Eli Saslow & Derek Black - Leaving the KKK and White Supremacy | The Daily Show

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“Unless we go through the act of confronting it, it’s going to continue to grow and be a dangerous force in what the country is.” Derek Black and Eli Saslow tell the story of leaving the KKK and confronting white supremacy in America. #DailyShow #DerekBlack #EliSaslow
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Balou 3 minuter sedan
Respect 🙏📌
Ryan Gainey
Ryan Gainey 20 timmar sedan
This is also a fair point. It’s kind of controversial or radical to say, but it also appears to be true. That the most effective fighters against white nationalist or white supremacist views aren’t all the wonderful smart or educated or just, GOOD, people of other races, but instead are other white people who just aren’t racist. White privilege goes even deeper and further than I realized... who would have thought the best way to fight through White privilege is to use more White privilege? It’s fucked up to think, but maybe sometimes it IS better to fight one type of fire with another fire. Or in this case, with milk... because I’m not above making a horrible horrible joke in a SVfrom comments section to boost the algorithm. But seriously. That is what they just said... White nationalists fear progressive white people the most because they will shut down their argument very quickly, and because they too are white the racists can’t really fight it but get shamed into compliance. Maybe we should be encouraging more progressive white people to speak up and speak out? Although that sets a dangerous precedent because some will mean well but then will also make potentially other horribly offensive statements without even meaning to. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it at some point.
DeeDee Dailey
DeeDee Dailey Dag sedan
Blender How To
Blender How To Dag sedan
The predator playing victim classic white nationalist mentality. Interesting discussion. It's like a bear crying over being chased by the honeybees after stealing the honey.
Andi Dag sedan
What a joke.
Steve Varvounis
Steve Varvounis Dag sedan
Wasn't no 2.3 million views on this video. Bullshit.
Sheldon Harrison
Sheldon Harrison 2 dagar sedan
“They have literal skin in the game.” That was a bar
Sixten Redlös
Sixten Redlös 2 dagar sedan
We need to give people the space to change imagine if these guys weren’t welcomed back to love
trucolorsproductxns 2 dagar sedan
This needs so much more attention.
Hal Bradt
Hal Bradt 2 dagar sedan
That’s incredibly strong to challenge your family of origin nice!!
Moe Zura
Moe Zura 2 dagar sedan
and this is why black, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment was the LOWEST in HISTORY under Trump... Black entrepreneurship was 400% HIGHER under Trump than under Obama... if you are looking for "institutional racism" in America look no further than the institution called "the DEMOCRAT PARTY": 200 YEARS OF TRADITION: the party of slavery, the party that FOUNDED the KKK, the party that voted 87% against the 13th Amendment, voted 100% against the 14th and 15th Amendments, the party of Jim Crow, the party of segregation; the party that engaged in the LONGEST FILIBUSTER in US HISTORY to try and defeat the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964; the party of Joe Biden's 1994 Crime Bill... the only concrete evidence you can find with regard to "institutional racism" in America is packed to the brim in the democrat party. for those of you not interested in the truth, please, remain democrat and keep watching the propaganda you so eagerly invite into your homes through the television... the rest of us are prepping a YUGE bowl of popcorn for the show that is about to begin! Enjoy!
Moe Zura
Moe Zura Dag sedan
@natalie khanyola I don't know where you're getting your "facts" from, but the gap between the rich and the poor SHRANK more than ever under the Trump administration... my advice to everyone is to follow the facts. I don't vote and don't care about politics. I just care about my fellow man and through years of experience and study I've found that FREEDOM is a far better lifestyle that subservience to the Federal Government.
natalie khanyola
natalie khanyola Dag sedan
@Moe Zura yeah... I don't care about either one of them. Also according to public records black americans have less wealth per capital since the 70s. It's gotten worse because of trumps handling if covid and the fact that many black americans are vulnerable to the virus. Also republicans seem to love the confederacy more than any liberal/ democrat I know. So much for the party of Lincoln.
Moe Zura
Moe Zura Dag sedan
@natalie khanyola this is all public record and government statistics... you just have to be willing to accept the truth. do the research, you will find the truth. also, learn who Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell are. svfrom.info/history/video/dJOfrnHGnpuNoJk svfrom.info/round/NdA_qZp4eQP5orJ1BsRBWAvideos
natalie khanyola
natalie khanyola Dag sedan
Please site your sources! You've made very bold claims and I'd like to know if they're true.
