Jordan Klepper Sees It All at The Capitol Insurrection | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Pitchforks, Proud Boys, and a one-man “Tyranny Response Team.” Jordan Klepper saw it all at the Capitol insurrection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Capitol
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robbievangeenen Minut sedan
Wow! White supremacy is as alive and kicking as it ever was.
BassByTheBay 3 minuter sedan
You can argue that Klepper isn't the smartest journalist. You can argue that he isn't the funniest. But you can't argue that he isn't the _bravest._
Hana Omer
Hana Omer 4 minuter sedan
1:50 I know I shouldn’t be but I was really surprised by the slur
Lorenzo Menegol
Lorenzo Menegol 34 minuter sedan
I wish I had witt like his
Zonk 49 minuter sedan
Mainstream media has done nothing but attack the President for the last four years And the left did nothing but bitch the last 4 years and call the President not legitimate as Russia interfered. They kept saying not my President, never my President. Then extremest anti-Trump left wingers erupted nation wide. There where violent protests in Portland 3 days after Trump won. They never accepted Trump as the President ever and worked the whole time to remove him. Now after you insulted half of America, called them racist for 4 years and ostracized them, you want them to suddenly join and unite under the same President only because your side won. Hell no not my President. Why should I unite with your President when you people refused to unite for the last four years when the other side had their President in? You should expect nothing less from the other side, but the same thing you people put out. Biden should be blocked and so busy defending himself on impeachments like Trump was. It's only fair at this point. You reap what you sow. Everything you did to the other side, the other side will now do to you.
phong nguyễn
phong nguyễn 57 minuter sedan
Capitol satan BAMA BIDEN KAMALA mcconnell pelosy rip
Jeannie Luna
Jeannie Luna Timme sedan
Sir you are a marvel. Your work is brilliant!!
Zonk Timme sedan
And so it's okay when the left stormed the capitol during the Kavanuagh hearings? Because the protesters there also broke in. Only officials didn't have time to evacuate in that case and protesters got into the live hearings. US Capitol police had to remove several protesters.
11892rosa Timme sedan
Is it just me or are yall so angry at the guy who tripped the crew?? Like i feel i could literally go crazy on him.
1412 kaito
1412 kaito 2 timmar sedan
He said his 'Dry' January failed ? What did he got 'wet' at the trump rally ?
Hippoge 2 timmar sedan
Just wanna say to Jordan Klepper, thank you for all that you do. It honestly takes a lot of bravery to go up to a violent mob like that and find the humor in the situation.
Ann Beckman
Ann Beckman 2 timmar sedan
Is that man on a hover board?!? WTF
Jeffrey Bohémier
Jeffrey Bohémier 2 timmar sedan
Trump, his family members, Giuliani, and all their other cohorts need to be CRIMINALLY CHARGED WITH INCITING A RIOT IN AN ATTEMPT TO COMMIT A COUP IN ORDER TO STEAL THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION FROM THE RIGHTFUL DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED WINNER, PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN. Additionally, there should be charges added for CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER (times 5).Nothing less will be entirely UNACCEPTABLE. Any Republicans standing in the way should likewise, be charged with conspiracy to commit election fraud through an act of civil unrest. Each of these charges should carry a minimum sentence of LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF POROLE, as they’re treasonous to our country. We can NEVER ALLOW SUCH CORRUPTION TO TAKE PLACE WITHIN OUR DEMOCRACY AGAIN L
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 timmar sedan
Seeing all these folks wearing military gears and apparels is pretty disturbing. Either they’re veterans or civilians because all AD/AR/NG received a distro email about this.
Episode Beats
Episode Beats 3 timmar sedan
This is in bad taste. That wit could've been used to help people instead of belittle them. I never treat children, ignorant people or special ed people in this way.
Lisa London
Lisa London 3 timmar sedan
Look at the loonies
Mahendra Dhungel
Mahendra Dhungel 3 timmar sedan
Theses shows why the school system sucks, all of these guys didn't go to class
Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith 3 timmar sedan
i LOST it at the guy on the fucking scooter. God dammit.... lol
Dan Solo
Dan Solo 3 timmar sedan
The black hoodie crowd is probably so jealous right now.
