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Roy Wood Jr. pays homage to the streaming services that entertained us throughout quarantine this year, including Netflix, HBO, CBS All Access, Disney+, Apple TV and Quibi (RIP). #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RoyWoodJr
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Ezana Månad sedan
I don't really miss theaters. I like to watch movies with my family or friends and eat something and feel comfortable while laughing with being worried about what people think of me if I laugh at this point and many other things. I personally feel more comfortable to movies at home. The only issue is, we don't have such amazing streaming platforms like those in the US, plus you probably have to pay for x streaming platforms to get all the movies you want: Netflix 22 CHF, Disney+ 10 CHF, Amazon prime 10 CHF, Apple TV+ 6 CHF now I pay ~50 CHF for streaming. We don't have HBOmax, Hulu and all the other. It's crazy it would be more efficient and would get more subscribers if they would establish one streaming for all movies and shows for let's say 50$ per month and maybe 10$ extra for early access but with restrictions maybe you have a limited amount of movies each month which accumulate. Otherwise we will end up paying 200$ each month for streamings we may watch 10% of the content. I know I have the freedom to not subscribe to any of those streaming platforms, but that is not the question. It's about what is good for us consumers and since these platforms are all over the world we have to get equal rights. It can't be that we pay more here in Switzerland and we get less content if you compare it to the US or UK. With the goal to get as many regular subscribers as possible, we should have the same access like those in the US. And it should be easier and user-friendlier than it is now. I don't want to use x different platforms with VPN to get what I want.
Tosin Månad sedan
We really love you Roy!
Manufan909 1
Manufan909 1 Månad sedan
Roy definitely did a line or two of coke for the first few takes.
Spotlight Music
Spotlight Music Månad sedan
Roy looks like the dude from the movie soul
Tavardo Reasias
Tavardo Reasias Månad sedan
Will the real Roy please stand up. Cause the dude from soul looks like him.
Max Zimmie
Max Zimmie Månad sedan
4:39 The Black Nerd looks exactly like Tyler Perry as DR. Baxter Stockman in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows form 2016.
Jamie Wanless
Jamie Wanless Månad sedan
Shit but I felt old when Roy brought up old Netflix. Made me start feeling nostalgic for the Blockbuster Video stores that early Netflix killed.
sk doremi
sk doremi Månad sedan
Cory Max
Cory Max Månad sedan
lolllllll this was amazing
Pallavi Shevate
Pallavi Shevate Månad sedan
I love ❤️ Roy
Ibrahim Hassan
Ibrahim Hassan Månad sedan
So much bullshit shows there is a global warming in the entertainment industry how dare you?
Clintivene Sechel
Clintivene Sechel Månad sedan
When is Roy getting his own show?? I need this
Pacmon Kruz
Pacmon Kruz Månad sedan
You look like soul guy lol
Funke Adegbokiki
Funke Adegbokiki Månad sedan
But you do look like the guy from the Soul animation 😀 🤣
Rachel Duncan
Rachel Duncan Månad sedan
I love Roy!😂😂😂
richard Fernando
richard Fernando Månad sedan
You forgot arrow
Burhan Arafat
Burhan Arafat Månad sedan
Actually I am going to download the movie Soul as soon as possible it releases. Let's see how much I can relate that with Roy.
Quincey Brown
Quincey Brown Månad sedan
The Queen's Gambit was a good show but cheesy once you realize its based off of a book
Tony C
Tony C Månad sedan
Roy Wood mentions the best of streaming in 2020. Baby Yoda looks on silently.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Månad sedan
i thought tiger king was from last year
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia Månad sedan
Did he just spoiled the happening 😑
Max Zachry
Max Zachry Månad sedan
TCW Season 7 and the Mandalorian: "He has NO respect for us!"
borabelle Månad sedan
love u Roy!!!
