Here’s Why Everyone Was So Horny in 2020 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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How horny was 2020? Roommates became bedmates, people tried to pull a “Her” with their Alexas, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion flooded the internet with “WAP,” and Desi Lydic did a puzzle for every time she masturbated. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DesiLydic
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Bulldozer 28 dagar sedan
Desi Lydic is MY Alexa..yeah she is
falcon So
falcon So Månad sedan
Desi ur late. I wish i knew u had it like that. I feel the same way. Lol
ChaosLord Månad sedan
If we don't get Alexa installed into some kind of sex toy, then we have failed as a species.
Marc Ramirez
Marc Ramirez Månad sedan
2:50 Captain America is not a sailor 🤦‍♂️
fre bot
fre bot Månad sedan
Aish Aish
Aish Aish Månad sedan
Omg Dessi! You have reached the gat corners of the world! I'm from Sri Lanka! And you Trevor / Roy chang and dolce! Give us ALL HOPE
Sohaib Sana'an
Sohaib Sana'an Månad sedan
Le Xuan truong
Le Xuan truong Månad sedan
The ablaze horn disappointingly fix because client reversely pour round a oafish cheetah. wholesale, first sausage
Abdul X
Abdul X Månad sedan
😂😂😂 u got that right ✅
The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow
The Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow Månad sedan
Well I'm asexual and aromantic... somehow people don't talk like this outside, but on the internet they get disgusting...
Elin Carlsson
Elin Carlsson Månad sedan
I never have to change my batteries... the satisfyer is rechargeble. And changing them just twice, in one year? Weaklings... What do you do, only use it once a week? And for one orgasm? Poor women...
Ellie P.
Ellie P. Månad sedan do I stop staring into those nostrils? help! lol
Damn Desi has a great house
Karlet bull
Karlet bull Månad sedan
What is her name, shes pretty and funny?
Lon Wulf
Lon Wulf Månad sedan
Having Desi do this segment made me hornier.
The Cold Poet
The Cold Poet Månad sedan
A woman walked up to me, kissed me, and followed with “too bad now we have to quarantine together” when I told her I was married, she said, “We can all quarantine together.” I never thought I’d ever make it out of bed again.
The Gifted Gold
The Gifted Gold Månad sedan
How is this not taken down??
Susan Liu
Susan Liu Månad sedan
☕ You thought I was playing , Actually i'm working. 🔯 You thought I was working , Actually i'm playing. 🎅 The highest level of life. 💎 💯 🍓🐝🍍🍉🍦🎲🌻🍭 🍎 #Amitabha ~ #Dragon 🍫 🔮 🐣
Pornhub will rise Pandemic or not but Onlyfans had rise in PAID subscribers only due to stripckublockdown... U R NOT FUNNY... COMIC IS NOT A GENDER..NAMASTE
Adam Brooks
Adam Brooks Månad sedan
This was so so funny...
M A Månad sedan
We also had Watermelon sugar that is very much related to WAP.
Minat Yayah
Minat Yayah Månad sedan
I detect a strong Trevor style influence in your sketch . No judgement, love ur work.
Surjaditya Sarkar
Surjaditya Sarkar Månad sedan
This was a shitty video ngl
Zsofia Vera
Zsofia Vera Månad sedan
Desi, you're awesome.
Leon Dlamini
Leon Dlamini Månad sedan
craffte Månad sedan
Why are you giving these sites FREE ADVERTISING?!
Tarik C
Tarik C Månad sedan
Check the nose something was not right
trenoops Månad sedan
I love your work. I was distracted by your nostrils. Raising your camera above would be awesome.
インドの忍者 Månad sedan
At least we had internet. Imagine the middle ages where war and sex are the only things ppl did lol
KoroWheke Månad sedan
Mmmm Desi....
    Månad sedan
Now everyone gets to know what it’s like to be a virgin.
fAshSon Månad sedan
Perry Robles
Perry Robles Månad sedan
༺Vampire༻ ៚
༺Vampire༻ ៚ Månad sedan
2020 is just an example of my whole life. My whole life is quarantined. I'm suffering from a serious anxiety disorder, which is agoraphobia. Due to which I can't even drive or go out. It is a permanent uncurable disorder. I'm jailed to my bed for my whole life. What now? I'm searching for the right moment for the end.
yonatan hernandez
yonatan hernandez Månad sedan
yes it true clean up
Christian Laurent
Christian Laurent Månad sedan
Busted 😅😅😅
Strange Wayfaring Stranger
Strange Wayfaring Stranger Månad sedan
*takes pants off for this video* Just kidding. I wasn't wearing any.
Surendra Anand
Surendra Anand Månad sedan
Is it just me... her nostril is so weird?...
Kavinth Månad sedan
I love how the captions for the first few seconds were literally ??
ᏠᎯᎽᎷᎯᏁ N Månad sedan
She would totally catch it lol
Anonymous Månad sedan
Hi there! I hope you stay safe, have a nice day, and enjoy the holidays! God bless you!
Skye Mountain
Skye Mountain Månad sedan
Derry Dylanger
Derry Dylanger Månad sedan Need to feel clean again after wztching? Hit the link above to hear Derry Dylanger's Mandolin Wind!
Aditya Patnaik
Aditya Patnaik Månad sedan
Desi is the worst of daily show
Eric Schnautz
Eric Schnautz Månad sedan
Got excited for a new upload but it's just desi
James Pruitt
James Pruitt Månad sedan
Remember when Amy Klobochar tweeted feet pics at the DNC?
GearóidODU -
GearóidODU - Månad sedan
Bring back Jon Stewart.
