa Jean-Marie 24 dagar sedan
They make ppl believe they are moral, yet their behavior says otherwise! Total hypocrites & now the truth will come out. We will defy them. We will find a way. We are survivors. Vote!
Oliver White
Oliver White 24 dagar sedan
She's like the Oracle of voter suppression.
The future is in our hands
The future is in our hands 24 dagar sedan
Ladies and gentlemen !!. I wish you a happy new year! The new year has arrived! A new ERA is coming! all troubles are behind! May the good mood never leave you !! Good luck to you, good luck to us !, good luck to everyone! ... I love you all ... With a bow, Gennady. Expensive! I am from Russia, Siberian ... I position myself: INVENTOR! .. My know-how!, (Rotary-conveyor type of power take-off) will allow you to get energy from the river flow without any special hydraulic structures. No coal, gas or oil ... all year round - ecological. Show in full ....
natbfunky 24 dagar sedan
The Snake is at it again Donald Trump is sabotaging the Georgia Senate runoff race ( Beware 🐍 ) Trump said on a secret recorded phone call Jan.2 ,2021 I just want to find 11,780 votes’: In extraordinary hour-long call, Trump pressures Georgia secretary of state to recalculate the vote in his favor . We got him ! Listen
The Garniiics
The Garniiics 24 dagar sedan
Funny how the same ppl who think we should require government sanctioned ID's for voter registration as there's no harm in making that requirement also are the ones against state mandates for mask requirements even tho there's no harm in being in accordance to public health guidelines
Mike MUC
Mike MUC 24 dagar sedan
Make ID cards free and easy to obtain by federal law. If every American can easily get a free ID card, conservative voter suppression would loose a major tool.
MyQueenFreddieMercury 24 dagar sedan
Much much *more volume please.* Thanks!
Bess Smith
Bess Smith 24 dagar sedan
#poorpeoplescampaign @UnitethePoor
Bess Smith
Bess Smith 24 dagar sedan
Jim Crow 2.0 is alive & well in 2021!
Ang Campos
Ang Campos 24 dagar sedan
3:00-4:24 It's true man. I moved literally a few blocks around the way from my old home in early 2018 and despite voting for the first-time in 2016 and being a natural born citizen I had to re-register to vote and me being a zoomer I saw it as a very tedious task and overall undermining so it's obvious how it's set up a certain way that wouldn't appeal to people
Ingrid Wheeler
Ingrid Wheeler 24 dagar sedan
So Alabama sure looks like a backwater. Same with NC, AL, etc... Catch 22 (look it up) and counting...
Reggie Anderson
Reggie Anderson 24 dagar sedan
Voter suppression.... He got rid of mail boxes and voter machines. They want to deny my vote and you’re vote because we don’t want to vote for their guy.
Paul Phelps
Paul Phelps 24 dagar sedan
Interesting- I never knew that Trump got an increase in the Hispanic vote (37%) and picked up more of the Black vote (17%) - great information from that guest-
Emily Clemons
Emily Clemons 24 dagar sedan
I truly Love this.
Lynette Reed
Lynette Reed 24 dagar sedan
Love her❤❤❤
Destiny Forreal
Destiny Forreal 24 dagar sedan
Wow she is amazing
Anthony Moon
Anthony Moon 24 dagar sedan
You know, you may one of the only ones that makes me feel something, other than hate.. laughter just makes me forget how horrible my life is
Pinuu Turner
Pinuu Turner 24 dagar sedan
So fucked up!
ddkrew 1
ddkrew 1 24 dagar sedan
I prefer to listen to Dr. Walter Williams
Cheranne Sand
Cheranne Sand 24 dagar sedan
Just wanted to share the list of US media involved with CCP per DOJ Foreign Agents Filings of more than a decade: Vox, Slate, Boston Herald, Boston Post, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Fox News, New York Times, NPR, CNBC which is owned by NBC, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, New Yorker Magazine, Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Magazine, Yahoo Finance, National Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, Minneapolis Star Tribune, US News and World Report, San Francisco Chronicle, Harvard Business Review, Capital Hill, Chicago Magazine, MSNBC, Associated Press, CBS, PBS, The Economist, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, McClatchy newspapers, Congressional Quarterly, Business Weekly, CNN, Reuters, ABC, The National, Yahoo News, National Journal, Politico, BBC, Quartz, Agence France-Presse. There are many affiliates like Vice News for example- they all have similar patterns. I highly recommend the documentary on SVfrom " Manufacturing Consent " by Noam Chomsky. Also check out the whistleblowers of Agenda 21. Theres a book by Mark Dice called "Hollywood Propaganda " as well. Best wishes 💐💜
Serene Soaking Sounds
Serene Soaking Sounds 24 dagar sedan
Love this interview my favorite one yet ❤️🕊️God bless you all
Kay Likes
Kay Likes 24 dagar sedan
Thank you for these informative discussions. I will be checking out “One Person, No Vote” Voting is also more difficult for those who are disabled as well. About Indiana - The document “chicken and egg” is real.
