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You Know What’s Coming: Fox News on Staten Island protests vs. Fox News on BLM protests #DailyShow #FoxNews #StatenIslandProtest
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Geoff Churchill
Geoff Churchill 7 dagar sedan
You know wasn't found in blm protests? Home made napalm and pipebombs
John Satterfield
John Satterfield 7 dagar sedan
Your network is not telling the truth. You have pretty girls and whimpy men lie to america. Happy now?
John Satterfield
John Satterfield 7 dagar sedan
Awe poor fox news has to report that the number 1 cheerleader was impeached for the 2nd time.
UnknownSource 8 dagar sedan
oh boy lol....the attack against the capitol....
michele Reimer
michele Reimer 9 dagar sedan
bridgette garrison
bridgette garrison 10 dagar sedan
The frantic wash comprehensively return because hook intracellularly punch amongst a volatile comfort. tall, material chime
Salvador Rivera
Salvador Rivera 13 dagar sedan
now that fake woman is saying that Biden is trying to divide, not unite after the terrorist attack on Congress. we don't need to be so dumb and stupid to believe everything that she says. come on
Sieka 9
Sieka 9 13 dagar sedan
fox news is gross lol.
Daniel Plainview
Daniel Plainview 14 dagar sedan
Umm... you’re literally comparing violent mobs to unnecessary business shutdowns. The intelligence bar is low at Comedy Central these days.
Donkey KingKong
Donkey KingKong 15 dagar sedan
White people openly publicly being racist bigoted and stupid with no shame...Fox News
Art Lover
Art Lover 16 dagar sedan
Just Wow!
Stefan Grib
Stefan Grib 16 dagar sedan
Both democrats and Republicans are hypocrites. Go Independent
L H 17 dagar sedan
This is too funny. That’s fox news for ya. White civility has eroded beyond the point of no return. You know it’s bad when fox 5 can’t even get their lies straight. Either you support the police or you don’t. But it’s all about narrative shaping. Whatever will suit their agenda and align with their elitist position. The hypocrisy is so out in the open.
MoneyMike937 18 dagar sedan
BLM are trash. So is the daily show. Both further dividing this country
Derek Sawayer
Derek Sawayer 19 dagar sedan
La Voz Uno
La Voz Uno 21 dag sedan
Benedict donald America’s #1 traitor
Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson 22 dagar sedan
these people make me want to jump off a bridge
Josefina Magallanes
Josefina Magallanes 23 dagar sedan
So closed minded
Josefina Magallanes
Josefina Magallanes 23 dagar sedan
Oluwasegun Fajinmi
Oluwasegun Fajinmi 22 dagar sedan
The only thing I'm saying is that Staten island didn't hurt any cops while the blm protests turned into violence at night
D.J. Shout revelation
D.J. Shout revelation 23 dagar sedan
More money to the American taxpayer!!!
Laffin Hyena
Laffin Hyena 24 dagar sedan
The media is Crap and they have shaped the imagination of white supremacy.
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez 25 dagar sedan
The Hypocrisy
Greg Haskett Jr
Greg Haskett Jr 26 dagar sedan
Just rubbing it in my face huh whitee, lets see if those privileges work on judgment day
Oreos&Milk 26 dagar sedan
Too bad the people who need to see this never will
Chris Evans
Chris Evans 27 dagar sedan
Wait..... Fox news is bias?? ....... *head explodes*
ed dave
ed dave 29 dagar sedan
blackies are so soft. when did this happen?? since they havent advanced since being freed? I guess they need more excuses lol
Jei Hoseok
Jei Hoseok 29 dagar sedan
Hamed Anwarzai
Hamed Anwarzai Månad sedan
So obvious to many yet his base still makes excuses for their own while vilifying everyone thats not white. In plain sight nonetheless
Joe Conner
Joe Conner Månad sedan
Fox news is full of hypocrisy, never! LOL
james moylan
james moylan Månad sedan
Careful on a protest you are not standing next to someone who thinks that if he causes a riot his cryptocurrencies financing child snuff movies against babies and toddlers KKK fascism modern slavers and terrorism encrypted on the Nazi style dark web or currency anarchy might make his spec win!! If you are feeling bored and would like to earn a trillion dollars tax free today "how to do a currency attack"as explained by the man himself George Soros. Please share so others to can benefit from the information. Warning it's zero hours and no sick pay, and if you don't do it through the tax havens you may end up with a tax bill of enough cash to pay for the whole EU budget or NHS for about 3 years. You may need to use pensions and savings of ordinary hard working people,but don't worry if you Bankrupt their currency their savings and pensions will be essentially your money so they won't have to worry about them anymore. How to do a currency attack. 