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No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, 2020 was the year of the protest. Dulcé Sloan looks back on this year’s biggest movements and demonstrations. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DulceSloan
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Isaac Robinson
Isaac Robinson 8 dagar sedan
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Sankhadeep Das
Sankhadeep Das 11 dagar sedan
Me rolling on floor started here 1:30😂..............................and I'm still rolling with an aching belly🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
Christy Sweet
Christy Sweet 25 dagar sedan
Dulce has the most and funniest jokes of all.
Ashley B. is me
Ashley B. is me 27 dagar sedan
2:37 "Look...at...your...girl" YES!! I can't wait for the day she gets her own show. 📸🙌👏😁
Jeanne Farrar
Jeanne Farrar Månad sedan
Dulce! You keep on saying! That was pretty wonderful.
Megan Posada
Megan Posada Månad sedan
Nails on point!
JMB Månad sedan
Every time I see and listen to her I love her even more! So good and so beautiful!
Kamar Mighty
Kamar Mighty Månad sedan
I love Dulce
DIONOND GIRL Månad sedan
At least they guy said he likes France 😂
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Månad sedan
Alexandra Imes
Alexandra Imes Månad sedan
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Susan Liu
Susan Liu Månad sedan
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Fay Anne Aura Arts
Fay Anne Aura Arts Månad sedan
Naked Athena was using her white privilege to protest for BLM.
justin castillo
justin castillo Månad sedan
Thank you for highlighting #CaptainPortland and #NakedAthena. Sounds like a winning ticket to me for PDX. Follow Chris David on Twitter @Tazerface16
David Fierro
David Fierro Månad sedan
I have to say that I can see a change in the script creation and I like it. Good job !
Ethan Ang
Ethan Ang Månad sedan
I like how Dulce speech at 1:38-1:47.
Nomos Foster
Nomos Foster Månad sedan
She is HOT!
dieknakkermetdathaar Månad sedan
It’s okay to discriminate against the French. They are basically the America of Europe.
Kizzy Johnson
Kizzy Johnson Månad sedan
Mary Brink
Mary Brink Månad sedan
Love you
craffte Månad sedan
Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired
Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired Månad sedan
Happy Christmas #DulceSloan and the Daily Show Team
Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired
Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired Månad sedan
"...not that it was a side errand on your way to pick up some chewing tobacco" ha ha ha ha ha
Leni Mizukami
Leni Mizukami Månad sedan
Please talk about protester Regan Russell! She was murdered by a truck driver in June. Please
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith Månad sedan
🤣🤣 love that ending
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Månad sedan
Happy holidays to the world and to all best wishes,,,,,,This PANDEMIC for whom anyone refuses to get vaccinated,,,,,mandated by law will be put in a registered list for the HEALTH DEPARTMENT in each states for it will be public knowledge for all to know who has refused to get vaccinated in there each and individuals states,,,,BECAUSE the vaccine is not a cure it’s helping to control the virus the numbers of victims lost the one’s infected is why,,,,all helping during this pandemic you represent American Values
Alexia Richmond
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Lit with Rooi
Lit with Rooi Månad sedan
Dulcé is K@K funny
Silas Richardson
Silas Richardson Månad sedan
Love u 💗♥️💗♥️
range pure
range pure Månad sedan
The internal centimeter whitely cheer because underclothes preauricularly own midst a berserk defense. jazzy, knowing development
Olav M.
Olav M. Månad sedan
Karens of America, your ancestors has denounced you. Stay in America forever.
Beebardhan Gogoi
Beebardhan Gogoi Månad sedan
Alternative title: Dulce Sloan roasting Karens and Trump supporters for 5 straight minutes.
