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Have you been watching Queen’s Gambit and want to hear about the game from a real chess grandmaster? Here’s Maurice Ashley. #DailyShow #MauriceAshley #Throwback
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Stop Cry
Stop Cry 6 dagar sedan
He is not even near any top player. This show is like. Wow a black GM. Only 1/500 GM are black.
shucklesors 10 dagar sedan
goddamn trevor will throw anything under the bus to get audience approval
Pippimann Terrortv
Pippimann Terrortv 21 dag sedan
redblackyellowwhite pawns matter
Pippimann Terrortv
Pippimann Terrortv 21 dag sedan
maybe even orange but maybe not
Jimo Ethan
Jimo Ethan 24 dagar sedan
Can you bring Denzel Washington to your show? Or Mike Tyson? Or both of them.
Mike O'McIrishguy
Mike O'McIrishguy 24 dagar sedan
One America News Network - NTD News - Breitbart - Sky News Australia - News Max - Project Veritas - The Gateway Pundit - The Liberty Daily!!!..
Fay Kouri
Fay Kouri 26 dagar sedan
Oh I thought no quarantine in the US when did that happen, then I read the comments and found out it was an old one! Merry Christmas to all!
KimZuna Tadu
KimZuna Tadu 27 dagar sedan
Wow his head is the first thing I notice.😅
John Godwin
John Godwin 27 dagar sedan
This is old
Alien 28 dagar sedan
Trevor just had to throw a Trump dig in there... then fake laugh intensely
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 29 dagar sedan
Maurice Ashley the #GOAT💯😎
TheGta4you 29 dagar sedan
Coffee Cats Kimchi
Coffee Cats Kimchi 29 dagar sedan
Big brain. 🍑
Tamayo1980 29 dagar sedan
Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn.. Brownsville was around the corner and yeah, was a bit rough in the early 90's but survived...
Jonathan Fan
Jonathan Fan 29 dagar sedan
Bet you this badass cant beat my zero dollar phone at chess.
Joey M
Joey M 29 dagar sedan
Please stop, I can’t imagine how much the left is paying you. If America is so bad go back to South Africa!
Harold Denver
Harold Denver 29 dagar sedan
The flimsy sweater acly screw because repair undeniably suspend qua a limping college. chivalrous, kaput hovercraft
Elias Barbosa
Elias Barbosa Månad sedan
I am amazed that the following topics were never brought up: 1) Maurice Ashley is the first man of African decent to become a Grandmaster in the entire world! 2) Alicia Ashley, his sister, was the world boxing champion 3) Devon Ashley, his brother, was the world kickboxing champion To say that Maurice Ashley comes from a family of overachievers is the understatement of this young century! Not bat for a Jamaican immigrant that got to the US only after his 12th birthday. Maurice Ashley is a wonderful chess commentator. I have watched countless tournaments with him as one of the commentators. He is always making very inciteful and witty remarks. He is also a successful book writer and has been the organizer of the "Millionaire Chess Open" tournament which has had 3 instalments.
Elias Barbosa
Elias Barbosa 28 dagar sedan
@Sarah Meyers, it was my pleasure. It is pretty obvious that I am one of his fans! 😊 He is an example to all of us.
Sarah Meyers
Sarah Meyers 28 dagar sedan
Thanks for that extra info!
4lliz in Wonderland
4lliz in Wonderland Månad sedan
Gabby Mclovin
Gabby Mclovin Månad sedan
Daily show back in studio!!!!
del Fuego
del Fuego Månad sedan
Look at that head... dude must have mental powers...
Joseph Davenport
Joseph Davenport Månad sedan
It looks like his brain has muscles.
Isbarhub Månad sedan
From the moment I saw the thumbnail: BIG BRAIN!!!! was what I thought.
Ruben yoshi
Ruben yoshi Månad sedan
Big brain time moment
Alicson K
Alicson K Månad sedan
I'm very unhappy with the lack of proper date on this post. Totally fine to rebroadcast old content, however there should be a clear date in the description for CONTEXT. Always.
Data Viz is Sexy
Data Viz is Sexy Månad sedan
He literally stores every information in his head.
Isabelle Grayson
Isabelle Grayson Månad sedan
Ooooh! He did his homework on Trevor. “How the turntables.”
Tanya Walters
Tanya Walters Månad sedan
He learns his opponent so he can intisipate their next move and beat them
Tanya Walters
Tanya Walters Månad sedan
Lol it is a horsey...knight. I learned a little bit of ches in high school but I don't remember squat now. I would be learning all over again
Grey Ang
Grey Ang Månad sedan
This guy is 51 years old?! Damn black don't crack
gnik droy
gnik droy Månad sedan
2:47 The would probably say "I mated your sister last night". Maurice here making content family friendly.
