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Moving back in with your parents for the winter? Michael Kosta is an old pro. #DailyShow #MichaelKosta
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Melissa Joras
Melissa Joras Månad sedan
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洩矢諏訪子 Månad sedan
I'm 28 living with parent and have no job.
The Cold Poet
The Cold Poet Månad sedan
Costa’s eyes look like he’s been day drinking and snorting dope. But it’s not Tuesday, and I thought he only does that on Tuesday.
Jiwanjot Guron
Jiwanjot Guron Månad sedan
#NoFarmersNoFood. The largest protest in History is happening right now yet the media are not reporting on it.
Scifisam Månad sedan
I lived with my parents until I was 27 (finally got a job that I could afford rent on), I still go home every weekend (do laundry and watch their cats for them). I follow one rule, and they let me come down/stay whenever I want: Before I leave, I remove any sign that I was there (When I lived there, the rule was to keep every sign of my presence out of the common rooms. Clutter in my personal room only.) That's my best tip.
kiyu -_-
kiyu -_- Månad sedan
...yeah that would be me.
Ted M
Ted M Månad sedan
I'm sure many guys and girls would let you move in.
Mike Young
Mike Young Månad sedan
I lived in a seniors apartment building for a few months (which caused some intense depression at the time) where people basically have been abandoned by family. It's not a happy place. Monthly visits (some received none) do not make up for being excluded from family. Many living like this have no families so when you move your parents into these situations it's already a place of sadness. Many are sick or suffering from breathing issues of which many conditions would be eased if their lives weren't ones of endless loneliness. Please do not exclude parents from being and living with family unless absolutely necessary.
Adieu Månad sedan
Dude, headphones and staggered schedules... the only way to survive quarantine in multi-generational families is to be asleep for most of the time others are awake
DRGH DRGH Månad sedan
Omg my dad gave me $50 bucks. He told me to get dinner with a friend. Hahahaha.
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Månad sedan
kelly O
kelly O Månad sedan
That painting of Kosta in the background 👍👍👏👏
MLG GAMER Månad sedan
I already live with my mom. Mainly cuz I had an unnecessary dispute with my grandma which did escalate to police being called and no I didn't aggress on her she punched and fought me first. True story bro
Phony Nony
Phony Nony Månad sedan
Willem Mevius
Willem Mevius Månad sedan
Michael has been replaced with a rcyborg. Just check his eyes!
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue Månad sedan
37 here, living at home with Auntie! But my 44 year old cousin is here too, so it’s nice man I’m tellin’ you!
lbednaz Månad sedan
As the parent of adult children at home, I am wearing ear buds after dinner every night!! I don't want to hear the couples fighting or making up!!
Becca Månad sedan
Jokes on you, I’m 29 and had to move back when I was 25. Ayoooooo.
Jewel ofthenile
Jewel ofthenile Månad sedan
He looks like Charlie Puth
Tahtahme's Diary
Tahtahme's Diary Månad sedan
I wish I or my husbands had parents to "move back in" with.
Jenna C
Jenna C Månad sedan
@Eric Minch 😂
Eric Minch
Eric Minch Månad sedan
Surely at least ONE of your husbands has parents, don't they?
Paul Wright
Paul Wright Månad sedan
www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-the-age-when-it-officially-becomes-too-embarrassing-to-live-with-your-parents-2019-06-04 Apparently, he hit the nail on the head. 28 is the magic age when you absolutely NEED to leave home.
•Kind Soul•
•Kind Soul• Månad sedan
0:56 That doesn't work with Africans or Asians.😂
agiar2000 Månad sedan
This reminds me of Ninja Sex Party's "Welcome to my Parents' House".
robert garza
robert garza Månad sedan
The bent cheese unexplainably stroke because skill morphologically enjoy mid a ill-informed weasel. amuck, accurate cod
Callie Masters
Callie Masters Månad sedan
Ain't no shame in eating at 4pm... unless it's your breakfast.