Dan Solo
Dan Solo 3 timmar sedan
Anyone ever see that Kevin Kostner movie The Post Man? This is basically how they tanked civilization in the plot of that movie.
Khloe Carlson-Torres
Khloe Carlson-Torres 3 timmar sedan
Notice how they say blue lives matter but they assulted cops🙄
david dib
david dib 3 timmar sedan
Valeisha Pereira
Valeisha Pereira 3 timmar sedan
The FBI should use this video to identify those idiots.
Dan Solo
Dan Solo 3 timmar sedan
“Move to Cananadia!” “Bye Fleasha” 💅 “MAGA” “MEGA MAGA” “ULTRA MEGA MAGA”
Escularz Gaming
Escularz Gaming 3 timmar sedan
That shit is so out of context he literally said stay peaceful
Bio Kimistry
Bio Kimistry 4 timmar sedan
Glad you and your crew came out ok, Jordan. Condolences for your sobriety. (And mine)
Ryan McI
Ryan McI 4 timmar sedan
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Church of Seabass
Church of Seabass 4 timmar sedan
Just a heads up for those who don't know, the Constitution comes out to about 9 pages, standard font, 12 pt, single spaced, one side print.
BladeMasterz916 4 timmar sedan
Proof that the elections are not perfect but overall fair: Your team doesn't always win. Look at Russian... Putin always win. :D
Joey Crisci
Joey Crisci 4 timmar sedan
"as did my dry January"
ajvaldez42 4 timmar sedan
This crew deserves a raise and a medal of honor! I piss my pants just looking at these people on TV, let alone being in the middle of it WHILE making fun of them. Standing ovation for the entire crew! 👏👏👏👏👏
onlyaudi4me 5 timmar sedan
You’re in no way a journalist . Talk about BIAS?! Instigating shit. Lucky you didn’t get your ass kicked
Dan Rodrigues
Dan Rodrigues 5 timmar sedan
'it looks like we got some Proud Boy action...either that or it's Cabela's street team...' Fucking hilarious...
SHIRLENE WILLIAMS 5 timmar sedan
How are all these people going to be accountable for the things that they’re doing? Or is it going to be let go????? Or forgotten or slide or let go as always???? When is it going to end? How long is this going to happen?????????The proof is in the pudding.... and the pudding is SOUR ROTTIN to the core.........
dyll 5 timmar sedan
thats cute, you should have made one for Michigan, LA, NYC, Wisconsin, Portland, and Atlanta last year while they all burning and businesses being looted and destroyed, that would have been more funny, either way, this still funny lol.
77abcdef77 5 timmar sedan
Never been more embarrassed for America.
BakchormeeMan 5 timmar sedan
Hilarious video.. however, the potential danger he sometimes surrounds himself in is a bit much.. I can definitely imagine how this could have turned out very badly for him and his crew
BakchormeeMan 5 timmar sedan
Good luck in the paint ball tournament 😂😂😂
Mayra Heredia
Mayra Heredia 5 timmar sedan
Oh 'murica, you've outdone yourself with this one. Please, PLEASE stop.
Will Turner
Will Turner 5 timmar sedan
We're trying.
CONTACT JOY 5 timmar sedan
The crowd did not bring weapons to hurt people! No guns were discharged except by cops. You see? A pitchfork is only representation. Your report is FALSE!!
KarKris KS
KarKris KS 4 timmar sedan
It’s a joke, you know. This is not even journalism fam. This was sarcastic
Jc Garcia
Jc Garcia 5 timmar sedan
The majority of men in this are storming the capital with skinny jeans. Let that marinate in your head a bit
Lindsay Azevedo
Lindsay Azevedo 5 timmar sedan
Love this guy!
le lu
le lu 5 timmar sedan
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Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith 5 timmar sedan
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Stephen Christopher Heinrich
Stephen Christopher Heinrich 6 timmar sedan
Jordan Klepper, living on the edge.