Fred1428 2 dagar sedan
I like how his name is Derek Black.
Kayla Collingwood
Kayla Collingwood 2 dagar sedan
Years ago I saw the article Eli Saslow wrote about this and contacted him personally as the story was so beautifully written. A couple of years later I got an email from him saying that he had published a book of the story - partially because of direct feedback like that. Great to see an interview with Eli and Derek about this story!
Ysobelle 2 dagar sedan
I went to New College, where he had his epiphany-- albeit many years before-- and I'm so proud of my school and my fellow alums. The school taught us to question everything, and challenge ourselves to do better. And to debate for as long as it takes.
Hecate Aradia
Hecate Aradia 3 dagar sedan
Totally couragous, thank you for turning back to the light and not just to go hide under a rock but to go teach. That is so positive, one of the better things I have witnessed. Thank you
Demas Cabrera
Demas Cabrera 3 dagar sedan
God bless us all hebrew pride
carynis1hotassgirl 3 dagar sedan
I have talked about this so many times. I'm so proud of this man for behaving as any respectable human should. Keep up the fantastic work!
Lamingus Maytubbie
Lamingus Maytubbie 3 dagar sedan
The world moved a step forward when the trash 45 wasn't reelected. He actually should be in jail for inciting a criminals to attack the Capitol
PodcastBai 3 dagar sedan
Wow, this is so brave lol. As the saying goes “When you know better, you do better.” Personal development is key. You guys should check out my personal development podcast “The Smarter Than Yesterday Podcast” I’m on a few platforms 🔥
Dwayne Jeffers
Dwayne Jeffers 3 dagar sedan
I've always said whites are the only ones who can truly change the direction of this nation.
jonathan pauldo
jonathan pauldo 3 dagar sedan
America is always going to be racist that is the foundation of this countries always has been always will be. There's no hope other than time. Perhaps 200 years from now or 4 generations we can make a difference but if you black or any other race other than white get your money and mind your business ain't shit going to change not in this lifetime. I ain't trying to be negative I'm just going off of what I see and seen and what I foresee in the future.
Cheshire Ket
Cheshire Ket 4 dagar sedan
Intelligence and Education would literally fix a LOT of problems with our society.
Sakeenah Mustapha
Sakeenah Mustapha 4 dagar sedan
Can a leopard actually change it's spots.
Janelle Rollins
Janelle Rollins 4 dagar sedan
Big what up to my brother in CHRIST, Trevor Noah!!!
E M.
E M. 4 dagar sedan
Stormfront was created by a 10 year old??? Makes sense.
Josephine Mensah
Josephine Mensah 4 dagar sedan
Being silent is a choice!
Norm DePlume
Norm DePlume 4 dagar sedan
The scary thing is how smart these young men are. They aren't some toothless uneducated hill billies.
RoxXxoR 4 dagar sedan
Very wise words. Sure speak up as that part of the demographics. But the other side(s) need to do the same. Cuz white ppl will get lynched saying miss Black pageants are racist. Just to give an example.
Akibu Tiwalade
Akibu Tiwalade 5 dagar sedan
Yes I agree absolutely, if something hurts some people a thought should be given to how to right that wrong. This is the only humane thing to do. To do otherwise is inhumane and lacking empathy.
Ebony Webster
Ebony Webster 5 dagar sedan
svfrom.info/history/video/iaiwjnmnqZegfdQ 1 week after posting this video of Bakersfield police beating him and breaking his arm, this man is sitting in jail under false accusations. BLM. Justice for Melton Smith. He said they would come for him and they did.
Tee bee
Tee bee 5 dagar sedan
Don't trust them. Watch what they do to honestly expose the truth of their ancestrial organization.
Eula Hardy
Eula Hardy 5 dagar sedan
Awesome answers to me. Great interview for giving a good understanding of the issues of racism
Rudolph Pieters
Rudolph Pieters 5 dagar sedan
This is a really big deal. These guys had the fortitude and insight to make change. This harkens back to a Michael jackson song Man in the Mirror.
Bernice Jeffery
Bernice Jeffery 5 dagar sedan
America was the land of the native Indian not white people! White folks came from Europe
sean c
sean c 5 dagar sedan
HEY!! DON'T BACK DOWN!! We have to work together to win.