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue Månad sedan
@Callie Masters Uh ... so, 1.) there are way, way more guys on my shift than just “three”; 2.) I have been a night owl my whole adult life, and I prefer to stay up until 4:00 and sleep until 11:00. What you say is not universally true.
Callie Masters
Callie Masters Månad sedan
Nobody works the night shift except like 3 guys, and even they try to stay up all day too.
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue Månad sedan
But what if you work the night shift? 😕
Christel Headington
Christel Headington Månad sedan
Moved out at 19....shit happened, moved back in at 22...blah blah blah....moved out at 25.....stuff happened, moved back in at 30..... met he who would be my husband, moved out at 40 married at 42......widowed at 62...parents are gone their house sold...at 74 trying to live long enough to pay off the mortgage.
Mya Månad sedan
Turning 18 during COVID is like the psychological equivalent of being all dressed up with nowhere to go. Like, physically I’m just a former baby trying to get by, but emotionally, I’m stuck in an elegant ball gown because the zipper broke and now I’m just living in it. My body is sitting in zoom community college, but in my mind I’m wiping Cheeto dust on fine silk and vaguely wondering if that’s problematic.
Lash LaRue
Lash LaRue Månad sedan
I’m so sorry, 😂😭😂 but this post is hilarious. I feel your pain! If it makes you feel any better, literally nobody older than you knows any better than you do; we’re all just stumbling through this weird pandemic and faking like we’re not completely mystified by it all. You’ve got time though! It will be ok one day, pandemics have been around since the first Jeebis Fish crawled out of the cave where the dinosaurs and cavemen were smoking the hookah together.
Just me, myself and I
Just me, myself and I Månad sedan
😂That is an amazingly accurate description
Pamela Bronson
Pamela Bronson Månad sedan
If you get a prom or bride's maid dress from Goodwill you can have the best of both without having to compromise.
Hector Abcdefg
Hector Abcdefg Månad sedan
I didn’t think about this idea but i will consider it
Richie Manchi
Richie Manchi Månad sedan
This dude is a fool with this 1...lol
Bernadette Bailey
Bernadette Bailey Månad sedan
Rents are SO HIGH, EVERY family member should be bunking up! It shouldn't be a problem - shelter, heat, water, electricity, food, Internet -- Just CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR OWN DAMN SELF, and you should have a PEACEFUL HOUSE.
zirak93 - 2
zirak93 - 2 Månad sedan
Got to love Michael Kosta. I flipped at the "banging your mom" part. LOL. And this video is the most relatable video of the entire channel. :P
Brent goff
Brent goff Månad sedan
Vaccine orgies
TruePHYSX Månad sedan
My partner and I literally just made this decision like 3 weeks ago lol
sanjuansteve Månad sedan
My entire family are American Republicans (radicalized bigots). I can't even speak to them.
Mimi B
Mimi B Månad sedan
I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe they can change?
Just me, myself and I
Just me, myself and I Månad sedan
Nah... Don't do that. My fam is the same, but it think it's important to realize that at the end of the day we're all human. With human failings and fears. I personally steer away from politics when I'm around them... Staying firm with your own beliefs but not intruding on theirs is a good start. It can be hard, but it's usually worth it.
Luke Månad sedan
Christ. Scrolling through all the bad life decisions in this comments section is depressing. Get it together, people
Adieu Månad sedan
People who make good life decisions do NOT comment on youtube. Ever.
RussianSpy Månad sedan
America is a lil strange. Here, if you’re not married yet or working out of state, it’s normal to live with your parents. You help out with the bills, and invest and save up the rest. Then when you’re fully financially stable, you can go. Living hand to mouth and paying a lot for rent is crazy.
onikin Månad sedan
@RussianSpy it is cultural. But it was also American culture before the 20th century. Of course if you're wealthy, it didn't matter which of the three family mansions you lived at. No stigma there ;)
Mimi B
Mimi B Månad sedan
True. It's a very american thing to expect to move out the second you are 18. I don't know any other country who does it.
