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The Federal Trade Commission and a bipartisan coalition of 46 states sue Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg for monopoly behavior and seek to force the company to sell off assets like Instagram. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Facebook
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David R. Stone
David R. Stone 3 timmar sedan
LOL! 😝 at liberal bias Facebook and 🐥Twitter !$51 $BILLION$ LOST by Facebook and Twitter combined in market cap after their decision to ban a sitting president of the USA 🇺🇸 from their platforms. After the social media expulsion of President Trump users have been flocking to alternative social media sites. It’s time to take the protection of section 230 away from “big tech”companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google to name a few who have way too much power and are way to bias to conservatives posters.
Scar 11 timmar sedan
In all honesty, I enjoy Facebook more, than any other social media application. I really do; because it allows its users, so much content, across a WIDE array of things. Twitter, you just type shit; if I had to lose one, I am really not sorry about that one...
Joshua Singleton
Joshua Singleton 2 dagar sedan
Trevor loves authoritarianism.
S Padron
S Padron 3 dagar sedan
Isaac Robinson
Isaac Robinson 4 dagar sedan
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C Bulk
C Bulk 5 dagar sedan
I definitely should break up FB they have been complaisance in spreading Faux News in the last 4 years..
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 7 dagar sedan
❌Twitter, Facebook, Google all need to lose section 230 protection they have way to much power and protection. Liberal pot smoking Jack Dorsey cancels President Trumps - Twitter 🐥 account; what a total hypocrite bias jerk! Yes indeed it is time to eliminate section 230 Internet protection for Twitter, Google, Facebook they all have way too much power and protection. Now democrats go do your job Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will be watching you very closely.
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 8 dagar sedan
👎Facebook is just another liberal website run by a Trump hating billionaire named Jeff Zuckerberg who stole the Facebook idea from his Harvard classmates. Never trust a thief. I Never joined and never plan too. Facebook is a waste of time where thefts and folks that steal your identity hangout and gather up your information. If Jeff Zuckerberg does not like your conservative posts he will take them down or ban you.
JoAnn Dryoel
JoAnn Dryoel 8 dagar sedan
We the people want to sue them too in a class action suet, take away the 230 bill completely .
CAUGHT Redhanded
CAUGHT Redhanded 9 dagar sedan
Any open sewers have room for zucks ....it is where he should live
Pan Peters
Pan Peters 10 dagar sedan
I love how they had to lable Guam. I mean, I wouldn't have recognized it either. Still.
Allan And Lifted Hands
Allan And Lifted Hands 12 dagar sedan
I don't get it..Facebook being sued for buying competitors. Is that a crime?..i mean the companies could have simply said No.
Lucian Condon
Lucian Condon 13 dagar sedan
I just realized that I have never seen Trevor in a purple sweater
Big Cat
Big Cat 15 dagar sedan
I have the feeling that if Facebook loses the case the government is gonna take over Facebook and things will get worse because the government is already trying to control people but now they will have even more access to our private stuff is already bad enough with Google.
John Lasheras
John Lasheras 16 dagar sedan
PETITION NOTICE: SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION! Facebook Is Running A Criminal Racket: We Want Justice Now! Facebook is running a racketeering organization. On October 26th 2016, John Cravo Lasheras applied to work at Facebook Incorporated as a Technical Sourcer/Technical Recruiter. On that same day, his devices were hacked and his wife, Isabella Santiago, was sex trafficked by Facebook Incorporated once they found out that she was beautiful. After submitting complaints for four years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was revealed in FOIA request of not having investigated at all. We want the United States Congress, the executive and judiciary branches to levy judgement against Facebook Incorporated and associated criminals. All of the evidence and more description are available at this link: petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/facebook-running-criminal-racket-we-want-justice-now Sincerely, John Cravo Lasheras
Hotel Guest Management
Hotel Guest Management 16 dagar sedan
They should have sued the credit agencies first
ĀVREE EVANS 16 dagar sedan
*#R_OTHERZ_WASTING_UR_TIME**❓* *svfrom.info/history/video/epqnia3cx86zcLI* 🌐👑
Alvarez Six
Alvarez Six 17 dagar sedan
we need to stop all this Facebook internet swapping or showing who you are cuz I'm tired of seeing all these gay people being created just because they see other people they want to fit in or they just want to live another life cuz their life right now wasn't shit
Christina Marie Hicks
Christina Marie Hicks 18 dagar sedan
Ur fundraising ..st..judes too...