Babu Babu
Babu Babu Månad sedan
"And they were protesting their right to die" 🙄🙄😂
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde Månad sedan
Omg Hahahaha the man being carried out. I just can’t
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde Månad sedan
Dulce needs her own show. OMG i saw those curtains on Wayfair!!! I almost bought those last year. So gorg
gelo almario
gelo almario Månad sedan
To the family of the guy that has a bbq beer freedom shirt well you are shamed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
the random wanderer
the random wanderer Månad sedan
I belive they are are called *riots* not "protests"
Definitely NotJerryGarcia
Definitely NotJerryGarcia Månad sedan
@the random wanderer False
the random wanderer
the random wanderer Månad sedan
@Definitely NotJerryGarcia “We actually do have an ideological frame,” Cullors said. “Myself and Alicia are particularly trained organizers - we are trained Marxists. We are super versed on ideological theories…” Black Lives Matter is seeking to transform America by defunding the police, dismantling capitalism, ‘destroying the patriarchy,’ breaking down the nuclear family unit, emptying prisons, redistributing wealth in the form of reparations among other ridiculously loudicrous far left objectives.
Definitely NotJerryGarcia
Definitely NotJerryGarcia Månad sedan
@the random wanderer That's also false, but I wanted to focus on the most absurd and idiotic part, the Marxism claim. I assume you don't know what Marxism is because if you did, you wouldn't throw it around like that.
the random wanderer
the random wanderer Månad sedan
I also like how you jumped to the Marxism part, whilst skipping over the whole city burning and hypocritical violence part with blissful ignorance and general abandon.
the random wanderer
the random wanderer Månad sedan
@Definitely NotJerryGarcia BLM openly admits to following Marxist collectivist ideology, both in rally's, interviews, and on their own website. People change, and so do organizations, what started as a group who protested radically motivated violence, became both radicalized and violent, not unlike Antifa, please do some proper research next time instead of basing your opinions on the garbage spat out by Vox, BuzzFeed and huff post, rather than listening to multi billion dollar corporations like CNN and ABC, maybe it would help if you could do a quick search on some politically unbiased news sites, and formulate your own opinion, rather than regurgitating the platitudes stuffed in your mouth.
Paulinchen Månad sedan
So Black Lives Matter is predominantly homosexual movement or a movement for African Americans gaining more rights? Or is this all in one?
Paulinchen Månad sedan
@Definitely NotJerryGarcia I mean, I read the website of BLM. And I see gay flags and I read rights for lgbtqaio... What is this all about?
Definitely NotJerryGarcia
Definitely NotJerryGarcia Månad sedan
Who said anything about homosexuals
Classic, fighting their right to die.
Rachel Duncan
Rachel Duncan Månad sedan
So happyyyy JOE WON!
Rachel Duncan
Rachel Duncan Månad sedan
Ya know it really depended on who you asked....😂😂
Rachel Duncan
Rachel Duncan Månad sedan
I'm stuck in the past. I live in Utah. Lord save us.
Dora Delarca
Dora Delarca Månad sedan
Silent Dragon
Silent Dragon Månad sedan
We called her the Goddess. Those of us involved...not media.
L D Månad sedan
Love you Dulce and yes you are beautiful!! Take care sweetness!
Históricamente Independiente
Históricamente Independiente Månad sedan
BLM supporters never talk about the conection between KKK and Democrat Party.
Caleb Ross
Caleb Ross Månad sedan
Crazy how no one is protesting about extending unemployment or lack of stimulus checks.
Rev. Robin Kay Monk Self
Rev. Robin Kay Monk Self Månad sedan
It's crazy that you've assumed that isn't a part of these named protests and human rights works: it is
Bess Smith
Bess Smith Månad sedan
Love Dulce!
Yuki Amolinia
Yuki Amolinia Månad sedan
I'd be willing to hear anti-maskers argument if it was 'But that means Dulce Sloan has to cover her face'
karry knox
karry knox Månad sedan
Great compilations
Lebo Mokhethi
Lebo Mokhethi Månad sedan
Thoughts and prayers to Deshawn
Christopher Kopke
Christopher Kopke Månad sedan
No wonder Covid cases keep going up you guys keep encouraging protest
Mrs. A
Mrs. A Månad sedan
My favorite part was the man in the Michigan hat👍👍👍👍👍
Darlene Tucker
Darlene Tucker Månad sedan
The decorous march spindly hover because hawk disconcertingly correct vice a zesty friday. astonishing, onerous hubcap
Ransom Ahanmisi
Ransom Ahanmisi Månad sedan
Morgan B
Morgan B Månad sedan
For clarity, I call male Karens "Keiths" in case you ever encounter one in retail/customer service.