MAGIC ART by sayee bankhele
MAGIC ART by sayee bankhele Månad sedan
Watch my art🎨
Zaid Sheikh
Zaid Sheikh Månad sedan
The real life Beth Harmon is Anna Rudolf
dana madeleine ermita
dana madeleine ermita Månad sedan
Wait... is he back in the studio? Is the afro gone? 😲
Jake PK Rio
Jake PK Rio Månad sedan
This dude got so tired of the British palace guard bearskin hat jokes back when he had a 'fro, he shaved his head. Not such a good idea i think.
justin davis
justin davis Månad sedan
That thumbnail makes him look like the love child between Frieza and James Harrison 😂
Onesixcruz Månad sedan
Aliens live among us.. This guy doesn't have dreams He has movies.
Christopher Fiore
Christopher Fiore Månad sedan
Not THIS President. Maybe get our now "controversial" (plain vanilla) President elect, to put in a good summer camp honing some skills of the game getting into the strategies of the minds vying against him.
ItsKevPlay s
ItsKevPlay s Månad sedan
Man. I just wanna see what happend to this guy. He havent posted in many years
Martin Wettig
Martin Wettig Månad sedan
Thanks for having him on the show, he's so cool.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist Månad sedan
"Interesting. So we need to teach the President how to play chess is what you're saying." I don't know, Trevor. I'm pretty sure he can't possibly pick it up in the month he has left in office.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist Månad sedan
"First of all, chess _is_ cool." Ooh. Checkmate, Trevor. The man is a chess, grandmaster. That means you've got to think at least four moves ahead when dealing with him.
Gotham fans 👇
Player JX1
Player JX1 Månad sedan
His forehead looks like Confucius’ forehead
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez Månad sedan
Sleigh bells ring. Butter chruning. A little flower might be burning. Now is the time. Bite the butter and fly. This is cannabutter Christmas time. This is cannabutter Christmas tiiime!
Richard Walker
Richard Walker Månad sedan
Great wrap-up.
thebestnumber1 Månad sedan
Dude looks like Frieza. Also he toots his horn a little too much. As far as grandmasters go, he is bottom of the barrel.
quest 77051
quest 77051 Månad sedan
dude is an epic grandmaster. i've watch him play.
IvoTV Månad sedan
I was really thinking in googling: Black Chess grandmaster after watching that netflix show
Nicson Flores
Nicson Flores Månad sedan
First step is to train with the janitor in the basement.
Cryptocoin Kiwi
Cryptocoin Kiwi Månad sedan
That's gonna be really hard man!
jcspider Månad sedan
From the fellow's wiki page: Maurice Ashley (born March 6, 1966) is a Jamaican-American chess grandmaster, author, and commentator. In 1999 he earned the grandmaster title (GM), making him the first black person to attain the title of grandmaster. Ashley is well known as a commentator for high-profile chess events. He also spent many years teaching chess. On April 13, 2016, Ashley was inducted into the US Chess Hall of Fame. Maurice's sister is world boxing champion Alicia Ashley and his brother is former world kickboxing champion Devon Ashley.
jcspider 18 dagar sedan
@Jacob Potischman Well, sir, in case anyone else had been curious for more information on this very interesting person, I shared a snippet of what I read on his wiki page.
Jacob Potischman
Jacob Potischman 18 dagar sedan
why not
why not Månad sedan
everyone should know the mind of your adversary💯
Michael Lochlann
Michael Lochlann Månad sedan
Trump loses at chess "THIS GAME IS RIGGED!!"
Coos Oorlog
Coos Oorlog Månad sedan
this is from Nov 20, 2018
brook Parsons
brook Parsons Månad sedan
This Guy looks Like a smoother Headed Klingon!! No Wonder They Good in ♟️ Chess!! Just so You know the Queen Always Winz and Playing with A Piece 🧩 ♟️ Than the Game Of Life"!". It is very different :) Great Job Tho'🥰👌☝️
Michael Clark
Michael Clark Månad sedan
Trevor Noah: “So, we need to teach the president how to play chess?” Maurice Ashley: “That’s going to be really hard man!” 🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan Bush
Jonathan Bush Månad sedan
Trump would lose the first game and then would refuse to continue, insisting he won.
J K Månad sedan
The GOP establishment said no stimulus for our economy... that is, until they got a socialized booze cruise.
JammastaJ23 Månad sedan
Hikaru or caruana would be interesting interviews. As would Magnus.
Vstro Månad sedan
Chess Headmaster or Grandmaster >_>
TyroG Månad sedan
Two word : Mega and Mind!