Vo Hoai Bac
Vo Hoai Bac 5 dagar sedan
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Dreamer Shelton
Dreamer Shelton 5 dagar sedan
My brain tells me these guys are double agents. You better not let your guard down. We have been naive for far too long. This interview (and others) will get them in the door to spy and do damage we want be able to undo.
Princess 5 dagar sedan
Mr & Mrs Racism are the oldest citizens of the US.....
Pocket Tangerine
Pocket Tangerine 5 dagar sedan
??? What is this prop?
Marcella Weiss
Marcella Weiss 5 dagar sedan
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Lou Lee
Lou Lee 5 dagar sedan
Jeff is very popular on Snapchat and hangouts he talks to a lot of gay men and strippers on there whatever floats his boat
Alba Garces
Alba Garces 5 dagar sedan
I don't believe a word these morons say!!!
Hill Bookman
Hill Bookman 5 dagar sedan
The strongest voice in the room is another white person saying "stop that", is further proof that this is not our (poc) fight! I'm happy because I'm tired 😫!
Carrie W
Carrie W Dag sedan
I have even greater empathy for you. How exhausting it must have been to constantly hear "I'm not racist, I have a black _______ (friend, niece, nephew, cousin, etc)". Uuuuuuuugh It's infuriating. I've heard this so much recently! Honestly, It's worse bc I've said these things myself before. Thank you to anyone who ever dealt with those statements and took the time to explain it to those of us who were really trying not to be ignorant. It encouraged me to research, and to listen. I was so busy trying to prove how not racist I was, that I didn't realize I just needed to LISTEN!
sad199 6
sad199 6 3 dagar sedan
I agree there takes should be a minority of the discourse and discourse and platform should be the majority.. just like old white men should not be making laws on behalf of the health or safety of all the diverse women of the world and the common denominator is that older, powerful, white men. Poc is we’re monopolizing snd dictating things like race and gender in the first place, in a way the narrative can be that one is superior to the other... poc should be able to monopolize their own voice. However I do think this is important. The hard thing to accept sometimes is that change right now requires a lot of messed up minds to change and grow and souls to soften and people to empower those they once stepped on.. and I don’t think he was being mean or micro aggressive but brutally honest and wasn’t pretending to hide his bias or let his privileged be invalidated. He meant that growing up so close to the ugliest ways it can look, it’s real, snd it’s messed up but they can’t give up some power and even begin to surrender as equals (which no beige person alive during this time probably can fully do, just like men still can’t w women) until they do what they know means something snd takes power away. Had this been to replace the equally moving story of a poc mthat would b shitty but a black immigrant was interested in this story, and wanted to have them on his show and still was able to gatekeep them. I think he chose somebody who would fulfill a necessary evil, because right now white Ppls opinions seriously matter more and it’s horrifying and absurd, but there’s no alternative and rbis is the nature of humanity. The probability of being a highly privileged person with real power born into conditions of oppression is low. Most of us are on the other side and right now in America being poc is rlly scary and it’s messed up and unfair. But to change it we have to not be tired for poc who don’t have the luxury to just be tired, because we might be tired but some of us can’t be, and that’s real shit👩🏽‍💻
Low Tek
Low Tek 5 dagar sedan
Whites are the victims for sure now...
Chandrika Rawat
Chandrika Rawat 6 dagar sedan
Brave. Humane.
tan min
tan min 6 dagar sedan
Just seeing the thumbnail, I thought George Clooney and Ethan hawke are in the KKK?!
Toni Gonzales
Toni Gonzales 6 dagar sedan
I think Derek and I are the same age. I’m a person of color who was exposed to stormfront at an early age. I remember reading about Derek and his views at the time. He was just a kid then. I can’t tell you what it means to watch this same person as an adult talk like this. It brings tears to my eyes and gives me hope for the children of white supremacists.
john satterlee
john satterlee 6 dagar sedan
Star Mac
Star Mac 6 dagar sedan
Racists have no place in America. You will be removed on your best day. -Rosa Harris
Suzie Q
Suzie Q 6 dagar sedan
He made an awesome point .. really and truly only white ppl can stop racism .. let that sink in
Suzie Q
Suzie Q 6 dagar sedan
How come y’all not wearing masks any more ? Lol Trevor are you back in the building ? Lol
Dora Hill
Dora Hill 6 dagar sedan
2020 made me politically come of age. I decided that love is at the center of my beliefs.