1)media Promote bad news. 2) people sell currency you buy to keep currency flat in secret accounts. 3)country being attacked announces evil socialist policy like feeding starving children. 4)sell $5tn dollars worth in a split second to create panic on the markets saying nasty nasty socialism. 5)rebuy at the bottom as it begins to rise. 6)sell again ,as socialist govt announces help for pensioners whose pensions are now valueless 7) bankrupt country .,create a million migrants and refugees and poor people blame socialism and move on to the next country needing your help!! Then if honest like George Soros tuck $850 BN for a day into the tax havens tax free saying "it's funny you know the markets are a bit like the holocaust,if I don't do it someone else will!" (And it needs to be regulated) Mention that it's against a world economic peace treaty promisd to the troops and holocaust victims WW2 for stabilization of world currencies and any large movements of currency detrimental to the world economy should be outlawed and essentially"taxation without representation" suddenly previously supposedly save the planet left wing Corbyn supporters tell me I'm a bore and get a tin foil hat!!! When investment for essential workers not Billionaire hedge fund managers in tax havens (and press blaming poor people and migrants as Hitler wrongly did) is really what the world economic peace treaty of Bretton Woods promised to the troops 3 weeks after D-Day is all About!! And Obama said we need Bretton woods 2009 and Ed Davey 2020 , Any large movements of currency detrimental to the world economy should be outlawed. A simple rubber stamp for CURRENCY movements could prevent these currency attacks leading to stock markets collapse and world economy collapse . Ie wall street great depression. Bretton Woods United news video on my you tube Stabilization of world currencies Bretton woods FB group
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Månad sedan
The day when every race starts to act in a movie. Aka True Equality.
U R A M E S H I Månad sedan
Just another day in the office of FAUX “NEWS”
Joe Serrano
Joe Serrano Månad sedan
Damn these white nationalists' mouthpiece tactics. But what's new right?
Militantreturns Månad sedan
White Folks. I'd tell ya. Smh
Arim Oh
Arim Oh Månad sedan
Robocop: Shoots to wound! Dirty Harry: Shoots to wound! Judge Dredd: Shoots to wound.... eh most of the time..... Real Life US Cops: (Sees Black Dude) Shoots to kill like it's a warzone in Iraq!!!
Pulane Lehloo
Pulane Lehloo Månad sedan
So much Hypocrisy!🤮🤮🤮🤮
Da Baby
Da Baby Månad sedan
Very Sad America 😔
immensely human
immensely human Månad sedan
the hypocrisy has to stop shit is way outta hand
47 Hippo
47 Hippo Månad sedan
I'm done with BS lies I want to make a big move like we all shoud BLUELIVESMATTER
ChrisCrashNow Månad sedan
Faux news, all Racism, all the time.
I believe in miracles
I believe in miracles Månad sedan
Trump woke up the sleeping monster within America and it's called white nationalism. If all of Trumps supporters hail from that flag of hatred then the only way this country survives is if they all are removed from our civilized society and buried under the history of destroyed evil.
Does Laura Ingraham have an adams apple?😲 Scary!
D K Månad sedan
Look at their faces when they sell their souls. So blunt and arrogant. Feel bad for them.
MrSinthan Månad sedan
Im just looking forward to the trials of all these people.
AYESHA MOON Månad sedan
"Sly fox"
Grouchy Old Man
Grouchy Old Man Månad sedan
Great clips, the hypocrisy
Emma Emerson
Emma Emerson Månad sedan
I live on Staten Island. There are too many racists. I live here only because it was only place I could afford to buy a home. Yep, this borough is less money since less trains transportation. Only one train along one side of the island. Free except last 2 stops. My friends live elsewhere in NYC. The men I went on dates or women I try to befriend turned out to be racist. They just hide it more now. The beaches and ponds are nice here. But not most of the people.
Katalyst Kat + Apathetic Alyssa
Katalyst Kat + Apathetic Alyssa Månad sedan
Thank you for compiling these. They're really good at exposing how messed up some news stations are.
Rocky Scott
Rocky Scott Månad sedan
Hypocrites a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. a person who indulges in hypocrisy. "the story tells of respectable Ben who turns out to be a cheat and a hypocrite
Samad Griffin
Samad Griffin Månad sedan
Oh the hypocrisy!!!