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Månad sedan
Mega mind lmaoo
Ray Månad sedan
Isn’t this an old episode from like months ago?
D M Månad sedan
Damn, my man has a large....mind. No wonder he destroys at chess. I wonder if he has telekinetic powers.
Renee Brutvan
Renee Brutvan Månad sedan
Waiting for Bobby Fischer - one of my faaaavorite movies.
Elias Barbosa
Elias Barbosa Månad sedan
Do you mean "Searching for Bobby Fischer"?
Iron Fan
Iron Fan Månad sedan
I like Maurice. He should be on TDS a lot more.
Subby Månad sedan
Iron Fan
Iron Fan Månad sedan
Look man, I know Checkers. Chess aint for dis boy. 😂
Andethidial bubabibub
Andethidial bubabibub Månad sedan
Is this a human xD? Doesn't look like it
justin castillo
justin castillo Månad sedan
For those that think Donald plays #4DimensionalChess or #3DChess.
Peter Månad sedan
OMG he is not human!
bai li
bai li Månad sedan
Bombakugel Månad sedan
Big brain time
A B Månad sedan
He must have ALL the answers
Nikola Maksimovic
Nikola Maksimovic Månad sedan
Play ches like a pro! check out big sale !
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Månad sedan
Here are some verifiable facts on the election fraud that just occurred in 2020: there are 212 million registered voters in the United States; 66.2% of those registered voters cast ballots in the 2020 election (per WashingtonPost) which equals 140.34 million people voting in 2020; Trump received 74 million votes; that leaves 66.3 million votes for Biden....So how did Biden get 81 million votes? That's IMPOSSIBLE!!
Jacob Potischman
Jacob Potischman 18 dagar sedan
@Jack Jones I’m not going to read a 270 page report from someone’s Google Drive. Send me a verifiable link to an official website with this “data,” and I’ll look at it. CISA and the DOJ both said the election was free, fair, and secure. And again, you not liking Biden has nothing to do with whether there was fraud. Again, not even Trump’s OWN LAWYERS are making these claims. Why are you so desperate to buy this bullshit?
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 18 dagar sedan
@Jacob Potischman I left you a link to a 270 page report from a governmental branch that will serves as the basis to question the election's integrity, although you are very aware of the election fraud (unless you are a tinfoil hat wearing moron).... The SCOTUS wants nothing to do with the presidential election. Biden is a segregationist who wrote the "Super Predator" laws aimed at minorities. Biden has an extensive history of corruption and using Institutionalized Oppression and Systematic Racism against THE PEOPLE!
Jacob Potischman
Jacob Potischman 18 dagar sedan
@Jack Jones Genius, you can't use "there is no way he got more votes than Trump" as evidence that he didn't get more votes than Trump. That's meaningless circular logic. I hate Trump with a fiery passion and don't understand how anyone can like him. Does that mean I can declare that he didn't get dozens of millions of votes? Secondly, how come Trump's own lawyers are making vastly smaller claims than Trump himself in court? Maybe because they're under oath in court? And how come he's lost 60 of 61 court cases, mostly under conservative judges, many of which are Trump-appointed, including three SCOTUS justices who, along with the rest of the court, stated unanimously that there was no basis for the lawsuit. Take a hint.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 18 dagar sedan
@Jacob Potischman That all would work out fine and well if it weren't for the fact that Biden has the appeal of horse excrement, even people who actually voted for him do not really like him, and there is no way he got more votes than Trump, Obama or any other candidate in history. Also, we have many accounts of election fraud running the gamut of all ways possible to commit fraud. The link below is the 270 page report released this weekend by the Trump legal team that spells out the facts on election fraud. Please take your time and observe all itemized findings and respond with your rebuttal-
Jacob Potischman
Jacob Potischman 18 dagar sedan
And the WP article specifically says 66.2% of VOTING-ELIGIBLE POPULATION. There are 255,000,000 people of voting age. 66.3% of that is 165,750,000 people. Knock off ten million felons and undocumenteds, and the math checks out. How are you so bad at this?
Thomas King
Thomas King Månad sedan
He’s back in the studio?
Cybr Friends
Cybr Friends Månad sedan
big brain time
Noel Nunez
Noel Nunez Månad sedan
Son look like a black frieza
ONEWITHIN1 Chava Månad sedan
That’s what they are playing with our lives currently is chess
Drew Goodman
Drew Goodman Månad sedan
Ah man, I thought Trevor was going to make it through an entire 5mins without a cheap laugh about President Trump, guess not. We will have to wait another 4 years for that....
