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Remember when Trump paid a visit to India last February and proved that he can’t pronounce words in ANY language? #DailyShow #Trump #Throwback
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Tehreem Khan
Tehreem Khan 8 timmar sedan
One of literally the best videos and best of noah i have seen so far xD
ha roro
ha roro 9 timmar sedan
Love from india this one is hilarious 😂😂
AMAL HUSSAIN 13 timmar sedan
That all people in that stadium was controlled with mic. They've just obeying.
Aadarsh Vani
Aadarsh Vani 20 timmar sedan
pandora x
pandora x 21 timme sedan
Atleast they cleaned up cause he was coming If this is how it's going to be I think he should visit quite often 🙂 Maybe they'll fix the potholes this time.
amarjeet rai
amarjeet rai 22 timmar sedan
This is awkward and also hilarious....
Fantasy's Land
Fantasy's Land 22 timmar sedan
If you want more views. Just add India in the title. And you will have millions of views. It's as simple as that.
CABREX Dag sedan
Dude I literally had to rewind 3 times to understand the fuckery he was doing with his mouth He was trying to say sachin Tendulkar 😂
Gokul Cool
Gokul Cool Dag sedan
Logan Ditch
Logan Ditch Dag sedan
Haha ..saw this again and still laughing 😆
Puraskaar Anand
Puraskaar Anand Dag sedan
My like for your pronunciation
Bhavin Shishangiya
Bhavin Shishangiya Dag sedan
Why you put this video again??
Er. Nature
Er. Nature Dag sedan
5:00 start laughing Ahmedabad not aamabad
010_Harsh Raj
010_Harsh Raj Dag sedan
Why this old reupload ?
AjitaDas399 Dag sedan
1:58 indians like him because of his anti china stance
Amit Tulsiani
Amit Tulsiani Dag sedan
this is the event that started covid in India
Pranjal Patil
Pranjal Patil Dag sedan
tbh we were trying to impress US president not specifically Donald Trump, Even if it was Biden or someone else we'd have done same arrangements ! :D
prateek sharma
prateek sharma 24 minuter sedan
Faking reality to impress someone is not good just shows how fake you are....I am proud of all the classes of india and all the people i will never say that you are poor so you should not represent india 🇮🇳 and the foreigners should only see the rich people..... Your mind is more polluted than air in my city...
vu3dfq sri
vu3dfq sri Dag sedan
Doland trump 😂😂😂
Shibal Zaheer
Shibal Zaheer Dag sedan
Omg ..u r so hilarious 😂😂...from india
Naya Nepal
Naya Nepal 2 dagar sedan
India has illegally occupied Nepalese territory Kalapani Limpiadhura and Lipulek , theyve violated the Sugauli Sandhi which was made between The great britain and Nepal. Just because Nepal is small by territory and military power , the world should recognize it .
Sir Rants alot
Sir Rants alot 2 dagar sedan
Swami viveka... What now!!!
Luz Arhob
Luz Arhob 2 dagar sedan
This is so embarrassing, wakeup Indians get this Modi out like they did with Trump
Arindam Dutta
Arindam Dutta 2 dagar sedan
This was hilarious😂😭
Navnoor Singh
Navnoor Singh 2 dagar sedan
Everything else was spot on but your Hindi was as terrible
Zum Zum
Zum Zum 2 dagar sedan
7 million indian voted but Trump lost lol
DEEP 2 dagar sedan
saurabh agrawal
saurabh agrawal 3 dagar sedan
Okay so indians are like this whenever they welcome any guests 😅😅
AriTV 3 dagar sedan
First of all that wall was decided way before Trump visited 🙄 speak what is true, Not only what you know 👍
Annie Shobana
Annie Shobana 3 dagar sedan
Swami Veeway kamunnuund... 😭😭😭
Sucheta Dutta
Sucheta Dutta 4 dagar sedan
Swami kamanannand😂😂 I say why oh why... But then... Trump.
Richu Shabu
Richu Shabu 4 dagar sedan
Modi is indian trump
gaming 4 dagar sedan
These people not came for Trump. These people came because PM summoned them. They came for Modi
thomas joseph
thomas joseph 4 dagar sedan
Ha ha
Ajas Ahammed
Ajas Ahammed 4 dagar sedan
Modi and Trump both same mindset just wanted to divide people 🤮
Aktar Uddin Pony
Aktar Uddin Pony 4 dagar sedan
Best of yours.Hats of Trevor
Genetic Vector
Genetic Vector 4 dagar sedan
This show how stupid some people acting nice to other people when visitors want to come ( cum ) And even make a fucking wall to show there's no people live in slums while actually there's almost a million live in poverty
Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma 4 dagar sedan
Okk Anushka, first cousins only. Trevor is everywhere..