RussianSpy Månad sedan
@onikin I think it’s also cultural- there are many families outside of the US that are wealthy, new money as well as generational wealth- but still stay with the parents. Leaving the moment you turn 18 and not when you are starting a family/ or have actual reason to do so ( a job that is far, studying overseas, etc) is not favourable. It’s a sign of disrespect, that you are eager to abandon your responsibilities as a son/daughter.
onikin Månad sedan
It comes from a time when most families were becoming increasingly wealthy, marriage happened young, and there was a lot of job security and financial stability once out of school. A lot of countries outside the USA did not have this experience of massive increases in wealth. How we are shifting to living now is how most lived in the early 20th century America. Multigenerational Households. It is again the situation of the early 21st century. But society takes time to adjust to changing realities... The culture of the nuclear family and bachelor pad, cir. 1940-2010, RIP.
323 2jz
323 2jz Månad sedan
If you dont ask them for anything, pay rent, have your own business, take care of your parents, live in the back house its all good. If your lazy, ask parents for everything, dont have a job... then theres something wrong.
Pamela Bronson
Pamela Bronson Månad sedan
Preach it! My son (17) and I (40) moved back in with my parents after they retired. We all pitch in with work and bills. It has allowed all of us to stay safe in the long run.
STILL Månad sedan
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them♥️
SailorMoon Månad sedan
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith Månad sedan
😂 take that $5
MFBloosh Månad sedan
Yeah mom, make coffee... I felt that.
Rayof Thoth24
Rayof Thoth24 Månad sedan
Cocaine is a hell of a drug!
Wick John
Wick John Månad sedan
As an Asian most of the points were relatable except yelling back at dad .......( no matter what age you are....you will be beaten down for that one)
CCP Virus
CCP Virus Månad sedan
Most Indians do live with their parents...Now a days things are changing as people are following foreign culture and also started to value money more than the peaceful life itself!
ClosedShop Månad sedan
Which is illegal and call the police.
Mimi Jester
Mimi Jester Månad sedan
For real though
Graciela Saenz
Graciela Saenz Månad sedan
Lol I hate you.. your not my Dad. Lol confused AY Silly works. Love a mom energy ❤️
Der Glückliche
Der Glückliche Månad sedan
I'd slit my wrists first.
TheOnlyOne WithGum
TheOnlyOne WithGum Månad sedan
Is it just me or is Michael Kosta sexy af??
Callie Masters
Callie Masters Månad sedan
It's just you.
ClosedShop Månad sedan
depends *no homo
maryavatar Månad sedan
There’s definitely more guys living with their parents than women. Which is odd, since there is way more stigma attached to it if you’re a guy. And yes, my 26 year old son still lives with us, while both his (younger) sisters have their own places.
Adieu Månad sedan
@Fairy7 princess yeah we WISH... not really how it goes.
Fairy7 princess
Fairy7 princess Månad sedan
@Nephron Pie Yeah I agree. There is definitely more emotional connection between fathers and daughters.
Nephron Pie
Nephron Pie Månad sedan
@Fairy7 princess your comment would resonate with my sister. But as a male I do feel there is less emotional exchange between fathers and sons, and hence some love lost. Not so between fathers and daughters.
Fairy7 princess
Fairy7 princess Månad sedan
Personally speaking, my motivation to move out as a woman is to live with freedom and not get constantly taunted about how I'm not a perfect woman. Men aren't moving out coz mommy doesn't make him do shit and daddy thinks he's the best thing ever.
maryavatar Månad sedan
@Just me, myself and I The older one moved in with her partner, and the younger one chose a university which was too far away for her to easily commute. They both now have jobs which make them able to support themselves. My son is a programmer and works from home - he could afford to move out, but doesn’t really have any motivation to leave.
Clint Barton
Clint Barton Månad sedan
As Michael B Jordan once said, I don't live with my parents. They live with me.
CaraRowen Månad sedan
@Mimi B no, it's not the same thing. He bought the house, it's is his house so they live with him in his house. This is how English works. If it were their house, he'd live with them. Also armie hammer is a terrible Clint FC because no way he's pulling any 250lbs tension. I mean honestly.
