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Here’s one hour of Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters: The Complete Collection. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #DonaldTrump
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geegeezlouis86 6 minuter sedan
After about 5 years of paying as little attention to Trump supporters as possible because it was too depressing, finally watching this under President Biden is therapy.
Tim Woten
Tim Woten 7 minuter sedan
That shit is priceless lol.. To bad almost 95% of all Trump supporters are exactly these type of people.
Charlene Woods
Charlene Woods 10 minuter sedan
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RAVIRAJ DESHMUKH 37 minuter sedan
It's all fun and games until you realize they have voting rights in the country which is a superpower
UNCLE SAM Timme sedan
These people are a waste of food....make them food
Makenna Y
Makenna Y Timme sedan
I hope so much that Jordan is staying safe. I’d rather have none of these videos with Jordan safe then the other way around
dexter tolentino
dexter tolentino Timme sedan
I actually like some republicans they are cool, like 43:03. some of em are like really angry tho.
NikkiDoodle Timme sedan
Notice how not one of the people getting interviewed is attractive
Victoria Glotzbach
Victoria Glotzbach Timme sedan
“Nobody made it to the top without breaking a few pieces of China.... That wasn’t an insult by the way” The look of panic and quick attempt to back track had me rolling 😂
_d Timme sedan
That Ivanka pic omfg
PrismaticError Timme sedan
"say something nice about a politician you don't like" "no" HOW STUPID AHAHA "say something nice about a person who has said he hates the very things you are and wants to take your rights" "no" EQUALLY AS STUPID AHAHAA
its so sad that these people are serious about loving Donald trump......
Jerico Fann
Jerico Fann Timme sedan
Piabijan Timme sedan
These are the same people who say democrats have a "low IQ"... hmm
Myles Ferro
Myles Ferro Timme sedan
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Madison Bashorun
Madison Bashorun Timme sedan
Boy I was about to make a comment abt no one having on masks but then I thought 1) these are trump rallys 2) it was pre covid times
kelsoulforreal1 Timme sedan
This was genius 🤣 .... I so hate most trump supporters are white ... it’s really makes me want to hide under a rock
Jeffrey Bohémier
Jeffrey Bohémier 2 timmar sedan
Sadly, this video provides more than adequate proof that Republicans simply lack the ability to make sound enough judgements while engaged in the act of voting. Therefore , they should be required to take to take an IQ test before EVER BEING ALLOWED TO EVEN REGISTER TO VOTE. Those actually caught voting should immediately be arrested and charged with “conspiracy to vote without a brain.” On the bright side, it also proves that miraculously, Trump didn’t lie when he said “If I ever run for President, I’m going to run as a Republican because they’re the dumbest voters in the entire country. Finally, positive proof that Trump can actually tell the difference between the truth between a lie and the truth. Unfortunately though, DUMB Republicans were still allowed to compete in the million mile MAGA March. The race ends in 2530.
Josh Brekke
Josh Brekke 2 timmar sedan
It’s difficult to fathom the level of stupidity represented here, just wow! The movie Idiocracy full tilt boogie!
Rachel Joseph
Rachel Joseph 2 timmar sedan
I want to know when Jordan is going to cover Lauren Boebert. I think she’s a comedy routine all by herself 😂🤣
lweo _
lweo _ 2 timmar sedan
that one guy who said the 80s was just vibing quite honestly
Owen Kingsley
Owen Kingsley 2 timmar sedan
Just wanna let everyone know the dude who made the “vision” shirt deleted his website
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 2 timmar sedan
Thanks God i m not American
Elliot Edwards
Elliot Edwards 2 timmar sedan
Let’s make fun of the trump supporters for next 4 years
fadi azzam
fadi azzam 2 timmar sedan
Thanks for Mr Trump without him I would never knew how stupid and ignorant people in america . He just opened my eyes
Just for laughs
Just for laughs 2 timmar sedan
fairydust1997 2 timmar sedan
Why is this like watching a horror movie...
CarolCorp5x5 2 timmar sedan
I know I shouldn't hate people for being stupid but oh man they make it difficult
Windi Ashe
Windi Ashe 2 timmar sedan
and why i want to move out into the middle of my own life and not be around people this stupid.
Eli Buretea-bloom
Eli Buretea-bloom 2 timmar sedan
32:29 this is absolute gold
Kimberly .0
Kimberly .0 3 timmar sedan
David Beeson
David Beeson 3 timmar sedan
*chuckles* "You don't even see the irony in it. Love it." *chuckle* *chuckle* They don't even recognize Jordan's mockery of them. Hilarious at first, then at some point it just becomes downright pitiful. Talk about being sheep given their becoming consumed by Trumpism.