WhoareyouAnas 4 dagar sedan
Also PM Modi called him "Mr Doland Trump" and L*nd means Dick and do means Two. So basicaly he called him Mr TwoDick Trump.😂
Samrat Ganguly
Samrat Ganguly 4 dagar sedan
I dont think Indians are Trump supportive .There might be some ppl but a majority arent with his ideals.
Johny Joseph
Johny Joseph 4 dagar sedan
Thank you for showing a real picture to the world , did you listen to the speech where Mr Modi introduced Donanld Trump by saying Do-Lund-Trump (MEANS= Trump withh 2 DICKS😂😂.
Riddhi Brahma
Riddhi Brahma 5 dagar sedan
Oh my god I was laughing so hard after watching this... 😂🤣
TheBeastboy Sha
TheBeastboy Sha 5 dagar sedan
I see this 10 times in india Trump is also not know English either
avni jain
avni jain 5 dagar sedan
Even Trevor knows "KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI" omg 😂
spark z
spark z 5 dagar sedan
The word india gives views...... XD
Aditya Kishore
Aditya Kishore 5 dagar sedan
Modi administration was doing this for American President not for Trump as personal for the trade deal. In future if Trump came back to india as ex President than there will be no one at the airport and main stream media will not cover. No one cares about Trump it is just the position he is holding
Aditya Kishore
Aditya Kishore 5 dagar sedan
He tried his very best to not to insult indians
Raneil Dixon
Raneil Dixon 5 dagar sedan
Hey you one of India heater
Vaseem Jeelani
Vaseem Jeelani 5 dagar sedan
Kuch kuch hota hain
Sunny Einz
Sunny Einz 5 dagar sedan
Akash Sandhu
Akash Sandhu 5 dagar sedan
Out of all the Hindi sentences Trevor could say he said, "Your hair are very pretty" I wanna know more and more
Rahul Chandra
Rahul Chandra 5 dagar sedan
Who cares about him, I'm only concerned the amount Indians spends on him
closet of mind
closet of mind 6 dagar sedan
The way trump had to deal with capitol hill impeachment, Modi will face the same fate... Autocratic manners they share are open to everyone..
Nishchay Srivastava
Nishchay Srivastava 6 dagar sedan
So people just gonna ignore the gold “Donald jaypal trump”
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez 6 dagar sedan
Here revisiting my favorite episodes of the Clown in Office. Ahhh gonna miss the laughs.
John Mayor
John Mayor 6 dagar sedan
Namaste is like first word any white guy knows lol
John Mayor
John Mayor 6 dagar sedan
Bottom line is its easy to manipulate him..
Two Page's
Two Page's 6 dagar sedan
Trevor is more indian then NRI Indian
Anupam Datta Sarkar
Anupam Datta Sarkar 6 dagar sedan
India does this cleaning stuff for our own president too.
Anupam Datta Sarkar
Anupam Datta Sarkar 6 dagar sedan
If trump was an Indian Christian, he would hate Modi, but since he is American and his bs doesn't affect us directly, the right wing nuts here love him.
Abhishek Suman
Abhishek Suman 6 dagar sedan
4:24 That stock image is so old that the car is not even generally sold 2nd hand anymore!
Kartik K
Kartik K 6 dagar sedan
INDIANS in Nutshell : so , listen indian population could be divided in two parts . those who like modi trump . and those who hate both of them . So please don't say every indian likes trump . only few
aakanksha dcruz
aakanksha dcruz 6 dagar sedan
When he was here, the whole city of Delhi was burning as there were Hindu-Muslim riots which had broken out after hate-speech made by a BJP party worker. And because Trump hogged all the media attention (the onus lies on indian media as well) , no one captured it or created pressure for the perpetrators to be caught and punished. Whole neighbourhoods were burnt down only 20 kms away from Trump-Modi Fascist duo.
REHAN KHAN 6 dagar sedan
Birds of same feathers.......
008 Dipak Bagda
008 Dipak Bagda 6 dagar sedan
Trevor is best comedian
Rituraj Singh
Rituraj Singh 6 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Forget Trump's hindi, PM Modi couldn't even pronounce the name of his "dear friend" and ended up calling him Dolund trump (2 d*ck trump). 😂
tu amor
tu amor 6 dagar sedan
Funfact : those ppl were paid for sitting there
Madhav Chhabra
Madhav Chhabra 6 dagar sedan
"Mr. Dolaaand Trump"
Suryaprakash Shrestha
Suryaprakash Shrestha 7 dagar sedan
Even pm modi mispronunciation Donald to doland, Doland literally mean two dick in hindi...
