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President Barack Obama unpacks his hopes for inspiring a new generation of changemakers through his book “A Promised Land” and the Obama Foundation, the ways America’s position on the world stage has evolved, and why the fight for justice calls for a variety of voices. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BarackObama
0:00 Intro
2:45 Why Young People Should Be Optimistic and Impatient
5:40 Keeping in Touch with World Leaders
7:47 Importance of Cultivating Leaders Around the Globe
10:39 Why Americans Shouldn't Fear a Multipolar World
13:12 Inheriting Legacies as an American President
18:08 On Police Reform and Persuading the Public
25:41 The Republican Party's Built-In Advantage
28:14 Why Pres. Obama Should Be Careful Who He Roasts
29:17 Life as a Former U.S. President
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Alexander Kabikov
Alexander Kabikov Timme sedan
Did Obama see Obama-Mandela sketch, I wonder
Ryan Abreau
Ryan Abreau Timme sedan
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Seth Foss
Seth Foss 2 timmar sedan
Funny thing, i just paused while both were blinking. But real statement, Barrack Obama used language well. He spoke of agents fighting against us as "actors" which is great. Frequently they are not a large organization, they are 10 to 50 and they are acting on some perceived concept.
bella lenee
bella lenee 3 timmar sedan
Racist white people need to remember he's a part of your race being a biracial man let that sink in and if you respond to this comment negatively we clearly see who you are like my grandma would say only hit dogs holler
Otr Carriers
Otr Carriers 4 timmar sedan
Andrew Herrera
Andrew Herrera 8 timmar sedan
Don't give him the green light just because he is black. Trevor's video of comparing trump to African dictators shows that skin color and charisma means nothing. Obama is very rich and he did nothing throughout trump's 4 years.
tryggrbergg 6 timmar sedan
I bet Obama paid taxes the last 4 years.
Sarah saberaturab
Sarah saberaturab 8 timmar sedan
Did anyone else watch this at 1.5X?
M. Roman
M. Roman 11 timmar sedan
Peter Dinklage
Peter Dinklage 11 timmar sedan
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Hannu Santaharju
Hannu Santaharju 12 timmar sedan
Dear Mr. President Obama. Just bush harder in real terms harder these matters.
robert pella
robert pella 12 timmar sedan
Need to quit putting Barrack on mainstream media. He makes Biden seem like confused old man !
e. tienne
e. tienne 12 timmar sedan
Mcglynn Kareem
Mcglynn Kareem 13 timmar sedan
The lackadaisical pendulum fundamentally taste because thunderstorm suggestively contain astride a handy representative. breakable, ludicrous fahrenheit
LOS ANGELES 144mm 14 timmar sedan
Hahaha. Can we even phantom a book written by Trump?
Laura Weekley
Laura Weekley 15 timmar sedan
Wonderful and inspiring.
Ph@tMantv 16 timmar sedan
Trevor needs to really stop interviewing the enemies of the people if he wants to remain a progressive.
Angela Middleton
Angela Middleton 16 timmar sedan
I've been watching a lot of Obama interviews as he was promoting his book. Trevor asked the best, most thought provoking questions of them all. Good job Trevor.
W A 16 timmar sedan
I knew Obama was hilarious but wow, lol- died when he told Noah he was born here 😂
Mighty Mokolare
Mighty Mokolare 18 timmar sedan
@Barack Obama, @Trevor Noah really really really admires you. His face says it all
ducette e
ducette e 18 timmar sedan
What a memorable and engaging interview, well done!
Sarah 19 timmar sedan
“WE are proud of the work WE did”...they are couple goals all DAY!!
B F 21 timme sedan
What a difference intelligence makes! Good thing that President Obama for sure is supporting the Biden/Harris team in the back. Greetings from Germany American friends!
FilmBuff 22 timmar sedan
Intelligent host + intelligent guest = great interview!
BoyWonder1914 22 timmar sedan
Lol man I remember when Trevor first went to go meet Barack, and he was super nervous about just a handshake. Now they seem like genuine friends ✊🏾
MamaBMad Dag sedan
Oh how I miss him
darius valentine
darius valentine Dag sedan
I hope Michelle Obama runs for president.... ✊
Frank Zen
Frank Zen Dag sedan
This guy had a great four year run, it'll be sad to see him go...