Angela Duggins
Angela Duggins 24 dagar sedan
I wasn't able to find a way to be legally allowed to vote until I turned 27 because I moved between states with conflicting laws on mobility. It's ridiculous.
Global Entertainment
Global Entertainment 24 dagar sedan
Full Audio of Trump Asking to overturn the Election
Queensly cartia
Queensly cartia 24 dagar sedan
Y are we watching old videos tf
Ocean Rock
Ocean Rock 24 dagar sedan
It is a total lie that undocumented immigrants are voting.
Mimi1117 24 dagar sedan
Dr. Anderson is the GOAT! 🙌🏾
Angel 24 dagar sedan
She is so beautiful and brilliant!
Daniel Heuckeroth
Daniel Heuckeroth 24 dagar sedan
We all hace been robbed my belives aline more with you than these on both sides our country is shit formost of us
NTV Online
NTV Online 24 dagar sedan
Thank you!
T Harvee
T Harvee 24 dagar sedan
I wonder if this is why my predominately carried race but less white than other areas neighbod has removed the voting place 5 blocks away bf the election to downtown 6 miles away
Shelley Eisenrich
Shelley Eisenrich 24 dagar sedan
No masks!?
Thomas Nimmesgern
Thomas Nimmesgern 24 dagar sedan
Probably a rerun.
Ahmed Adam
Ahmed Adam 24 dagar sedan
She's so passionate and sweet, I laughed soooo hard when he said to her thats a great impersonation of trump .... I'm definitely buying this book!
Hornswroggle 24 dagar sedan
This lady is a delight to listen to.
Nicholas legoo
Nicholas legoo 24 dagar sedan
House nigga
Ivory King
Ivory King 24 dagar sedan
I don't know what to say. This is incredible.
Makeena 24 dagar sedan
Is she related to Kim Fields?
MrBoliao98 24 dagar sedan
I'm an outsider, and frankly the US is just stuck in the 1980s, most of it. If you have the income, no one be protesting the way they are. Honestly God bless Obama, the fellow's hair went white to rescue the economy but he didn't manage to stop stagnation. The US simply stayed the way it is during Reagan's time.
kaylah williams4L
kaylah williams4L 24 dagar sedan
Great interview
Arlos B
Arlos B 24 dagar sedan
Know why there is no voter fraud...? Because a 250K possible fine and 10 years in prison is not worth an extra vote...
Manuel Zelaya
Manuel Zelaya 24 dagar sedan
“Our elections have occurred. Recounts and audits have been conducted. Appropriate challenges have been addressed by the courts. Governors have certified the results. And the electoral college has voted,” “The time for questioning the results has passed; the time for the formal counting of the electoral college votes, as prescribed in the Constitution and statute, has arrived.”
TraetuusPlays 24 dagar sedan
Also a Job that makes you work on election day should be considered voter suppression. I have had 2 bosses now gloat about making their liberal young staff work on election days, while giving their republican staff the days off. Doesn't anyone ever consider this? You got 1 factory with 1k workers, who have to work on election day. That's 1k voters getting disenfranchised IF they don't do the ten hoop jumps to get through absentee voting. Both sides do it, to anyone not of their alignment. Can't get past race if all you do is equate everything negative that happens to that. Seriously grasping for straws in the era of universal understanding.
Andrew Kennedy-Reagan
Andrew Kennedy-Reagan 23 dagar sedan
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof 24 dagar sedan
I never register early before the voting date. I simply wait for election day to arrive and I take my photo ID and proof and length of residency and register at the voting location. I've been doing this for decades, so why change what has been working all this time. Five months before the 2020 Presidential Election, I moved into my new apartment. I kept receiving voting registration letters, week after week, requesting the forms be filled out and returned to City Hall. NO! On election day, I went to the polling location with my ID and rent receipts, registered onsite and voted. What can they do? Bump me off the registered list minutes after just registering? lol. It would be INSANE for a poll worker to tell me I'm no longer registered just as I'm about to feed my ballot into the machine! lol
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof 24 dagar sedan
@Lynda Weister ✌️😉👍
Lynda Weister
Lynda Weister 24 dagar sedan
Good Idea! Good Job!
WhiteBuffalo Designs
WhiteBuffalo Designs 24 dagar sedan
Live guest in studio, no mask, not 6 feet apart, what is going on Trevor?
Thomas Nimmesgern
Thomas Nimmesgern 24 dagar sedan
Probably a rerun.