Castro Laura And
Castro Laura And Månad sedan
She's a genius!
KindAGood Månad sedan
Love her! So funny, but like, the witty kinda funny, which is my fav 😂😂
Katalyste Månad sedan
"stop the count or count all the votes or count some of all the votes then stop the count" So ridiculous! 🙄
adam m.
adam m. Månad sedan
Chris Farley impersonator. 😂
Shirsha Mullick
Shirsha Mullick Månad sedan
December isn't over yet...
Bruh Are You Okay?
Bruh Are You Okay? Månad sedan
Imagine being carried out the store like a child...by a child😬
Karian Månad sedan
Tuomi Einovaara
Tuomi Einovaara Månad sedan
Those video could've covered protest in poland, Hongkong ect.
Tuomi Einovaara
Tuomi Einovaara Månad sedan
@T P you mean that those things aren't interesting/don't affect America?
Uiot Twainee
Uiot Twainee Månad sedan
A man in Europe not wanting sex: "Nice. Now I have time to do other things." A Republican in the USA not wanting sex: "I have an erectile dysfunction. I have to waste time and money to fix this."
Parker Gabriel
Parker Gabriel Månad sedan
Victimhood is so hot right now
Serai Resana
Serai Resana Månad sedan
The smart stage normally cause because size feasibly snow across a cut sunday. innate, tenuous chef
faze gui
faze gui Månad sedan
😂🤣😂🤣😂 you want freedom for the world? The world want Freedom FROM THE CORONA!!!! Thats what non -ignorants people want!!!!
Mate Simon
Mate Simon Månad sedan
Shato Nyruami
Shato Nyruami Månad sedan
It´s funny how black people only recognize racism when it´s directed against them.
Shato Nyruami
Shato Nyruami Månad sedan
@T P Well, you are racist as well. Just honestly observe how different you think about a group of people you recognize as "them" against how you think about those you recognizer as "us". Doesn´t even need to be race involved. Think about how you handle mistakes that have been made by another team in your company vs mistakes that were made in your team. And as soon as you realize the difference, try to think about who in this world is part of "us" vs who is part of "them" for you. And then come back and apologize. We are all products of evolution, it was necessary for us to part the world, only those who lived in our small social group were part of "us", everyone else was part of "them" And back in those days we killed "them" Everyone alive today is a direct descendant of those who won this game back then. We try to overcome our nature by thoughtful process and we do realize on a purely intellectual base that racism doesn´t do us any good, but that doesn´t change our nature. Also, racism is just a part of it. At the base it´s nothing but the division in "us" and "them", you can have friends of other race because you added them to into your personal "us" but you will still be racist towards those you didn´t add. You are even racist against members of your own race as long as they are not part of your personal "us" Racism just got it´s own word because it´s so easy to recognize. If all Democrats were black and all republicans white,. the way they treat each other would be called racist by everyone. It´s not different in the slightest, And btw: If you want to answer, please use an argument to show where and how I´m wrong and stop only claiming that I´m wrong. Only idiots debate that way.