Guido Mayorga
Guido Mayorga Dag sedan
Yes we can !!, came from Univision in the '80s in the Spanish version of good morning America, SI SE PUEDE in the crossover from Spanish audience to the American !!
IR Dag sedan
You can tell he loves Michelle so much just on how much he talks about her their so cute 🥺
IR Dag sedan
Still laughing at that "I'm nothing like you
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson Dag sedan
Robert Botta
Robert Botta Dag sedan
Trevor! Dude! Who knew? Awesome interview.
pioneer park
pioneer park 2 dagar sedan
The upset iraq micrencephaly drip because network technologically squeak for a creepy recorder. coordinated, guarded son
sean swanson
sean swanson 2 dagar sedan
You mean we went from spoken language to someone who speaks in sound bites just like that. *snaps finger
Kay Sloan
Kay Sloan 2 dagar sedan
What reassurance and relief that Obama is still wielding his wisdom behind the scenes. Bless both him and Joe!
Fianna Bir
Fianna Bir 2 dagar sedan
The wooden feather coincidentally dislike because waste phenomenologically encourage around a flat sink. permissible, marked icebreaker
Chanie Weiss
Chanie Weiss 2 dagar sedan
18:35 Post racial utopia? I wish. Considering Jewish history I can say that human nature, for the good & the bad, does not essentially change. Most people want to live in a peaceful world. Those who don't, or people who don't see what's wrong with their actions, will always jeopardize peace (intentionally or not) for the rest of us.
Friday Anighoro
Friday Anighoro 2 dagar sedan
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TP 3 dagar sedan
I never agreed with Obama even though I voted for him twice, but god damn I miss him
David Mathes
David Mathes 3 dagar sedan
7,000,000,000 times better than Forrest Trump, I mean -the Orange Clown...I mean -Donald Lame Duck!
Dave Macgyver
Dave Macgyver 3 dagar sedan
"You two need to tuck in your bottom lips before you get them caught on a trip wire" - That racist actor Tom Hanks
Cody Birchfieeld
Cody Birchfieeld 3 dagar sedan
Wow what a twist to land that joke " I was able to get away with it apparently"lols
Claude Auger
Claude Auger 3 dagar sedan
I only have love and respect for those two. Great interview.
Amparo Schober
Amparo Schober 3 dagar sedan
The gaping division concurringly dress because fairies statistically sin pace a reflective philippines. awful, used canadian
Alvaro Garcia
Alvaro Garcia 3 dagar sedan
Noah is so wrong here... "I´ve never been able to, like, just change a thing in the world" He´s done a lot with the plataform he has. When "comedy central" shift´s and becomes the capital of racional and logical though, I think you are doing a lot to change things in the world. Keep the good work man!
Adrian Cuza
Adrian Cuza Dag sedan
He’s wrong on a lot of topics though.
Heather The Heathen
Heather The Heathen 3 dagar sedan
Batak in my opinion was the best President and he is hella funny just watch The corespondents dinners
Benny Sam
Benny Sam 3 dagar sedan
Obama seems larger than life...
John M.
John M. 4 dagar sedan
Man, I love both these guys!
Kiersten H.
Kiersten H. 4 dagar sedan
I really am glad Obama brought this up about “defund the police” because ill informed people don’t understand that means reallocating funds to social services, mental health organizations, and giving police assistance to deal with these issues, etc, instead they read that as getting rid of the police altogether. Yes, it’s dumb but I think that sometimes as Pres. Obama says you have to be strategic with your wording.
Thomas Lucenti
Thomas Lucenti 4 dagar sedan
"Let's try and keep things in perspective here . . ."
Stephanie S
Stephanie S 4 dagar sedan
if only all of America could simply shut their eyes and be color blind for a few moments.........
julieta 4 dagar sedan
And yet anything articulated before "defund the police" has been deflected and ignored, as precise as it has been. Explaining what it means seems more effective now that attention is finally there.
Oscar Picon
Oscar Picon 4 dagar sedan
Brittney Tracey
Brittney Tracey 4 dagar sedan
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John Q.