The Always Late Show Nour
The Always Late Show Nour 24 dagar sedan
The entertaining part of Trevor is great, but these type of informative educational interviewers are even better imo
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof 24 dagar sedan
Trevor is so fluid with his speech when asking questions. I've never seen him flub words or use breaking words like, um... or hmm... I bet if he were in a movie he would kill his lines every time.
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof 15 dagar sedan
@Hornswroggle 💪😄👍 It takes strength and courage for anyone to own up to their mistakes no matter how minor the mistake.
Hornswroggle 15 dagar sedan
@Audio Visual Proof Was about to edit it out... but now I'm leaving it in. XD
Audio Visual Proof
Audio Visual Proof 24 dagar sedan
@Hornswroggle The irony of your comment is really funny because you flubbed a word while typing. I guess you're also *himan,* I mean *human* after all. 👌😁👍
Hornswroggle 24 dagar sedan
He sometimes flubs a word. But that's fine... he's himan after all. But you're right it's rare. I say he's just well prepared and has an awesome team on the show. Also on issues that are important to him he's even more focused.
robert biermann
robert biermann 24 dagar sedan
Voter suppression equals Joe Biden cheating and rampid election fraud by Democrats!
robert biermann
robert biermann 23 dagar sedan
@Thomas Nimmesgern No, that means that 60 cases were found where courts would not intervene. No cases were even heard. They were all declined. This is procedural and has nothing to do with evidence. This was done to provide proof that it is not a court is a legislative issue. Wake up Thomas...the matrix has you.
Thomas Nimmesgern
Thomas Nimmesgern 24 dagar sedan
No. The Trump side has lost 60 cases in court, so even the judges haven't seen any voter fraud.
Herman ten Klooster
Herman ten Klooster 24 dagar sedan
Why are Americans not automatically registered to vote, or better yet, automatically a voter? I live in the Netherlands, where everybody older than 18 is a voter and receives a voting card automatically. I can't think of a more democratic system.
Alex S
Alex S 15 dagar sedan
Because the government is incompetent
zeveroare R
zeveroare R 18 dagar sedan
@Paul Phelps "very simple process", that's a joke right? You're not seriously saying that...
bellatrixguerra 19 dagar sedan
@stephen marshall and you come out jail, you could still vote you know?
Paul Phelps
Paul Phelps 20 dagar sedan
@intuitionz You need an ID for: Driving Cashing Checks Airplane Travel Out of Country Travel Social Security Medical Aid (Hippa info) Getting loans Buying weed Buying alcohol Buying guns/ammo Employment Going to school Protect your rights- voter ID is needed!
Makise Kuristina
Makise Kuristina 21 dag sedan
Same here in Singapore. Once you reach 21, you’re automatically a voter
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 24 dagar sedan
It is time for USID (United States Identification) card to resolve ALL the issues they are arguing about!
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 23 dagar sedan
@Hornswroggle Well, it is kind of a no brainer! If you are going to have a "nation" then you should have a "national ID card". Believe me I am a civil rights counselor and I understand all the issues associated with implementing something like that! What scares everyone is: "anything created by man for good, can be perverted by man for bad". Unfortunately in America now with the Republicans AND Democrats, BOTH parties have be perverted into UNAmerican ideologies and they are BOTH the root of the problems that exist! Voter Suppression by Republicans AND Voter Fraud by Democrats, BUT this is nothing compared to the BALLOT SUPPRESSION by BOTH! When you are stuck with "two shitty choices" what good does it do to vote! Thank GOD we have Jewish lawyers to protect US from them BOTH! The problem is: "if they don't have the correct formula, they will NEVER get the correct answer", that is the problem with both of them, they are both trying to implement some perverted type of "socialism" in which freedom and individual rights are eliminated! They BOTH only want "their" people in office or "in control". They are BOTH doing it from the radical fringe. Being from Germany you should understand how "government" (public servants) can be perverted! This problem is it is like someone who hasn't cleaned their room in a LOOOONG time, it is a pain at first!
Hornswroggle 23 dagar sedan
@Terry Wheelock Ok I should add: I live in Germany where we just *have* universal national ID. I get your point - IF the ID in question is issued universally. Then it actually works. The problem with the Voter ID many are proposing is being abused as a filter to throw people off the tally - because the system issuing the ID is also supposed to be policed by the voters who in turn are being thrown off the tally for threatening their positions of power. So which non-partisan (and ideally non-political) instance would then issue these IDs so they ARE actually universally available?