Kitty Rudman
Kitty Rudman Månad sedan
My husband has the same Peloton as Roy even; uses an ipad . Nicole K was 2019. I May Destroy You; Michaela Coel, a Brit was the best.
Saranya M P
Saranya M P Månad sedan
he is soo good with his funny lines and straight face ..!
Dropkick Debra Yoga
Dropkick Debra Yoga Månad sedan
50 years from now students will laugh there were 5G conspiracy people destroying towers to stop a virus 🦠
Jay Squad
Jay Squad Månad sedan
Roy’s chin is smooth like the bottom surface of an uncracked egg 🥚
Samantha Martin
Samantha Martin Månad sedan
love u roy 👍🏻 thank u 👍🏻 happy new year 👍🏻
kevstubeification Månad sedan
Throw $900 out the window!! 🤣
Alyssa Petitmann
Alyssa Petitmann Månad sedan
Fire up the PS2 😂
Marc Maurice Konrad
Marc Maurice Konrad Månad sedan
you can do better Roy
AsiaMareee K
AsiaMareee K Månad sedan
I love the great British baking show lmfaooo
Joe R M
Joe R M Månad sedan
“I wanted the real theatre experience, so I threw $900 out the window when it was over.” 😂
Thomsun OM
Thomsun OM Månad sedan
Holiday Gift Rap - Thomsun OM svfrom.info/wiki/OLAK5uy_kEmd_YGVmprJ4zQMOQCONa3n0nf6Zl28s.html
S G Månad sedan
LOL good job. That wasn't depressing at all.
Hunter Zeng
Hunter Zeng Månad sedan
SpaceX and NASA also sent 3 American astronauts and 1 Japanese astronaut to the International Space Station last month. Why don't they say that they brought the new coronavirus to the International Space Station?
Alphonso Elm
Alphonso Elm Månad sedan
I don't want to be that guy but....doesn't Roy Wood Jr look like the dude from Soul?
Green Nights
Green Nights Månad sedan
Here's why making movies works -- CDs are for when YOU are scraping the bottom of the creativity you got - so most everyone needs a CD - I deserve a Pardon, for the world in which I live was a bad influence.
sbradee Månad sedan
Awesome piece Roy! So now I'm only getting my editorials from people named Roy and my news from people named Trevor. Thank you
Whattheysay Aboutme
Whattheysay Aboutme Månad sedan
Tenth was very good
Cecilia Markley
Cecilia Markley Månad sedan
Roy is so damn funny
Adieu Månad sedan
Star Trek Discovery sucks, becuse it ain't no Star Trek
Mister Blo0
Mister Blo0 Månad sedan
😂 he does look like that dude
justin castillo
justin castillo Månad sedan
Can they do a special 4 Year Review on the docuseries that aired during Donald's administration? A lot was about cults. #LeavingNeverland #SurvivingRKelly #WildWildCountry #TheVow #Seduced #ScientologyAndTheAftermath
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn Månad sedan
OMG! He's right! We are a bunch of streaming addicts! Look up India Strike on PBS!! None of the "real" news stations are covering it kuz they don't want us worker bees to get the notion that if 250 million people striking in India makes life more bearable, it could work here too!! MARCH, STRIKE FOR A G.D. LIVING WAGE AND ALL THE OTHER SHYT THEY'RE WITHOLDING FROM WE PEASANTS!!
Ellie Sings
Ellie Sings Månad sedan
I still get my 3 DVDs. You have more choices than the actually streaming. Many movies/series won't stream but you can get dvds
Dee Sasster
Dee Sasster Månad sedan
Wait. You don’t want people to say you remind them of Jamie Foxx 🧐?
Cool 12317
Cool 12317 Månad sedan
Roy: mentioning Netflix, HBO, Disney+, even Quibi Prime Video: Am I a joke to you...
Lu S.N
Lu S.N Månad sedan
Roy is a treasure!