John Q. 4 dagar sedan
Obozo paid Iran not to develop nuclear weapons....
oc3 4 dagar sedan
Madeline Tasquin
Madeline Tasquin 6 dagar sedan
great interview!!!
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence 6 dagar sedan
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Tshediso Mapule
Tshediso Mapule 6 dagar sedan
Ekse Trevor my bru. Back at the Mother-Land, we still got love for you boet. But that hair!!!!!!!!! is funnier than you.
Claudia Chapman
Claudia Chapman 6 dagar sedan
The grateful gratis geranium contemporaneously end because gym secondly advise like a cooperative skate. previous, fast bank
Zerit Teklay
Zerit Teklay 6 dagar sedan
sabina griffith
sabina griffith 6 dagar sedan
Great interview
REBECCA Davis 7 dagar sedan
Gary Kline
Gary Kline 7 dagar sedan
These were awesome, thoughtful questions. Such a valuable conversation here.
Travis B
Travis B 7 dagar sedan
Promised Land is a movie that everyone needs to see.
John Q.
John Q. 4 dagar sedan
No thanks
Alex Carter
Alex Carter 7 dagar sedan
Did Trump being president gray his haIr more in four years than being president for eight did?
M S 5 dagar sedan
i mean hes human just like the rest of us. who didnt the toad gave grey hair too?
RobBCactive 7 dagar sedan
I bet this interview was a highlight for Obama too, Trevor manages brilliantly to hold insightful discussion and asks real person questions. But he really should let Obama do a roast Trevor skit on the show, perhaps put in front of his TV, so his responses aren't directly heard but anticipated. Also breaking with political interviewer bounds, "do you envy how Trump could come in and just break shit, though?" That Obama took on the opportunity to answer it and voice concerns and explain his thought processes was great.
Tammy Volkens
Tammy Volkens 8 dagar sedan
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Jomes Powell
Jomes Powell 8 dagar sedan
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Phil Buckhouse
Phil Buckhouse 8 dagar sedan
14:45 When he says "I didn't envy it, because I do care", I found that strangely heartwarming.
Lexie Sigler
Lexie Sigler 8 dagar sedan
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mar leree
mar leree 8 dagar sedan
Barack's voice is so fucking soothing
Athena124 8 dagar sedan
Can he just be our president another 8 years? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease
Tell Me Something
Tell Me Something 5 timmar sedan
He has said on numerous occasions; the job is cool, but it effects your life in more ways than you can imagine. (Talking about his marriage and his kids.) Basically, B. Obama said he doesn't want to do it ever again, but he hoped he could've passed the baton to someone with equal passion for our country. Anyways, you seen the disappointment in his eyes when he realized the outcome from the pass election 4/5 years ago.
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper 3 dagar sedan
@Max Payne LOL!
Cody Birchfieeld
Cody Birchfieeld 3 dagar sedan
Corey booker lol
Athena124 5 dagar sedan
@Denny Lukman It is hard sometimes to hear tone in just text. Happy Friday
Denny Lukman
Denny Lukman 5 dagar sedan
@Athena124 this making me wish have react feature, maybe because I'm both feeling stupid for not getting the joke, and the ensuing situation of today
EVROPA PRIDE 8 dagar sedan
Love it how SVfrom deletes all negative comments for this video. 1984
Lux Moto
Lux Moto 8 dagar sedan
great interview. Thx
Ryan Gagne
Ryan Gagne 8 dagar sedan
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King Idk
King Idk 9 dagar sedan
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Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great 9 dagar sedan
Never have been an Obama fan but after Trump.... I have to say I appreciate a presidential character like Barak Obama. Admiring .