Richard Wayland
Richard Wayland 6 timmar sedan
It's scary to imagine what all those people (and the entire administration) might have been able to accomplish if they were actually competent. We're lucky we can laugh about this stuff now, they were all so ineffective. Just glad Jordan didn't get hurt.
Susan Andris
Susan Andris 6 timmar sedan
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Nick-o-li Strumski
Nick-o-li Strumski 6 timmar sedan
The dude with a pitch fork kills me. Ha ha ha
Cheprechaun1 6 timmar sedan
Unfortunately this kind of is an argument for the 2nd amendment. Frankly this is why as a liberal Democrat I own guns.
Ada 7474
Ada 7474 6 timmar sedan
This guy is gay as hell
PROBABLY DEAD 6 timmar sedan
Have you noticed that almost every person in this riot are white guys 😂😂 Damn if trump wins racism wont end
abuladula 6 timmar sedan
To use force for political gain is the dictionary definition of Terrorism.
PROBABLY DEAD 6 timmar sedan
Damn I thought Americans were smart but now i have nothing to say
Mando Ball
Mando Ball 6 timmar sedan
This guy is funny. Sort of
Screamn’ Eagle
Screamn’ Eagle 6 timmar sedan
I like how this guy purposely excluded Trump telling his followers to peacefully march down to the capital which was his very next sentence. Who’s the criminal now?
Your Friendly Local Hannah
Your Friendly Local Hannah 6 timmar sedan
wheres the sedition? is it over here?😂😂
Kalina Phan
Kalina Phan 6 timmar sedan
They even braught Police the Thin Blue Line flag to attack the Police. 🤣
Fijian Patriot
Fijian Patriot 6 timmar sedan
"Are you STORMING THE CAPITOL!???" "Nah, I'm just checking it for somebody" Wahahhhaa Absolute legend
kaja nu'u
kaja nu'u 6 timmar sedan
What crazy people
Valeria Arevalos
Valeria Arevalos 6 timmar sedan
Today Trump goes back to Golf and fancy dinners: many of these people are going to Jail.
L S 6 timmar sedan
Wait, Trump was talking to his own mob... from behind bullet proof glass. What a weakling.
Margaret Vlcek
Margaret Vlcek 6 timmar sedan
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Kalina Phan
Kalina Phan 7 timmar sedan
They look and sound like them Locker Alien people in Men In Black. Locker C18. 🤣
L S 7 timmar sedan
About the Constitution: No really, it's remarkably short.
Jose Sandoval
Jose Sandoval 7 timmar sedan
The Constitution is like 2 pages how have they not read it
Gina Jean-paul
Gina Jean-paul 7 timmar sedan
I can’t believe how many millions functional illiterate the Great America harbors 😔
Zonk Timme sedan
It's called selective editing. Both sides can do that. Pretty easy to find a few dumb people in a crowed that big and selectively make it look like everyone there is like that.
Aidan Kasparian
Aidan Kasparian 7 timmar sedan
so these idiots take some weapons to look threatening, and all late night shows go crazy, but when Blm riots for about a year and tonnes of people are killed including black trump supporters, its fine?!
Ugandi Smith
Ugandi Smith 7 timmar sedan
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Kakashi Gamer
Kakashi Gamer 7 timmar sedan
Jordan Klepper is one of my favorite Daily Show correspondents
- Swoosh -
- Swoosh - 7 timmar sedan
2:00 😂😂😂
Myisha Holley
Myisha Holley 7 timmar sedan
His commentary is hilarious!😂😂😭😭
A R 7 timmar sedan
if you think this is the darkest day in American history. You must have forgotten about the assassination of MLK or the trail of tears.
CrazyCaucazion 8 timmar sedan
Did you just refer to the capital incident as to the darkest day in American history? Wow!! what a fool! These politicians just got a small taste of what Americans have been experiencing in their neighborhoods for the past couple years!! So yea I highly doubt most would share your opinion that the Happenings in DC on Jan 6 was that darkest day in American history! You TWAT waffle!