Mantic Orange
Mantic Orange Månad sedan
I'm normally down and love the comedy from this channel, but this just feels a propaganda thing that shouldnt be exploited as it hurts the value we have in our fellow Americans u3u
Leonor Warren
Leonor Warren Månad sedan
This is white questions asked! Any other ethnic group would be behind bars or dead, if he’d run over a cop!
Jyuni the Apostate
Jyuni the Apostate Månad sedan
Gabrielle Glasen
Gabrielle Glasen Månad sedan
Fox has been taking every viewers freedom by telling them lies everyday.
Patricia Morgan
Patricia Morgan Månad sedan
Smfh its so clear there is a racial bias
maninblack0_0 Månad sedan
Oh my god these dirty dirty pigs
Marcus lunner
Marcus lunner Månad sedan
one is a protest and another is a Looting.
phatboy243 Månad sedan
Beautifully done... Hypocrites at its finest...
Raaksheet Runs
Raaksheet Runs Månad sedan
My apologies. I am new to this. Is it an SNL skit. Oh man! This is a circus 🎪 fox is just comedy gold
Daniel Hamlet
Daniel Hamlet Månad sedan
Lol you really can’t make this stuff up!
Loaneen Heimuli
Loaneen Heimuli Månad sedan
Geez look at her neck SMH definitely a dude 😆
Akinola Jaiyeola
Akinola Jaiyeola Månad sedan
"get out of the way" wow! The racism is blatant.
Kyle Purvis
Kyle Purvis Månad sedan
Lol Love these. Please keep it up lol
Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson Månad sedan
This is dumb. The two things aren't comparable. I'm all for BLM, but people lighting buildings on fire and people wanting to keep a business open are two very different things.
Colleen Rose
Colleen Rose Månad sedan
Disgusting. Thank you for calling them out.
Julia Månad sedan
The hypocritical behavior is so enraging. Can you imagine if Democrats went to the lengths MAGA is going to dispute the election results? We got called liberal crybaby snowflakes when some wanted recounts in 2016 in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.
HiDro CroNick
HiDro CroNick Månad sedan
500 salty ass trump supporters 😂😂😂
B'ill Build
B'ill Build Månad sedan
Fox news killed America
Frank White
Frank White Månad sedan
When it's whiiite it's alllll riiight.
Rhythm Månad sedan
Fox is such a joke. All clowns on that station and their followers.
Randy Lee
Randy Lee Månad sedan
Wait! Fox News are hypocrites with strong racial bias!? Since when!? I thought the were "Fair and Balanced"!
Lt Dan 1969
Lt Dan 1969 Månad sedan
Nothing about hunter biden come on Trevor
Mad Tazz
Mad Tazz Månad sedan
Yea fox is definitely racist, there was definitely a lot of riots amongst these diner owners and employees.....
Hector G.
Hector G. Månad sedan
Foxpocrisy at its best.
Mitchyl Ainslie
Mitchyl Ainslie Månad sedan
this is just.. *chef's kiss*
Vamsi Bethapudy
Vamsi Bethapudy Månad sedan
lol ok
lol ok Månad sedan
Y'all can't say nothin now. I've found evidence of voter fraud. This is probably 1M Trump ballots but just click on it.
RepsacZ Månad sedan
I'm just commenting to get this trending on YT
Ferdinand Bethea
Ferdinand Bethea Månad sedan
Their hypocrisy is limitless!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Beckett Niette
Beckett Niette Månad sedan
Fox news,,,, just a little bit hypocritical.. huh.....💩!
Jason Evans
Jason Evans Månad sedan
Oh, do another one. Like reporters talking about white sports fans after winning or losing a championship vs. reporters talking about black people marching for our lives.
Luist Triolet
Luist Triolet Månad sedan
😂 well done.