Plfj Aa
Plfj Aa 3 timmar sedan
Blame the American school system that fooled them 1st.
Rockstargames Official
Rockstargames Official 3 timmar sedan
I love this I want more 10:20 😂🤣
Parente 4 timmar sedan
These people shouldn’t be allowed to procreate lmao
Shoes Only
Shoes Only 4 timmar sedan
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IMarKraMI 4 timmar sedan
LMAO they're looking for african americans at the rally and there are literally two standing between them in the background. 13:56 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
killer4life xxx
killer4life xxx 4 timmar sedan
David Ross
David Ross 4 timmar sedan
what happened to the divinity of trump video?
Lila Murrill
Lila Murrill 4 timmar sedan
Trump supporters are so kind by making me laugh at them every day 🥺🔪 (and PLS do NOT disrespect circus performers like that cause that is v rude ☹️)
CONTACT JOY 4 timmar sedan
Jordan! You got actors to pretend to be people you are interviewing! Shady!
Nick-o-li Strumski
Nick-o-li Strumski 4 timmar sedan
I love you Jordan Klepper.
Lila Murrill
Lila Murrill 4 timmar sedan
They make my brain hurt each time the speak
Vibing with Hannah
Vibing with Hannah 4 timmar sedan
Blue tie red candidate
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez 5 timmar sedan
“Is that a Jew watch?”
Hannah Logarski
Hannah Logarski 5 timmar sedan
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Jackie 5 timmar sedan
i love how "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John was played when Elton refused to sing at Trump's inauguration XDDD
Jakob Franklin
Jakob Franklin 5 timmar sedan
5:30 "Correct"....killed me 😂
TheyCallM3MJ 5 timmar sedan
Anyone else here on inauguration day? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Katrina Sanchez
Katrina Sanchez 5 timmar sedan
the fact I sat here and let my brain rot for 59:22 to something that had power over our country for 4 years makes me want to kms.
orangepeely _87
orangepeely _87 5 timmar sedan
14:38 lmfao this shit has to be fucking scripted it feels like something straight out of a comedy sketch
Bootyholelvr 3 timmar sedan
Nah she seems to brag like that the whole time
Float_Bowl_Gasket _
Float_Bowl_Gasket _ 5 timmar sedan
that Argentina line was super lost on that lady.
Emmett Edith
Emmett Edith 6 timmar sedan
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Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 6 timmar sedan
Low education. Makes sense.
Hubral Kaset
Hubral Kaset 6 timmar sedan
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shasha Lol
shasha Lol 6 timmar sedan
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John Segreto
John Segreto 6 timmar sedan
"I think if anyone is disrespecting the flag, it's Donald Trump." Klepper inadvertently steps on the Trambo flag~~! I love this guy!
John Segreto
John Segreto 6 timmar sedan
Pure Gold!!
Luke 6 timmar sedan
They literally sound so stupid lmao
Adrian Arias-Hernandez
Adrian Arias-Hernandez 6 timmar sedan
Guess we'll watch the entire timeline one last time knowing such idiocy will never go into office again
Guru Samantaray
Guru Samantaray 6 timmar sedan
This officially has the most dumb people in one video... It is a Guinness Record for sure!
J.K Dub
J.K Dub 6 timmar sedan
Jordan: Corporate needs you to find the differences between these two Hilary Clones Trump supporter: I already spotted one Jordan: They're the same picture
Canz Aquatiz
Canz Aquatiz 6 timmar sedan
Skyfyre2007 7 timmar sedan
Ok. It makes sense why they don't have the "big tent" issue. They are literally too stupid to think independently.
Mathias Hansen
Mathias Hansen 7 timmar sedan
Imagine being American😂
Ariany 7 timmar sedan
Already seen most of these clips but I can’t help to watch it all over again. Not Sure if I should laugh at how uneducated and ignorant these people are or cry at the fact that this is my country and the people that live in it.
nexus one
nexus one 7 timmar sedan
What has he done thats racist?
ahmed sachwani
ahmed sachwani 7 timmar sedan
6:30 I lost it I couldn’t stop laughing
lastofmykin GeminiKing
lastofmykin GeminiKing 7 timmar sedan
And no wall was ever built
Mick Craker
Mick Craker 7 timmar sedan
Understanding irony is higher order thinking...yikes😬
Karlene A. Murray
Karlene A. Murray 7 timmar sedan
Omgosh! They aren't even acting.