007methman Månad sedan
Seeing that soul yo
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Månad sedan
"If Nicole Kidman looking at your ass without smiling, you in trouble" 🤣🤣🤣
Film Toppings
Film Toppings Månad sedan
"Best movie moments" but WW84 isn't even out yet
laurentHK Månad sedan
Roy..U'r good !!!
Marcus E.
Marcus E. Månad sedan
Nah Berleezy owns the soul character 😂😂
LaVida2 Månad sedan
well, technically its the other way around...the dude from soul looks like you. you came first, after all. following this argument, Disney might owe you some $. j/k, sort of.
kosh2001 Månad sedan
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises Månad sedan
Roy Wood, Jr., I would NEVER have said you look like the guy from the movie SOUL...until you showed a side-by-side picture. And, well, you Really look like the guy from SOUL!! 🤣😂🤣
TinyTeacup Månad sedan
How was Tiger King THIS YEAR????
EPICFox207 Månad sedan
Me who has a 90 inch projector with a pair of 7.1 surround sound headphones for gaming & streaming before the pandemic hit. *I’m one step ahead of you*
Sandra Elizabeth Belfon
Sandra Elizabeth Belfon Månad sedan
Heh heh. This guy is pretty good.
Gloria.o. Umezurike
Gloria.o. Umezurike Månad sedan
From Gloria Oluchi umezurike to you Trevor Noah ,if you have choose not to reply my three times emails that i have sent you and as a celebrity you are ,what dose that teach others that are in future coming up to be a celebrity and to me it is very disturbing as a celebrity you are or maybe you hate me as a blacks woman , Also may be celebrities don't care about us there fans that falls in love with them and I do understand that your a black man but with a white attitude inside of you , But that doesn't mean that you haven't an idea of me and Also aware of my love for you that it is real and you choose to ignore it , It might seems to you as a game or joke but sometimes you have to understand that a natural true love never comes so easily, Trevor Noah I am in love with you and I don't care the embarrassment it will cost me because speaking my heart out there is not a shame to me, unlike all those out there that choses to bried there feelings for a celebrity , I chose not to because what i have for you is real and truth and I can't deny it , remember you can choose to break my heart by posting on line on your celebrity crush websites that your married with children in this 2020 that we are but forgotten that i will come across it and that hurts and break my heart , Despite for not replying my 3 times emails that i have sent to you with all the emails address i find in your website , Remember I'm a human being and a full grown woman with a pure human feelings towards you Trevor Noah and you have chosen to break my heart with out you recorganizing it , So please think about these things I have writen down if it wear you how will you feel about it and if you come across this kinds of issues in your programme how will you handle when it's a heart issues and as a breaker you are and what will be your answer towards all the people all over the world that has been in the same situation of celebrity heart breaks that is true love towards them ,Also I told you that i have written a book about you and me and your programme , Well if have chosen to kill me or hate me for this your wellcome.
Ms. G.
Ms. G. Månad sedan
Gordon VanHoutan
Gordon VanHoutan Månad sedan
So you’re NOT that guy in soul? Naw it’s you. I know it is.
MLG GAMER Månad sedan
I saw Hamilton recently. What an amazing production. I mean it may not feel the same as live performance but coming from somebody who doesn't like traveling or can afford to go there myself, it's pretty good whatever the experience.
Glyne Lewis
Glyne Lewis Månad sedan
Yo when’s Roy’s movie dropping now? What’s it’s name again....Soul.. 😁
MLG GAMER Månad sedan
I wasn't even thinking about Soul but now that he basically gave it away there is an uncanny resemblance
Lido D
Lido D Månad sedan
LMAO... Roy Wood Jr is one of the funniest men alive. He's up there in my book. Don't hate me for saying this, we all have different tastes, and according to my taste, Roy Wood Jr is funnier than Eddie Murphy.