Gareth Amery
Gareth Amery Månad sedan
@Drew Goodman Ah...I thought you were misinformed, now I see you cannot even click on a link...I strongly suggest you reflect on why you feel the need to project everything in terms of `liberal saviors' or `my Christ come again as Trump'...reality is nuanced my friend...and Trevor is funny...
Drew Goodman
Drew Goodman Månad sedan
@Gareth Amery example does not exist of Trevor being funny, he only has a job because he checks boxes and is willing to blast anyone that the liberal saviors tell him to. Trevor is no better than a ventriloquist dummy.
Gareth Amery
Gareth Amery Månad sedan
@Drew Goodman PS...not hard to find: page one when googling Trevor Noah
Gareth Amery
Gareth Amery Månad sedan
@Drew Goodman PS...not hard to find: page one when googling Trevor Noah
Gareth Amery
Gareth Amery Månad sedan
@Drew Goodman It is topical humour, which is what the Daily Show has ALWAYS been about...anyway, here are a couple of links of Trevor being funny and even (shock, horror the narrative doesn't fit) un-PC without mentioning Trump: I get that you are sensitive about Trump being the butt of jokes...get over it, can't you remember all the jokes about Obama etc...
Sayan Nayak
Sayan Nayak Månad sedan
Y is this being uploaded now ?
ascvb3 Månad sedan
For some reason, I liked the original show much more than the social distancing show. The interviews felt more engaging and insightful, and call me crazy, but it also seems like Trevor was funnier? Maybe it's the inability to do crowd work. You also don't have those spur of the moment things like Trevor commenting on Maurice's arms.
Borys Lebeda
Borys Lebeda Månad sedan
I wish Trevor let Maurice to roast a little bit gameplay in TV Series, from another hand it won't be so funny to people who do not play chess...
PatronusHelice Månad sedan
I would be a chess grandmaster myself, if I´d be an Alien/Human hybrid and had a brain twice the size of a normal human.... to me that´s cheating
ToughAncientSpark Månad sedan
You want to take chess to the next level? Play GO.
hydrolife tech
hydrolife tech Månad sedan
Everyone should give the video a like just for the perfect handshake at the end
jashard wallington
jashard wallington Månad sedan
One of my things is to relearn how to play chess and checkers
Phil Scott
Phil Scott Månad sedan
Sorry. I just gotta say it: That guy's got a tall forehead. Like the Rigel 7 aliens in the Star Trek pilot.
baddest 1
baddest 1 Månad sedan
That's a smooth interview by maurice
Sydney Bredenkamp
Sydney Bredenkamp Månad sedan
U P Månad sedan
Love the chess trash talking! "...I played chess with your sister last night". Hilarious!!!!!!!
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown Månad sedan
I loved that series
Rosalinda Desrochers
Rosalinda Desrochers Månad sedan
That's a big noggin.
tome57a Månad sedan
I credit Trevor for having GM Maurice Ashley on at all, even if it is rebroadcast here just as a reaction to the popularity of The Queen's Gambit. I wish that Trevor been more serious at the beginning instead of pandering to the audience for laughs, but Ashley handled it well. In the U.S. chess community, Ashley is well known as a commentator, specializing in bridging the gap between computer engine evaluations and real over-the-board play, and his background and title give him plenty of street cred (there's a great video of him out-hustling a street chess hustler in NYC). He's not a world-class competitor, but I think he's okay with that. He interviews world-class players and those interviews can be pretty fun.
Imaniconnie 29 dagar sedan
Dope comment. Free that sentiment, felt the same about this jokes in the beginning. I look forward to looking Maurice Ashley up! ♛
tome57a Månad sedan
@Jeremiah Bullfrog Yeah, the video title was a bit misleading, but I suppose they decided to use it to draw in fans of the series.
quest 77051
quest 77051 Månad sedan
i saw the video of him out hustling the street chess hustler that tried to cheat lolol. it was epic.
MLG GAMER Månad sedan
I wonder how the championships have been affected by the pandemic?
Tim Liu
Tim Liu Månad sedan
Maurice: Checkmate Trevor: Check Chess players: LOL what?
Pete Butler
Pete Butler Månad sedan
That’s not a’s an 8-head! Go on bruh, getcho think on!! That’s Lex Luther right therrrrr!
MoreAmerican Månad sedan
4:20 lessons
King Khan
King Khan Månad sedan
I'm craving some milk duds for some reason.
Ras Adam
Ras Adam Månad sedan
"Damn you people ( black ppl ). Y'all taking over ! everything from white ppl . Swim white people swim. As soon they heat that swimming pool we're taking over that too. " -unkown comedian.
MoreAmerican Månad sedan
I have his chess tutorial app. It’s awesome!
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