Irmeen Habeeb
Irmeen Habeeb 7 dagar sedan
Aapka baal bahut Sundar hai... K baad kya bola bhai Trevor Beckley
DEMOCRAZY 7 dagar sedan
Trevor you're right about everything but you should know that a lot of Indians won't talk adult stuff about sum wife
vishnu cherayi
vishnu cherayi 7 dagar sedan
Its just respect for another countrys president
Sangeeta Wesley
Sangeeta Wesley 7 dagar sedan
You talk a lot of crap Which is not always FUNNY
Dipanshu Roy
Dipanshu Roy 7 dagar sedan
He is amazing!
Khizer Shareef
Khizer Shareef 7 dagar sedan
this video is a great wake up call for Indians to understand how messed up their politicians are.
Madhusudhan Rao
Madhusudhan Rao 7 dagar sedan
Tax payers money wasted
temen akum
temen akum 7 dagar sedan
Two idiots 😂😂😂
RAJ 12
RAJ 12 7 dagar sedan
Man you nailed it 🤣🤣👌🏼
vasant gaikwad
vasant gaikwad 7 dagar sedan
hahahhaha cow is haunting
Hype Raze007
Hype Raze007 7 dagar sedan
ɪɴᴅɪᴀɴꜱ ᴡᴇ ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴏɴᴇᴅ 😛😛😂
parth Sharma
parth Sharma 7 dagar sedan
2:03 donald "Jaipal" trump XD Who else noticed? Any Indian? 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
OZCAN AKSOY 7 dagar sedan
patiently wating your show about that "Horn Boy Angeli " whose mother very worry about her son is not served organic food in jail.
David Neil
David Neil 8 dagar sedan
He said - Kuck Kuch Hota Hey lol
Niranjan Kar
Niranjan Kar 8 dagar sedan
Oh my god! I am an Indian.. It's embarrassing to see someone say we love trump.. yikes! We are just hospitable people who welcome every guest with the same affection..
rishav rocks
rishav rocks 8 dagar sedan
The non mention of widespread anti CAA protest going on in the country at the same time Trump visited India is at best naive and at worst disgraceful . Safely played , The Daily Show with Trevor Noah .
manav bhalla
manav bhalla 8 dagar sedan
Nobody admires him in India.. the reported who stated that is oblivious
Sandman 8 dagar sedan
The main reason Indians love Trump is because most of them think that Trump loving Modi = Trump loving Indians = Easy entry to US. Indians don't give a shit about his racist remarks 😂😂
Anoop S nair
Anoop S nair 8 dagar sedan
Comeon i can sign
Learn Something Everyday
Learn Something Everyday 8 dagar sedan
We Indians doesnt respect Trump personally, we respected a foreign president.. that's all.. A little bit exaggerated though..
Tanvi B.
Tanvi B. 8 dagar sedan
Indians commenting, praising Trevor and laughing on his gigs, but avoid talking about extravagant money spent on Namaste Trump event. Hmm!
piranav kumar
piranav kumar 8 dagar sedan
A fascist welcoming another fascist, nothing surprising.
Dr. Tushar S. Kulkarni
Dr. Tushar S. Kulkarni 8 dagar sedan
"His skin looks like tikka masala"😂😂😂😂😂
Droidfin 9 dagar sedan
My brend dolaan trump
heydone justshowit
heydone justshowit 9 dagar sedan
Why same Video uploaded one more time?
antarip biswas
antarip biswas 9 dagar sedan
Only one word... DOLAND TRUMP!
music talent
music talent 9 dagar sedan
Meme material # Donal Trump 🤣🤣🤣
sayantani sarkar
sayantani sarkar 9 dagar sedan
We almost forgotten it .(vivekamundunnnnn)...... Why remind us again !!😔😔😔
worth it
worth it 9 dagar sedan
both leader stupid and dictatorship mindset.
Gaurav Ra
Gaurav Ra 9 dagar sedan
"Dolaand Trump," that's what PM Modi called him just after his speech.
Kumar Gourav
Kumar Gourav 9 dagar sedan
Fuck you Trevor for being so honest can't stop laughing
Suvodip Chakraborty
Suvodip Chakraborty 9 dagar sedan
What do u mean by "country full of brown people". Such a raciest person
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