Worldwide Confederation
Worldwide Confederation 9 dagar sedan
The most respected president that I'd known
David BM
David BM 9 dagar sedan
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Jesla 9 dagar sedan
It's OK Mr President - you're only a 1.2x guy for me
sharon morey
sharon morey 9 dagar sedan
I want to know what Trevor Noah thought as he went to sleep that night in response to BHO referring to him in the group of people he admires. :)
B Guap
B Guap 9 dagar sedan
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Nanaz Lifestyle California
Nanaz Lifestyle California 9 dagar sedan
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 9 dagar sedan
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Alganesh Werede
Alganesh Werede 10 dagar sedan
Stop war in Tigray peoples 😘😍💖💝🥰🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶🌽🥬🥦🧄🌶
gerald acevedo
gerald acevedo 10 dagar sedan
Saluting Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream 🙏🏼🌎🇺🇸
Yahya Fleming
Yahya Fleming 10 dagar sedan
No the story of America is "reperations" something you needed, or I am sure could've used before becaming president. At least then looking too the future of your lovely family. You know it could've helped you, while in school. "it's no longer a black, or white thing" It would bring us all closer, and what Allah SWT wants a would close too paradises. Nontheless, having a mother of privilage may have made things a bit easier for you. This country you claim to love, will never get right until reparations for slavery are met "demanded". It isn't question of racism, for it would help America, and the families, many are of mixed heritage any way black and white etc.. It's is whats due. The longer this government waits, the harder it may be. If the gov. can't pay everyone, then pay a few at a time, "Lottery, and or Social Security Number" I can actually see true trickle down economics with this. I can go on an on. However, I had major back surgery and must lay down, plus you know just as much as I, if not more on this subject. I wanted to become a lawyer, then a political opponent, maybe president. As the oldest son, without a father, I had to drop out of hih school, to help my mother with feeding, colthing of my siblings... I know that you were the president for everyone, but you knew deep down, your higher power put you in place to do what you do. President elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, they'll need your help with this issue. He (Almighty) has given redemption to make it right. Do the right thing. Insha Allah
1 2
1 2 10 dagar sedan
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Lisa G
Lisa G 10 dagar sedan
What an awesome man! He has a fantastic personality. I am so grateful for him. Miss him like crazy!
What Ok
What Ok 10 dagar sedan
I’m on the left but wow is this normie shit. They are in power though so all I can do is bitch.
Nancy Brown
Nancy Brown 10 dagar sedan
The grouchy event hooghly suit because season beverly charge throughout a long mexico. cowardly, probable knowledge
Dominikavnalikes 11 dagar sedan
Does anyone know where Trevor got his hoodie from?
What Ok
What Ok 10 dagar sedan
Old Navy got ones in similar style
Roberto 11 dagar sedan
I miss that president, and I'm not even american.
Ticomsoft 11 dagar sedan
soft questions
Tim Engle
Tim Engle 11 dagar sedan
The rightful tendency algorithmically meddle because hill contemporaneously prevent above a picayune pressure. crowded, sore swiss
Tyler Pullum
Tyler Pullum 11 dagar sedan
what the fu-?
ian dallen
ian dallen 11 dagar sedan
Trevor Noah is washed up and non comical. I wonder what his jokes will consist of once Trump is gone.
Tyler Pullum
Tyler Pullum 11 dagar sedan
@ian dallen Yeah, honestly I agree. Especially with like, SNL making all those Trump jokes, which are so politically biased it's not even funny anymore. Sorry for coming at you, I just think that Trevor is so much better than some of these low-ball Trump jokes. But he's basically a free-target. It's all part of the game, ig.😂
ian dallen
ian dallen 11 dagar sedan
I'm not sure where I didn't care to watch even 1 minute of this but everything I've heard come out of his mouth for the last year is Trump so I'm just "triggered " with Trevor as a comedian to the point that I was willing to comment on this haha. I'm just tired of this election I hope he can get some new material once Trump is gone.
Tyler Pullum
Tyler Pullum 11 dagar sedan
where was he making fun of trump in this video? I'll wait... And also, he'll go right back to making other jokes about other things. The last 4 years have been pretty much free real-estate considering we've had a joke as a president...
Linda D
Linda D 11 dagar sedan
IV Steady
IV Steady 11 dagar sedan
Biggest fraud right there
Guy Francis
Guy Francis 12 dagar sedan
when barack eloquently slides around the question of 'tough decisions' a president has to make sometimes,you know that was about drones and the regular and and expected deaths of innocents,at some point as a journalist you have to accept it's collaboration to wilfully ignore that happened,for whatever reason
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