Xamsa Afrika
Xamsa Afrika 6 dagar sedan
Kudos buddy. But this is outta no where his last name is black lol
j -s-m-r asmr
j -s-m-r asmr 6 dagar sedan
I see someone got their hair cut! Looks nice 👍
Rickey Hughes
Rickey Hughes 6 dagar sedan
They getting praised for being used to be racist 🥱
Rhonda Palmer
Rhonda Palmer 6 dagar sedan
Could it be the change is because it is still the same.
The Nigel Douglas
The Nigel Douglas 6 dagar sedan
A lot of these things that these guys are saying are white nationalists has more to do with protecting America. Not to with race
Çommenter Person
Çommenter Person 6 dagar sedan
Derek is a weapon.
girlhead4477 6 dagar sedan
I really appreciate you both so much. So, so much.
Pinkbubblegum 6 dagar sedan
They are all so elloquent & handsome 💟
Pinkbubblegum 6 dagar sedan
carlos manriquez
carlos manriquez 6 dagar sedan
It has always been a dangerous message , and this rethoric has always worked , scare and hate politics , keep them scared and keep them dumb
Amir McDowell _
Amir McDowell _ 6 dagar sedan
Why hasn’t he had Daryl Davis on????
Ivy Burnett
Ivy Burnett 6 dagar sedan
There is nothing wrong with admitting your wrongs. Props to these guys; it's incredibly difficult to grow out of a racist mentality.
Senica S
Senica S 6 dagar sedan
Awesome interview. So glad they showed it again, or I would have missed it.
Mathieu Fonseca
Mathieu Fonseca 6 dagar sedan
What's up with the word salads from fake accounts in the comments ?
Claretta Purcella
Claretta Purcella 6 dagar sedan
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MsSocial 6 dagar sedan
This was beautiful!! 🙌🏽🙏🏽
Michelle Dixon
Michelle Dixon 6 dagar sedan
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Nicola Tinoco
Nicola Tinoco 7 dagar sedan
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Nicola Tinoco
Nicola Tinoco 7 dagar sedan
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click daily
click daily 7 dagar sedan
Am sure Ray Mak is also in this comment section😂😂
Guy Willy Nelson Pele
Guy Willy Nelson Pele 7 dagar sedan
the best people to fight white supremacists are those white brothers and sisters who can undestand that we are human race.... people of color will always love they decendant(white) with one heart.... and just want unity....
Guy Willy Nelson Pele
Guy Willy Nelson Pele 7 dagar sedan
hate is bad for the heart specialy when you have to breath the same air and work with those you hate.... anyone who is racist suffa a lot.... teaching kids hate is what make USA vulnerable...
Jami Lauderdale
Jami Lauderdale 7 dagar sedan
Facts that need to be addressed.. Thank everyone for this much needed sit down..
LiLLaLa707 7 dagar sedan
The irony of being named Derek Black and supporting white supremacy....All jokes aside it takes real power to change one's mind set after being raised to hate....Trevor has some really great interviews.
cutflower 7 dagar sedan
The one thing I noticed about them, they don't use their own minds.
Kyra Dunston
Kyra Dunston 7 dagar sedan
It takes a strong person to admit their wrongs. 👏
J. C.
J. C. 7 dagar sedan
What about nationalism in general without considering race? What's wrong with putting Americans first? I thought the government took an oath to serve the American people, not the entire planet.
Morgan Boutwell
Morgan Boutwell 7 dagar sedan
What a phenomenal interview. Spot on for what our country must do!
Bernadette Bailey
Bernadette Bailey 7 dagar sedan
Trevor, thanks for this. Timing is perfect.
Angela White
Angela White 7 dagar sedan
God Bless your souls 🙏🏼
SynthKilla99 7 dagar sedan
I respect this guy a lot. I’m sure it was not easy for him to get this far. I do hope that he has family that aren’t white supremacist.
Perma Frost
Perma Frost 7 dagar sedan
Everyone has innate prejudices, but the danger comes in refusing to challenge one's biases. Kudos and blessings to these guys, and so many others who have defected from racism.