Wilda Wei
Wilda Wei 19 dagar sedan
The empty hourglass finally kiss because stepdaughter intriguinly trust across a physical pig. likeable, wide-eyed fighter
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 21 dag sedan
Facebook have fun with all the artificial intelligence of mines 🤣
Andy Zulu
Andy Zulu 22 dagar sedan
It's looks like many people watched The Social Dilemma
Toshiro Dragon
Toshiro Dragon 23 dagar sedan
If utah signs on to it, full well knowing there are Democrats, non Mormons and people who don't drive SUVs involved, it must reaaaaaaaaaaaally be bad :D
Godwin Okafor
Godwin Okafor 24 dagar sedan
Legal lawsuits against home-grown tech giants kills bugger innovation on American soil whereby encouraging biggest competition from China... Facebook is the biggest face of U.S gains of Capitalism in the world. Once big tech companies like Facebook is dead then capitalism is dead and up come to communist taking over the world
Robassist88 26 dagar sedan
That reporters voice. Hes crying tears of joy due to the news of zuckerberg being sued.
ZJ BLACK 26 dagar sedan
JohnyK07 27 dagar sedan
I'd argue facebook is the main reason the country is so divided to begin with. The polarization of politics and popular opinion that made it seem like people are living "in alternate realities", can only be the result of how social media can be used as tool in order to destroy a country from within. Not the sole culprit, but definitely a major reason, for sure.
J 27 dagar sedan
Who the f still uses Facebook in 2020
No Limits
No Limits 28 dagar sedan
Yeah good luck with that Facebook have any government shit
Kathryn Jordan
Kathryn Jordan 28 dagar sedan
About time this happens!
DTAIBAI 28 dagar sedan
But ain't nobody saying shyt about Unilever or Bell/AT&T
Actually Hafeezy
Actually Hafeezy 29 dagar sedan
lizard man
Sara Nasr
Sara Nasr 29 dagar sedan
Made a 2020 year in review! Hope it gives you hope and inspiration! svfrom.info/history/video/nLNvlZLMmbJ_hKo
lily boone
lily boone 29 dagar sedan
What are they monopolizing? Chatting online? Isn't their a lot of these things now? Twitter and tick tock and zoom and face time? Idk, I don't use any of those things.
JMB Månad sedan
Facebook should be completely shut down! It’s disgusting!!
Anthony Sinette
Anthony Sinette Månad sedan
I was and have been that cousin since 2002, Trevor. It feels good to know that this was the right battle to fight after all of these years.
tdubblz Månad sedan
No one is required to use these applications. We all have free will
Leo Rose
Leo Rose Månad sedan
i love how he used my state in that example, because california is practically a slur here.
melody hallelujah
melody hallelujah Månad sedan
I want to know about all of the childrens images that have been traded and sold to multiple countries and pedofile rings around the world. and i want the story to be covered more appropriately.
Pedro de Figueiredo
Pedro de Figueiredo Månad sedan
Really? I'm saying this for years, in Europe Facebook was sued for over $122 million because whatsapp deal, since then facebook has already payed billions of dollars in fines. I have a facebook account, but I don't share anything about me, and since Facebook bought Whatsapp I have been extremely carefully in my messages and calls. In 2019 EU fined Google for €1.49 billion for advertising abuse.
Lobo I0I Fenrir I0I
Lobo I0I Fenrir I0I Månad sedan
What about Disney Or streaming services?
Serina Thuller
Serina Thuller Månad sedan
I'm glad I dont have FaceBook, and I dont buy from Amazon. Plus the Amazon leader has soooooooo much money he can help the environment, help science, and help the people too.
Hito157 Månad sedan
Hmmm I'm nervous about those 10 year later photos that were posted. Now They got data to predict how you look at any age!
Sushil Rai
Sushil Rai Månad sedan
Facebook algorithm is toxic
nekrogoregasm Månad sedan
Also large amount of counterfeiting. Really dissuade anyone from starting legitimate businesses. If I start a video game store I'd have to hire professionals, who were trained in identify, the merchandise, I don't have that kind of money. Too expensive, and earlier, some kid was inhaling harmful chemicals, talk about chemical castration, I don't really feel like having children, which, every man's, God given right. Too unsafe, and the authority, who I pay taxes to protect my constitutional, God given right, seem to be doing very little, in regards to this. This is, the kind of stuff that gets people killed or seriously injured, good people, when they can't take the abuse, I've spent over 250 minutes on the phone, so much so in the last few months, calling the police, and I've noticed, from what I can see, is a haven, for criminal activity.
nekrogoregasm Månad sedan
They don't manage the marketplace well, there's gambling, and they keep suggesting, things that, one would consider a harmful or malicious act.