Elviroment Elibra
Elviroment Elibra 7 timmar sedan
Europe rn:👁👄👁
ToFester 7 timmar sedan
All of them suffer from cult member mentality and proved that without a shadow of a doubt with what they did on the 6th.
George George
George George 7 timmar sedan
stop the planet from revolving , my head hurts ...
Daily Dose Of Homosexual
Daily Dose Of Homosexual 7 timmar sedan
That fuckin debt relief collector lmao
James Ransom
James Ransom 7 timmar sedan
These are the people interviewing people for jobs across America c'mon all yall are idiots live your life I teach my 5 yr old who r u too judge anyone OMG I could go on and on....
Akram Jerab
Akram Jerab 8 timmar sedan
There's a concept in driving called "target fixation", which is when you unconsciously lock on to a target and even if you *want* to avoid it, you can't and crash into it. You could see the same thing happening to Calvin Candie at 6:31, you can see him struggle to do his best to avoid saying something racist, but he just wasn't able to.... close though, but not quite there.
ANTIHERO 8 timmar sedan
3:49 jesus
Dominique D.
Dominique D. 8 timmar sedan
“Do you have that on a t-shirt?” 😂
Mooie DaCow
Mooie DaCow 8 timmar sedan
One of my favorite moments is the debt relief guy saying he made 4x as much money under Trump.
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez 8 timmar sedan
Who is paying for the wall??????
JesseVBuddy 8 timmar sedan
I understand what the shirt was trying to say but it wasn't designed well enough for that nuance. It does look like they're one term because of the hyphen. That's what it usually signifies.
Charlie the Champion
Charlie the Champion 9 timmar sedan
14:35 he seemed nice, he knew it was just his opinion
Terri Lam
Terri Lam 9 timmar sedan
OMG!!! This is hularious!....Am I the only one noticed how FUNNY LOOKING these Trump supporters look....Like inbreds. They don't look like normal white people. Well, I'm sure there are some normal looking ones, especially in the White house, but again, outside of that, everyone else just looks FUQIN Weird. We need to laugh right now. Thanks Trevor!
Charlie the Champion
Charlie the Champion 9 timmar sedan
This is the perfect show, it’s news AND comedy, and especially the people in it
Keisha s
Keisha s 9 timmar sedan
The president for the illiterate. How embarrassing... 😒
Jay 9 timmar sedan
Needed this
Brandon Henderson
Brandon Henderson 9 timmar sedan
Big yacht guy sounds like the executioner from Robin hood men in tights.
mnbgt101 9 timmar sedan
This guy is a Trump supporter's Socrates
camiji 10 timmar sedan
and 4 years it did last..
Kent Annert
Kent Annert 10 timmar sedan
me: mom can we have captain america? mom: no we have captain america at home captain america at home: 56:14
M Schultz
M Schultz 10 timmar sedan
Is this guy Jordan Klepper tall or what?!
Russ Novak
Russ Novak 10 timmar sedan
This is great
Cesar Valadez
Cesar Valadez 10 timmar sedan
Wtf dude if any told us the Mexicans that China was going to pay the wall maybe Trump would won the election 😂
M Schultz
M Schultz 10 timmar sedan
“Pro Life. Pro Gun. Pro God.” Aren’t the first two mutually exclusive?
Marvin Jr Monroe
Marvin Jr Monroe Timme sedan
And If if the God is the Abraham God the first and third and also mutually exclusive. Man does that dude like killing people.
Daniel Higgins
Daniel Higgins 3 timmar sedan
A strange dichotomy indeed!
John Gray Atkinson
John Gray Atkinson 10 timmar sedan
Sad. Just fuckin pathetic
Ollie Accidental
Ollie Accidental 10 timmar sedan
The new Creator
The new Creator 10 timmar sedan
14:13 HAHAHA some homeless guy walking by LOL
The new Creator
The new Creator 10 timmar sedan
10:50 not a bad guess till he brought up magic johnson shoot you can guess any disease for BC and hit the nail on the head XD
The new Creator
The new Creator 10 timmar sedan
AHHAHA"pass whith flying colors!" 6:44 LMAO this show is hilarious XD you can't find these people every where XD lol so thankfully this is our entertainment LOVE YOU COMEDY CENTRAL WORKERS HOPEFULLY IN FUTURE I WILL GET A CHANCE TO MAKE SOME CONTENT FOR YOU ALL OR WITH YOU ALL!!!
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