Perma Frost
Perma Frost 7 dagar sedan
Derek Black's answer at 3:35 was so frustrating to me, no offense: "i know I'm right *now* because I believe in what doesn't hurt people, what makes life better". To the racist, equality feels like injustice, losing your privilege hurts. He appealed to perception & feeling, and i just wish he had appealed to truth; as in, "when i was a white supremacist, my beliefs were based on lies, ignorance, being in a bubble away from other cultures, inaccurate and incomplete accounts of history." Doing what doesn't hurt other's, what seems to make life better, sounds nice, except sometimes it is a zero-sum game, someone is going to have to suffer or make sacrifices in order to set things right, some tough realizations and choices will be required to make amends. So, feeling good, or not feeling hurt, won't be an accurate gauge of what is right. With all due respect. I applaud them for turning away from their former ways and risking their safety in order to advance justice. Just my humble opinion.
Paul Radin
Paul Radin 7 dagar sedan
A total load. Nobody hates, like a modern lefty.
Lucid Dreamer
Lucid Dreamer 7 dagar sedan
Thizzy Marley
Thizzy Marley 7 dagar sedan
They're lying, they feel the same way nothing changed in their minds, just how to talk and say what we want to hear
Stefanie 6 dagar sedan
If you believe that change is impossible, then change will never happen.
Tasha Burgess
Tasha Burgess 7 dagar sedan
Absolutely the truth!! So many Americans want to believe or pretend they are not racist and that our current system isn’t rooted in systemic racism.
Lil Darlin
Lil Darlin 7 dagar sedan
So they like African Americans,etc now??????🙄😭🤫🤔---ijs😶
Coco Israel422
Coco Israel422 7 dagar sedan
Finally gotten by two men that was taught that those that didn't look like you were lesser, light years before the others get it , my ppl can't afford to wait for everyone to catch up , we must establish for ourselves before falling into complacency again, ijs .
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith 7 dagar sedan
I wish them well.
Bill Hathaway
Bill Hathaway 7 dagar sedan
Just google Greg Withrow please. I am White. I was in the military. I very much doubt that these guys are no longer White Nationalists. They are infiltrators collecting intel for their fellow White Nationalists. Keep both of them at arms length. You do not leave White Nationalism it is ALWAYS a lifetime commitment.
Mathieu Fonseca
Mathieu Fonseca 6 dagar sedan
Eli Saslow is a journalist. I guess we also have our conspiracy theorists...
Soliana 123
Soliana 123 7 dagar sedan
Bros lastname is litterly black😭
judith davis
judith davis 7 dagar sedan
I remember when i first experienced racism and it was that day that i realized that people really don't like people because of their skin tone and i couldn't for the life of me understand it because i would always hear how brutal white people were and i would always ask my mom why do people hate us because we are black and my mom would always say it was because they fear what they dont know. So i made it my mission to research my history and what i found was distrubing and powerful at the same time i found there was no reason in the world for white people to hate us and from that day forward i held my head high because i knew it wasn't our problem it was theirs
a th47
a th47 7 dagar sedan
White nationalist was invented by hitler. So all the whites who came to the states seam to forget. That usa. Was. and always will be. Native american.. so you got the white thing. Wrong. Whites do not are from usa hey came.from all over and.to think that this country is.only white. Its stupid and.wrong.
shakur 4illa
shakur 4illa 7 dagar sedan
A white man is more likely to die at the hands of minorities than vice versa. Your narrative is false just like this story.
Mathieu Fonseca
Mathieu Fonseca 6 dagar sedan
It's great that people like you can have opinions about things while not thinking about or reading about them. Big brain.
Bill Hathaway
Bill Hathaway 7 dagar sedan
You are a bigot and both these guys are probably frauds so.....
AnointedFlow 7 dagar sedan
The dislikes are from who they are talking about.
Witchy Woman
Witchy Woman 7 dagar sedan
The best way to teach our children empathy, patience and love - is to give them those very things . You can't teach those things, we have to give them it ourselves. To nourish them .
Bernard Rickson
Bernard Rickson 7 dagar sedan
I can't even watch the inauguration in my own house cause of all this bs
B.A. Moye
B.A. Moye 7 dagar sedan
Incredibly powerful. Wow. Faith in humanity on the upswing with this interview.
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