Mandana Weingärtner
Mandana Weingärtner Månad sedan
I love your humor so much
Raving Fan7642
Raving Fan7642 Månad sedan
Unfortunately, Section 230 allow soc. media monopoly FB to ctl narrative and influence elections eg. block -ve Biden fam. stories, before Nov/3.
khatra ahmad
khatra ahmad Månad sedan
They sale our personal information about time they get charge for crime they did
Nadia Thomas
Nadia Thomas Månad sedan
Haha, they brought california and mississippi together. That was a statement!
Lauren Månad sedan
There's a hoodie in a color that Trevor doesn't already have!? Is it possible!?
solothebest1 Månad sedan
It’s a little to late thinking about a break up now. These big tech companies will continue to get big and gain more influence across the world with their biggest asset being billions of people personal data.
Chakalao officiel
Chakalao officiel Månad sedan
Abonné chez moi svp
Alexandra Imes
Alexandra Imes Månad sedan
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Coco Afrika
Coco Afrika Månad sedan
Lolllll yooooooooooooooo.... he isnt even selling drugs. Zuckerberg got the feds watching.
Stock Plum
Stock Plum Månad sedan
Ah! Isn't the EU Govmnt trying to do the same thing? Should these to (ahem) "Superpowers" join forces perhaps?
Flynnick Månad sedan
"i don't have a hoodie in that color" ... during the daily social distancing show i discovered new colors watching your hoodies ! what color can that be ?
Valorie Napoletana
Valorie Napoletana Månad sedan
How dare that internet company make money off the stuff it does and learns on the internet just like every other internet company! How dare they be so popular that they know a lot about us, try to connect us to people like ourselves and try to cater to our every insane whim! I hate facebook as much as he next person but I don't get how this is what brings 48 states together...
youtube_myspace_and_i_will_google_your_yahoo Månad sedan
I don't work at facebook but I do work in the software development industry. Yes it is true that that FB is not "free" because they take your data and sell it. But facebook isn't a utility that is necessary for work or daily life. Which is why people can just unplug from FB and some are even "happier without it". I think the big issue is the difference in how consumers see and companies see social media and privacy. I notice a lot of consumers mention that they are selling your private data like address, email and phone. But that's already public information even before facebook. This is public record. Stuff that is more private is probably what pages you are looking at, wink wink. So my take is that there are things that can be scary about data collection but there are things that aren't really all that scary to begin with, it's just a matter of us knowing about it, aka public information like address and phone. I think selling and mining data is a great. It's a part of the reason we get these services for free and the free app ecosystem is nice for consumers. However, having it be unchecked can be dangerous. Not sure I have read an article of FB doing something dangerous with it yet. But regardless, we should have stricter rules and regulations around data mining and selling.
elvys valerio
elvys valerio Månad sedan
Google and Amazon need to be next
Scifisam Månad sedan
As a daily user of Facebook, Google, and Amazon (the first two multiple times a day) I feel like I should care more about being "part of the problem".
John Rasmijn
John Rasmijn Månad sedan
audio is bad fix the volume .. of the audio
Rose, Thorn
Rose, Thorn Månad sedan
🥀🐜 🎮
Paul H.
Paul H. Månad sedan
Given how pro-privacy the EU is, I'm surprised they didn't do this first. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm European.
AGT0M Månad sedan
In his childhood Zuckerberg must have played monopoly too much...
Matthew Giacobbe
Matthew Giacobbe Månad sedan
somebody needs to sue Vail Resorts for the same thing. Look into in Noah, your welcome lol
Jerri Thompson
Jerri Thompson Månad sedan
The Republucans are too much. FB obviously is the leader in social media. So the little church is offended.
M Notes
M Notes Månad sedan
How-why the shit is it being suited again 🤣
Babi Bratzko
Babi Bratzko Månad sedan
But nobody considers disney a illegal monopoly yet.
Baker Jabbar
Baker Jabbar Månad sedan
All we remember that how Russians used Facebook to manipulate voters in 2016 to favor Trump against Clinton
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo Månad sedan
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Raby Maidah Savage
Raby Maidah Savage Månad sedan
Who wants to join me to buy Instagram and WhatsApp? Let's make these two companies an American peoples' company.
craffte Månad sedan
Not trying to be rude, but :28 Is that really his voice? It sounds like they asked one guy to do all the reports and he used fake funny voices to do them. It totally sounds like he's trolling.
craffte Månad sedan
Wait, maybe he's sick oh no😟 sorry nvm
Nicholas Erickson
Nicholas Erickson Månad sedan
So we don't care about trusts in big oil, phone companies, or other monopolies but for some reason FacePlant is a big deal???.... Pro tip: if you don't like Facebook don't use it! This is hilarious tho.