Shato Nyruami
Shato Nyruami Månad sedan
@T P since always. Black people are just as racist as white people, they only never had the means to live up to it. Everybody is racist, evolution created us to be racist, during millions of years we always divided the world into "us" and "them" and our survival depended on this division. That´s why it is still so easy to get this done in psychological experiments. An experiment parted a group of children who knew each other for years completely arbitrary and gave one half red shirts and the other half blue shirts. Then they got both halves to see the other half as "them" by commenting in the lines of "We,, that´s something only a red shirt would say or do" and in less than half an hour they produced perfect "racism" against a shirt color in both groups. Everybody who says he isn´t racist is lying. It´s a good lie, and it´s a lie that makes world more peaceful, but it´s still a lie.
roach nomorelies
roach nomorelies Månad sedan
Open your eyes ppl wen are you going to realize the government don’t give no fucks about protesters....the high up there ppl look down at protesters as mobs not as ppl trying to speaking up so find another way to speak up.
roach nomorelies
roach nomorelies Månad sedan
There not protesters there just all cry baby’s all ways winners
roach nomorelies
roach nomorelies Månad sedan
Idk where ya live but there was never a shutdown in America lies
Maria Trubitsina
Maria Trubitsina Månad sedan
I love Dulcé Sloan, can we please have more of this queen
eddie royal
eddie royal Månad sedan
Youre beautiful
Trublemaker 12
Trublemaker 12 Månad sedan
Dulcé has got to be one of my favorite people on the show
Terence Dhlamini
Terence Dhlamini Månad sedan
she hella pretty though
Osamudiamen Aiworo
Osamudiamen Aiworo Månad sedan
Candy Cain
Candy Cain Månad sedan
Was this suppose to be satrical?
Sky C
Sky C Månad sedan
BAHA "trump stans" sorry just processed it
POLM PHOTO Månad sedan
Lol, even the naked b kept her mask on. 🤣🤣🤣
Hoàng Trần
Hoàng Trần Månad sedan
"...this fury arose in me and I said, 'I want to be naked.'", I never thought these two thing could even able to connect with each other .
L.J. Månad sedan
Dulce continues to be a blessing and a delight.
David Nissim
David Nissim Månad sedan
That Navy guy got beaten up numerous times and got his hand broken, and didn't even flinch once. That guy's a legend.
Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers Månad sedan
More Dulce, More Dulce, More Dulce! She’s so funny, I just want to hear her rant every day.
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski Månad sedan
And Year when Dulcey debiut on screen in "Chick Fight". :)
Olivia Padilla
Olivia Padilla Månad sedan
Great synopsis!
Tobi Adebomi
Tobi Adebomi Månad sedan
So nothing about #endsars? That's sad
salonika101 Månad sedan
It's been going on for more than 85 Days Continuously!
salonika101 Månad sedan
You guys are STILL Not gonna talk about the 250 MILLION ppl protesting in India for Farmers Protests? !
Adhanet K
Adhanet K Månad sedan
Dulces eyebrows look great ......
Sabbytheslothcat 666
Sabbytheslothcat 666 Månad sedan
She is too cute 🥰
Jubily.AA Månad sedan
Dulcé, you are the best. You should have a bigger section of this show. It's not that often that I find a comedian that addresses the female point of view in such a great way. 👏👏👏
Adrian Colley
Adrian Colley Månad sedan
Dulcé seems like a fun person to anger. Uh oh, I just said that in a SVfrom comment. What have I done?
Yisset Fisher
Yisset Fisher Månad sedan
She is always so funny
joetabasco Månad sedan
She’s so cute
Mylife72 Månad sedan
I literally cried when they kept hitting the retired Vet, cheered when the naked Athena walked out alone, laughed hard to the one man sleeveless protest and stood up with the Wall of Moms because all moms were activated when he called out for his. I love croissants too! 😂 It really has been an historcal year. R.I.P to every soul we lost to either matter. Because they All Mattered! 🙏🏾🇺🇸
SelfLove - A Community
SelfLove - A Community Månad sedan
This was good! I love her
Logan Walker
Logan Walker Månad sedan
That one day Trump lost was my birthday. My parents are hard conservatives you can't imagine the amount of joy I had rubbing that in. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
2 ULTIMATE Månad sedan
"If she was black, we'd call her arrested" daaaaamn
Leon van der Waal
Leon van der Waal Månad sedan
i am 14 and this is deep
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