Patrician Cloud
Patrician Cloud Månad sedan
No one is protesting for the Queen and her tyranny and her friends. They are all protesting against but the the criminals try to divide and pit people against each other and that is how the psycho king started English parliament
Sujay Shah
Sujay Shah Månad sedan
I thought fox was fake news now...what a joke
Antonio saxon
Antonio saxon Månad sedan
Fox Media/Fox News- CEO Lachlan Murdoch, 2020 Rupert (although he is too busy with his 4th (or 5th?) wife, his kids (sadly) waiting for him to die so that they will inherit the $$$). Media Co-Conspirator #1 Today is Lachlan Murdoch whose SOLE CONCERN is Fame & $$$. Lachlan Murdoch DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANY AMERICAN, THE US CONSTITUTION, US RULE OR LAW; NOTHING. Lachlan Murdoch is 100% Loyal to his “Besties”, His Boys- Sean Hannity, Tucki-Boy Carlson, and Lou (100% losing it) Dobbs. Women, Sadly, He has No Respect for those “broads”, same as his daddy called them. However, if and only if they bring in money. Otherwise, they are trash. Judge “Less than Judy” Jeanine Pirro and the Ice Princess Wo(Man) Laura Ingram, Lachlan stated recently “are just ok”. Like Donald Trump recently stated, “they are just both Old Dogs". Lachlan said, “doesn’t matter if I can live on my yacht, life is just fantastic, mate!” I am reasonably confident "All the Foxy Ladies" will have another great chapter in their tabloid journalistic careers, possibly RT TV. Lachlan's Most Bigly bestie, Tucker Carlson, similarly believes women are Second Class. Respect Only comes if they make Fox Media and the Murdoch Family Money. Otherwise, their Trash, Disposable at ANY TIME.
Tommy Strong
Tommy Strong Månad sedan
Fox News and Staten Island go hand in hand ..racist as shit
Felix Asare
Felix Asare Månad sedan
Kirk Growth CFO Instructor
Kirk Growth CFO Instructor Månad sedan
What if Pandemic Trump had 13 minutes to get crisis leadership right like we had in the Cuban Missile Crisis? So far 11 months into COVID 19 and Conman Trump is clueless. It is easy to believe that more than half our population voted Conman Trump out.
marzinjedi Månad sedan
Ohh that double standard pop’s it’s ugly head out once again !
Nicole Dahlke
Nicole Dahlke Månad sedan
The hypocrisy is strong with this one...
Zoraida Lebron
Zoraida Lebron Månad sedan
These people make it worst by attaching liberties and freedoms to something that makes no sense!!! There is a pandemic that kills people!! You do not know who is next to die or if it was your fault that you spread this virus because you want to protect your freedoms!! You don’t need to have half a brain to realize that you can be infected and/or you can infect the people around you!! You can never predict who will become deadly sick!! Therefore, being a decent human being should have you critically thinking that this virus is not about you or me! This virus can kill me or someone I love and I should have sense enough to not be selfish but to remember that you are part of a community, humans!!! The more these newscasters and politicians deny the truth from us and feed us misinformation or set pathetic standards for their listeners and supporters the more people will die needlessly!!! I am tired of tRump and his enablers that are destroying who we were historically to world!! The US was a nation of compassionate people who defended what is good for all of us!! We cannot continue to dilute our humanity into a selfish, self serving, dog eat dog country but what we have been a country of service and love for all humanity!! Hannity, when you die you will be judged by your actions. The lies and misinformation you call conservatism is nothing but the speech of a demon leading their flock astray!! I hope you get your deserved penance for the hyperbole and outright lies you have spread! I can only pray that some that have been convinced by you to rebel against our Democracy, humanity, and truths will awaken soon before it’s too late!!!
The Hilarious Darius
The Hilarious Darius Månad sedan
This is too good!
Hugo Cortes
Hugo Cortes Månad sedan
No one watches Fox News anymore.
HTdt T
HTdt T Månad sedan
Hannity, Ingraham, Tucker... are the reason why Trump lost. Thanks to their ignorant lies and misleading... they have helped Biden to defeat Trump.
Mason Baker
Mason Baker Månad sedan
Lol you can make this with any media. I mean it is just the opposite on msnbc. But wait I get it it’s something u don’t like so u gotta call them out.
J. Brujo
J. Brujo Månad sedan
Fox is the best comedy show in America. Sorry comedy central.
John Kennedy Ekene
John Kennedy Ekene Månad sedan
Fox BBC CNN Trevor Noah news, All are bullshit !!!.
Mimi 54
Mimi 54 Månad sedan
The test to usher in socialism is upon us. Control by lies and fear. My country fell for it, when they realized what happened and people spoke up, they disappeared in the middle of the night. Our rights will be slowly removed "for the good of the people" Here is what my country is like today. And it's coming out way with the "great reset" or :Agenda 31" God help us stand up to this tyranny. The top live like kings, the people are NOTHING
Ace Manifester
Ace Manifester Månad sedan
And Biden can only bring people together to riot lol the music background you put to change the mood was super stealthy we all believe they suck now 🤙🙄
Cynthia Copland
Cynthia Copland Månad sedan
Fux News ate my husband’s brain 🧠
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