Jessica Lindeke
Jessica Lindeke Månad sedan
he's funny
Whitney ONeal
Whitney ONeal Månad sedan
Thank you Roy Wood Jr for making me laugh about such a crappy year!
quest 77051
quest 77051 Månad sedan
Jonathan DeVries
Jonathan DeVries Månad sedan
I never heard of soul...but you def look like him RWJ!
funtastic coco
funtastic coco Månad sedan
Mz. Jess
Mz. Jess Månad sedan
Love to see everyone doing their thing on the Daily Show. Roy is hilarious 😂 ! Can we get another Jabookie video soon !? It’s been a little while have him talk to that scientist guy again !!
heymynameisharry Månad sedan
methheads doin animal abuse
Roman00 Månad sedan
Star Trek Discovery is terrible.
Jason Alarid
Jason Alarid Månad sedan
"As soon as March hits, hit the 5G button and start the Corona!"....[then 3 entire seconds later: I couldn't stop laughing!]
NandoV Månad sedan
Soul character had me dying. Hahahaha lolol hahahahaha and every other laughter.
Michael Nielsen
Michael Nielsen Månad sedan
It was also the year Sony bought Chruncyroll
Izmir Månad sedan
The reality TV of competition shows in America sucks.
Cataleya Månad sedan
"Technically it's not a peloton bike. It's an iPad that I taped to the handlebars of a bike I stole, same difference. Anyway...."😂😂🔥🔥
Clare Tebell
Clare Tebell Månad sedan
Just love Roy!!
MangiTengri Månad sedan
Did he say you can stream Tennet? I try to find where to stream it, but it exclusively showing in the movies only
Stephanie Jack
Stephanie Jack Månad sedan
Golden opportunity for Lovecraft Country. 🖤🤦‍♀️
JCUBER Månad sedan
nice roy u made my day
Omar Jimenez
Omar Jimenez Månad sedan
When he said "another huge show, The Last..." thought he was gonna mention The Last Airbender and how Avatar broke a Netflix record this year 😭
Captain Crozier
Captain Crozier Månad sedan
Fire up the PlayStation 2 it's time to watch Momento! - Roy 😅
Gan Khef
Gan Khef Månad sedan
That bit killed me XD. Also made me feel old.
Jason Auker
Jason Auker Månad sedan
is this suppose to be funny
Vaisakh Chandran B
Vaisakh Chandran B Månad sedan
Ya Discovery is bad. It has nothing to do with a black woman in charge. It's just bad. I watched the first season and it's amazing how they manage to make a long time fan of the series like me hate it. I don't even mind the whole woke style. Its just bad, the main character is one of the most unlikeable character I have ever seen. They took out everything that made the original stiff great and put in some random crap noone asked for. Sorry about the ramble. This just pissed me off
Kristine Munholland
Kristine Munholland Månad sedan
This was great, Roy. I don’t stream much - don’t have all those channels - but you were hilarious anyway.....
Jonathan Magelhen
Jonathan Magelhen Månad sedan
I can't unseen that last part... Now Roy you are the guy from soul...
Hiking Las Vegas
Hiking Las Vegas Månad sedan
Nice quote... " hit the 5g and start the corona"
Russ Bus
Russ Bus Månad sedan
You spelt 'saddest' wrong
kome360 Månad sedan
>We got an animated version [of Star Trek]. And it's more popular, too. Wait a minute... >*Series made by the animators of Final Space while trying to be Rick And Morty* Oh, carry on.
Anna Lepper
Anna Lepper Månad sedan
I think he's my favorite correspondent on the show
Eva Harvey
Eva Harvey Månad sedan
So I didn't miss anything...
Love Life
Love Life Månad sedan
Wait, wonder woman is out?
Henry Cam
Henry Cam Månad sedan
Fucking Tiger King came out this year? God, 2020 has been so long, it feels like it came out a decade ago
xia yu
xia yu Månad sedan
The Other Side
The Other Side Månad sedan
*Is Tenet now streaming?*
Ken C
Ken C Månad sedan
What a great bit. Roy has got some skills.
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