Sue Månad sedan
I could see the inside of your nose. 😄😄👍👍
roach nomorelies
roach nomorelies Månad sedan
2020 shutdown that nobody stayed home😂😂🤯💵💵💵💵🤑💵💵💵🤑💵😷😷😷😷💵😷💵💵💵🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣💵💵💵💵🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐💵💵💵💵
sea green
sea green Månad sedan
Wish I could cry like that.
JayBee Månad sedan
Missed out how everyone was thirsting after Steve Kornacki during the elections. 🙄🤷🏾‍♂️
Daryl Carr
Daryl Carr Månad sedan
Didn't think Desi had time for "self-care" what with all the Foxsplaining she did this year...
Nan Vee
Nan Vee Månad sedan
Shawty funny but her nostril are weird to say the least
Deepak Gurung
Deepak Gurung Månad sedan
and fake billioners😂
Stoetzer Amoah
Stoetzer Amoah Månad sedan
I like this
Ben Yin
Ben Yin Månad sedan
where can i get that MUG behind her?
Chris Cullen
Chris Cullen Månad sedan
Wow. I can see so far up Desi's nose in this video. I mean it was great and all and Desi is awesome... but I can see her brain from California. Maybe back that camera up a bit.
HailMammon Moments
HailMammon Moments Månad sedan
I believed every part...except that she isn’t secretly plotting the machine takeover with both of her lady robots.
Ata Korkut
Ata Korkut Månad sedan
Alexa ef that siri sounds way hotter lmao
Super Cooper
Super Cooper Månad sedan
2020 is a wild ass year lmao
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Månad sedan
I don't care what y'all say she is funny and beautiful 😍🤗
aboomination Månad sedan
I personally was exceptionally unhorny in 2020.
remo1366 Månad sedan
the fact that we can still pull the power cord is the only thing keeping us in control...
BigOrangeSnowman88 Månad sedan
Go to horny jail. -BONK-
TitanReaver FPV
TitanReaver FPV Månad sedan
I loved the video, but I do have one question. Who is still using batteries in their vibrators? Its 2020, you should have switched to direct wall power, or at least rechargeable USB.
Eric Cotte
Eric Cotte Månad sedan
Tilt your head down or put the camera elsewhere, I'm tired of seing up your nostrils
Vegan Scholar
Vegan Scholar Månad sedan
Check out my partners OF
Angel Divine
Angel Divine Månad sedan
For accurate tarot predictions on success and love, join us #BlackLivesMatter ✊
Shirwa Osman
Shirwa Osman Månad sedan
Hahah😂😂fake billionaires 😜
George Lionon
George Lionon Månad sedan
Honestly I don't feel more horny than other years. But I really noticed the difference on women the few times when moving in public.
MrFunk Månad sedan
We're expecting twins in June... now it all makes sense.
Study Case
Study Case Månad sedan
Congratulations! That's awesome and you'll be twice Blessed...although there will be those days when you may not feel it :) all seriousness though I wish you and your family all the best!
Unkoya Irving
Unkoya Irving Månad sedan
I'm Due in February 🤣 my mom kept the kids for two months
RIZE RenNerdClub
RIZE RenNerdClub Månad sedan
I can see all the way up her nose! Her brain isn't there!
Tony Som
Tony Som Månad sedan
Omg 🤣
Mpho Moerane
Mpho Moerane Månad sedan
"And fake billionares" looool
yodhangzien Månad sedan
I want go over where you ad
Nomos Foster
Nomos Foster Månad sedan
She is HOT!
Marcus Sewell
Marcus Sewell Månad sedan
LOL everyone wanted a little something. Maybe I can find a nice girl in this comment section.
Flowdane Månad sedan
Fake billionaires rofl😂😂😂
Duryism Månad sedan
Never change, Desi! XD
LaVida2 Månad sedan
people were trying to get paid....while horny.
Does itMatter
Does itMatter Månad sedan
If there was anymore light we could have seen her brain thru her nostrils. What happened to all the hair in her nose. Salute for taking those hair out!! it must have hurt like hell..
ayoungethan Månad sedan
I asked Alexa to self-destruct or press the Big Red Button several times. She either ignored me or changed the subject.
Erick Ramirez
Erick Ramirez Månad sedan
She looking kinda cute today
Da Nobel Element
Da Nobel Element Månad sedan
Who ever this lady doing the story is so friggin hot
Ms. R
Ms. R Månad sedan
I can't believe it's almost over.
Zachary Collins
Zachary Collins Månad sedan
Desi Lydic looking perfect for a video on horniness! 😋
Gloria Roma - San Diego Real Estate Agent
Gloria Roma - San Diego Real Estate Agent Månad sedan
Extra long mommie showers, lol!
Volmen V
Volmen V Månad sedan
You can only watch so many pizzas getting delivered by the poolboy to your stepmom who is also a cheerleader.... yep! that pretty much sums it up. :D
Blue fka Tiff F
Blue fka Tiff F Månad sedan
Desi Lydic versus her Alexa should be an ongoing bit
David Padilla
David Padilla Månad sedan
Shout out to everyone who had fun with their roommates
Yellow_Roses Månad sedan
'Kneading their own dough' 🙆
theqwertykey Månad sedan
What are you gonna expect from locking people in their houses? Be productive?
DarrenbyDesign Månad sedan
This is funny on so many levels and Lydic's delivery is what makes it work
Lady Tee
Lady Tee Månad sedan
Oh my 😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂
MLG GAMER Månad sedan
Gotta love Alexa and her timing. She could be her own comedian
O'Brien the Butcher
O'Brien the Butcher Månad sedan
Olof body the new trend
Fredrick Kasanda
Fredrick Kasanda Månad sedan
This woman is so cute.
Eric Minch
Eric Minch Månad sedan
I wanna see the one with the pool boy delivering the pizza to his cheerleading stepmother!
Moby Trice
Moby Trice Månad sedan
cleanest nostrils in the game
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