Joshua Grindstaff
Joshua Grindstaff 8 timmar sedan
USA is a federal republic
Jonathan Xiong
Jonathan Xiong 8 timmar sedan
wait so where was this same energy and interview when antifa and BLM was burning and looting cities across the country?....oh right cause if a trump mob riots then it’s a domestic terrorist attack but when antifa and BLM riot then it’s a peaceful protest.....the double standard 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Donna Smith
Donna Smith 8 timmar sedan
Trump clearly said “we will march to the Capital.”
K C 8 timmar sedan
He's pretty brave being around these impulsive, irrational idiots
I am now at !
I am now at ! 8 timmar sedan
Very smart Jordan, I love how you handled the Trump supporters aka domestic terrorists.
videos4mydad 8 timmar sedan
OMG, the "anything is possible" line was genius.
Edwin Rouse
Edwin Rouse 8 timmar sedan
We had a free and fair election Biden won get over it !!!
jjdrama 8 timmar sedan
This is hilarious and a little frightening. I think Jordan got more than he was bargaining for with this piece. I hope he and his team stayed safe.
Them 8 timmar sedan
Mostly peaceful protest.
ToFester 8 timmar sedan
They didn't stop our Democracy because EVIL never wins....
Jim Spammington
Jim Spammington 8 timmar sedan
One word to describe all this America
Jason Patterson
Jason Patterson 8 timmar sedan
Glad you didn't get hurt.
Phil Jones
Phil Jones 8 timmar sedan
Brave man. Jordan deserves an Emmy or something
Maryam 8 timmar sedan
The fact that they think upwards of 80 million votes were fake and not actual Americans who wanted Biden to be the next President of our country.
Terry Clanton
Terry Clanton 8 timmar sedan
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Kolink Probably Memes
Kolink Probably Memes 8 timmar sedan
Man, even Jordan Klepper can't play dumb with this. What a dark day that was...
Jackermy Sextonpike
Jackermy Sextonpike 8 timmar sedan
Any in the end you literally make fun of everyone there for the exact same things the summer rioters did. Throw themselves down to the ground claim victimhood, Wear camo.. It's really sad how little people think for themselves and would rather just eat this shit up
Jorge Esquivia Escobar
Jorge Esquivia Escobar 8 timmar sedan
''You can tell these people really love America by the number of weapons they brought to hurt other Americans'' xD Sadly hilarious and sadly true
That Boss
That Boss 9 timmar sedan
Trial by combat? Conspiracy to incite a riot?
Jackermy Sextonpike
Jackermy Sextonpike 9 timmar sedan
You even totally misrepresent the entire idea of the occupation of a political institution to halt the process. You say yourself that they think the election was stolen. They are there to get investigation or a recount. The opposite of insurrection. No where close to an insurrection
Raymond Angus
Raymond Angus 9 timmar sedan
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Jackermy Sextonpike
Jackermy Sextonpike 9 timmar sedan
This is absolute ridiculous propaganda. You praise and defend the riots in the summer that decimated multiple American cities including police stations injuring and killing police officers. And then you talk about how threatening the aura is to this one when literally 1 person was shot and that person was shot by the police. Any other time you would be crying police brutality on peaceful protesters. It's interesting how little you mentioned all the weapons in the summer riots. You never even challenged any at their ideas, simply cherry picked and edited videos as you ask loaded questions
Will Komocsar
Will Komocsar 9 timmar sedan
2:32 As yes, you are gonna beat an A-10 and an M1A1 with guns
Demi 9 timmar sedan
As this was happening I was wondering if Jordan was running around lmfao.
Kristina Zimmerman
Kristina Zimmerman 9 timmar sedan
I hope that he gets hazard pay.
Moxi G
Moxi G 9 timmar sedan
Where was your man on the ground in Portland? You guys are such liars and hypocrites it’s unbelievable, where were you when they were burning cities down
David Anthony
David Anthony 9 timmar sedan
4:57 LMAO It's probably airsoft because it's more "realistic" and "tactical" but still, you pretty much nailed that one for what he was
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