Clint Barton
Clint Barton Månad sedan
@Mimi B whose being disrespectful?
Mimi B
Mimi B Månad sedan
It's the same damn thing. Just cuz you make more money, there's no need to be disrespectful.
Mike Bee
Mike Bee Månad sedan
Not funny at all
Akinkunmi Mary Temitope
Akinkunmi Mary Temitope Månad sedan
What, dude can find humor in a situation that seems, I don't know, dire?
EG #Luxshawty
EG #Luxshawty Månad sedan
Loving it. You killed it bro😂
Noelle With an E
Noelle With an E Månad sedan
29 living w parents. Homelessness is more prevalent than we realize.
Krystal Roney
Krystal Roney Månad sedan
Also 29 and back at my parents house.... i hate it but it can be nice every 1st of the month lol
zirak93 - 2
zirak93 - 2 Månad sedan
@Jo Spinner Personally, I think Bernie Sanders was the best presidential candidate who would work for the best of all American people, not the 1 % at the top. From what I have seen of him, he wants a system pretty similar to what we have here in Scandinavia. I found it quite sad to see how many voted for Mr. Dump and how Mr. Sanders got such little support. Nevertheless, I am glad that Mr. Biden won the election, and I agree with you that he will try to start to solve the problems in the U.S. Thank you very much for your kind words. I also wish the best for you and your family. Stay safe and take care.
Jo Spinner
Jo Spinner Månad sedan
@zirak93 - 2 Yeah, there are many systemic social problems in the US that have crept up on us so gradually that people are suddenly shocked at how far behind the rest of the world we're starting to fall. Many of us here in the US envy a lot of the aspects of your functional government. Biden's not my favorite, but I do think he'll be able to start repairing some of the country's problems. I hope you and your family stay safe through the remainder of the pandemic!
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch Månad sedan
27, and I’ll be 30-32 when I move out.
zirak93 - 2
zirak93 - 2 Månad sedan
​@Jo Spinner It's fascinating to hear such stories between the U.S. and Europe. Sadly it shows how different they are. I don't know much about the rest of Europe, but just hearing your story tells me how many problems there are in the U.S. True enough, we have problems of our own, but it's not so bad a young man/woman can't move out and live on their own without facing such big problems. Here in Norway, you have to pay a small fee each term for your education. In other words, education is pretty much free, which is really great. So, if you have a part-time job + support you as a student from can the government, you should be able to manage. But we pray for you guys. Hopefully, the conditions will be better. At least you have gotten rid of Mr. Dump next year, which is a huge victory in itself.
Tunde Ballack
Tunde Ballack Månad sedan
It's nice man, i'm telling you
Rob Liston
Rob Liston Månad sedan
Michael Kosta, are you still living with your parents? Not that there's anything is wrong with that. 😂
Basti Pear
Basti Pear Månad sedan
This picture in the background
Carlyne Sainphor
Carlyne Sainphor Månad sedan
That picture in the background is the best!
Wesly Z
Wesly Z Månad sedan
If I bury them in the wall, am I still living with them?
Pamela Bronson
Pamela Bronson Månad sedan
Read the both "The Tell Tale Heart" & "Black Cat" by Edgar Allen Poe and get a touch of insight.
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes Månad sedan
Only if they’re living when you do it.
Osaogie Elaiho
Osaogie Elaiho Månad sedan
Me as a black kid: I wish I could stay with you when I grow up, mom. Life: wish granted
Suffering From Mood Poisoning
Suffering From Mood Poisoning Månad sedan
Same 😂
mori1bund Månad sedan
Be careful what you wish for 😂🤣
April Chow-chee
April Chow-chee Månad sedan
angelidia Månad sedan
Been living with my parents all my life. By the time I turned 18 and realized that living expenses is fucking expensive where I live, I decided that maybe living with my parents isn't so bad after all.
onikin Månad sedan
@Rat_ the_Chunk and they often reap the consequences of that when they get too sick or old to take care of themselves
angelidia Månad sedan
@April Chow-chee Why would I do that? Getting married and having children is like adding more expenses into my already limited budget.