Vinat Khorramshahi
Vinat Khorramshahi Månad sedan
Trevor should get awards for excellent voice imitation xD
Adrian B
Adrian B Månad sedan
"Let them grow first and earn big bucks... after that let's sue them for millions/billions of $." Typical.
Michael Chifulo
Michael Chifulo Månad sedan
All those are just haters
Chef Zak
Chef Zak Månad sedan
Yeah...we can all agree that they are very powerful...but don't mention anything about them having any influence in the elections. Suppressing information that doesn't fit their narrative like the Hunter Biden story, but spreading Trumps leaked taxes...let's try and overlook stuff like that. Oh and then: (!) This fact has been disputed by outsourced truth
Julio De Los Santos
Julio De Los Santos Månad sedan
Are we going to get paid
Yeo Zero
Yeo Zero Månad sedan
Le Avntheim
Le Avntheim Månad sedan
John oliver was way ahead
Ug Titto
Ug Titto Månad sedan
This Shitbook of conspiracy theories needs to be taken down completely and for good
Robrecht saski
Robrecht saski Månad sedan
Take down the psychopath media censor lords ....with a million cuts !! We are with more !!
Jesus Loves You
Jesus Loves You Månad sedan
Please know that Jesus Loves You, even though we are all sinners, every single one of us. Have you ever lied (even once)? Ever stolen anything ? If you said yes to those two questions you are a lying thief, and that’s only two of the Ten Commandments. How will you do on Judgment Day? You know that you will be guilty. "For the wages of sin is death” (we are all on our way to hell, forever). God does NOT want us to end up in Hell, a place of eternal torment and suffering (Not parties). We can all have eternal life on the new, perfect earth with no pain and no suffering forever. "Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Jesus took our punishment for our sins. This is a FREE gift. For those of you who wish to continue to deny God, "Since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse." Our time is short. We are living in the End Times and He will be back soon. Jesus Saves and ONLY Jesus.
DisconnectHack Månad sedan
Coming up next, google!
Mister Resister
Mister Resister Månad sedan
Use big tech and you are the product. Period.
Leni Mizukami
Leni Mizukami Månad sedan
I don’t get the vegan part ??
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Månad sedan
yes the premise of being "free" is a lie because if they charged for anything they've less of what they actually want which is as much data on as many people as possible. Big data for our owners is the real business model.
Findyification Månad sedan
tech company get breakup but the real estate company not
D D Månad sedan
I am 90% convinced that Trevor might only have one hoodie that is a bright green color so he can trick us into thinking that he has 1,000 hoodies of different colors while he’s just Green Screening 1
YG Faith
YG Faith Månad sedan
Facebook bought MySpace and ran it to the ground . They deserve this.
Piqipeg Månad sedan
Was wondering why it has taken so long for them to do this, I mean they were quick to break up Microsoft. Wonder if they're going to go up against Disney too, as they're buying up so much intellectual property and competitors.
Emerald bay
Emerald bay Månad sedan
I totally agree. It's too much control for one organization.
Anne Droid
Anne Droid Månad sedan
This may just be the US Govt's way of blackmailing Facebook to hand over all that "data" lol (-;
Die Happy
Die Happy Månad sedan
Meanwhile certain hospitals are creating a healthcare monopoly by restricting the creation of new hospitals, forcing multiple counties to rely on one big hospitals and raising health care costs beyond the reach for average consumers. While operating under non-profit organizarion to avoid paying taxes and multi-million dollar bonuses are paid to executives. Has anyone wondered why there is a shortage in hospitals for a population this size. The American public could be distracted from real issues that effects their financial situation.
GenXer Månad sedan
End ad for "facebook shops" LOL
Anne Droid
Anne Droid Månad sedan
Wow that guy at 0:56 looks kinda bazaar. In wonderment about his genetics. Interesting.
ParadoxdelaPaladino Månad sedan
OMG what is wrong with that CBS This Morning guy's voice? It sounds like he needs to clear it and like he's holding back tears at the same time.
Anne Droid
Anne Droid Månad sedan
OMG "What's app" with the guy's voice at 0:22 ?!!
Always Questioning
Always Questioning Månad sedan
Didn’t Snowden tell us this a long time ago?
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