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 24 dagar sedan
@Hornswroggle Nope, it solves ALL the issues around identification, benefits, voting, immigration, and a whole host of other issues! It is your PROOF you are a Citizen, the OWNER of the company, the BOSS! AND, the real BIG ISSUE, removing Republicans AND Democrats from public services because NEITHER is working FOR the people, ALL the people, EQUALLY! The DNC loons will just try to pervert it! Criminals on the LEFT, Criminals on the RIGHT! The point is THEY are BOTH CRIMINALS! It is TIME for a national ID card if you want it, if you don't enjoy your struggles!
Hornswroggle 24 dagar sedan
That's just moving the problem once more... Because you better believe GOPs goons will try to tamper with the system to issue those by building up new roadblocks. That's why they want a seperate Voter ID system in the first place: It's so they can hand pick who gets one and who doesn't.
Terry Wheelock
Terry Wheelock 24 dagar sedan
YES, there is VOTER FRAUD by Democrats, YES, there is VOTER SUPPRESSION by Republicans, .... BUTT neither are in an amount that affects the elections! The ISSUE is BALLOT SUPPRESSION by BOTH Republicans AND Democrats! If Americans ONLY have a "lesser of the two EVILS" choice WE the PEOPLE are SCREWED no matter which of the two are elected, because you are electing EVIL! THE INDEPENDENT PARTY is oldest, largest, fastest growing, and friendliest party and it is time to "GO INDEPENDENT!" To restore ALL public service to just that, SERVANTS of ALL the People EQUALLY! Imagine that! Public Servant that are ALL ..... "OF the People, BY the People, and FOR the People, ALL the People, EQUALLY!" (Terry W. Wheelock) It is time for THE INDEPENDENT PARTY to rise and REPLACE ALL Republicans AND Democrats in public service! It is time to put America back onto the road to "a more perfect Union"! A nation of WE the PEOPLE, one in which there is ACTUAL "LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL!"
George B. Wolffsohn
George B. Wolffsohn 24 dagar sedan
Real life catch 22.
Jonah 24 dagar sedan
This woman is rad, voter fraud in America is basically a myth.
MLG GAMER 24 dagar sedan
Incredibly relevant. Even after the presidential election.
Nunya .Bidness
Nunya .Bidness 24 dagar sedan
That is really despicable by Trump! He needs to be removed now! The votes have been counted 4 times already and now he wants it "recalculated". His lawyers have failed in so many court appearances to produce proof that massive and systematic fraud occurred in the election. Trump lost and the people's say needs to be respected. It was Trump and the Republicans that did their best to suppress voters across the country. Enough is enough, this not how I want my Republican party and conservative ideology represented.
maitre BONNEVEAU 24 dagar sedan
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William Smithers
William Smithers 24 dagar sedan
So much insight.....beautiful lady
Frank Walsh
Frank Walsh 24 dagar sedan
Trevor gets really interesting people on his show!
gyozakeynesian 23 dagar sedan
He's also an excellent interviewer.
Mx Pants
Mx Pants 24 dagar sedan
IMO anyone who goes to jail or prison should be leaving with a valid state id (non driving). Screw a birth certificate, we should be damn sure about anyone's id if we're jailing them, and not having a valid ID (in my city one is required to enter the building where you can get the birth certificate copy you'd need to... you get the picture)
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White 24 dagar sedan
I love Professor Anderson! I wish every single American would hear her speak on these critical issues. Right wing nut burgers won't accept the truth she speaks, but everyone else who cares about these issues needs to understand what the enemy is doing if we're going to ever beat them at their game.
Debbie Ochoa
Debbie Ochoa 24 dagar sedan
Professor Anderson is so articulate and on point. Thank for interviewing her.✌😊💜🙏🌹🙋‍♀️
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 24 dagar sedan
Is the US still the Land of the Free? Ask the First Nations if they think so. Ask Blacks when they see Police and Karen. Ask Chinese when you laugh and say Chinese Flu.
Maryam 19 dagar sedan
@Rolling Helicopter 😞
Darwinian Atheist
Darwinian Atheist 22 dagar sedan
It's still the land of the free. Enough of the bullcrap oppression propaganda
forisma 23 dagar sedan
Don't use a name as an insult.
Rolling Helicopter
Rolling Helicopter 24 dagar sedan
As the Muslims too
Peter Slegers
Peter Slegers 24 dagar sedan ask kids in suburbia
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 24 dagar sedan
Radical as being killed for being BLACK WITH A CELL PHONE or SUBWAY SANDWICH. The World should hold the US accountable for American human rights abuses at home and abroad.
intuitionz 24 dagar sedan
@Rolling Helicopter I didn't know that. I mean, it sounds perfectly logical I just didn't know it. very interesting.
Rolling Helicopter
Rolling Helicopter 24 dagar sedan
America cannot join the EU due to human right violations
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La Dame Bleue
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Jocke & Jonna
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