April Chow-chee
April Chow-chee Månad sedan
Don't ever get married or have kids and bring them into that
Rat_ the_Chunk
Rat_ the_Chunk Månad sedan
@Mike Lopez srsly so many parents kick their own kids out
Nicolas Morley
Nicolas Morley Månad sedan
Edel O'Brien
Edel O'Brien Månad sedan
Ashish Kashyap
Ashish Kashyap Månad sedan
1:00 i know from experience that the worst thing a father can do is REALLY bad
vasi wasi
vasi wasi Månad sedan
what kind of plant is that
Dace in Mountains
Dace in Mountains Månad sedan
@vasi wasi Avocados seem to be a very hard plant to grow. I haven't met anyone that's been successful with them.
vasi wasi
vasi wasi Månad sedan
@Dace in Mountains i was growing some mangos and avocados. the avocados got a little dry or something, not sure if its the cold or all the bugs that were eating them.
Dace in Mountains
Dace in Mountains Månad sedan
@vasi wasi Yes, it's related to them: it is a succulent. Can get by with little watering, and thrives in both a lot of light or just a little light.
vasi wasi
vasi wasi Månad sedan
@Dace in Mountains looks like a cactus
Dace in Mountains
Dace in Mountains Månad sedan
It's called a snake plant. Very easy to care for-perfect for a bachelor. :)
Kay2Jay Månad sedan
Moving back in? California's housing prices are so impossible I've never left... no choice.
Adieu Månad sedan
Pretty much
Carlyne Sainphor
Carlyne Sainphor Månad sedan
Same in NYC
mm12345777 Månad sedan
And don't let anyone make you feel bad about that
N Medics
N Medics Månad sedan
svfrom.info/history/video/ftCMeoW9062Jh9Q fascinating facts
Medusa Gorgon
Medusa Gorgon Månad sedan
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner Månad sedan
As an 18 year old living with my parents, this is accurate lol
Mimi B
Mimi B Månad sedan
You aren't meant to have your own place at 18. How would you afford it? Doesn't count if your parents pay, lol.
ulysess oliveras
ulysess oliveras Månad sedan
@patsymerryman mitchell what if and if a 51
patsymerryman mitchell
patsymerryman mitchell Månad sedan
@ulysess oliveras 18 try 20
ulysess oliveras
ulysess oliveras Månad sedan
Janek Schmidt
Janek Schmidt Månad sedan
that man lol, you gotta love him
Blessed Tambala
Blessed Tambala Månad sedan
To much bro 😂🤣😂🤣🤣
Alpha Russel
Alpha Russel Månad sedan
The ending was disturbing lol
DRGH DRGH Månad sedan
But it is so true!!
memomorph Månad sedan
This hits too close to home, I’m yelling
Zoham Imam
Zoham Imam Månad sedan
Horrible profile pic
bluesdjben Månad sedan
Don't yell too loud, your parents will hear.
Olivier L.
Olivier L. Månad sedan
Love your profile pic
HackModNerd Månad sedan
Fuck that. I would rather live in a car or a homeless shelter then to move back in with my parents and have to deal with their Qanon conspiracy bullshit.
REELVON TV Månad sedan
2021 we going up!
Salami Boyz
Salami Boyz Månad sedan
Whoever is Reading this: Your skin isn't a paper don't cut it Your body isn't a book don't judge it Your heart isn't a door don't lock it Your life isn't a movie don't end it it Your brain isn’t a computer don’t run it You're beautiful If a caterpillar can become a beautiful butterfly you can be more amazing and fly even higher in life (by the way I’m also a small youtuber looking for your support plz) I didn't create this quote Just wanna spread positive vib
Graciela Saenz
Graciela Saenz Månad sedan
Thank you ❤️ a mom energy
Lucía Isa
Lucía Isa Månad sedan
This is sweet❤️
John B
John B Månad sedan
Just thought I would let you know that a caterpillar becomes beautiful after it completely destroys and recreates its cells.. so.. I'll get on that.
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